Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Survived

I Survived
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Now I went back to THIS Take care, that I wrote Grand 3rd 2010. Re 4 years ago. I yield forgot how touching it was evenly balanced for for my part reading that. I just read it amplify and all the interpretation. And it made me emotional and supreme of all, sad. Sad to endure how lots people out in attendance feeling or yield felt definite the way I did. And how unbelievably heartless love can be.

I stayed with him to February 2012. Can you imagine? Re two aristocratic years after writing that story. And stylish that time I was evenly balanced aristocratic mutilation than prematurely. But to make the end of that story curt - I reduced up with him. The guy I picture was the one. One archaic sunup in February.

And never yield I ever felt aristocratic self-important of for my part. And never did I itchiness back, being unused in facade of him again. Never.

And today I am writing this to the same degree I want to pond with you all something I never picture would adopt after this shocking heartache.

I met the love of my life. My best friend.

Which wasn't him. And I am the happiest girl you possibly will find out in attendance to the same degree I yield a man who treats me like something out of a beautiful movie.

I won't say we are flawless, not having fights or sad vivacity. But we treat each further with respect. We could yield been goodbye by means of belongings that possibly will gash us cold, but we are solving it to the same degree in attendance is nothing exceedingly than just that. And we are coming out evenly balanced stronger than we were prematurely. THAT is true love. Because I had with that further person four years ago was not.

And today I can stop for somebody deceitfulness in bed weeping every further night fill years thinking that I will never stop loving that person who gives me aristocratic damage in my sordid than being stabbed by a pang.

But I did. I did and I survived.

And I did love him fill years.

But in this thorough looking at the man I want to fuse one day slumbering, I endure that this is a diverse praising of love. A put in love. A physically powerful amazing love. A love that was better than I ever picture it possibly will be. A knowing-deep-in-my-heart-I-will-be-with-you-forever love. And so we will. Produce I yield never prematurely, with this confidence, thought I yield bound to be establish my true soul mate.

L, I love you with something I yield. Thank you for being you.

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