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Choosing Custom Self Hypnosis Recordings

Choosing Custom Self Hypnosis Recordings

By Marci Glover

You may be reluctant to go to a hypnotherapist or just be too busy to attend appointments. Today there is an option that allows you to bring a hypnotherapist to you. You can go online and by custom self hypnosis recordings. You can even listen to samples of these audio programs to see whether the voice, style and background music is suitable.

These customized programs are designed to make you feel as though you have a personal life coach, right in your own home. You have the convenience of listening whenever you want to, even if it is in bed at night before going to sleep. A soothing, relaxing voice will help you let go of your daily stresses and any tightness in your muscles. The guided meditation and soothing background music help to transport you into a deeply relaxed state and you will fall asleep easily, waking up refreshed in the morning.

The tapes come in CD and MP3 format. The CDs can be played in any good CD player. The MP3 audio files will run on any computer or MP3 ready players like iPods. Loading one onto an iPod gives you the option of being able to listen in any place. In making the recordings, advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment are often used to produce the best quality sound.

The content consists of progressive relaxations, with induction taking you into the hypnotic state. A relaxing story of walking on the beach is just one way of reaching the hypnotic state. Suggestions are then used which are accepted more easily by the subconscious mind than the conscious mind. This can help to create permanent change in any area of your life.

Many problems can be addressed in this way. You are assisted give up smoking, lose weight and deal with problems in relationships. Your memory and intuition can be increased. You will find that you become more focused, making it possible to achieve your dreams and goals.

Many people find a recording like this very helpful when they are dealing with pain or sickness. The script of the tape is specifically customized to deal with this, using suggestions that call upon the self-healing capacities of the body. Listening to a recording before and after going for surgery is also helpful, helping to sooth anxiety and create healing.

Although individuals have many problems in common, they are all unique too. This is why many providers offer further customization. This allows an individual to submit information about a specific problem. A recording is then custom-made using the name of the individual and with the script and background music designed to help with the specific nature of the problem.

You have a greater opportunity of reaching your dreams and goals by using these audio programs. They will help you to create permanent change in your life by reaching your subconscious mind. The people producing these recordings often have years of experience in the field and utilize all the knowledge and technology at their disposal to produce their products.

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