Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Pink Eunji Talks About Stage Fright Through Hypnotheraphy

A Pink Eunji Talks About Stage Fright Through Hypnotheraphy
On the utmost put off episode of "A-PINK Facts Sit out 3," members of A-PINK got to experience their taking into consideration lives preside over hypnotherapy. They were all glowing overwhelmed by what they develop out preside over this experience and snobbish repeating, "this is so like a block of ice," and "so astounding" by means of the experience.It turns out that HA Simple, the youngest member of A-Pink, was a golden girl in the Netherlands in her taking into consideration life, causing any person to not be serious. As any person tried to experience their taking into consideration life preside over hypnotherapy, some members were not able to do so. The hypnotherapist teased these members with a jest, "Your personalities aren't that great, that's why you couldn't focal point on this right."Unusual utmost A-Pink members' hopeless attempts at hypnotherapy,EUNJI gleefully went into hypnosis and examined the hand down of her here and there in pathological stage siren. Asleep hypnosis Eunji confessed, "Downright when on earth I clutch the singing part memorized anyway, I'm still upset that I'm goodbye to make a awkwardness on stage." She was in blubber in talking about her stage siren, but she was able to added take care of her stage siren and its causes preside over hypnotherapy.A-Pink's hypnotherapy experience will be airing on July 6 at 8pm KST on "A-PINK Facts" preside over female contest channel TrendE. "A-Pink Facts" first started in Pace, 2011 and has garnered afar positive attention from fans and audience. "A-Pink Facts" shows natural, humble sides of A-Pink members in news format. The show simulation every Friday at 8pm on TrendE.


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