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Bo stumbles onto Carly at the dock and tells her about his conversation with Justin. Carly insists Bo can't attach suchlike Justin says.

"And why poverty I attach you," asks Bo.

"Equally I still have available my slaughter pierce," says Carly.

Consider and Ciara are in the Kiriakis den. Consider gives her a present to put under the tree, "It's for Ms. Allemain." That piques Vivian's fascination.

Chloe meets Brady at the pub and tells him Nicole needs his help.

Nicole creates her own small insurrection in cell block 11, "Helllooooo... what do I have available to do to get some attention encircling here?" Roman comes up and asks what she wants. "I've been aptitude for hours," whines Nicole."

"I'm ghastly," says Roman, "But this is not a five-star hunting lodge. Seeing that is it this time?"

"I get it who took my teenager," says Nicole.

Stefano and Sami stand in the rumpus room and tiff as Rafe and EJ dance on their "Captain Experience walkie-talkies."

Stefano booms, "You don't call the shots. I do."

"So," says "Mata Hari", "you're admitting you kidnapped my daughter! So just say it. Say you took Sydney. Say it out critical."

Rafe stands in the "Peanut Gallery" and reproduce her on, "Go for it Sami, you got him. "And massively keep telling him to say fabric out critical so it will be totally transparent you're wearing a attitude."

Sami mocks and goads. "My God, woman," huffs Stefano, "I did not hold somebody against their will Sydney."

"Gimme a break. You're guilty!"

"Of hating you," yells Stefano, "Nicole is ten times the mother you are."

"All you get it is manipulation," says Sami, "You have available your thugs guarding Sydney right now don't you?"

Stefano explodes, "You wanna get it what's going to happen to Sydney? I'll tell you."

Carly says Justin thinks it's a bad idea for her to be in Salem and believed he was making up faithlessness about her. Bo tells her he thinks Justin is on the right admire, "You impressive back power not be a good idea."

Consider scoots Ciara off to try on her Christmas bear. "Oh yeah... Christmas... that's that holiday at anywhere we all be dressed in up like vampires, witches, fairies and such and etch pumpkins, isn't it? " Vivian asks about the service and Consider says she was just being competent, "I think your impressive in with Champion is a atrocious idea."

Troy tells Arianna they have available a problem.

Brady asks Chloe what Nicole wants with him, "Seeing that... does she need a presidential what did you say?" Chloe tells him Nicole is worried for Sydney and asks if Brady thinks she's beating her. Brady thinks it's everybody moreover. Chloe asks him to go see her.

Nicole stammers and tells Roman she remembers auditory a woman's detail earlier she blacked out, "It was a woman who took Sydney."

Roman is distrustful, "OK, so if you saw a woman, give me her description."

"I can't identification her," says Nicole, "I didn't get a good a load look." Roman isn't reliable. Nicole whines, "Don't you think this is important?"

"An SPD official doesn't let things get in the way of acting like a macho bungle," says Roman."

Stefano continues to disapprove having Sydney and vows to find her and keep her from Sami, "And as for you... you can preserve to romp with that halfwit former FBI pawn of yours - the one you schemed with to shelter the data. And he bought into all of it. All for a close cylinder in the hay with Samantha." Sami defends Rafe and goes and a litany of something Rafe has put the last touches on for her."

Rafe listens and coaches, "Situate it easy."

Stefano ramps it up, "The FBI excited him Equally he would fairly have available sex with you than do his job. Whoever has Sydney now would make a better parent than you two. You couldn't flat keep your fake offspring alive!"

Uh-oh. It seems Rafe considers that journey the line. He heads into the chattels, "YOU SOB!"

Justin is at the Java Caf'e. He calls Consider and plants a letter. Maggie comes up to his table butts in, "I heard that Carly Manning was hired at the hospice."

Justin asks, "And you think that's good news... bad news"

"I think," says Maggie, "It's a solar boo-boo."

Bo backpedals and says he just has a suspicion with Carly being in Salem. He says if she's communicate she possibly will run into her offspring and make fabric poorer. "Possibly the smart item to do would be to position," says Carly.

"Rush in Salem don't have available a good admire only the same as it comes to bill the smart item," says Bo."

"My offspring is in the opposite direction and I honest want to be encircling her," says Carly, "I'm hop you can affect to that."

"Of torrent I can."

"So you understand why I can't position," says carly, "You've continually oral me."

Consider tells Vivian she just wants Ciara to be happy. "And what would make her happy," says Vivian, "is for you to filch her home for Christmas. "And it would make every person in the opposite direction happy, too."

"In point of fact," says Consider, "It's none of your engineering."

Vivian "pulls a Maggie Horton on her", "Whatsoever to do with your marriage to Bo is my engineering."

Rafe stands in the entrance hall as Sami and Stefano keep it up. He thinks better of barging in on them like a big dumb oaf and decides to go back self-regulating "and be a big dumb oaf."

Meanwhile, back in the rumpus room, Sami insists she was trying to safeguard Sydney. She continues to safeguard Rafe. Stefano jumps on that, "You are so miserable to keep Sydney away from me and her create. I indication if you planned her passing away. A arbiter steps in and awards Stefano two points for a antithesis."

"That is insane," screams Sami.

"Is it," says Stefano, "You lied about being having a baby and plus put Elvis' teen in a convent and plus adopted her to keep her away from us." Sami insists she only wants what is best for her descendants seeing that she loves them. Stefano says the look he saw in Elvis' eyes with Sydney was love, "No matter which that is bad that has happened to Sydney comes back to you. So I'm thinking, she's in the opposite direction, all aimless, throwing accusations at me. I'm on or after to indication why."

Vivian says she wants this to be a magical Christmas for Champion, and she thinks Ciara's remorse will not help.

Troy tells Arianna, "My supply has problems. Next week's consignment will be late."

Arianna flies off the run into, "And what am I alleged to tell my consumers... to describe into rehab until the consignment comes in?"

"Plait your junkies at all you want," says Troy, "This was a respect call."

Arianna softens, "Don't make me hold up too long, OK?"

"I'll be in touch," sneers Troy.

Brady says he knows Nicole loves Sydney, "And I get it she's in trouble, too. "Individuals Salem hold prisoner TV's don't get SoapNet." Chloe begs him to go see her.

Nicole insists she just remembered this, "Hearten help your granddaughter. Don't say no." Roman agrees to look into it. He plants. Nicole stares, "Brady will come. Brady will help me."

Sami presses. Stefano bobs and weaves. Sami brings up Tony and Stefano tells her to be over up. "Why did you filch my offspring," screams Sami, "to get grudge on me?"

Stefano growls, "I will detest you for all the "Generation Of Our Lives"."

Sami is familiar despondency, "So you surface it - So tell me anywhere she is."

Stefano is in a rage, "Your damn offspring..." He stops and lunges at her.

"RIP! "

Stefano rips open her top and exposes the attitude. "And a couple of extra fabric, too."

"Consider says she knows Christmas will be complex but wants it to be a happy one for Ciara. She says she won't let her problems with Bo ruin a person else's good time. She fills Vivian in on the kidnapping and how her problems with Bo started, "Bo and I had differences about how we poverty run into our attempts to get Ciara back. His way worked, we got her back safe and thought through and all of the kidnappers were either killed or will be in hold prisoner for the rest of their lives. It couldn't have available worked out better and I'll never let off him for that."

Carly and Bo are back at Bo and Hope's chattels. I assume Carly forgot something and closely had to come back and pick it up. In one of the classic artificial DOOL scenes of all times, Carly drops her purse and the stowage sprint out onto the chop. Bo picks up a scroll, "It's they Mayan scroll from our wedding splendor."

Brady rambles, "I just this minute had a talk with everybody who has figured out I'm persistent to Nicole. She has been pulling me in a lot just this minute and I'm continually "(say it with him)" communicate for her. The only way to break the addiction is to be away from her, so I can't go see her."

Sami staggers to the rear and covers herself up. Rafe and EJ come booming into the room from deviating commands.

Stefano looks at EJ and is stunned, "You are with him? My own son!" EJ sneers.

Consider brings up Carly and plus stops remit, "I'm ghastly. I shouldn't have available invented suchlike."

Vivian pounces on that, "I contract... she's time with your husband."

Consider clarifies, "Not with. Lonely under the especially covering. But she's inspired out."

"You get it," says Vivian, "I'm no fan of Carly so if your problem involves her, just call on me and I'll "(say it with her)" be communicate for you." Consider enhance her. Vivian tells her they live under the especially covering and must look out for each extra. They asset a cootie-exchanging hug.

Maggie says, "I'm gonna be above-board."

"I continually figured Candid was a busybody," says Justin."

"I talked to Carly about her feelings with Bo and she denied it," says Mags, "But I don't get it if she was just saying that to back me off."

"Best people would give up their firstborn to back you off," says Justin."

Maggie continues, "If Bo and Carly need help we poverty "(say it with her)" be communicate for them. And Ciara. She won't be happy if her parents are separated."

Bo reminds us all Marlena gave them the Mayan scroll. This, of torrent calls for a flashback to the reading of the scroll.

Roman is at the DiMera mansion clearout up some time ago the wire-gate occurrence. Sami tells him what happened. Roman asks if she wants to citation Stefano with transgression. Sami does.

Stefano lectures EJ for being a Brady. "The Brady's didn't hold somebody against their will my offspring," says EJ, "I will make hop you don't filch her out of the formal."

Roman comes in and arrests Stefano, "You have available the right to put off sonorous..." He reels off the rest of it and says, "Individuals are your rights. Do you understand them."

Stefano turns to EJ and spits, "JUDAS!"

Brady and his addictive personality go for another cup of coffee. Arianna comes up and says she was eavesdropping and heard him say he wouldn't go see Nicole, "I mean this... whether we're together or not... I'm proud of you. Someplace did you get the strength to do that?"

"Nicole-aholics Unrevealed," says Brady, "I love you. And I have available never given up the ghost. Might you keep that in mind?"

"I'll have available to think about that one," says Arianna. She thinks for a microsecond and moves in.

Chloe is back visiting Nicole. Nicole whines, "Brady isn't coming. This is atrocious. It's the greatest item that possibly will happen. He has to get it about the woman. If you tell him that he'll want to talk to me." Chloe is distrustful and thinks Nicole is making fabric up. Nicole insists she isn't and wouldn't lie about something so vital. She shoos Chloe off, sits and bawls, "Not anything believes me. Blubber-blubber-blubber."

Sami and Rafe are back at her place. She says she hates what Stefano invented about Rafe, but believes he will be a great dad to Sydney, "If that's what you want."

Rafe hesitates, "On that... I think you're right." Sealed with a smooch. Rafe wants to position to describe on something. "Featuring in we go again." Sami gets distressed that he won't tell her anywhere he's going and lectures him about his overprotectiveness. Latest kiss shuts her up. Rafe plants. Sami stares.

Tomorrow on DOOL the Safes, Lumis and Ejamis have available their almanac Christmas party. Tell on alight has been suspended for the duration.

Justin tells Consider about Carly interviewing at the hospice. Consider thinks Carly wants to job communicate to be familiar Bo. She as a consequence tells Justin she charade to be nice with Vivian so she can at the end of the day find out why she came back to Salem. Justin says he is delayed her all the way, "More than power to you."

Bo hands Carly the scroll, "A lot has reformed." He helps her pick up the ashes of her fabric, "with a lot of mode and crumbs for instance she has as a consequence kept a cut of their wedding cake in her purse all these being."

"We have available good memories, even as," says Carly, "I'd better go." Carly plants. Bo does some capture of irate together with Snoopy's happy dance and a guy being electrocuted.

Brady asks about Arianna's surreptitious horse around. She says Troy told her the close consignment will be late. Brady doesn't like that seeing that he wants to get this over and doesn't want her going back to prison. He vows she will never go back communicate.

"No, I won't," says Arianna, "I think I get it how to meet the big guy."

Roman is with Stefano back in his cell. He tells him the DA will drop the transgression citation if Stefano tells them anywhere Sydney is. Stefano denies he knows and says his lawyer will get him out of communicate in a matter of hours, "Since it was Samantha who recorded me without my settlement, she is the self-protective one."

Roman guarantees him at minimum 24 hours in the fine glory gift still the cops go and his chattels and find anywhere he is beating Sydney.

EJ arrives at Sami's place and she apologizes for screwing fabric up. EJ tells her no explain is required and says he's proud of her.

The protect announces that Nicole has a visitor. The ever-hopeful Nicole whines, "Brady..."

Nope. Rafe walks up.

Rafe stares.

Nicole stares.

Rafe stares. Rafe rolls his eyes "into the scour at the top of his intellect."

"Meanwhile Sydney decides it's time to have available a heart-to-heart talk with her captor, "Listen! I need to get it how noticeably ransom we are asking for me. I have available college to think about, you know!"

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