Friday, July 12, 2013

Who Your Celebrity Crush

Who Your Celebrity Crush
The website Reddit sometimes hosts paranormal people for an hour and lets readers ask them anything. So far, Jerry Seinfeld and Blind Murray were great, and yesterday George Clooney showed up. And he was a hoot.

I loved Esquire's extra character of him:

He is fifty-two being old. He is wearing a black hoodie zipped to the collar, light purple jeans, and boots laced so with certainty they squeak once he flexes his ankles. He has a long collar, upon which his long mind's eye, decorated by long ears, wobbles like a tulip. Something is to appraise with him. Abundant people conduct long eyelashes; he has lashes as long on the story as they are on the top. His eyes look like they've been having difficulties by Venus flytraps. He is goodbye pale, yes, but if you took a identity sample of his stand up, near is no grumble that any analysis would ponder that the throw out of black and pale hairs are straight disseminate and conduct achieved equipoise. He has a moment ago showered, and a tight smidgen of product lifts his stand up off his ridge. He has surprisingly fine hands. He smells like soap.Clooney as well as plays pranks on his friends-he just the once hired a design to craftily suffer in the waistline of Matt Damon's slacks by an eighth of an inch every few days. But for some suit, still every woman I ask has a subdue on Clooney, and at the same time as I'd love to be friends with him, I've never floor him that attractive. (I think by chance he's just "too" cool; I like dorky side to my men:)

So I'm curious: Who's your guess subdue these days? Clooney? It's one of life's renowned questions, of run.

P.S. My guess subdue, and a trick for dating massive people.

(Conjure up by Martin Schoeller)


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