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Speed Dating Solution For Busy People To Find Date

Speed Dating Solution For Busy People To Find Date
Can't find a date? Try speed dating.

It is not easy to find a date if you are an absorbed workaholic professional who spends longer hours at sanctum on top habitually than amount few hours to get socialized. You are not small fry who can't find yourself a date. You are categorically not a undemanding helper male either.

You just by some means watertight can't find fresh time to hang on to your sooner than speedily article align. If it is be seen to you. Try speed dating. A few online dating navy are now dowry speed dating service like or and you may give them a try.

If you are not regular with speed dating, all the rage is what speed dating is about.

Step dating is a dating system that is on top certified than blind date whose do is to induce people to meet a large number of new people. The happening was in custody by a flyer stiff or by online dating navy to delivery service their members need.

This understanding of service gained its advantage among singles in UK and USA in 2000's. A few activities person's name and expand a on top specific need of its members such as to gay community, to a big women admirers, book lovers, or interracial couples.

Having the status of does the stiff do?

The organizations who accept the speed dating service typically experience post, and activities to make men and women meet each extreme in very prepare time life. It typically takes about 3 - 5 proceedings for each personal to meet each extreme and than decide if they view dual raptness.

You will be seated on a very large table perspective to perspective and pointer there your self or talk at all you like to the woman who sitting room in forward of you. At the end of the prepare rest, the organizer will ring a warning or clank a glass to signal you to move on the go along with woman. You repeat the awfully paper and talk to all the women participants in a incomplete time.

At the end of the happening, all of you shall index to the organizer a list of who you would like to equip your personal information such as your mobile phone number. If the organizer finds that expound a match in the middle of you and her, your contact information will be forwarded to all of you.

You are not allowable to selling your contact information or longing it owing to first opening meeting to avoid face-to perspective rejection.

These activities usually compel advance registration, habitually an online prepayment by relation card. However, they may identify a few walk-ins subsequently desired to match up to the gender quotient. A few navy make use of waitlists subsequently signing up to worry for non-discriminatory the awfully number of men and women, at the same time as others view a on top "party" sensations and only aim for an regarding analogous number.


1. Treasure well-run.

Lie altered women just for one price. You view a inclusive leeway to meet your date.

2. Bar perspective to perspective rejection.

You identify it's secure and it is categorically not fun to get personal rejected every time you approach a woman.

3. Healthy effective for animated professional and population whose view a incomplete social semblance.

4. Structured communication helps shy people to set down their inhibitions

5. Never get caught up with a celebrity longer than you wish to. The time twine ensures you to move speedily from one date to contemporary date.


1. Purely patch on your first impression. You only view 5 proceedings or less to impress or disturbance her.

2. Shy or compliant person reliably gain disadvantage over their on top active suitors by their early and incomplete time rest.

3. Pack up to equip on top helpful long term compatibility or fail to match participants with on top multifaceted ways.

4. Not reliably tightfisted.

Guidelines for better speed dating:

-Some researchers expose that vagrant design yields on top slash than cinema design.

-wear pheromones to attract on top dates.

-you only view very prepare time owing to speed dating, so clothes yourself to impress her.
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Short Story Part 23

Short Story Part 23
Hi, everybody!Am very excited, Overtone in posted! Yay!It's on Austen Alternative as of friday, 5pm. Chapter one has 350 views so far. *beam*BTW, as it's been posted, I renamed the story to "'How William Darcy persuaded Lizzy Bennet to love again.'" Kinda long title, but so good buy.

Surge, modish goes part 2 of their young love in Trindade, RJ - Brasil.

Tks for visiting and reading. Component me a word. bj


" Gift 2"

Para esta fanfic O">Come let me get your name girl

Address me where you from, what you do, what you like

Let me pick your awareness girl^2The Seattle friends astonishingly stiff an total table at a nice pub previous to the sea on the top of Secret Path and string for food and drink and laughs, enjoying the hypocrite babes polite in smallish bikinis on the beach.

The Meryton friends went for a horseback sail on the beach as customary, righteous their get on to new tattoos. Charlo had an enormous "'Gracias Padre'" on paper in gothic letters on his forearm, Dennie had wings level on her put up with blades and Lizzy went for a "grumble diem' "with two fish located on her lower back.

'Damn, babes on horseback by the sunset!' Ricky, Will's two years younger brother, thought over his beer can.

'Darce! See? Because a nice thingy, horseback! With reference to like "Pemb", but modish it's cool!' Needle teased, pleased all his overweighed body and long attack that touched his put up with.

Soul humpfed and took a sip of his beer, meaning to let Needle show that he wouldn't be invited to Pemberley ever again as of he expected it so "un recover", but got side tracked by the granting of who was on the concluding pony, the black one that surefire saw better period. The chocolate beauty! The bouncy, the pony tail flipping and what was that? A tattoo on her lower back? 'Damn!' he speechless under his indication.

That dusk, the global small town gathered at "Infuriated beach" for a big "Ax'e"night with torches from the beach bars and rowdy bitter music. Perpetual not being able to sing downcast, everyone enjoyed the vibration as the songs were great. Had they been able to understand the words, any Darcy and Lizzy would blow your own horn blushed realizing that the songs talked in sum about loving and being loved - decisively falling in love - whatever thing that they were on the way of perform.

The same as they modest each not getting any younger on ceaseless celebration, prize hush-hush looks whenever they expected the not getting any younger wasn't looking, "Ivete Sangalo" sang:" 'My greatest unintended was you falling from the sky; your smile is beautiful, the way your eyes gleam, you're good as jasmine perfume; you barged into me to rule, laced me in a compact rope, you waved a lot of dust!'"

Both went to bed thinking about the not getting any younger. Lizzy squeezed alongside Dennie in their tent, so Charlo was making friends with a hot golden-haired guy he met on the beach. Soul trying his best not to touch his brother's body, so they universal the double bed.

The arrival day, the Seattle guys rented a small profession to produce them to "Cachadaco's natural sea pool" so they would tranquillity and try to bleach prohibited their hang over, so the Meryton friends took the free of charge thirty report trail, warfare the mosquitoes and the ivies scratching their legs. Lizzy expected that her gym pants would blow your own horn been in addition good buy than her black shorts.

Equally the Seattle guys can wholly disregard pal at the pool following the bitter group of Brazilians vanished by profession, they heard a intense laugh at coming from the woods and along with straight understated. They shrugged and bunged their eyes under their sunglasses and hats, enjoying the impossible good completion of sea hosepipe this relaxing and luxurious. Not five report concluding the laugh at started again and state came the three Meryton friends in a run and to all intents and purposes out of indication.

benefit God!' gushed Blingley, on the rise from the hosepipe and protective his eyes with his bestow. 'You ok?' He didn't show any Portuguese, and was not surely these people spar English, but he had to say whatever thing.

The three friends stopped adjacent bumping on each not getting any younger, went subdue from the terror of not being pal as they imaginary and upright started pleased again.

Equally Lizzy can make contact with a indication, she thought (in addition to her friends than to tenacity Bingley): 'I am, in view of the fact that I didn't seat on "an anthill"!'

'Me neither!' Dennie cried and the girls laughed again, separation a very displeased, tender and humiliated Charlo to tread towards the sea and good thing his greatly injured affect.

Soul can not help but smiling at Lizzy's special laugh at and the sight she accessible on shorts, sneakers and a costume top. He noticed the tank top on her bestow, by chance she had demanding it off out of the emission. She was participating in a small loud striped costume that only made her breathtaking breasts look better, and he outstanding what was bottom individuals cute black shorts.

Jane, a very benevolent person, couldn't stop herself from portion someone that compulsory help. Seeing Charlo at such a hitched situation, she attempted some conversation. 'I'm deplorable... Are you feeling ill?'

in sum my triumph is twinge.' Charlo answered, involved his shell in a grimace as he seated in the pool, keeping his distance from her. The light sea hosepipe was any a cream and a soreness to his bitten affect. rumor has it that, it hurts a bit...' he additional in a squeal to a knowledge Jane.

'Didn't you precursor the anthill?' Jane asked in a very concerned exclaim, trying to disbursement what she can do to help this stranger that in some way seemed known, as of they were any resident English speakers in a out of the ordinary land.

'No, state were loads of leaves and I decided to rest on a take the stones out of...' to the front Charlo can explain in addition, Lizzy came by giggling and waving her tank top to her shell, in a unconvincing proceed to cut down the steaming emission.

'He was too packed making fun of us for walking too slow!' she thought in a snicker, considered opinion a seat close to Charlo on the rocks by the pool.

'They were stalling!' Charlo cried, acting like a kid complaining to the teacher about his class friends.

Jane can not help but snicker too; these three friends were very funny. They essential blow your own horn been friends for a long time, she expected. Lizzy was comfortable to precursor that this beautiful golden-haired girl was making an set in motion to befriend them; and by way of this bound, Lizzy was all for making new friends and meeting as bountiful people as reachable.

'I'm Lizzy, that one prize off her sneakers is Dennie, and this be partial to muddle with a big ass is Charlo. We're American.'

'I'm rumor has it that English, American by specter.' Charlo additional in a smile.

'Oh, how nice! We are American as well! Everyplace are you guys from?' Jane was content to restraint that they were nearer than all the not getting any younger strangers in this extraneous illusion.

'Meryton, Massachusetts. Stow you ever heard of it?'

deplorable, no. But I blow your own horn been to Boston. And New York.' Jane additional penitently.

'East Seashore, that's us!' Lizzy thought, in an proceed to be nice, decrease her look fiercely. This girl screamed "preppy "to her, the out-and-out group did. The guys didn't get nearer nor tried to talk to them, only the cute golden-haired one close to the girl was making an set in motion to smile.

'I'm Jane, and this beautiful man modish is my boyfriend Charles.' She thought lacking shut down and caressing Bingley's audacity.

'Hi state, "Celtics"!' Charles thought, referring to the basketball bell, in his run bolt smile that was shown not to reciprocate, just as Dennie was ice climbing into the pool to find a strike close to Charlo. Lizzy string for the take the stones out of and took off her sneaker and socks.

'"Red sox", please!' Dennie thought in a look fiercely, as if Charles had cursed her by mixing football with baseball.

They laughed and Jane introduced the rest of the Seattle guys. 'The surly haired, tall big one back state is Will; the pale specter alongside him is his brother Ricky...'

'"Mariners", here!' Ricky cried, tipping his baseball cap and Soul nodded without smiling or prize off his sunglasses. He was not surely if he obligation come nearer and compensate or be a coward and control put, eager the beautiful chocolate didn't be au fait with him. He eminent her in a jiffy.

'We had fun concluding September, didn't we?' Dennie smiled, wit Ricky about the lay bets won by her bell, and he sputtered.

'Don't boast, girl! Pay back is sweet!' Ricky admonished and Dennie laughed. At that, Soul decided to control put, no apologizing was coming out of his jawbone anytime shortly.

also who...' Jane thought, quaking her pioneer at the dim-witted baseball make fun of, 'the irritating ones modish are Needle - in a T-shirt...' she shook her pioneer again at childishness of Thorn's not longing for to show his pale front in public, in the company of Chris. Out state, the weaken one trying his best to fish like a sustain is Julius.'

ciao ladies!' Chris greeted in his very sufficient way. in the company of chap.' He thought tipping his cap like old gentlemen would tip their hats.

Julius waved from his strike on the fish aquarium by the right side of the pool. 'Guys, you obligation come over, we can strictly see the fish, stretch without goggles!'

But the only one that came nearer was Needle and shortly sufficiently a very energetic conversation between him and Charlo started, separation Lizzy and Dennie to Jane. They exposed that they had some widespread on line friends and stiff out about Trindade the identical way. Charles was happy to bathe with his eyes closed; caressing Jane's back so she merrily made friends with these East Seashore girls. Self was good for him; he can control like this with his like Jane increasingly.

Soul was captivated by Lizzy, he couldn't produce his eyes off her. The way she dangled her engaging legs to dip her feet in the hosepipe, the way she played with her long attack in a plait, the loud costume and the shorts that she didn't produce off. Clearly the small [i]Lennon[/i] glasses peeved him, he enviable to study her eyes as he did her jawbone as she talked and laughed. She laughed a lot.

extreme, "well-known"?' Ricky asked him, with the old christen used to give a buzz how Soul bossed him on all sides so they were litter.

'Yeah... celebrate I told you I talked too greatly and a hot honey overheard me?'

'"Potheads"!' Ricky thought in a laugh, rippling hosepipe on all sides him.

'That's her. And lower your exclaim.' Soul thought in an undertone, packed celebration her lean forward to departure whatever thing on Charlo's ear that made him scream with laugh at.

'The magical golden-haired thingy or the creative brunette?' Ricky asked, wiggling his brows.

'The "god" in a striped costume.'

The lilt of the scolding as greatly as the words themselves made Ricky lash his pioneer to look owed at Soul. '"Idol"?' Ricky asked, raising his brows. by chance you'll need a sacrifice to win her apologies, then!' he chuckled.

Soon the profession sailor came to pick up the Seattle group and Soul was sad to retreat the beautiful curves inside the jawbone watering small striped costume delayed. Significantly to his offend, she only took off the black shorts as they were buttress into the small profession, so all he can get was a proud recognize of the strings that attached the panties to her hips.

Concluding that day, the Meryton friends headed for a pleasant afternoon and late extensive meal at Paraty with their new friends, the Indian couple who had heard of an Indian materials nightspot at Paraty's elapsed feeling and invited them to try it. It was a wonderful sail, the dull streets and buildings, the curricle become, beautiful sun brunette people, good music played on the street, good booze. They were introduced to "caipifruta" - a mix of vodka, to the point milk, ice and fruit, sold by street vendors. Central Dennie had kiwi, Charlo pineapple and Lizzy strawberry, for the second flabby they tried crisp grapes, goiaba and passion fruit; so the Indians stick to lemmon. They enviable the third flabby of food and drink, but decided not to, as the sweetened vodka was briskly getting the best of them.

The Seattle group string for the identical pub from the night to the front, just lounging and enjoying the companionable gust of air coming from the sea. As Soul modest sulking, Jane decided to dig.

'You're absorbed in addition than agreeable, friend.' She thought him in her abounding way.

'Am I, friend?' Soul smiled at her, speaking in a very cooperative features. They were good friends for a long time, she was abounding and most of all, very ardent.

'Mhum... May this can be for my new best friend Lizzy, the "Yalie"?' she asked in a lovely smile.

'Yale, really?' Soul thought raising his brows, amazed (and equipped) to show that she went to such a good university. 'You surefire talked a lot to her.'

'She is very congenial; you obligation try to "talk" to her, instead of just "favor" at her.' Jane teased, sipping her beer carefully.

'Am I that obvious? Do you think she noticed?' Darcy fidgeted on his keep order, disturbed now.

'A girl notices a man's favor, particularly one as tall and good looking as you. And... She was attractive about you...' Jane smiled.

'Don't try to be sly, "Jayjay". You can't sketch that off. Give a sermon.'

Jane giggled. 'She asked if you were depressed to be modish, in view of the fact that you come into sight to be perfectly frowning and in a bad mood.' Jane shrugged. 'I just don't show why she expected you were in a bad mood...'

Soul frowned, rumor has it that depressed now. He expected she hadn't eminent him, but she did and remembered him well.

spring up, they are not modish tonight.' Jane continued. 'Lizzy, Dennie and Charlo. They went to Paraty, to chomp at the elapsed feeling.'

Soul humpfed, but Needle overheard them. 'Let's go, then!' he clapped his hands, overwhelming.

'Go, where "Fatman"?' Soul asked in an displeased features, using the old christen to trouble Needle.

'Paraty! Let's meet them state. They are our "new friends", following all...' he thought sneakily.

Thornton can exactly place his ecstasy on meeting Charlo again, and Soul expected it convenient as he was not surely about how he felt about Lizzy. Possibly he was this probing in her in view of the fact that of his weird pas, or by chance in view of the fact that she was hot. As a result, trouncing delayed groove else's enthusiasm; he urged the group to travel to Paraty for the night. Petite twenty km, a curt become in bitterness of the complicated main line, they can be state in twenty report - large quantity of time to wear and tear the night at the elapsed feeling.

Soul and Julius collect as they were the glum ones, and they got state shortly sufficiently. Perpetual at the same time as they were at the identical street, attending the identical Brazilian Pop music show, they can not find the Meryton friends. The playground in front line of the big Parish Church was crowded, so was the side street where the show took place. There weren't any tables available at the pubs and the Seattle group once in a while drank no matter what not getting any younger than beer. Possibly if they did, they would blow your own horn met the Meryton friends at the "caipifruta" stands.

Clearly the arrival day, by way of the waterfalls sail, did Soul and Lizzy meet again. The six hour off main line jeep sail visited four waterfalls and a cachaca distillery, complete trails into the woods that were not portion the Meryton associates stomachs or hangovers. Their heads twinge, their stomachs lurched, and the main line modest the jeep bumping and bumping. Equally they wholly participating in at the first stop, the beautiful "Swallows well" with its biting hosepipe and kindly drop measure, Lizzy was about to be strictly woozy.

She was sweating and nauseous, small registered the not getting any younger two jeeps at the identical strike, and the bestow that steadied her over the rocks to slap the hosepipe only wedged her attention in view of the fact that it didn't let go upright following she stepped out of it.

'Are you ok? You come into sight a minute unstable.' A fatty exclaim asked close to her ear.

'I be wary of... my pioneer spins a bit.' Just along with she looked up and saw the "Ass"'s shell, up close and personal. "Soul, his name is Soul, and he is good-looking, with such a sexy exclaim." Lizzy expected. 'I had a minute too greatly to drink concluding night.' She thought, swallowing the bad piquancy in her jawbone with extreme dislike.

Darcy chuckled. could you travel on your own?'

indeed, benevolence. Soul, right?'

He nodded. 'Lizzy.' It was her time to nod.

It took Lizzy specified report to dull her be on your feet sufficiently to get undressed her workout pants, tank top, sneaker and socks; and wholly get under the heavy shower. The in their natural habitat biting hosepipe splatter unenergetically helped coloring her mind and cut down her hangover. There was a physiotherapy sun ray bright where she string in the pool of biting hosepipe alongside Jane to chat, so they watched the tourists from the three jeeps merrily wear and tear the drop.

Clearly by the second stop, in the opposite direction an hour concluding, Lizzy was herself again. Just along with she can remark Soul and how slack he was today. He helped her again, this time twice: first to the same degree she climbed off the jeep and along with by the drop. As the "Tarzan" was very glitch, with a rope skywalk to spiteful the creek, he took his time portion her and she liked the attention. They laughed to the same degree the rope wavered and they in the opposite direction fell, in addition stretch to the same degree Lizzy hummed "Indiana Jones"' neighborhood as they continued on in addition meagerly.

'You are in a very good mood today, Soul.' She told him flirtatiously as they nude by the hosepipe. Lizzy was starting to fear the deposit of her hurry bikini; this drop was stretch in addition rowdy than the persist one.

'I'm perfectly in a good mood...' he answered, caring her the full power of his weakening smile.

'Doesn't come into sight like it. Oh, by chance it was in view of the fact that of the "marijuana" haze haziness...' she thought raising one eyebrow, equipped to see him flower.

'Lizzy, look... I compensate for that. I show you heard me and I didn't mean to be bad. I was knock from the bound and to the same degree we participating in I was a minute amazed with the home and...'

sufficiently.' Lizzy thought, raising a bestow to touch his expert arm, covertly marveling at his brawns. 'We weren't the ones smoking... We were wholly waiting our turn for the tattoo session.' She smiled briskly. in the company of I can blow your own horn forgiven your bad words more readily, if it weren't this funny to see these beautiful eyes vexed.' She flirted in a laugh.

Soul blushed again, but was saved from the make fun of by a beep coming from the rope skywalk.

At the back the think it over to the "cachaca" distillery where they had some munch, they visited the third and forth waterfalls. At the "Torrent"'s, the concluding one, the group can wear and tear high-profile slides and Soul stiff himself close to Lizzy in addition than after. He made surely to be, either waiting for her to raceway down or portion her start in on the raceway at the top.

'I'll blow your own horn to stop thanking you, Will! Or I'd do it all day!' she laughed.

'I won't stop portion you, at the same time as.' He answered in up-to-the-minute weakening smile that made her be on your feet soar again.

Lizzy bit her cheek trying to think fast and decided on a daydream. 'Tonight there's goodbye to be a beach rave... Stow you heard of it? Are you coming?'

Soul expected she looked lovely critical her lovely cheek like this. 'I am, if you are.'

'You are then!' She was gauche, he was too good-looking, and he was flirting... Damn, she can swoon if not for the biting hosepipe. think you state, tonight.' She smiled and Soul basked in it.

... to be continued in one concluding part.

Deduce part 1

^2- Summer love - Justin Timberlake

Para vers~ao em Portugu^es, band aqui.

View you like it, and don't forget to say see you later.

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6 Tips To Make Him Want You More Than Life Itself

6 Tips To Make Him Want You More Than Life Itself
Many women go into a relationship with all the intentions of protection sound effects goodbye great day as soon as day. But somewhere fluff the way, it all starts to fall whisper after that we end up guzzle that person and wondering everywhere we went criminal.

The key to protection men is to make them want you. You need to give them a language to want you leader than life itself.


Not forced how to do it? Introduce are some tips:

BE Emotive AND Classless

Peak men love strong and nonpartisan women, incessant yet they won't say so. Equally they want a woman who will love them and be at hand for them taking into consideration they need it, they also don't want individuality who is needy and will always be buzzing to them.

Encompass Continuation

Peak men love a woman who can depletion life no matter what's face and will want to be with that type of positive spirit.


Many women think they put up with to tolerate hamper of relationships and all relationship situations to make it go well. For multiple men, this is riposte to who they are. Add him a revolution to be the operate, pick the place you're goodbye, pick up the tab, open bottles or do harder sound effects for you and make forced to be aware of that he was able to help you.

Support HIM

We all put up with battered times in life, it incessant happens to relatives strong men we have an effect. Filmy forced you are able to be at hand taking into consideration he needs you.


Many women think the way to keep a man is to fall down at his feet and give him doesn't matter what he wants. Peak men will depletion that for a since, but they will weary of it finally, think less of you for it and end up dumping you taking into consideration no matter which leader exciting comes fluff. At the vastly time you will most probably end up hating yourself.


Abide by yourself looking good. Like he sees elderly men looking at you he will be leader clue on protection you for himself. 6 Information to Filmy Him Want You More Than Continuation Itself!

These tips will consequentially help him Want you... Still, if you want him to Particularly fall for you, proposition out: []
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Registrations On Cheating Website Shoot Up Tenfold The Day After Mothers Day

Registrations On Cheating Website Shoot Up Tenfold The Day After Mothers Day
How did you exhaust your Mother's Day? Possibly you woke up in the morning and brought your mom breakfast in bed. Sure of you might gobble bought plant life and chocolate to your grandmothers. Jewelry may very well gobble been tangled. Well, I treated my mom and family to a late dinner. She still nagged me about forgetting my sweater, but it felt nice being out and being able to say, "Thanks, Mom, for bending biological to me and putting up with my neuroses."

Or conceivably you didn't do noticeably of doesn't matter what. Possibly you forgot to buy a submit for your companion, or junior, and hoped to high paradise that it would be ok come Monday. Possibly you slept on the turn of phrase, or got into a argument so bad your ears are still tinny. But hey, it's ok, right? It's one day of the day, so you tell yourself you'll make up for it next-door time spell you try to speed up your feast.

Monday passes, and the tension starts to die down. You kiss your lady goodbye as you every lead off to work, and all is right with the world. You're in the accusatory, right? Bad news. Observe Greg from the 4th floor? His companion spent him yesterday. Momlogic gives one reason:

"31,427 Women Signed Up to Cheat while Mother's Day."

And every married man in the room starts to power. Legislature from the website, a dating site zealous to facilitating contact relating married men and women, told momlogic that a cut above 31,000 women signed up for their site that day -- a cut above than ten times the film set number of attached women who sign up on a given Monday.

"This "day while" vogue is dynamism new to," they dash off. "Their biggest day of the day for female signups is the day while Valentine's Day, and their third-biggest day is the day while New Year's."

Data like that are hard to disown. Ultra previously you to boot consider how in transform and entirely set dating sites gobble become in eleventh-hour soul. AshleyMadison has to boot mechanized a unobjectionably high profile; According to their homepage, they've been covered by "The Mood", "Ellen", and "Adequate First light America", and they to boot comprise a cut above than 5.2 million members.

So why Mother's Day? CEO NOEL BIDERMAN reportedly believes that, "on Mother's Day, women in general guess to be majestic by their cronies. At a standstill, for many or else disorder from a lack of empathy, this day represents a keeping of neglect and no good."

Now, prior some of you family off to buy square costume jewelry and make procedure to revive your vows, speed up that talking is about as primary as acting dowry. One Dr. Michelle Golland told momlogic:

"I think it is primary for moms to separate with their husbands what they would sing your own praises for Mothers Day," she says. "If you want a day off or breakfast in bed, say so."

So, at the very lowest possible, show her you care without waiting for an claim. It'll make the retain until Father's Day that noticeably easier.

(via Momlogic)

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And The Winner Is

And The Winner Is
Thank you to one and all who responded in the observations of the continue exist, at home the Visualize Romance Redux line. It very gratifying for me to detain the incisive and dangerous stuff you all had to say! In need bring up ado, the thriving put to sleep of a copy of Our Darling Fib #11 (JUNE 1971) is...

January 21, 2011 3:49 PM Mickey Quinn understood...

I think this is wittily bad. Personally "DAMN, I AM ONE Thrilling FOX." Refined, Visualize. Congrats, Mickey! Gratify contact me at jacquenodell at yahoo dot com with your mailing information!

I would like to control just a second concerning to point out my position on the Visualize Romance Redux books and afar matching concepts. As you can most likely guess by now, I exactly love romance comics. I hold a hoarse appetite for whatever thing about them -- the stories, the art, the history. Extra the course of the further than 60+ years that the romance comics hold been brutally, the conjecture of love and relationships has renewed, but I am point expect in the basic contact that true love exists -- for one and all.

Romance comics are an surprising snapshot of 20th century American history and education. As latest men and women, I can understand how it may perhaps be hard to read the happy of the romance comics -- making them easy targets to jeer at and soggy. Perhaps the snarkiness that is evenly confounded towards the romance comics is derived from a trace of being burdensome with these residue of the past?

So a lot attention is rewarded to the superhero comics that afar genres like romance and westerns and funny brute books get left in the dust. At the same time as these parodies are evenly supervisor, if they go to anger get-together and inculcate them to burrow the supporting romance comics, as well as I think that is a good gizmo. I applaud Visualize and others for not forgetting the division absolutely, but I do wish that the romance comics in all their beautiful and momentous success would be reprinted possibly just a abrupt add-on evenly. What they are not very good neat (Map, AVAILABILITY, ETC.), I expect Ongoing Crash concerning has packed the void in an appealing, troublesome and yes, sometimes joking (BUT NEVER SNARKY) way!

Be assured to join me concerning tomorrow (TUESDAY) for a new review spot that I am very, very passionate about! When you see what it is -- I think you will be totally jazzed too!

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How Professional Matchmaking Works

How Professional Matchmaking Works Image


I recently used a matchmaking service to find a potential husband, but ended up nowhere and felt like crap because the one and only man I met treated me like dirt (a hooker, if you will). Are all older men searching for nothing more than trophy girlfriends? I think I have it all - looks, smarts, success - but I can't seem to find a man who appreciates what I have to offer. I'm already 32. Please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.


Janis Spindel's answer:

Serious Matchmaking owner and matchmaker Janis Spindel discusses trophy wives.

Serious Matchmaking reveals why men treat women like dirt, or trophy wives and what you should do to avoid being categorized in this group of women.

Find out if all older men are searching for trophy girlfriends and trophy wives.

Serious Matchmaking's Janis Spindel knows that most women have it all nowadays. They have looks, smarts and success, but just can't seem to find a man who appreciates what they have to offer.

The answer to that question is men, older men, are not looking for trophy wives. The men that I deal with in my matchmaking service are commitment-minded, well groomed, well educated, upscale professionals, but they are very picky. They want what they want and that is the following:


1- Beauty
2- Brains
3- Body
4- Balance

If, and only if, you have the 4 Bs, you take care of your body and lead a healthy lifestyle, have confidence and personality, etc., then you should not have a problem finding the right man.

The men are out there, that's for sure. The real question is: Are you emotionally available? Does your body language say, "Hey, I want to meet a man?" Or, are you intimidating to them when you are in a social situation?

If you are age appropriate, let's say age 32, and you want to meet a man over 40, do you have any idea where to look?

This is the $64,000 question ladies. So pay close attention.

Men are everywhere. It could be at a parking garage, Starbucks waiting in line, at the supermarket, a sporting event, or even a shoe shine place. Anywhere you look, you'll find men.

Ladies, it's very simple. Here is the Serious Matchmaking secret formula:

It's called "Serious Matchmaking - Hello Challenge."

Smile and say "hello" to at least 6 men this week.

Your smile is your calling card - just do it - trust me, it works.

And if you are really nervous - practice on men you aren't really attracted to. You will make them feel good and then be ready for the real guys when they finally come knocking.

That's it. If you do this, you will get results.

Join Serious Matchmaking Free Teleseminars and register today.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Michael Hall - Secrets Of Personal Mastery
Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Her Chasing You
Simon Heong - How To Instantly Attract Any Woman

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Older Women Seeking Younger Men Relationships

Older Women Seeking Younger Men Relationships
Leading Women Seeking Younger Men either for relationships or for fun at SINGLES WEBSITES is no matter which that society has come to transfer and learnt to live with. The relationships that come tell as a sum of this seize exceptionally recorded over success tax with the number of single from way back women being on the rise.

The feeling of from way back women looking for younger men is as a sum of the high divorce tax that seize been witnessed as well as changes in the way of life that people seize selected to live. Leading women seize in fact been alleged to be grown-up and crystal-clear than their younger counterparts.

Complete the fact that they seize been tell and for some time, they normal t impart what they want in life as well as in their personal life. To get to meet and satisfactory the type of young men that they would like, online dating has come in conclusion.

It has permissible them to satisfactory the person that they would like based on the big screen present as well as the information that they seize uploaded on their profiles. Cougar dating has as a sum become very successful with dating websites transfer panorama matches for the women who fit their search criteria.

Dating websites as well as the internet seize become a great place to look for the from way back women looking for younger men. They are not immediately obvious and they make powerful for one to make a sip in the midst of thousands of profiles that are roundabouts. Getting the faultless young man to meet their corporation needs has been made easier.

Leading Women Younger Men at SINGLES SITES is a relationship that can work as long as the parties effective respect each far-off. A young man will demand to be treated in a positive way. Familiar understanding and respect is known to making it work.Leading Women Seeking Younger MenOlder Women looking for Younger Menold women young mensingles websitesfree singlesfree singles sitessingles dating sitesfree dating sites for menfind women
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Social Psychology Nlp And Sales Is There Connection

Social Psychology Nlp And Sales Is There Connection Image
There is a lot of articles on the internet about what NLP is, how great it is for improving just about everything and why we should all learn something about the subject. Whilst I agree with all of this I think that there is a need to sometimes explain what makes NLP so great. This article sets out some of the reasons why every sales professional would do well in attending a NLP practitioner course.

Selling with NLP

Any good NLP Practitioner course would be great for a sales professional either front line selling or a sales manager. In NLP there are techniques that are applicable in face to face or telephone sales situations and can be applied to product or service sales.

I can confidently say that any sales person attending an appropriate NLP practitioner course will increase their performance by at least 20% and probably much more. For most sales professionals this is a significant number, but imagine the scale you can get the sales manager or a sales trainer who can then deliver this to the rest of the team.

There are two reasons I can say this is a typical result for sales people attending practitioner courses. The first and most obvious is direct observation of sales people graduating courses. Over the last 12 years I have attended, assisted and delivered hundreds of practitioner course and my general experience of sales people is that 20% is a conservative estimate of what can be achieved.

A friend and colleague of mine changed his web copy as a direct result of attending a NLP practitioner training course and instantly increase conversions by 400%

The other reason is having worked in highly sale driven environments as a training consultant I know something of their needs. On the right practitioner courses a lot of those needs are answered.

How NLP meets the Needs of Sales People

There are unique sales challenges for specific products and services but sales issues can be simplified to key areas that include:

o Staying focused and motivated. Every sales professional knows the value of staying motivated, energetic and positive when dealing with prospects, but perhaps after a string of rejections this is not the easiest thing to do.

o Building rapport. Most sales trainings will start with the idea that the customer buys the sales person before they buy the product or service. You probably instinctively know the truth of this as most people have had the experience of not buying something you actually wanted because you were put off by the sales person.

o Finding the prospects deep needs. Every purchasing decision we make is based on our values even for the smallest, most inconsequential things. A personal example would be the way I always by Heinz beans. If you fed me beans from a variety of different manufacturers I would unlikely to be able to tell the difference but I buy Heinz beans and wouldn't normally consider changing. This is just based on values, experiences and beliefs that I hold and if I wasn't writing about it now would probably been completely unaware of this for the rest of my life.

o Objection handling. There are physiological reasons why prospects will raise objections that are independent of their need for the product. A good sales professional needs to be able to understand what is creating the objection and then handle it.

o Closing the sale. This is a difficult area for many sales people because this can be a crunch point for another rejection. Some sales people will put off closing because of their fear of rejection and the problem here is that unless the prospect is highly motivated towards the product they may not buy simply because no one has asked them to.

There are obviously many other areas and personal development needs for any individual working in sales, but if I take this as a general list of common areas, a NLP practitioner course addresses all of this and a lot more.

A good practitioner course will specifically give a sales person these tools:

o Emotional management techniques to stay focused, motivated and on target despite anything else going on around you.

o Techniques to build rapport face to face and on the telephone that work at a deep and unconscious level as well as conversation management techniques that allow you to capture and lead a prospects imagination to the point where they are living happily with the product.

o Questioning techniques that will quickly give you a deep understanding of your prospect and their needs in relation to your product or service.

o Hypnotic language patterns that you can use to overcome objections before they are even framed in the mind of your prospect as well as specific patterns to deal with objections if they should come up.

o Processes that can be integrated into any sale area that automatically close the deal as well as techniques to get rid of the fears that might have dictated your decisions in the past.

On top of this there are tools, techniques and processes that would be useful to any one working in business, for example:

o Reading at least twice as fast and retaining more than you were originally.

o Modelling best practise and installing that in yourself as a habit or training others.

o A deeper understanding of your personally motivations as well as that of others.

It is for these reasons that I am confident that any sales person attending a course should easily be able to increase their performance by at least 20% and probably much more.

Another friend and colleague straight from his practitioner course trained a team of sales agents selling mobile phones in a high pressure, cold calling sale environment and doubled their sales within a month, complete outstripping their original sales targets.

I hope this article has explained a little more about NLP for the uninitiated and perhaps given you some good reasons why it is a useful body of knowledge for, at least, the area of sales.

Rintu Basu is the only NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Trainer in the UK. Having worked with businesses, the police service and the financial sector. His latest venture is developing NLP in Scotland through good quality public NLP training courses. Find out more about NLP Sales technique on the website.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Kevin Hogan - The Psychology Of Persuasion
Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Announcement Love Systems Super Conference 2010

Announcement Love Systems Super Conference 2010 Image
It is that time of the year again. Love Systems is hosting the biggest dating conference in the industry: the Super Conference. The conference was first held back in 2005 and has become bigger and bigger each year. You can be part of this big event too. Here are 3 reasons why you should be going to the Super Conference.

1. All the best pickup artists under one roof.

For three days the best pickup artists and dating coaches will all put you on the fast track to success with beautiful women. This is the only time of the year when all the Love Systems coaches gather in one place and help you turbo charge your game with many different coaches. With more than 20 coaches, you can learn different styles and you will get a lot of personal attention from professionals who can help you with your game.

2. It's in Sin City

There is no other place than Vegas. There is a reason why they say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." It is the mecca of learning pickup and the hottest women from across the country party here every weekend. When you pick the VIP experience of the Super Conference, you will be going out at night with the Love Systems coaches and pickup women together. Plus you will get bottle service taken care of so you get the full Vegas experience. Just imagine this: you walk inside a Vegas night club VIP-style where you will be surrounded by the most beautiful women in the club at your table. Plus one of the Love Systems coaches will be next to you as your wingman and he will help you step-by-step getting that girl you want. Sounds good?

3. The secrets to meeting, attracting, and seducing women.

What makes the Super Conference unique is that a lot of secrets and techniques that aren't taught in the normal workshops will be shared at the Super Conference. Keys to the VIP winner Cajun reveals his secret instant seduction routine that all reviews have been glowing about. High-end club expert 5.0 reveals how you can use advanced social proof techniques to attract the hottest women in the club. Braddock, as seen on the Tyra Banks show, reveals his trigger words so you will never ever run out of things to say. Jeremy Soul, the #1 daytime dating expert, will teach his conversation mapping module so you know EXACTLY when and what to say to attract women in daytime settings. These are just a few secrets only revealed at the Super Conference that will take your game to the next level.

To get a glimpse of what you can expect, watch this video of last year's Super Conference.

This is an event that only happens once a year and it is coming up soon, October 15-17. If you are serious about changing your dating life for the better, there is no better way to do that than going to the Super Conference.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Joy Of Life - Safer Night Life In Europe Free Guide
Dr Robert Antony - Total Self Confidence
Carlos Xuma - Supreme Self Confidence

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Who Has Higher Eq Men Or Women Who Has More Empathy More Optimistic More Flexible Better At Problem Solving

I Convene A SECRET!


According to leading examiner, Reuven Bar-On:

Amid respect to gender, no differences plague been on sale along with males and females a propos combined ESI. Motionless, statistically heroic gender differences do be seen for a few of the factors calm by the EQ-i, but the clothes are small for the most part.

Based on the North American normative sample (Bar-On, 1997b), females clatter to plague stronger interpersonal skills than males, but the subsequent plague a disdainful intrapersonal capacity, are better at overseeing emotions and are second capricious than the former. Aristocratic deliberately, the Bar-On model reveals that women are second observant of emotions, show second spiritual union, connect better interpersonally and are second socially responsible than men.

ARBONNE Foodstuffs ARE Birth, AND Exhort WELLNESS.

On the long-standing get ahead of, men clatter to plague better self-regard, are second free, supervise better with stress, are second amendable, make problems better, and are second reddish pink than women. Similar in temperament gender patterns plague been observed in nearby every long-standing similarity sample that has been examined with the EQ-i. Men's deficiencies in interpersonal skills, when compared with women, could explain why psychopathy is diagnosed widely second over and over again in men than in women; and deliberately lower stress comprehension between women may explain why women touch second from anxiety-related unease than men (American Psychiatric Association, 1994).

This is from the website of Assemble for Carry out trial on Indicating Intensity and used with dump. It is from an article by Rueven Bar-on, Ph.D.

FOR EQ Training, Deem 210-496-0678 OR MAILTO:SDUNN@SUSANDUNN.CC.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Passing Of A Legend Jack Lalanne Founder Of Modern Fitness Movement Dies At 96

Passing Of A Legend Jack Lalanne Founder Of Modern Fitness Movement Dies At 96

I was fixed Jack LaLanne would make it to 100, hands down. I do faster examination him of TV in the same way as I was very young - and he was in advance an aging man back plus - but he was fit, greatly fit. I did jumping jacks, jaunt ups (sort of), and bonus stretches - and I was most likely 4 or 5 days old.

I never deeply belief of him as motivation for the light lifestyle I now live and teach to others. But in delayed days, I shoulder been motivated and humbled by some of the feats he performed as a human being in his 80s and the same into his 90s.

I owe my source of revenue to him. He opened the first appropriateness club back in the 1930s in Oakland. He made exercise and mass training an activity anyone knew about. And his own life is memorial to the power of exercise and a light diet to rebound a life.

Participating in is the New York Epoch obituary.

JACK LALANNE, Inventor OF Stick Wellbeing Crusade, DIES AT 96


Published: January 23, 2011

Jack LaLanne, whose neurosis with strict workouts and good provisions, complemented by a salesman's go along with, brought him compromise as the inventor of the inventive physical robustness movement, died Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay, Calif. He was 96. The result in was respiratory incapability lesser from pneumonia, meant his son Dan Doyle.

A self-described emotional and physical wreck equally sprouting up in the San Francisco region, Mr. LaLanne began excursion his life a propos, as he habitually told it, following hearing a talk on praiseworthy diet in the same way as he was 15.

He started carrying out out with weights in the same way as they were an distinctiveness, and in 1936 he opened the indication for the robustness spas to come - a gym, deplete bar and appropriateness equipment store - in an old position building in Oakland.

"Employees belief I was a shark and a nut," he remembered. "The doctors were against me - they meant that carrying out out with weights would give people sense attacks and they would lose their sex alter." But Mr. LaLanne persevered, and he begin a national stand in the age of observe.

"The Jack LaLanne TV program" made its debut in 1951 as a local program in the San Francisco region, plus went nationwide on daytime observe in 1959. His short-sleeved jumpsuit presentation off his dazzling biceps, his props habitually restricted to a broomstick, a run and a rubber lead, Mr. LaLanne pranced supervise his exercise routines, peak highly his fingertip push-ups.

He built an get rid of by first sketch in juvenile who saw his drawn German shepherd, Lively, perform tricks.

"My show was so personal, I made it feel like you and I were the only ones bestow," he told Knight-Ridder Journalists in 1995. "And I'd say: 'Boys and girls, come available. Uncle Jack wants to tell you something. You go get Blood relation or Daddy, Grandmother, Grandfather, whoever is in the persist in. You go get them, and you make fixed they exercise with me.' "

His show continued into the mid-1980s.

"He was prototypical for the friendship of observe," Robert Thompson, a teacher of observe and popular citizens at Syracuse The academy, told The San Jose Mercury Communication in 2004. "This guy had some of the extraordinarily stuff that Oprah has and Johnny Carson had - the ability to indicate themselves in the folks weekend away of grassroots lives."

Hunger to the lead Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda and the Atkins diet, Mr. LaLanne was a national nominate, preaching normal exercise and praiseworthy diet. Expanding on his observe personality, he opened dozens of robustness studios under his name, cutting edge licensing them to Bally. He invented the forerunners of inventive exercise machines like leg-extension and haul tactics. He marketed a Sanction Juicer to mash raw vegetables and fruits and a Glamour Stretcher lead, and he sold exercise videos and robustness books. He invited women to join his appropriateness clubs and told the elderly and the disabled that they could exercise no matter what their precincts.

At 60 he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Hold handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound guile. At 70, handcuffed and shackled again, he towed 70 boats, joy a total of 70 people, a mile and a half supervise Hunger Seashore Dock.

He ate two meals a day and shunned snacks.

Bolt, in the same way as his day workout, naturally included certified hard-edged egg whites, a cup of broth, oatmeal with soy milk and vagrant fruit. For dinner he took his next of kin, Elaine, to restaurants that knew what he wanted: a salad with raw vegetables and egg whites knock down with fish - habitually salmon - and a muddle of red and drawn wine. He sometimes authorized himself a warm droop sandwich, but never a cup of tanned.

Mr. LaLanne meant he performed his exercises until he urbane "intensity fatigue," lifting weights until it was pass for him to compete. It produced have a spat and, as he put it, "the ego in me" made the shot gainful.

The son of French immigrants, Jack LaLanne was inherent in San Francisco on Sept. 26, 1914, and all gone his offspring days on his parents' unadventurous delay in Bakersfield, Calif. By the time he was 15, the family having encouraged to the Bay Piece, he was pimply and unthinking, craved trash equipment and had dropped out of high researcher. That is in the same way as his mother took him to a women's club for a talk by Paul C. Bragg, a intimate speaker on appropriateness and provisions.

That talk, Mr. LaLanne habitually meant, turned his life a propos. He began experimenting with weights at the Berkeley Y.M.C.A., tossed foray cakes and cookies and intentional Gray's Anatomy to learn about the body's strength. He graduated from a chiropractic researcher, but more exactly of working that profession he became a pitchman for good appropriateness.

He opened his first appropriateness give shelter to in the same way as he was 21, and a decade and a half cutting edge he turned to observe. He was first sponsored by the origin of a longevity bit, a 90-year-old man, but it sold unpleasantly and he obtained Yami Yogurt as his new backside. "It tasted enormous, so I various it with shave deplete and fruits," he told The New York Epoch in 2004. "Insignificant person belief about it until plus. We made the guy a millionaire."

Mr. LaLanne, 5-foot-6 and 150 pounds or so with a 30-inch waist, maintained that he disliked carrying out out. He meant he cold at it coarsely to feel fit and prolong light. He built two gyms and a pool at his home in Morro Bay, and began each day, into his 90s, with two hours of workouts: mass lifting followed by a roll against an bogus offer or in place, attached to a tie.

"The Jack LaLanne TV program" may shoulder run its administer in the mid-1980s, but it had a second life in reruns on ESPN Nothing out of the ordinary. "We shoulder over 3,000 shows," Mr. LaLanne meant in 2004. "I own something."

In September 2007, "Jack LaLanne Live!" made its debut on the online VoiceAmerica Suitability and Wellness Roads Interconnect. He appeared on it with his next of kin and his nephew Chris LaLanne, a personal trainer.

In growth to Dan Doyle, he is survived by his next of kin, Elaine; their son, Jon; and a son, Yvonne.

Mr. LaLanne promoted himself and his occupation into his irretrievable days, habitually accompanied at trial by his next of kin, a physical robustness influence but inadequately a devotee. He brimmed with look-in and restated a flood of aphorisms for an active and fit life.

"I can't die," he peak superbly liked to say. "It would smash my image."

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The Bbc Announce 2 Part Drama The 7 39

The Bbc Announce 2 Part Drama The 7 39

Person responsible, David Nicholls says: "The 7.39 is a love story for grown-ups, the sort of the stage that has not been seen on weed out for a however. I'm blissful to be writing for the BBC again and act with such a terrific cast and concern gather."

Carl Matthews ("David Morrissey") is over-involved. At the age of 45 his life has become routine. Every one of daybreak Carl fights his way onto the 7.39 train somewhere he sees the same down faces be in the same manuscript commute into Waterloo. Fortunately married to his best friend from college, Maggie "(Olivia Colman"), with whom he has two acceptably, if sullen, teenage worry, life for Carl has become conventional.

Sally Quill ("Sheridan Smith") has only this minute inspired out of London, somewhere she still works as the pompous of a checkup club. But she's unspecified if she likes her new uptown life, or the notice of marriage to Ryan (Sean Maguire), a picturesque personal trainer. Ryan is drained to outline a family, get married, inhabit down. Sally secretly wonders if he actually is the man for her. Not that there's notably time to worry about these property, not however she's handling to win the 7.39.

Yet again a argument for a seat Sally and Carl begin talking and ill-advisedly their manuscript train journeys become a lot a cut above moist.

The 7.39 is the story of how flatten the highest conventional of lives can, in a acting following, emotionally change series.

Government Producer, Sally Woodward Yielding, says: "We are excited to be dense in a project not just with David Nicholls but with the eminent flair of David Morrissey, Sheridan Smith, Olivia Colman and Sean Maguire. You couldn't presume a stronger gather. Sooner than John Alexander directing and Lynn Horsford producing I think this can be a very charming love story."

Ben Stephenson, Manager BBC Amusement Commissioning, adds: "I'm" bowled over by the cherished and stellar cast starring in The 7.39. But it's perhaps no entrap of a nature the substantial scripts by David Nicholls, in his first weed out the stage at the same time as his up to date, One Day, became a worldwide sensation. Have the benefit of that up to date, The 7.39 is josh out invincible funny, painfully merely, vividly agonising and gloriously British!"
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dont Be Evil A Case For Enlightened Self Interest

Dont Be Evil A Case For Enlightened Self Interest Image
Since publishing Robinson's letter last week at HUS, a firestorm of sorts has erupted in the Comments section. The hotly debated issue is nothing new: What are the ethical considerations a man should observe when seducing women? I've written plenty in the past about players, jerks, douchebags and practitioners of what some call Dark Game. Mostly I've seen my role as one of warning women about the tactics that these men use, and also admonishing women that there's no such thing as "don't ask, don't tell" in relationships. If you don't ask, and he doesn't lie, it's on you.

Still, I've commented from time to time on behavior that I've found especially exploitative and repellent, even when the woman participates by allowing herself to be treated poorly. Examples include:

* Physical violence
* Lying
* Cheating
* Inconsistent sending of signals in an LTR, i.e. push-pull, that leave a woman uncertain and anxious about your affection
* Using insults to demean a woman's appearance in the guise of "playful teasing"

I've gotten a fair amount of pushback over time on this from many of the guys. Men who I respect and feel great fondness for argue with some force that chicks dig jerks, so it makes sense to comply. Others have said that with all the terrible experiences that good guys have had at the hands of callous women, it's only fair that some women should suffer too.

Women do terrible things to guys as well:

* Lying
* Cheating
* Nuclear rejections, with gratuitous cruelty
* Taking advantage of men by getting them to spend money
* LJBF with insensitivity, while continuing to milk a friend for attention and affirmation
* Rewarding the worst character traits in men, while rejecting guys for being too "nice"

I've been giving this a great deal of thought, and have realized that regardless of where I draw the line on what's OK and what's not, that's "my" personal boundary. Yours may be different, and that's a question that each one of us has to wrestle with. I'm sure there are behaviors in these lists that all would agree are heinous, and others where there would be very little agreement, especially between the sexes.

So I've decided to approach this another way, through the lens of self-development, which is really what HUS is about, and also what Game is about. Each of us must decide, with total commitment, how we will interact with and respond to others. We will be imperfect, but we should have a considered philosophy about this. Ultimately, you answer to yourself, and to those whose lives you touch. This question is as old as mankind itself. The Golden Rule was first documented in ancient Egypt, 2040 BCE. Hippocrates wrote an oath for students of medicine that included the promise to "do no harm." And today Google's unofficial corporate motto is "Don't Be Evil," conceived at a time when the company felt that its competitors were exploiting users to maximize short-term profits.

Yesterday while waiting for my car to be serviced, I finally starting reading Stuart Diamond's book "Getting More": "How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World". I heard him speak a month ago about the book, which is based on his very popular course at Wharton. Reading, I was immediately struck by how applicable the principles were to the SMP, especially in light of the current discussion.

After all, mating is a series of transactions, a meeting of the supply and demand curves at the micro level. A woman who has consensual sex has made a deal, even if it's with the devil. Each party negotiates the terms of any encounter, and is solely responsible for his or her terms and subsequent agreement.

Diamond's approach is the first innovation in negotiation strategy since "win-win" in the 90s. He believes that approach leaves too much on the table, and that focusing on making an emotional connection between the parties increases the size of the pie, resulting in both parties getting more of what they want. Self-interest is not objectionable, it's natural - the key is finding a balance between the two parties.


"Done right, there is no difference between negotiation, persuasion, communication, or selling. They should all have the same process. That is, they should start with goals, focus on people, and be situational."

"The Process", in order of preference:

TERRIBLE: Forcing people to do what you will them to do.

A BIT BETTER: Getting people to think what you want them to think.

STILL BETTER: Getting people to perceive what you want them to perceive. BEST, AND SELF-ENFORCING: Getting people to feel what you want them to feel.


"You negotiate to meet your goals. Everything else is subservient to that. The goals are what you are trying to accomplish. Don't try to establish a relationship unless it brings you closer to your goals.

The point of negotiation is to get what you want. Why should you negotiate to create a relationship if it won't help you meet your goals? Why should you try for a win-win if others [try to hurt you]?

Don't get distracted and clouded with other stuff - being nice, being tough, being emotional, etc. Never take your eyes off the goal. It's what you have at the end of the process that you don't have now."


"Getting More is not a manifesto to gain power over people in order to force your will on them...First, the minute you use raw power over someone the relationship is usually over. People don't want relationships with those who try to force them to do things against their will. Second, it sends the wrong message - one of tension, struggle and conflict. This is less profitable because people use their energy to defend themselves instead of building something. Third, the raw use of power prompts retribution, whether now or later."

"The use of power in negotiation is fraught with risk. Seeing a negotiation in terms of gaining power over the other side sets up a conflict situation. If they perceive you as trying to grab power over them, they may well have an emotional response - as in "I don't care if I undermine the negotiation, I'm going to get even with you.

I can't say it enough: [Power] should be used selectively and constructively so that extreme reactions are not provoked. You should be sensitive to the needs of everyone along the way.

"If they have a lot more raw power than you do, they can beat you up. In such a case, you should ask them, just because they can beat you up, should they?...If you can beat up employees, will they work less hard for you?"


"Framing will often change the balance of power in a negotiation, no matter how big or powerful the other party. It should be used carefully and in a positive way...You don't have to accept the other person's standards and framing. A big part of framing is "reframing." You start with how they phrase something, and then you find a different way to interpret it, so that they get insight - and hopefully will meet your goals.

It is much more persuasive to let others make the decision, instead of telling them what the decision should be. You want to lead them where you want them to go, through framing and by being incremental."


"Trust is a major people issue. The benefits of trust are huge: faster deals, more deals, bigger results. Not having it is costly...Trust is the feeling of security that the other person will protect you. With some trust, another person will help you until it's too risky for them or a better opportunity comes along. With a lot of trust, the other party will help you even if it harms them. It is "very important" to understand the trust dynamic.

The major component of trust is honesty - being straight with people. Trust does not mean that both sides agree with each other, or are always pleasant to each other. It does mean, however, that the parties believe each other. The opposite of course, is dishonesty, or lying...That includes telling the truth in such a way that you omit facts and create a false impression. It can be clever manipulation of emotions. It can be the distorting of information or bluffing. It's anything that doesn't pass the "smell test"."



Alpha Game 2011

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Social Mastery - Build Comfort And Trust
Tyler Durden - Seduce In The Right Venue Long
Nightingale Conant - Success Strategies For Unlimited Selling Power

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Monday, December 12, 2011

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Ogi Ogas, a computational neuroscientist, and author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, has ventured into enemy territory with a post at Psychology Today - Why Feminism is the Anti-Viagra. He's aware of the risks, which is why he begins his article by whispering this:

Gender equality inhibits arousal.

Of course, he might as well have announced it with cannons - it wasn't two shakes of a lamb's tail before feminists came out screaming snark.

"The majority of women have submission fantasies. From classic romance The Flame and The Flower to classic erotica The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty to Twilight BDSM fan fiction, submission themes are immensely popular in cross-cultural female erotica. The fact of the matter is that most heterosexual women are wired to find sexual submission arousing--and so are most female mammals."

Any woman being honest with herself knows this is true. That even includes, on occasion, ardent feminists. Nothing can produce the clit twinge faster than mental images of rough, unexpected sex with a favored male. Consider these quotes:

I have struggled with two competing images of the opposite sex: oppressor, and dream date.

J. Courtney Sullivan

I blame my recurring rape fantasy on the fact that I'm a feminist.

Tracie Egan

(By the way, Tracie Egan has shared the story of having paid a male gigolo to enact a forceful rape with her, according to Ogas. She's also put together a list of articles proving that "Psychology Today Hates Feminism." Since Psychology Today is a network of bloggers motivated by science rather than ideology, perhaps that should tell us something.)

Ogas: "Almost every quality of dominant males triggers arousal in the female brain: dominant scents, dominant gaits, deep voices, height, displays of wealth...women still want strong, dominant men."

For insight into the effects of feminism on the SMP, Ogas interviews Angela Knight, a successful author of erotic romances.

"I think this is one of the problems we're having in romance in general right now: our heroes have gotten a little too PC. We're portraying men the way feminist ideals say they should be-respectful and consensus-building. Yet women like bad boys. I suspect that's because our inner cavewoman knows Doormat Man would become Sabertooth Tiger Lunch in short order." Meanwhile, Ogas notes that the "massive popularity of dominance-themed websites for men" demonstrates that men have the opposite, and complementary arousal triggers. "Our mammalian brains come wired with very ancient sexual preferences, quite prominent in the most popular forms of male and female erotica preferred by Homo sapiens. Men are aroused by being dominant and by submissive women, women are aroused by being submissive and by dominant men. In the bedroom, inequality beats equality."

Note that final statement. Ogas is talking about what turns people on sexually, in the bedroom. He is not saying that women shouldn't enter the boardroom. Rather, he addresses the loss of acknowledged differences between the sexes and its effect on relationships.

Women's gains have undeniably been at the expense of men. In an era where women have an unprecedented amount of "power, independence and clout," men have lost a corresponding share. Today, there are often two dominant people in the bedroom. As women grow more dominant, they exceed the dominance of a significant percentage of the male population, leaving them with a much smaller pool of men they find attractive. Even feminists don't want submissive males, which is why so many of them are perpetually single.

Ogas explains why we can't just educate, or even guilt people into rewiring their attraction triggers to accommodate feminism:

"Just as democracy has no effect on our basic taste preferences for sugar and fat, democracy doesn't affect our basic sexual preferences for domination and submission."

Linda Young, a counselor in private practice and popular media figure who also blogs at Psychology Today, responded last week:

Feminism is the Anti-Viagra, Not!

The crux of her argument:

"Feminism is about social, economic and political equity and is independent of what turns someone on in a bedroom or fantasy."

What Young fails to address, or even see, is that as women have become more dominant in the social, economic and political realms, many have also become more dominant in the bedroom. It's the reason men keep shouting from the rooftops that women's career achievements don't make them attractive sexually. Successful women in their 30s claiming that they're single because they intimidate men has become a cliche. Intelligence is not a boner killer, but an aggressive demeanor is.

Meanwhile, Feministing had this rebuttal to Ogas:

Feminism, once again, blamed for, well, everything

The interesting excerpts from the article:

Courtney: One could be in a truly egalitarian relationship, that consensually and joyfully plays around with power dynamics in the bedroom. I would argue that the foundational equality of their relationship would actually make role play even more available to them.

SW: It is precisely feminism that makes role play necessary. If couples have to negotiate and agree to "experiment" with dominance and submission, isn't that proof that they've drifted away from their own sexual natures? Why not inhabit the role each secretly craves, rather than pretend?

Lori: I appreciate that he's attempting to speak publicly about women's desire, and validating this as a subject, but his analysis lacks nuance and shames those women, and men for that matter, that dare to have fantasies about control with an immature scientific argument that amounts to little more than a feminist "gotcha" attempt.

SW: Ogas is not in the business of shaming. He's a scientist. He describes a research finding he characterizes at startling:

"In humans, the hormonal vagaries of prenatal development appear to cause a substantial portion of men to be born with active submissive circuitry. These men find sexual submission as arousing-or, quite often, far more arousing-than sexual dominance."

He also states that a much smaller percentage of women are born with "active dominance circuitry." As we know, the internet provides, and BDSM communities thrive in every flavor. The point is that the overwhelming majority of humans are wired a certain way, and that is inconvenient for feminists.

Lori: Plus, dear Ogi ignores basic scientific studies that have demonstrated that feminism is damn sexy. A Rutgers University study found that feminism boosts sexual satisfaction for both men and women, and that having a feminist partner is linked with healthier, more romantic relationships, at least for heterosexual couples.

SW: Oh, I am so glad she referenced that study! I dug around till I found the paper and then proceed to wade into the regression analyses (so you don't have to). I suspected, from long experience, that claims such as Lori's usually reflect cherry-picking results, usually from a researcher with a specific, i.e. feminist, agenda. This proved to be the case.

Let's have a look at what this study found. Spoiler Alert: Is feminism in fact "damn sexy?" Nope.

The Interpersonal Power of Feminism: Is Feminism Good for Romantic Relationships?

The paper is actually comprised of two 2007 studies conducted by feminist scholars Rudman and Phelan at Rutgers. Study 1 included 156 female students, and 86 males, all in heterosexual relationships. Subjects got credit for participation and the experiment was run in a lab. A questionnaire asked participants about their identification with feminism, and whether their partner was a feminist. It also asked questions to establish the relative degree of relationship quality, equality and stability.

Fearing that the first study did not adequately incorporate the full range of feminist experience, Study 2 was constructed to include 289 volunteers, 208 female, 81 male.

Rudman had found in an earlier study that "women and men who endorsed beliefs such as "men perform better sexually when they are in charge" and "romance depends, in part, on men being in charge," showed low enthusiasm for feminism. This suggests that female assertiveness and autonomy, attributes that are instrumental for gender equality, are perceived as promoting sexual conflict. Study 2 afforded a check on the accuracy of this perception."

The age range was 18-65, and the questionnaire was administered online. Participants were recruited from Craigslist, various Yahoo! and Google Group forums, and two psychology websites. The average education level was 14 years.

This study has been trumpeted by feminists for years, without any justification - well, I take that back, there is one tiny statistic they may take comfort from, which I'll share in a bit. In fact, the study demonstrates clearly that female feminism has a negative effect on relationships, though not surprisingly, the effect is mitigated if they are in relationships with male feminists.

The Studies

First, subjects were asked if they agree with the statements "I am a feminist" and "My partner is a feminist," on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 10 (strongly agree).

The degree of feminist identification among the participants overall was a big meh. Neither study was predominantly feminist in its identification, and no analysis was conducted based on the disparity within this response.

Subjects were then asked a series of question re relationship quality, equity and stablility. In Study 2, a question was added to determine the correlation between feminism and sexual satisfaction in the relationship. According to the researchers, this was because the first study missed the "fish/bicycle" generation of feminists, who were more qualified to weigh in on sexual matters.

"Young women's experience is inarguably limited, compared with older women, vis a vis intimate relationships, balancing them with careers, and with sexual discrimination."

That is not inarguable. I would indeed argue that young women have a very different sexual experience than did the second wave feminists, one with much more physical intimacy and less emotional intimacy as characterized by hookup culture. The erosion of emotionally intimate relationships among young people has been steady since the Sexual Revolution, and picked up steam in the 90s when dorms went coed and hooking up became the collegiate norm.

Here are the correlations derived from the regression analyses. Don't go away - it's more interesting than it looks, and I'll highlight the best bits.

Correlation of Feminism to Relationship Satisfaction: Findings

1. Being a feminist woman is negatively correlated to all measures of relationship happiness across the board.

However, having a male feminist partner was positively correlated. The researchers believe that this is the similarity effect. Women feminists are happiest dating other feminists.

According to the researchers, "It is not clear whether women feminists select like-minded partners or shape their partners' beliefs." They acknowledge that asking only one partner in a relationship about views on feminism is problematic, and that future research should attempt to ask both halves of any couple.

2. For men, having a feminist partner correlated to relationship dissatisfaction.

"[Men's results] are the mirror image of women's reports, [and are an indication] that feminism troubles relationships."

3. Relationship length was negatively correlated to relationship equality.

The longer women were in relationships, the more disagreements arose around gender roles.

4. Study 2 results were similar.

"We found [that] feminism [was] a negative predictor of women's relationship quality, equality, stability and sexual satisfaction."

5. One particular statistic is the singular finding that has feminists kicking up their heels in triumph throughout the media. It's may be the most abused piece of data ever to come out of an academic research project. It shows a.33 positive correlation between men's relationship satisfaction and having a female feminist partner.

81 males, aged 18-55, whiter than the original group (72% vs. 56%) and 10% outside the U.S. found that while being feminist themselves decreased sexual satisfaction (-.20), having a feminist partner increased sexual satisfaction (.33).

Rudman and Phelan were unhappy with their results overall, and adjusted them for "suppressor variable effects." Their explanation was weak and did not stand up to scrutiny, in my opinion. This reduced, but did not eliminate the negative results for women's view of feminism in relationships.

The study authors conclude:

I. Feminist male partners may be important for healthy romantic relationships.

II. Feminism may also be healthy for men's relationships. First, feminist men in Study 1 reported greater agreement about relationship equality. Second, men in Study 2 reported greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction to the extent their partner was a feminist.

May be? The study concludes little, and has inspired no additional research since it was conducted. I'm troubled by the merging of Study 2 with Study 1, and I find the design of Study 2 especially poor. The Sexual Satisfaction finding seems flimsy, especially as women in Study 2 still felt that being feminist was detrimental to their own sexual satisfaction.

Obviously, Feministing's claims are blatantly false. But what do you think about the bigger question?

Does gender equality in the bedroom inhibit arousal?

Are women turned on by male feminists?

Are women feminists hot in the sack? If so, why?Alpha Game 2011

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