Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Relationships Bad Health

Bad Relationships Bad Health Cover
If you're in a bad relationship or have gone through a string of breakups, it may cause more than just a broken heart.

MSNBC reports that an Italian researcher set out to measure the effects that your relationships have on your health. To study the effects, he measured "attachment security", defined as your ability to trust and depend on others, your comfort level with emotional intimacy, and your security level in romantic relationships. Your particular "attachment style" both affects and is shaped by your romantic relationships with bad relationships causing "attachment insecurity".

After studying a random sample of women, the researchers found that those who had "attachment insecurity" had lower immune systems, were more susceptible to disease, and had higher instances of skin diseases such as psoriasis. Of course you can't say that bad relationships alone make you more likely to get sick, but for those that already have problems, bad relationships could worsen your health.

This isn't the first study on the correlation between your health and your relationships though. Psychiatrist Redford Williams and historian Virginia Williams "emphasize that good relationships have physical as well as emotional benefits, lowering stress and increasing resistance to disease". The pair have written a book, "Lifeskills, "which is based on a program designed to improve your relationships that they run at Duke University Medical Center. Using Lifeskills, you learn to understand yourself, recognize problems in your relationships, communicate to solve problems, and emphasize the positive in your interactions.

If you're currently in a bad relationship, it's time to act. You deserve a successful, happy, and emotionally satisfying relationship -- and your health depends on it.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Cucan Pemo - You Can Save Your Relationship And Marriage
Susan Gillpatrick - Common Relationship Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Girlfriend Stabs Man With Stiletto Heel

Girlfriend Stabs Man With Stiletto Heel Cover
Girlfriend stabs man with stiletto heelSTACI HARGREAVES, 33, took off one of her stiletto heels and stabbed her boyfriend in the eye, piercing his brain, during an altercation between her and 28-year-old GAVIN TAYLOR in a taxi.

GAVIN TAYLOR was rushed to hospital immediately thereafter and is currently in stable but critical condition.

STACI HARGREAVES has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The couple was fighting in the cab, which led Hargreaves to take off one of her stiletto heels and jam it into his eye with all her might, ultimately piercing his brain.

No word on whether or not he will make a full recovery. Or what make of shoe she used. Sorry, that was mean.

But really, I can't ever imagine jamming one of my heels into someone's eye, no matter how badly they drove me crazy. I guess he must have done something really unforgivable for her to have seen red. And no, that doesn't mean that I'm assuming they were Louboutins.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Adam Gilad - Interview With Vince Delmonte
Adam Gilad - Interview With Mentor X
Adam Gilad - Interview With Joseph Matthews

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Give Great Fellatio Tips

Give Great Fellatio Tips Cover
Every woman wants to know how to give great fellatio to the point where he screams her name when he ejaculates. And with my help, he'll be screaming your name well into next week after you're done with him.

The art of giving great fellatio is not one to be taken lightly. It requires the right attitude, movements and desire in order to make it memorable. So if you want to be the best you can be for your man, here's how getting on your knees will bring him to his.


Above and beyond all else, your guy needs to know that you are going to enjoy what you are about to do immensely. And given that he's clean and responsive, there's no reason why you shouldn't.

After you kiss his lips, close your eyes and make your way downwards, inhaling his scent on the way down. You want him to feel like you've been waiting all day to give him oral pleasure.


While your objective is to give great fellatio, you want to build up his anticipation and heighten his senses so that when you do finally make your way to his penis, the slightest lick of your tongue will leave him squirming.

Spend some time kissing his inner thighs and his pubic area, and massage his waist and chest. Every now and then, let your lips rub against his penis ever so slightly as you move from one thigh to the other.


Before you ingest it with your hot, wet mouth, hold it gently with one hand and kiss the base of his penis with your wet lips. You don't need to do this for a long period of time, but just long enough for him to really want you to put it in your mouth.

As your kissing it with your wet lips, run your tongue very lightly up the entire length of his penis. Giving him great fellatio that's slow and sensual is very exciting.


It's finally time to show him what great fellatio all about. As you hold his penis up by the base with one hand, open your mouth wide enough that his penis just barely touches the walls of your mouth. Take it as far back as you can go. Close your mouth and glide it out of your mouth again.

Don't move quickly just yet; start slow, stroking it with your mouth, pressing down on the head with the underside of your tongue, or flicking your tongue against it, all the while still moving slowly with your lips.


The testicles are sensitive to the touch and, although you may be afraid to touch them for fear of hurting him, if you do it right, you will only enhance his oral pleasure experience.

Tickle the lowest part of his testicles with your fingernails, then masturbate him with one hand while you cup his testicles with the other. Take one testicle into your mouth at a time, and lick it (don't suck).

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Kate Fox - Guide To Flirting
Laurie Weiss - 24 Tips For Having A Great Relationship
Anthony Berger - 40 Great Sex Tips

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Nice Guys Suck

Why Nice Guys Suck Cover
Ah, the proverbial "nice guy" - the one that always gets dumped by the heartless bitch who would rather be beaten up by Chris Brown. No, no, no, you have it all wrong.

"Nice guy" is a misnomer because it's not that a guy is too nice, it's all these other reasons why women end up dumping these so-called nice guys and going after the more mysterious and thrilling men.


No one wants to hang out with an insecure person, especially when that insecure person is a man who claims to love his woman. With a desperate need to be loved or even liked by another person, it's painful to watch a man who needs constant attention.

Insecurity in a man is akin to a woman who scratches her crotch - no one wants to be around that. Ask any woman and she'll tell you that she wants a strong man who she feels is her protector. She does not want a man she has to reassure every 4 minutes.


I enjoy spending a lot of time with my boyfriend of the moment, but I also like spending time away from him. How else would I ever miss him? Nice guys unfortunately want to spend every waking moment with their girl and do not give her room to breathe. Is anyone else feeling claustrophobic?

The nice guy just doesn't know when to back off and would even move into his girl's place if she made even the slightest joke about it. He wants to hold her hand; he wants to snuggle; he wants to be by her side and kiss her even when she has morning breath. It's almost creepy.


The nice guy will drop any and everything to be by his woman's side. If she needs a lift home from work at 3 in the morning, he'll be there to pick her up. If she needs him to pick up her dry cleaning and drop it off at her place, you betcha!

He will make himself available all the time and this will definitely get tedious after a while. Although, if all a woman wants is a chauffeur and assistant, then she has likely found her man.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tranceboy - The Lazy Mans Guide To Seduction
Shawn Nelson - How Nice Shy And Good Guys Finish First
Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy

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How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Without Scaring Him Away

How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Without Scaring Him Away
There are a numberless of not like hints and tips that you can smattering if you are asking yourself 'HOW CAN I GET MY EX BOYFRIEND BACK?' and your central goal is not to distress him somewhere else. Aim ups steadfastly do dispatch, whether we like them or not, but a large number of relationships can be rekindled if you take control of the right steps to restore them without enlargement it. Available are five diminutive tips for learning how you can get your ex boyfriend back.5 - If you are asking 'HOW CAN I GET MY EX BOYFRIEND Errand without scaring him away?', next the first step in the alias needs to be to analyze and study him. You need to be unselfish being you speak to him, and be definite about what he says and how you respect. In the function of you are no longer seeing each getting on, an compelling meet is separation to be built up surrounded by you. You need to read improved deeply into what he is saying to you, and what he isn't saying to you, to get a different cut idea of where something stands.4 - Be on the look out fair and square than being jealous. The best way to quotient out how he is feeling about you follower a break up, and the best way to quotient out what your likelihood are with him some time ago the break, is to see how he reacts being he is round about getting on women. Does he put you down in the spirit of getting on women? Does he bash you in the back, or does he stand up for you? You may never get direct answers, but he is perhaps state tons of first-rate hints in national.3 - If you are asking 'HOW CAN I GET MY EX BOYFRIEND Errand without scaring him away?' next you steadfastly want to avoid the mind play a part. It's hard to be bashful and avoid playing play a part with an ex, but what signals are so acme being it comes to restitution an old flame, it is unequivocally mandatory that you telecast the right signals, fair and square than playing with him. Let him direct how you feel, assurance, but with frankness.2 - Pile up your cards close to your shaft to gain an halt over him. Wear is key in all aspects of life, in the company of love and relationships. Because honest fair and square than playing play a part is unequivocally essential, but that does not mean you requisite entrust your incorrigible love for him, what this is a secure fire way to rout the flame in the manner of and for all.1 - Rescind care of yourself, or improve yourself. Anyhow who was likely for the breakup, it's acme to demonstration somewhere else from it with a need to improve yourself. If you want him to poor example his settlement, work to support in form and make improvements to your life, and he will scene these positive changes and flinch to want you back again. Sometimes it really is this simple.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sociology In Defense Of Snooping

Sociology In Defense Of Snooping Image
I've snooped. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Why? Because in EVERY case that led to snooping, I discovered exactly what I sensed- DECEPTION. I have confirmed a past lover's unfaithfulness or general deceptiveness, and snooping gave me the ammunition I needed to definitely "pull the trigger" on the relationship. I haven't snooped on every ex. But when a lover caused that little voice in my head to whisper "something ain't right here girl," I certainly did take it upon myself to check things out. And you know what? I do not feel the least bit guilty for it. I listened to my intuition and gave myself the peace of mind, as well as the closure I needed.

I've always found it interesting when folks give advice like: "You shouldn't snoop. You should just talk to your partner. And if your partner says they're not cheating/lying, just drop the issue. You're probably just being insecure or paranoid. And even if they "ARE" cheating/lying, you still shouldn't snoop. Eventually the truth will come to light anyway.


As far as I'm concerned, that kind of advice is absolutely ludicrous. I would never give someone I cared for or counseled that kind of advice. In this day and age, the risks are too high for a woman/man to just "wait for the truth to come to light."

For example, I've observed quite a few men that have taken lying and cheating to a level that is worthy of a psychological case study. So much so that I have come to accept that some men do lack the "morality chip." These types of men are delusional, deceptive and dangerous. They leave you with no other option but to snoop. For example, a close girlfriend once shared that her fianc'e started disappearing for hours at a time and not picking up her calls. Her gut told her something was up. So she decided to do the "adult" thing and confront him. She asked him directly: "Are you cheating?" And he responded: "No babe. That's 'crazy'. I love you. I'd never do that."

His demeanor was calm and his answer was simple, straight forward and he even had an air of being "hurt" by her mistrust.

Now my friend loved this man and didn't want to just leave him on a gut feeling of suspicion. So she went through his cell phone and his computer- ultimately discovering that he had been cheating on her with escorts and prostitutes. After that, my friend confronted her fianc'e again- this time with the evidence. She said that at first he was shocked speechless- but then he quickly became angry and yelled at her for "invading his" privacy. Fortunately, she dropped that clown right then and there.

Interestingly enough I have heard some men (and women) make the argument that snooping is a "violation of privacy." What do I say to that? My response is this: You can live with losing a lover. But what you shouldn't live with is the idea of willfully putting your emotional and even physical health at risk. Ignorance is not bliss. What you don't know "can" hurt you- or even kill you. And while you should be respectful of your significant other's privacy- you should not do so to the detriment of your own well-being.

Women and men dealing with deceptive partners need to realize that the relationship is not being acted out on a level playing field. So it's not as simple as expecting a truthful response when you request one. Do you really think a liar is going to suddenly decide to be truthful because you ask them to be? The stone cold reality is that a deceptive partner is intentionally stacking the cards in their favor for their own selfish gain. It's like playing Monopoly with someone who is sneaking paper money into their pocket. You sense the cheating, but you don't have hard proof. So what do you do? Do you keep playing the game by the rules (and stand a greater risk of losing) or do pause for a moment and kindly ask them to empty their pockets?

It's really plain logic here folks. So start thinking with your brain. The heart is wonderful and all, but the truth is it wasn't built for logical reasoning.

People have tried many a times to debate my stance on snooping by saying things like:"How would you feel if your man snooped on you?" And to that I simply respond that I have nothing to hide. So he could look all he wants. Furthermore, if I gave him reason to question my honesty, I would think he was completely justified for snooping- not to mention SMART.

What do you think of snooping? Have you ever snooped on a significant other? Has a significant other ever snooped on you? How snooping effect the relationship?

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Mffff - Living As The Center Of Attention
Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering
Brian Tracy - Psychology Of Achievement Course Book

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Get Your Ex Back And Win His Heart

Get Your Ex Back And Win His Heart Image
Breakups happen for many reasons, but all the feelings that the boy and girl will have are all the same: pain, anger, disappointment, regret and depression, they just vary in different degrees depending on how much they love each other and how long they have been together. Women, if you want to get back with the ex and win them back, you must first understand men and how their minds work so you can make the necessary plan of action to make him come back and chase you.


Instead of crying, you might as well get ahead of the plan and figure out what has caused the breakup. Did he get bored with the relationship? Is a third party involved? On your part or on his part? Have you been too clingy or needy?

Whatever the reason, try to look back and think about it. If it's any of the above reason, then you should understand men, they get easily bored; if it's a third party on his side, understand men are polygamous in nature; and understand men hate clingy and needy women, they need air to breathe from the relationship. Now what you have to do is to learn from it and find out how you can change; not only to get back with the ex, but also to make yourself better.


Once you have figured it out, find a solution to the problem to get back with the ex. For instance, if he got bored with the relationship because it has become monotonous, then try to be more spontaneous and carefree. Make him see that you have changed from your old you and to a better you to get back with the ex. You can also try looking for other activities to make your life more interesting and full of life. To better understand men, when your ex sees you looking better, they will think twice on why did he breakup with you.


After you let him have his space, look for ways on how you can reconnect with him. You can call him or meet him in mutual friend's get-together. Once you meet with him again, befriend him. Talk about simple matters, if you think that the timing is right, you can try interjecting what has happened between your relationship. In any case, be cool, so your ex boyfriend will think how mature of you to handle the breakup and will have more respect for you.Understand men also hate confrontations so stay away from it.


This is important, never back bite your ex boyfriend to any of your friends, especially mutual friends. He will be hearing of this, instead of him thinking about to get back with the ex, he may start thinking otherwise and think that breaking up with you is the best thing that he did. Understand men hate people who talk bad about them behind their backs, they'd rather hear it from the person than from other people. Additionally, he will regard you more as one of those ex girlfriends that he should regret having a relationship with once you do this, and all your plans to get back with the ex will go down the drain.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Special Holiday Report
Hg Wells - Secret Places Of The Heart
Chris Jackson - Get Your Ex Husband Back Everything You Need To Know

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Interview With Nick Savoy On Text And Phone Game

Interview With Nick Savoy On Text And Phone Game Image
"Nick Savoy is President and Program Leader of Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method). I'm interviewing him today on their upcoming book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game that is coming out January 21st, 2010."


Sure. We have noticed from years teaching Love Systems that most beginners and intermediate guys all run into the same problem: turning phone numbers into dates. They start to get good at building attraction and getting phone numbers, but these phone numbers don't go anywhere.

All over the forums we see the same topic over and over again. Guys getting phone numbers but the women never respond to their calls and/or text messages. So we saw a challenge to fix this problem and Braddock took the initiative by writing The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game with co-editor Mr M and help of more Love Systems instructors.

The book has over 160 pages of content on how to turn phone numbers into dates and preventing flaky phone numbers. We address a lot of commonly asked problems when it comes to phone and text game, including:

* What is the best way to ask for a phone number?
* Should you call or text first?
* What should I text a girl for the first time?
* When is the best time to call a girl?
* What are some of the do's and don'ts of calling and texting?

And many more. You can read some text message interactions our team of instructors has had that led to dates. We also have a lot of unpublished stock text lines, role plays, and techniques to sexualize a text conversation.


There are a bunch of them but I will give you two. First, a phone number in itself is not worth much. It is merely a tool you can use to meet up with the girl you are interested in. When you want to seriously date a woman, your goal should be to start a sexual relationship as soon as possible. Whether you take her home the same night from the bar or from your first date, start that sexual relationship as soon as possible. Like Jeremy Soul says, a relationship does not start till you two have slept with each other.

So getting a phone number should not be one of your goals or something you want to settle for. There are exceptions of course like when she is the designated driver for her three friends or when you meet a woman in the day time. In the latter case you will most likely settle for a phone number and then go on a date. However, in both cases if you have the chance to push the interaction that could end in sleeping with each other, take it.

Another common mistake is not making plans when you get the phone number. A lot of guys will say something like "let's hangout" or "let's go out sometime" and then go for the phone number. At that moment, she might have wanted to hang out with you or gone out with you but then the next day she might not feel the same. Instead, before you get a woman's phone number you should try to set plans with her to go out. So you could say something like "What days are you off? Thursday.perfect. Let's go out Thursday night for some drinks." As a result of setting up the date you then get the phone number.

Setting up a date is like a transaction and the receipt of the transaction is the phone number. Just doing this will reduce the amount of flaky phone numbers.


"Short answer: "Yes. In the book Braddock explains his Dynamite Theory how you can turn flaky phone numbers into dates.

The basic idea is that every girl will have to be treated differently based on how she initially responds to your phone calls and/or text messages. If the girl is very responsive you want to meet up as soon as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the girl does not respond to your first call or text message you need to adjust your phone text game. You need to slowly increase the intensity and frequency of communication (all explained in the book with stock field tested texts and voicemails).


Don't settle for the phone number. Push the interaction as far as you can. Once you really know there is absolutely no way you can take the girl back home, only then try to setup a date and get her phone number.

For more information on the new book The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game, click here.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Adam Gilad - Interview With Vince Delmonte
Adam Gilad - Interview With Satyen Raja
Love Systems - The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game

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Testosterone Makes Men Buy Fast Cars

Testosterone Makes Men Buy Fast Cars Cover
A study published in the journal" BEHAVIOR AND HUMAN DECISION "has proven that men who buy fast cars are fueled by testosterone, and not because they have small penises, as I have always theorized.

39 young men in Montreal, Canada were given the opportunity to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet and a 16-year-old Toyota Camry after that.

Each of the vehicles was driven on a busy street, where hot chicks tend to frequent, and then on a quite road.

An hour after that, the men's mouths were swabbed for saliva samples to test for testosterone levels. Researchers discovered that when the men drove the Toyota, their testosterone levels did not change.

But when the men drove the Porsche, the men's testosterone levels shot up and stayed there no matter if women were around to watch them driving their sports car or not.

Although marketing professor GAD SAAD said that this would not likely have a lasting effect on a man's libido, it does indicate that men use cars for sexual signaling, as is done with animals in the wild. It's kind of like when a peacock shows off its feathers.

So more of taxpayers' money was spent to conclude about the obvious. Next up, sex leads to orgasm in men.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

C Kellogg - How To Seduce A Woman 3 Fears
Joy Of Life - The 10 Most Romantic Places In San Francisco Brochure
Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Make The First Move

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Reasons It Great To Be Single

Reasons It Great To Be Single Cover
When you're single, especially if it's the first time in a long time, it can be really easy to miss having a partner. It's easy to miss having someone to come home to, to sit across the dinner table from, or snuggle with on the couch.

Crawling into an empty bed is a hard adjustment. But despite all those moments, being single can also furnish you with some of the best times of your life, if you're willing to take advantage of it. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes to all that single life has to offer us.



When with someone, you have another set of needs to fill. It can be easy to put your own aside for your partner's, as there is immense pleasure in taking care of another and in knowing that you're partner is being taken care of.

When single, though, you are able to concentrate solely on yourself. You can answer your every whim and fancy without feeling neglectful. You have been given the gift of selfishness, and can reflect your nurturing instincts onto yourself.

Take the time to really listen to yourself; let what you want bubble up. Reward yourself everyday, and discover the pleasure inherent in giving to only yourself.



Suddenly, whether you realize it or not, you have all the freedom in the world. You can do what you like, however big or small, whenever you like. We all have a pair of favorite ugly pajamas - relegated to the bottom of the drawer no more! Pull them out and wear them all day long if you want.

Watch all the bad television and sappy or T cry freely or masturbate furiously if you need to. Eat ice cream and burgers in bed while reading embarrassingly trashy magazines. Sleep all day, stay up all night. It's all up to you now.



One of the major tenets of a relationship is compromise. But, when you're in a relationship of one, you call the shots. Gone are the days of staring blankly at the golf game or Jon or be sucked into the weekend-long Dog Whisperer marathon.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and only yours.



We're all human, in all our imperfect glory. But that doesn't mean we want anyone else to know it. When dating, whether consciously or not, a lot of energy is expended on covering up our imperfections. When single, though, you can let them all hang out. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, when it's just you, you can be totally open and honest about your bad habits.

In fact, embrace them. Leave those dishes in the sink, wipe your mouth on your sleeve - just make sure to wash that shirt again before you go out. Go to bed without washing your face, leave your dirty laundry on the floor, and forget about making your bed in the morning.



Order greasy take-out; have that third glass of wine. Turn the music way up, sing loudly (and badly). Have seconds or thirds of dessert. Dance in your living room naked. Spend a little too much money on something new. Eat a five-course meal. Stay out much too late, sleep in past noon. There's no chance that anyone is going to find out, unless you send them the photos.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Introductions Herbals Game Column

Introductions Herbals Game Column Image
Hello! My real name is Tynan, but I'm better known as "Herbal" from the old school days of the pickup community, and of course from "The Game".

I got started in pickup out of necessity.

She was going to school in Chicago and I lived in Austin. She admitted that she liked me before she left and kissed me. I thought I was in love, so I resolved to wait for her to get back to Austin.

We were meant for each other, right?

Wrong. After three years of never talking and her getting serious with her new Chicago boyfriend, I heard through a mutual friend that she was planning on going to grad school there after college.

Finally it hit me how stupid it was to wait for a girl who barely remembered that I existed. Being a huge nerd, I did the only thing I

could think of doing - I searched Google.

"Pick up girls"

I was fortunate enough to land on where I began to absorb every last bit of information that I could find.

I knew that IF this stuff was real then I'd have to fully dedicate myself to it. I'd take off as much time as necessary, doing nothing but pickup, until I was good.

So I bought a plane ticket to a sold out DYD conference in Chicago that I didn't have a ticket to. Embarrassed about my new hobby, I lied to everyone and told them I was visiting a friend there. The truth was that I didn't know a single person there - I was just hoping I could run into them in the lobby and see a glimpse of this amazing skill called "pickup".

I got lucky. I made friends with one of the guys from RSD, and as the rest of the crew joined one by one, no one questioned me being part of the group. By the end of the first night, I was sitting in on a RSD workshop for free.

And I was blown away. I saw Tyler pick up Miss Indiana right in front of her boyfriend. As soon as I saw that, I knew what my life was going to look like for the next few years.

Three weeks later I had my important belongings packed into my car, and left my less important belongings in my house which I was abandoning. I was headed to LA to live in Project Hollywood with the best pickup artists in the world, most of whom I'd never met.

They all took me under their wings. For several months I became friends with and learned from the legends of the game : Mystery, Style, Tyler, Papa, Ross, Twentysix, and Sickboy.

When RSD and Mystery split I had become good enough to teach with Mystery. We toured the country teaching hundreds of guys in workshops all across the US.

Eventually we had our falling out that was chronicled in The Game and I headed back to Austin.

Life was good. Getting girlfriends was easy, and our relationships were rock solid. Strangely, all of the girls I knew in LA kept calling me, even years after I had left.

That's when I realized something. Most of my game was learned from the guys in Hollywood, but there was one thing I figured out for myself that I could do better than them - I could keep girls' interest indefinitely and they would LOVE me. When we broke up they'd invariably try to get back together with me, sometimes for years after.

It dawned on me that this wasn't just because of things I did AFTER we got together, but rather that elements of my pickup style from the very beginning were causing girls to become attached to me from day one.

So I wrote a book about everything I'd learned and everything I'd discovered. More than just a pickup manual, it was the bible of how I live a life that's happy, genuine, honest, and of course full of girls. The book is called "Make Her Chase You", because my style results in girls chasing and pursuing you, rather than the other way around.


For 2008 I've decided to become more disciplined. Part of that is going to be a weekly schedule where I write on my blogs : - my personal blog. - a blog about my world traveling adventures of 2008. - a blog about the best things in the world.

And of course this guest column on the best pickup blog out there, SEDUCTION CHRONICLES.

Before I got into pickup I used to read a column called Doc Love. Every week he'd answer someone's question about a problem they were having.

It was fascinating stuff and I waited to read it every week. Later, when I learned how to ACTUALLY meet women, I discovered that his advice wasn't all that great.


Send me a short e-mail to WEEKLY@MAKEHERCHASEYOU.COM with the following:

1. 3-5 paragraphs describing your situation

2. What your question is.

I'll pick the best one every week to answer, and will send a copy of my book, my hidden microphone program, my book about wingmanship AND a membership to my 30 day interactive pickup course "The Pickup Lab" FREE to help out the person whose e-mail I pick.

Until next week,


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Volume Iii
Keanu Jagger - Nonverbal Sexual Cuing
Major Mark Cunningham - An Introduction To Stage Hypnosis Compact Edition

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Canadians Are The Best Daters

Canadians Are The Best Daters Cover
According to, Canadians have their act together when it comes to dating and it should've been part of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

So what makes Canadians good dating material? Well to start:


Canadians are more casual when it comes to dating and they're willing to take things slowly and aren't as "results" oriented as the folks in NYC. Canadian dating has a more "We'll see happens" attitude, whereas US dating tends to have a more "Okay, where is this going?" attitude.


Because Canadian winters can be incredibly brutal, Canadian daters tend to find someone to settle down with in the fall, just in time for winter. Because, after all, women can't show a little t*t when it's freezing outside.


Because religion takes a back seat to more liberal views, there's a more sex-positive culture and little to no double standards about sexual behavior.


Add alcohol to any situation and there's a good chance that sex, albeit sloppy, will follow. Oh, and Canadian beer is like moonshine compared to its American counterpart.


Perhaps it's because there are only 30 million of them, which is essentially the population of New York alone, but Canadians tend to be more polite and just nice in general. So when you date a Canadian, good manners go with.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Dating Insider - Getting The First Date
Brad P - Planning The Perfect Date

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Leadership Training Calgary

Leadership Training Calgary

Hockey Canada Skills Academy- Semiahmoo"

Stop to teaching the principles of leadership and how each learner annual summer training workshop with Hockey Canada restrain in Calgary every Regal. Inwards this rank, each Hockey School... Get Book Participating in

Wellbeing Training Method HSE Course

Calgary Tel 1-403-221-8077 Fax 1-403-221-8072 E-mail: Website: www.put up the Wellbeing Training Method HSE Course NPC Training Solidify... Obtain Doc

Newfield Route In Solid As a consequence The Institution Of CALGARY

Looking for leadership advance, transformational learning or to vacate a new Newfield Route in practice with The Institution of Calgary NEWFIELD Practiced Educator Training Solidify. University*of*Calgary*Program* Copyright*Newfield*Network* As*of*Spring*2012!... Aver Complete Fortunate

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Summer Base

YMCA Calgary Base Important Hector YMCA AGE as of Nov 15 2013 Size Document Theme to GST Course In Training and Sac Dene registration is by interview and fine refine and is open to formerly Course I participants. Applications will be... Aver Book

Institution OF CALGARY An Hunt Of The Association...

Institution OF CALGARY An Hunt of the Association Along with the Apply of United Course and Board training make building effective organizations difficult. Therefore, from a consumer service background, stewardship can be seen supervise an economic position.... Choose Law

September 30, 2011 Alberta Reactionary Course Crusade

Alberta Reactionary Course Crusade Reactionary candidates reaction to AAMPTU on the subject of Carry ">

Course As A Companionable Apply

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Veterinary Remedial Education Note Skills And...

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Transform On The Novel In Sports:

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Skills To Underpinning A Unremitting Rectification State of affairs

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Connect Course

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Wrap up Course TRAINERS Tourist information

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Engaging In Love Online

Engaging In Love Online Image
Yes, you stumbled on this article of mine and you ask, 'Who's this guy trying to divulge things about love online?' Well, to tell you folks, I had eight years of my time dating girls in Miami. Did I find my girl, you ask? Yes, I have found her but you don't have to go and spend eight years too to find one. We have great technology today that you can use to have a new date. That is why we have online dating which aims for people to find a new date and eventually love online. Why engage in online dating? Here are reasons:


There are countless testimonials already on how people found love online. Perhaps in your circle of friends, there are person who found new date online, you just don't know because you don't ask. With love online sites on the Internet, geographical barriers fade away and you can open yourself to the world of travel and adventure. Go and find a new date with love online sites.


When we have new date in a restaurant or in the movies, you tend to spend more money. You buy tickets, food, pay for fare and others. At least in love online sites, you can get to know the person first before investing too much of your savings. If you found out, you're meant to be then that is the time to meet your new date in person and go out together. If not, at least you've only gave the chance a few share of the electric bill. Meet another person and who can say? You might find love online the next time.


If you are trying to find love online and failed to do it, there is less hurt and less embarrassment. The only persons who know that the two of you are dating are your friends only. Unlike in actual dating, if you've been dumped, the waiters, movie house attendants and other spectators will see it. With online, if you discovered you are not compatible with someone, you can go and find a new date right away. I remember when I was dating a girl in a bar in Miami; I didn't know that she's just with me to revenge for her friend that I went out with. In the middle of our conversation, right in front of many people, she poured wine on my head and left me. That was humiliating, right? In online dating, you can't do that.

There are many more reasons why you should try finding love online. Perhaps the next time I write, I can give more tips and pointers. Finding love is not easy especially when you're in the wrong place or channel. However, when you found it, you'll realize that it's worth the wait and the hard times you had in the past. I had dated a lot of girls before I met my love. I had many mistakes and have hurt many people. Hope you won't do it the way I did. Good luck in finding your love online!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Dh Lawrence - Women In Love
Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 Alpha Male Traits You Must Master

20 Alpha Male Traits You Must Master Image
Women vary in taste when it comes to men. Some like big muscular guys; others prefer skinny or the average Joe. This is down to many aspects including your physical looks, race, age and level of intelligence. However if you can master the alpha male traits then you will be able to attract almost any woman you desire. This is because the types of traits alpha males display are universally attractive to all women. Below is my list of 20 Alpha Male Traits You Must Master.


This is one of the main Alpha Male Traits that you must have. Not only does confidence help you pick up women but it also helps you get ahead in life. Be confident in yourself and others will be confident in you.


You need to show ambition and be driven for success. This is a trait women find very attractive. Even if you are not successful yet, showing that you have goals and ambition is a great quality to have.


Life is way too short to be doing things you don't enjoy or working in a job you hate. You need to show a passion for life and live it!


You should always express your opinions honestly. If you don't agree with something then say. You need to say what you think and mean it. Don't be afraid if other people don't agree.


Always stay true to your principles. Have a set of rules, morals and beliefs and stick to them. Don't care what other people think.


Always have a positive mindset. No one likes a negative person. Even in the worst situations, always look for a positive and search for solutions to your problem. Complaining and doing nothing about it only makes matters worse.


Be assertive in all areas of your life. Go after things you want. If you don't take action you will get no results.


You need to make sure you look your best at all times when in public. Keep your self clean and try to smell nice. Buy a quality fragrance. Chanel Pour Monsieur and Armani Black Code are my favourites. Be well dressed at all times, not just for when you are going for a night out. Wear clothes that fit properly. You never know when you are going to meet that great woman you have been looking for. An Alpha Male takes care of himself, is always clean and stylish.


You need to be a leader. Don't be afraid to take the lead position and guide others when you are in a position to do so.


There are times when you will have to follow, for example, when you are given work to do in your job. However you will accomplish tasks to the best of your abilities.


Do not seek approval from anyone else. You need to accept yourself for who you are and not worry about what other people think.


Don't take yourself too seriously and have fun. Having a good sense of humour is a useful trait to have when attracting women. They like to have a man that can make them laugh.


You need to take risks in your life. This includes when approaching women and at work. Taking risks shows that you are unpredictable and a challenge.


You are not in a rush for anyone as you are your own man. Move about slowly with your head held high, your shoulders back and chest out.


You need to lead an interesting and exciting life. A busy man has a lot of options open to him and has a high social value. Women will feel that they need to fight for your attention as you are not always available.


You need to take charge and show initiative. Being dominant as an Alpha Male doesn't mean you need to push people around. You need to be able to step up and take on a challenge, be persistent and never back down, and you should always stand up for yourself.


Don't just focus on one or two interests that you may have such as work or exercising. Make sure you have a variety of interests to concentrate on such as hobbies and socialising. Having more than one interest makes you more interesting and gives you more to talk about.


You need to show that you can handle anything that life brings upon you. Showing strength is not about how much you can bench at the gym, but more about self assurance and self confidence. Don't let little things upset you and don't get stressed out over a problem, fix it instead.


You need to be protective, reliable and honest. This trait is important when you are in a relationship. Never deceive or misrepresent who you are as a man. Be loyal to friends and family and be the man that they can rely on if they ever need any help.


You need to be smart without seeming like a nerd. You need to be quick witted and know the right things to say in a social situation. Life is about learning and experiencing new things.

Learn about beta male traits and how to avoid them by checking out this post:

=> 20 Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid

If you liked this post then you will defiantly like John Alexander's eBook, How to Become an Alpha Male. I have learnt a lot by reading many self help guides in the past and putting that information into practice. This is by far the most useful book I have read with regards to improving my attitude confidence and attracting women.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Pickup101 - 11 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your First Date
Gabrielle Moore - The Male G Spot Mystery

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Romance Image
Looking for a more modern romance?

Friends, after a brief hiatus, Attractology is back full time to provide you with tools and philosophies to help you feel more confident and attractive everyday. Does that sound good?

Also, thank you for being a part of our community, we really appreciate all of you.

OK, here is a topic that I'm sure a few of you can appreciate. Especially the women! The topic of romance means something different to each person you ask. However, it's a key component to the dating protocol. We all need it to a certain degree, so let's dive right into it. I want you to think about what it means to you, and are you getting enough of it in your life? We have a few principles here at Attractology and one of them is to make sure you are getting what you need. We only have a short amount of time in this world, so making room for the things we need, and letting go of those that don't serve us is paramount.

We're in Seattle, so this post is going to have a local flavor to it, but hopefully you can get something out of it, even if you're somewhere else in the world.

One of the best cities in the world to create romance is Seattle. It's true. It's got long dark winters, perfect for cozying up with someone, and the summer's are mild so you don't have to walk around all sweaty looking like a hot mess. The waterfront is beautiful all the time, and there is no end to the amount of outdoor activities.

When you're in a fairly new relationship, everything you do can have a romantic feel to it, mostly because it's something new and fresh you're experiencing together. If you've been in a relationship for a while, it becomes a little more difficult to organically create that feeling. At that point, you've done a lot of things together, and as we become more comfortable the drive to explore and be adventurous begins to wane. Let's not let that happen to us. Let's keep things fresh and be spontaneous. The fact that you are doing it together will make whatever you're doing more romantic. Yes?

Here are a few suggestions to try out, whether you just started dating someone, or have been together in a serious relationship for five years. These are just ideas, please feel free to customize them and make them your own.

1.) Take the Theo Chocolate Factory Tour in Fremont. The tour is only an hour long and at 6 per person you can't beat the price. You'll learn a little about cacao (which is great for trivia nights at your local pub,) and taste a lot of delicious chocolate. Not to mention chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac and is said to have quite an effect on a woman's mood.

2.) Bundle up and take a tour of the Olympic Sculpture Park. Eat at the TASTE Caf'e while you're there and discuss your favorite works of art from the tour.

3.) We're in the thick of autumn, the leaves are turning, (football is on), the air is crisp and Halloween is fast approaching so something as simple as pumpkin carving can be romantic if you add a bottle of champagne and a few well-placed candles.

4.) With cold weather, comes more time indoors. So, cook a Fall-inspired meal together - decide on the recipe and shop for the ingredients together. Time in the kitchen can be a great relationship builder and will help to bring you closer. Once you're done, feel free to dig in! (clothing optional, of course)

5.) Take a stroll around Greenlake and bring a picnic if the weather isn't too chilly. Make sure you pack some hot chocolate and an extra blanket to cuddle up with.

6.) Sharing new experiences together release hormones that create a feeling of attraction and elation so try something neither of you have experienced before like rock climbing. Stone Gardens located in Ballard is a great place with decent rates.

7.) Be a kid again! Head down to the Seattle Waterfront Arcade located at Pier 57. You'll be surrounded by tourists, providing great people watching, and a new energy you both will easily absorb.

8.) Treat your date to a delicious meal without breaking the bank. It's Seattle Restaurant Week and the month of November is Dine Around Seattle.

Please feel free to share your ideas with us too, we would love to hear them!


* What He Thinks/What She Thinks Series: Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy out?
* 3 Kinds of Love by Jeff Herring
* Fun vs. Fulfillment
* Product Feature: Sync Dating
* Reducing Flakes: The Art of Seeding

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Burton - Nuisance
Michael Webb - The Romantic Guide

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do You Want Your Ex Back

Do You Want Your Ex Back Cover
You and your ex just had a small misunderstanding and you never thought that it would lead to a break up. You want him and you want to get back with ex. How can you possibly have your ex back? Women, in my years of pursuing girls, I have discovered many differences between the two sexes. Let me give you pieces of advice on how to handle men and how you can get ex back. Remember that the first step would always be determining the reason for your break up. Discover the main reason without judging yourself and your ex. This will help you address the problem and avoid them in the future. So, are you ready for some more tips?


To get back with ex, you should give him space first. This holds true especially when the man got mad, he needs space to calm down and have thoughts on what happened. Chasing him would only make him irritated and you may never have the chance to have your ex back. Do not clutter your ex with text messages and emails because he would feel your world's revolving on him and this would make him avoid you. Men don't like to be the main reason of women's existence. To get back with ex, apologize once; give him space and think of plans to get ex back with the help of these tips of course.


Some women get depressed and resort to avoiding social life. This shouldn't be your situation. If you are going to wallow and be depressed, you can't get back with ex. Instead, this is the right time to give yourself full attention. Improve your skills, meet new friends and go out with the old ones, buy some new clothes and shine. You can get ex back if he sees that you are a great and positive person. He will surely be confused with your behavior and would want to hang out with you to know the reason why. Get back with ex with the help of your friends. When you go out with your common friends, you can ask them to arrange a date for you and for your ex. If there are persons concern with the both of you, these are your friends. You can also have your ex back with a group date that is fun and exciting.


If you want your ex back, you won't him slip away. Keep in touch with him through emails or phone conversations. Be his dependable friend. You can get back with ex if you show him the reasons why he fell in love with you the first time. This will make him realize that your relationship is much important than your past argument.

Remember to make it clear the reasons why you want your ex back. If it's just for the sake of getting used with a relationship or planning on revenge, it is better for you to move on. Get back with ex if you think your relationship is worth giving another try. Do not force things to happen, if you have done your part and nothing changes, bear with it and believe that it has better reasons.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Wayne Perkins - How To Hypnotize Your Lover
Sean Stephenson - How Youth Can Succeed
Brian Tracy - Psychology Of Achievement Course Book

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