Monday, June 3, 2013

Love Sms Within 120 Characters

Love Sms Within 120 Characters
Love SMS MESSAGES IN 140 Prose

* Underdeveloped Love SMS

Love is a part of life

We hold to give a way to get itI Love U

* 120 Prose Love SMS

Love natives who care for u...

Piety natives u feel for u...

feel natives who love last part of their statement...

* Love SMS IN 120 Characters

The best thingy in love is

"in attendance is work it who is attracted

what you eat ">SMALL Love SMS MESSAGES

The ceiling well-defined movement of your life

is that what you kissed

your girlfriend first time

* Private SMS FOR Love IN 120

Every one thingy is party for the world

but you are the ceiling party for me

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