Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 Must See Seduction Movies For Pick Up Artists And Alpha Males

10 Must See Seduction Movies For Pick Up Artists And Alpha Males Cover
You can learn a lot from seduction movies when it comes to picking up women. Not only can they be entertaining, but they can be educational too if you know what ones to watch. For some men, visual learning is the best way forward. You can see and hear how the actors portray their characters and interact with women.

Everyone likes to sit back and relax once in a while and watch a movie. So why not learn a few tips and techniques on picking up women whilst you're at it.

Below I have put together a list of seduction movies I have watched that are related to dealing with women. Keep an open mind and pay attention and you will learn some useful tips. I have included links so you can buy them and they are all very cheap. Enjoy!


STARRING: Will Smith, Eva Mendes

ABOUT: Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), also known as Hitch is the date doctor. He helps men land dates. He believes that under the right circumstances, any man can attract any woman. Hitch arranges these circumstances and makes sure they are exactly right. He coaches his clients how to make a strong first impression, what to do on the first date, leading up to the first kiss.

IMDB RATING: 6.7 /10


STARRING: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen

ABOUT: Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) is 40 years old and still hasnt had sex. After letting his secret slip to his mates from work, they make it their mission to try and get him laid. Along the way Andy finds his woman and they fall in love with each other.

IMDB RATING: 7.4 / 10


STARRING: Jude Law, Sienna Miller

ABOUT: A British limousine driver named Alfie Elkins (Jude Law) is surrounded by beautiful women, most of them are clients. He balances several relationships all at once, but eventually his womanizing makes him reflect and wonder about his carefree lifestyle.

IMDB RATING: 6.1 / 10


STARRING: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton

ABOUT: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.

IMDB RATING: 8.8 / 10


STARRING: Donal Logue

ABOUT: In his early 30s, the beer-bellied Dex has things figured out. He's widely read in philosophy, he's studied Steve McQueen the prototypical cool American hero, and he's distilled Buddhism and Taoism into three laws that make him a hit with women: don't express desire, do something heroic in front of her, then retreat. A part-time job with young children, beer, guys, Frisbee golf, pool, poker, his dog Astro, and sex: what could be missing? Then, at his ten-year college reunion, Dex meets Syd, and the "Tao of Steve" may not be enough to get him what he wants. Plus, Syd remembers something important that Dex has forgotten. Can a cool smart guy, 50 pounds overweight, find his bliss?

IMDB RATING: 6.6 / 10


STARRING: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid

ABOUT: Van Wilder is a guy who has been at his college for seven years. He spends most of his time throwing parties and "fund raisers". When his father decides that it's time for tough love, he doesn't pay his tuition. So Van becomes a professional party thrower. At the same time, Gwen who writes for the college paper, is tasked with doing a story on him, but Van is too busy partying to do that. So she writes it using info from people who talk about him and writes an unflattering piece, which doesn't make him happy. He then dares her to see if she can get the true story but is more interested in trying to score with her, which is not easy because she has a boyfriend, who is a snob, and who is not too happy with the amount time she is spending with him. So he tries to get rid of him.

IMDB RATING: 6.1 / 10


STARRING: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn

ABOUT: John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are a deliciously smug and saucy double act going as a couple of serial pick up merchants who gate crash weddings to find their one night stands. Then they enter romantic comedy territory when John falls in love.

IMDB RATING: 7.1 / 10


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Daniel Johnson - Using The Cube The Pickup Artists Secret Weapon
Dave Riker - Speed Seduction Technical Manual
Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide

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Cougars Date Younger Men For Ego

Cougars Date Younger Men For Ego Cover
Hold the phone! This just in - cougars date younger men to - get this - feed their egos. Shocking. Absolutely shocking. Who would've thought that a woman who's getting all wrinkly and pasty would get an ego boost by sleeping with a man half her age? Hmm...

But seriously, the study didn't come up with anything shocking, except that the numbers were so incredibly high.

Conducted by a host of dating websites including Matchmaker.com, Amor.com and Date.com, the survey asked thousands of men and women about the benefits of being or bedding a cougar.

85% of younger men said they date cougars for financial reasons

72% of younger men said older women are more desperate and easier to get into bed

95% of cougars said that younger men are less complicated

89% said sleeping with younger men makes them feel young

78% said they sleep with younger men because they have more stamina in bed

Wow, no one was shy with this survey. It's obvious what's going on here. Younger men are essentially prostitutes. Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anthony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within Workbook
Brian Tracy - Create Your Own Future

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Problem With Short Men

The Problem With Short Men Cover
For thousands of years, size really did matter. The bigger men were, the more likely they were to have had better nutrition and therefore have better hunting skills.

But we came out of the caves ages ago, so why are women still seemingly programmed to pursue men who are taller rather than, say, guys who are closer to their own height?


So what is it about short men that makes women opt for instant rejection? Why are women so hell-bent on finding a tall man when most women don't usually get much taller than 5'5?

Howard Goldberg, the Montreal-based writer/director of": Short and "who himself stands at 5'3 1/2 " without his lifts (5'5 with), says, "It's natural for a man to feel inadequate if he's shorter than the woman. Or for the woman to feel as if she's going out with a child if the man is shorter than she is." Ouch!

The filmmaker admits that he ended becoming friends with a lot of women whom he had a romantic interest in simply because of his stature.

And he's not alone. I recall watching some reality dating show where the woman rejected a perfectly wonderful man simply because he was short. And she told the camera when she was alone that she and her friends made a pact that none of them would ever reproduce with short men.

When asked what the deal is with why women, who stood no taller than 5'5" themselves, wouldn't date shorter men, here were the most popular answers:



A lot of the women who dated shorter guys say that the guys were short "all around" and believe that if that is the case for short guys, then that fact must work in the favor of tall guys, too.

Personally, I don't disagree with this one. I have dated men of all shapes and sizes, and although the tall guys did have long penises, some of them also had what I call "pencil d*cks", so there's no satisfaction there. And the truth, in this case, is subjective.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Michael Hall - The Spirit Of Nlp
David Deida - The Way Of The Superior Man
Gabrielle Moore - The Male G Spot Mystery

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Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Shortest Celebrity Marriages Cover
Shortest celebrity marriages - Ali Landry & Mario Lopez

If you've been married for more than a year, you've managed to outlast many celebrity couples out there, most of which simply can't seem to make it past the dreaded one-year mark. Yes, we're kidding.

But by Hollywood standards, actress Kate Walsh and now ex-husband Alex Young did a great job by lasting 14 months. No, we're not kidding.

So which celebrities simply can't keep it together in the marriage department? Just about all of them, chief among which:


Married: October 31, 1970

Divorced: 8 days later


Married: April 24, 2004

Divorced: 2 weeks later


Married: August 10, 2002

Divorced: 3 months later


Married: August 3, 2006

Divorced: 4 months later


Married: May 9, 2005

Divorced: 4 months later


Married: April 16, 2005

Divorced: 5 months later


Married: November 14, 1998

Divorced: 6 months later


Married: September 29, 2001

Divorced: 8 months later

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Kenneth Johnston - 9 Steps To Save Your Marriage For The Husband
Marsh - The Ten Pleasures Of Marriage

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dumped Mistress Rents Ny Billboards

Dumped Mistress Rents Ny Billboards Cover
I really thought that the whole burning bunny thing would scare guys into not cheating, but yet again, I was wrong.

YAVAUGHNIE WILKINS recently got dumped by a married man she was dating for 8.5 years because CHARLES E. PHILLIPS reconciled with his wife, so she decided to blow upwards of $250,000 to put pictures of him and her hugging on billboards across the US.

Thus far, three signs have popped up in New York, and one can be found in Atlanta as well as another in San Francisco, where Wilkins and Phillips live.

While YaVaughnie and Phillips started dating in 2001, Phillips' wife didn't file for divorce until 2008. But the couple has since decided to reconcile. Hmm, that all might change.

And it doesn't begin and end at the pictures, either. YaVaughnie also put up a website called WWW.CHARLESPHILLIPSANDYAVAUGHNIEWILKINS.COM, where viewers can check out hundreds of pictures of the couple hugging and kissing around the world.

I'm just guessing here, but maybe his wife will rethink that whole "no divorce" thing now.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Hughes - Stress Dying For No Cause
Chris Jackson - Common Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex
Sean Nalewanyj - 7 Simple Steps To A Better Body

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First Divorce Resulting From September 11 2001

First Divorce Resulting From September 11 2001 Cover
Remember right after September 11, 2001, no one was joking around about anything because we were all in such shock about what went down?

Well a couple of weeks after 9/11 a newspaper clipping began circulating as the first divorce that resulted from 9/11.

A man who worked at the World Trade Center on the 103rd floor, decided that, instead of going straight to work that morning, he'd stop by his mistress' place for a little sex and breakfast.

Having turned off his cell and with no TV or radio on, he had no idea what was happening.

At about 11 a.m., when he and his mistress were done getting their bang on, he turned his cell phone on and it rang almost immediately.

He answered it. It was his wife in hysterics; "Where are you? I've been trying to contact you for hours!"

"I'm at work, I'm in my office." he replied.

Some say it was a hoax, but it's so funny, it just has to be true.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Hughes - Stress Dying For No Cause
Joy Of Life - Washington Dc Restaurant And Dining Free Guide 2009
Greatlover - Sexual Survey Results From Over 100 Women

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He Let Me Pay

He Let Me Pay Image
Dating Q: I met this guy online and we recently started going out together. Well, the first time we went out, he paid for dinner and I offered to leave the tip and he let me. Then we went out for ice cream and I paid for that.

Then on our second date, I casually said that I'd get it and HE LET ME PAY.

Meanwhile, he asked me out both times and I just can't believe he let me pay for anything. I guess I'm a little old-fashioned like that.

Should I tell him how I feel or just drop the relationship altogether?


Nicky, are you kidding me? Do you even hear yourself? You "to pay, "offered" get it. Casually or not, if you don't want to do something, then don't offer to do it.

This is what blows me away. Do you expect him to be psychic and figure out what you're really thinking when you're saying something else?

If you don't believe you should pay, then don't offer to pay. It's that simple, really. This gentleman is only taking you up on your offers; he's not shoving the bill down your throat when it arrives.



Is it normal for a girlfriend to have a bunch of male friends? I recently started dating this girl exclusively and just assumed that she would stop hanging out with all these guys but she hasn't.

Is it unrealistic of me to expect her to stop hanging out with them?


Cal, your girlfriend had all these male friends when you first met so why are you shocked that she kept them around even after you agreed to be exclusive?

"Exclusive" does not mean ditching all the friends you have to be with each other. It's obvious that these friends are important to her so if that makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you should reevaluate what you're really looking for.

Presenting her with an ultimatum will not bode well for you. So you can either accept the fact that she has platonic male friends or you can move on and find yourself a girl who thinks more along the lines like you.


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Juggler - The Juggler Method
Gabrielle Moore - The Male G Spot Mystery
Derek Lamont - The Online Game

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Secrets Of Online Dating

3 Secrets Of Online Dating Image
In all my years of coaching men how to succeed in online dating the one thing that always amazes me is the amount of men who still cut and paste a canned opener and send it to a woman.

GUYS: woman know when you cut and paste and send something, it shows that you did not read their profile and the first thing they think about is that you're lazy and not very clever.

The correct online opener is no different than the perfect bar, party or supermarket opener. Don't just send off 100 emails to women and expect to get a response back. Most men who use the shotgun approach tend to never ever receive responses.

"So what is a guy to do to succeed in the competitive world of online dating?"

1. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE WOMEN HAVE ALL THE POWER. What works offline is going to work online. You need to be different and clever just like you do when you approach a woman in a bar or market. It really is all about having fun. To make your profile rock, instead of saying: "I love to travel", share a story about one of the places that you have traveled to. For example: "I love the Italian coast and when I was in Positano I had the best Lemon cello in the world. When we speak, ask me about the view."

Why is this better? Because it will make them picture what that was like and it will peek their interest and it will be something that they can ask you when they are responding to your profile. You need to create an emotional response so they feel compelled to write to you or write you back.

2. SO NOW THAT YOU HAVE SPRUCED UP YOUR PROFILE, how do you get their attention and distinguish yourself from all the other guys online? This is the easy part but it will take some work. Instead of burning through 100 profiles and sending out a shotgun mass email that does not work, you need to pick 10 to 15 women at the beginning of the week that you want to get to know. The reason is that each week their emotions and dating moods change. Plus, if you do it right, you will get a good response rate and have a few dates that week. Now comes the work. You need to read through their profiles and find the fun tidbits. For example, if the both of you have a dog, you can send this email:


BODY: My dog is really visual and when she saw a picture of yours her stubby tail could not stop thumping! We need to hook them up, plus I have to get her off Dogdate.com; she is becoming addicted!

Lets talk about this,

Your Name

There are few reasons why this will work besides the fact that it is original and funny. What you are doing is making fun of yourself here. Men are visual and you are telling her that your dog is visual which will get a laugh from her immediately. You want to make her laugh. She is getting all these horrible emails from all of cut and paste men and yours comes in with some originality and creativity. It shows that you tried to get to know who she is by reading her profile.

Now lets say that you or she does not have a dog. This is also easy you need to read her profile and pick out a fun tidbit. If she says that she is spontaneous and adventurous what I like to do is challenge them on that. Women like their minds to be challenged.


BODY: that you are adventurous and spontaneous. What was the last adventurous thing you did? And if you are really spontaneous why don't you send me your number so we can talk. 5 minutes on the phone and we will know if we have chemistry.

Lets talk today.

I dare you.

Women like a man that is bold and one that challenges her mind. You are also getting to the point and creating intrigue. She will wonder what you are all about. Now why do I use the on the subject line? I use it so they feel compelled and intrigued to open it. It is all about what may come after the that makes them curious. You need to realize that most women get tons of emails from guys so you need to get that email opened.

3. STAY ON A SITE. This is by far the best advice. Stop jumping from site to site every 2 weeks and think that you are going to get different results. You need to realize that women will check you out and read your profiles and it may take a few emails to get them to respond. They may be dating someone else the first time you contacted them and they may have been intrigued but they were too busy with other things or you got them on a bad day. I always tell my clients that it is ok to lob another email in a few weeks later. Now don't send the same one find something new to connect with her about.

It is all about being persistent and I have found in all my years of advising people on the internet that the ones who stay on a site and are persistent will be the ones that get all the great dates. You need to be patient some weeks you will have a lot of responses other weeks we may not get much of anything but if you use some of the pointers above you will increase your odds every day.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Abbas Abedi - 5 Steps To Online Dating Success
Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating

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How To Get A Girl To Like You The Secret Revealed

How To Get A Girl To Like You The Secret Revealed Image
One of the major problems guys must face during their life is to learn HOW TO GET A GIRL TO LIKE YOU; if you're like most guys, you probably do not know much about the methods that are almost guaranteed to make a girl attracted to you, because such things are not taught at school, or even at all. And yet, virtually anyone can learn or even master them, and by doing never fear being single for long again.

The key element on HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU is to build a rapport with her. What do I mean with rapport, I hear you ask? Rapport is emotional and physical connection between the two of you. To really be successful when aPPROACHING WOMEN, you must create connection on both a romantic and sexual one. How do you create this? I'm going now to give you some simple tips to help you get started.

The first thing is to always show a positive attitude when you're around girls. Try to be of a cheerful mood, especially if the personality type of the girl is very energetic. If she's of a calmer nature, be careful not to overdo it, but even then try to maintain a positive and smiling attitude.

In order to reinforce a great positive attitude, try to remove any kind of negative emotions or feelings of self loathing. I know it's easier said than done, but if you try to look at the seduction process as something fun that you should enjoy no matter to result, instead of something stressful where success is mandatory at all cost, it will show, and most girl will greatly appreaciate that. You must act like you don't care too much about the outcome: a confident and cheerful guy like you can get a girl to like him easily, and if this one doesn't it's no big deal, you'll probably achieve better results with the next one: that's the impression you should give to the girl you're trying to pick up.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anthony Berger - How To Get Into Threesomes
Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Make The First Move

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Approach Anxiety Iii By Paul Janka

Approach Anxiety Iii By Paul Janka Cover


"Part 1, Part 2, Part 3"

The key to perfection is practice and in the picking up women world you get there through volume. You will never be good at meeting chicks until you've chatted up hundreds of them and sure, gotten a fair amount of rejections. I've been doing this for years, even before coming to New York. I've been learning what works and what doesn't for over a decade. Use my experience for your benefit. You don't have to re-learn everything I've given blood, sweat and tears to develop. Be smart about this. The key to getting results with women is experience, and the only way you'll get that is by approaching a lot of girls. It will be painful and awkward at first, but keep at it and you'll see your effectiveness skyrocket.

I'll give you two examples of successful, original pick-ups. I was on the subway the other day and a cute brunette was looking at her phone. She was sitting across from me on the opposite bench. The train was not crowded. I have learned that getting the woman to commit to a first move is a very effective technique because as they take action to move the process forward, emotionally they feel that they must want this, because look, they're actually pursuing you! So, I saw this brunette and we made eye contact. In a relaxed manner I tapped the empty seat next to me, indicating she should come join. She hesitated. And then she got up. The minute she left her seat, I knew she was mine. Once her body made the commitment to come over and sit with me, her hand was played. Not only had she conceded, putting her in a receptive mind-set, but my confidence was buoyed because I knew she was interested. Our conversation flowed naturally from there. I think I asked her if she lived uptown (since the train was heading down) and where she was off to...

The other pick-up was of a girl downtown, about a week ago. I was in a rush on Saturday night to meet my buddies for dinner. I came upon a woman walking briskly in front of me. She was wearing a raincoat and high-heels, and from the back, it looked as though she had nothing on under the coat. As I passed her, I made an offhand comment:

Me: You wearing anything under that coat?

Her: Huh? Yeah, of course! Why?

Me: Doesn't look like it from behind. I was a bit worried...

Her: (laughing) I don't normally go out for the night with nothing on...

We chatted for another 45 seconds. I asked her if she was "an uptown or a downtown girl" and when she said, "Uptown," I said, "Good, that's all I date." This demonstrates that I have certain criteria. She gave me the number. She came over last night.

Let's examine this pick-up. First off, I ask a question, which forces her to reply. Second, it puts her in a defensive position, thereby forcing her to justify the situation: "I'm not really naked under this!" Most importantly, if carries sexual overtones, so she knows I don't want to be her friend. Too many of the "seduction guys" out there have these goofy openers that may get her attention but don't communicate your role in her life. By having a slight sexual component to the initial contact, she knows that I'm interested in her because she's an attractive female.

That's my two cents on fear and opening lines. Hopefully this gets you started, but of course in this world of male-female relations, this is just the tip of the iceberg... if you enjoyed my breakdown, check out my book Attraction Formula and how I get around New York City.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Theron Dumont - The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism
Thundercat - The Art Of Approaching 2nd Edition
C Kellogg - Facts By A Woman

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Songs About Wanting A Man

Songs About Wanting A Man Cover
I think just about every woman has been in a situation where she has wanted a man who either didn't know she was alive or simply wasn't interested.

And so what better way to let a man know that you want him than through song? Here, now, are 6 songs that send the very message.




Nicole teamed up with Puff Daddy (not even sure if that's the name he's going by today) for her solo effort, and while she didn't exactly burn up the charts, this song definitely kicked the groove up into high gear.

If there's a man you desire but he's not exactly sold on the idea of being with you, use this song to lure him and show him that you can be everything he needs, and then some.

BEST LYRIC: I'm standing, been waiting, I'm yearning, I'm burning, get to know me, come and get to know me




Ah yes, the cutest woman on earth asked a man to "love me, love me" and the world melted into her and fell in love. It's easy to see why this song is constantly used to get the guy.

So if you've been dumped by a guy, or a man who once chased you has since stopped and you have since seen him for the awesome guy he is, this is the perfect song to get your message across.

BEST LYRIC: Love me love me, I know that you need me, I can't care about anything but you




Nicole and the girls hit it big with this song because, as we all know, most women think that they are the object of some taken man's affection and that, if they acted on it, they could easily bed said man.

So it's not difficult to understand why every woman in the club lips these lyrics with heart and dances as though she's rubbing up against some imaginary pole.

So whether you do want a man who's taken, or want to piss off some chick with a boyfriend, this song is perfect for all that.

BEST LYRIC: Fight the feeling, Leave it alone, Cause if it ain't love, It just ain't enough to leave a happy home




This song is about a woman who is attached and meets a man - her soul mate - who is also married. And although they both know that they are meant to be with each other, they realize that they simply cannot destroy everything around them because of it.

Life is too short to get old and regret your decisions, but sometimes it's best to let things die and be happy with what you have. But if you want to let a man know that he was meant for you, this is the perfect song to do it with.

BEST LYRIC: Cause every time, I see you, I know just how strong, That my love is for my baby, But emotions just don't lie, Well I know I'm a lot of woman, But not enough to divide the pie

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man
Chad Manning - Honest Truth About Woman

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Online Dating Tips For Men Which Are You The Turtle The Rabbit Or The Fox

Online Dating Tips For Men Which Are You The Turtle The Rabbit Or The Fox Image
For experts in online dating, the challenge is not how to improve your free dating site profile, but how to make the transition from meeting someone on the internet and interacting with them for real. This phase can make or great a relationship. It is crucial to take note that balance should be maintained. On one hand, you don't want to seem aggressive. But on the other, you don't want to look too desperate either.

Aggression can be a good thing depending on the level of attraction between you and your date. If she is sending you good vibes then making a move is usually a good idea. Desperation is never good though. You might look needy, out of control, or a loser. And if you have the bad luck of meeting a gold-digger, it is possible that she might take advantage of you as well. So how can you strike the right balance?

We have used the analogy of the turtle, rabbit, and the fox to help you out. What fox? Read on.

TURTLE - the approach of the turtle is, obviously, very slow. You spend too much time exchanging emails, chatting over messenger, and talking on the phone. This online dating approach is not necessarily bad but the main downside is that you don't get to see each other physically to find out if there is real chemistry. And there might be another guy that's trying to meet up with your online date. As in the story, the rabbit might win the race.

RABBIT - the rabbit is the exact opposite of the turtle. These guys want to meet ASAP, on the same day if possible. This approach works best when you are talking to spontaneous women who are willing to meet you. "Rabbits" also have a lot of luck with women craving for some exciting adventures in their lives. But like the turtle, there are disadvantages to this tactic. There might not be a connection between the two of you at all; it is also possible that the woman you meet through online dating is emotionally imbalanced.

FOX - fortunately, there is a middle ground between the turtle and rabbit. That is, once you have a mutual connection from free dating sites, you should take one step further. Also, be smart about the place where the two of you will meet. Choose a comfortable spot that isn't your home turf or hers.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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8 First Date Tips For Women Or Men

8 First Date Tips For Women Or Men
For leader information about our military, as well as online dating profile rewrites and critiques, as well as live approach workshops, bang acquaint with.

From the time when surfing consume the cyber world, I happened upon this article:

8 Beat Era Orders FOR WOMEN

Beat dates are all about getting to the second date. Here's how to make him fall all over himself for a second date with you

By Lauren Frances

I figured ok, lets see what the far off side is thinking. Speculation what? We are thinking the fantastically thing! Concerning is a sharply run-down of her tips:

Tip 1. Don't be sniping. Come and get somebody, this be required to be fun.

Tip 2. Don't get tipsy. (Read: Memory time are gone- goodbye "Frank the Tank")

Tip 3. Don't talk about exes.

Tip 4. Be commanding. Permission breeds success.

Tip 5. Remain your issues to yourself. Your date is not your therapist!

Tip 6. Don't check on him or her.

Tip 7. Don't yap for the sake of yapping.

Tip 8. If beat are not up to snuff, get out lithely. (Read: don't be a jerk)

For the most part, this is moderately good advice. Even if, I do stand an issue with #6, everyplace the author states, 'Don't check on your date. Never take from a man of the lift of the check on.'

From the time when as a guy, you be required to yet be initiating, it is nice to get some sort of an manifestation of zing every as soon as in a given that from the woman - whether it be a simple magazine make a note of, set up call or e-mail. For a woman to "provoke men, play with them, and set free them" may yield a elaborate signal to the guy that she is not inquiring - which may perhaps evict in a guy to the lead aid off.

Base line - if you are a woman inquiring in a guy, let him initiate -- but at the fantastically time, don't act too unfriendly. You may dishearten him off. As a guy, if you're inquiring in a woman, brook the lead and call her up for out of the ordinary date. If she is not inquiring, she will let you discriminate.

But lift the truest point of all, as we stand believed masses times since... DATING Could do with BE FUN! If you are not having fun on your dates, you are do something whatever thing depraved.

Dazzling dating!

Alexander Stone

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Because You Demanded It Doormat For Love

Because You Demanded It Doormat For Love Image
Hi friends! Friday's post of my favorite Nick Cardy covers was a big hit! A few of you actually inquired about the interior story depicted on the cover of Girls' Love Stories #148 (January 1970) and I couldn't resist sharing! The cover is indeed Cardy, but the actual story was penciled by Win Mortimer and appears to have been inked by Mortimer as well -- although, there do seem to be a few inconsistent and uncharacteristic panels. Anyhow!

Brace yourselves for "Doormat for Love!"

Gorgeous Nick Cardy cover!

Though as you will see, a tad misleading!

"Doormat for Love!" is not a complicated story, but it is a good one. The splash page introduces us to fellow students, Trina and Hal. After a slightly awkward introduction, Hal asks Trina if she would care to grab a Coke. New to the dating game, Trina enthusiastically says yes.

Their date proves to be a bit of a disaster. After Hal asks Trina to go steady, she nervously spills her drink on Hal's shoe. To make matters worse, Trina gets down on the ground and cleans off his shoe with her hanky. The rest of the kids start laughing. Embarrassed, Hal grabs Trina to scram.

Once away from the scene, Hal pulls Trina in for a romantic kiss. The two continue to date for a few weeks, but Trina becomes increasingly accommodating and borders on obsessive in her quest to please Hal.

From knitting to baking to running out in the rain to grab refreshments for Hal, Trina puts his interests miles before her own. The last straw for Hal is when Trina agrees to see a Western film despite not being a fan of the genre. After the movie, Hal dumps Trina.

Trina is devastated. Assuming Joan (Trina's best friend) will back her up, Trina is surprised when Joan tells her she has been foolish for pampering Hal. Fuming, Trina decides to get back at Hal.

The next day at school, Trina acts aloof as she drops her books and walks through the doorway where they met -- announcing clearly, "Ladies first, sir!" Trina continues to act unaffected by Hal's presence for the remainder of the school day.

After school, Hal drops by Trina's house. He makes a quip about her having a cake set for him like she did last time. Trina fires back that she wouldn't bake him a cookie, much less a crumb. Her new attitude of independence pleases Hal. Obviously!

Though brunette Nan from the cover scene never makes an appearance, "Doormat for Love!" is a cute story with an admirable ending! Ahhhh! Romance comics!

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Louise Andree Saulnier - The Yoni Massage For Women
Rob J - How To Get Woman Laid In A Day Or Less
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Affirmations

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chivalric Romance

Chivalric Romance


The Innermost Ages saw the beginnings of a rebirth in belles-lettres ( knightly Script) This was an era that ushered in scholarly lighting previously the umteen centuries of stupor academically referred to as the Shady Ages. Due to this, elder English people who traveled and mingled with childhood European cultures brought rump the art of storytelling and top which was hopefully expected. Chivalric or Medieval Romance, birthed in France right to be heard the twelfth century was to begin with scripted in verse flexibility. The term roman^a is used to direct piece free verse (romance) in sum on paper in octosyllabic rhymed couplets and telling stories of chivalry and love. (Medieval French Script) Roman was forward-thinking used in remark to the breezy.


Romance has been outlined as a scholarly ideal unadventurously relating godforsaken or dicey adventures. Medieval verse romances were in sum confrontation knights and ladies, sorcerers and dragons, gutsy goings-on, and secret love. Example: the tales of Ruler Arthur and his knights. (Learned and Critical Language)


The Romance era was equally Runaway success poems that had downright valiancy and spoils conquests against differing armed forces all through battles was replaced by polite love conventions and chivalry which championed blatant unimaginable amazing occurrences and encounters, set inside several remarkable locations.

Romance as a term was coined to appreciate democratic material in the spoken language (at first the Romance languages French, Lusitanian and Spanish, forward-thinking German, English and others) from meticulous and ecclesiastical literature in Latin and was similar elder with top-quality amateurs and sole readers. (Chivalric Romance)

The early form of romance writings were...If you want to get a large essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

If you want to get a full essay, wisit our page: dose my paper
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ways Women Destroy Relationships

Ways Women Destroy Relationships Cover
When it comes to relationships worth keeping, some women tend to do everything in their power to get a guy to dump them without even realizing it.

Here are 8 ways women tend to destroy relationships:



Men, especially men in who are in school, might crap their pants at the mere mention of having kids. So if you want to keep a boyfriend, steer clear of the baby talk until he says something about kids.



It's one thing if you talk about him with your mom, it's a whole other ballgame if you tell him about it. If he didn't want to meet your family before, he sure as hell won't ever want to meet them now.

Never tell a guy that you've discussed him with your family.



Even if you just spend every night at his place, the sooner you spend all your time there, the sooner he will smell your crap after you're done in the bathroom, and the sooner you'll stop being a sex object to him.

Take your time, what the rush? Let him get addicted to you before he has to see your nightly rituals.



If you guys have common interests in typical guy things, that's great, more power to you. But if you start hanging with him and the boys every time they come around, that will get annoying.

Give the guy a chance to miss you. And give him some time to be one of the boys. Because no matter how cool you think they think you are, at the end of the day, you have a vagina and they're all well aware of that.



It's great that you're so in love and want him all the time, but if you are constantly communicating with him, your efforts will get tired, fast.

Take it easy, give the guy some breathing room and let him feel free. Any man who feels trapped will try to escape.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Yoko Arisaka - Asian Women Invisibility Locations And Claims To Philosophy
Chris Jackson - 101 Ways To Build Happy Lasting Relationships
John Shore - Seven Reasons Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

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Stupid Online Dating Mistakes

Stupid Online Dating Mistakes Cover
At this point in the dating game, the online dating mistakes you might be making have to be ones that aren't so obvious. The following stupid online dating mistakes will be made by complete beginners to the online dating scene or by those who aren't really looking for someone special and think online dating just doesn't work.

But online dating works for those who know how to use it, so if you are looking for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then head to MATE1.COM and avoid making these god-awful stupid online dating mistakes.



Seriously? Seriously?!? In this day and age, if you don't have at least one PICTURE UP ON YOUR DATING PROFILE, chances are no one will ever even see your dating profile because they all select to see online profiles "pictures.

Uploading a pic to your online dating profile is something even a 4-year-old can do so you have no excuse not to have one next to your profile.

If you don't have a picture up yet, put one up this minute. Go ahead, I'll wait.



Okay, so your last relationship resulted in your getting cheated on and perhaps you were recently fired and your next door neighbor has the loudest sex you've ever heard, that doesn't make your dating profile a space where you need to vent about all of this.

Your online dating profile should accentuate the positive and make you seem like a happy person overall. And more often than not, people want to be happy and people want to be around others who are also happy.

So don't make the stupid online dating mistake of using negative words like "hate, not, no, never," they create a vibe that isn't pretty.



If you don't put any thought into your online dating profile, chances are no one's going to give you a second thought. And the whole point of online dating is to attract people and get them to reach out to you.

Avoid the clich'es and think up something original about yourself to write about. Is there some kind of feat you accomplished that almost no one else has even dreamed of doing? Then write about it.

Your opening line should be the most original: forget about "looking for love" or "searching for the one"; be unique instead and use a line from one your favorite songs. Just make sure it's not Nine Inch Nails' "Closer", that wouldn't go over the way you might want.



You saw the picture and you liked what you saw so you winked or sent an email about nothing really, because you didn't even bother checking out what the person had to say in their profile.

Pay attention, will you? What if the person doesn't want to date anyone out of their vicinity? What if they don't like divorcees and you happen to be one?

Better yet, wouldn't your email carry more clout if you use something they wrote in their profile and mention something about it in your email? For example, they mention something about being a fan and you mention how the prequels were terrible. This will make you more likely to garner a response.



I this and I that, reading about all the things a person wants and likes more often than not leaves people feeling like they can't possibly fulfill all those things. Keep the "about you" section of your online dating profile short and sweet.

That's not to say that you should go on and on about what you want in a person - keep that short and sweet, too. Stick to the basics, try to keep it original and don't go on a tangent about anything from your past relationships.



Titling your online dating profile "Sexy and hot" is going to attract people who want nothing more than sex, and if that's what you're into, more power to you.

But don't assume that sending someone an email that screams, "I want to bang you within the hour" is going to get you any play. In fact, it may garner the opposite response.

Typically, if you want sex, you need to be subtle about it and using words like "hot, sexy, steamy, hung" just won't cut it. Keep it simple and avoid being too perverse.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Derek Lamont - The Online Game
Slade Shaw - The 3 Destructive But Common Dating Mistakes Men Make
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movies About Cheating

Movies About Cheating Cover
If you've been cheated on or have cheated on someone, you know that it's not easy keeping up appearances, lying, or worse yet, getting caught.

In all of these flicks, the cheater's behavior comes to light and, well, things just don't end well for anyone.




When the very married Connie Summer (Lane) accidentally meets up with Paul Martel (Martinez), sparks fly instantly and she finds herself wanting him. She finally gives in to her desires and it's the most fun she's had in years.

Unfortunately, her husband doesn't think it's so much fun and things take a turn for the worse.




When Dan Gallagher (Douglas) and Alex Forrest (Close) hook up, the heat is undeniable, but when he tries to end it and focus on his family once again, she is just not having it, hence the "boiling the bunny" expression.

Of course, someone has to die, and the man who started it all is left unscathed. How fair is that?




John Gage (Redford) offers Diana Murphy (Moore) and her husband $1 million to spend one night with her. They go for it because they need the money so badly, but that one night manages to tear then apart.

But is it really cheating if you have your husband's consent? Maybe not, but it still did some serious damage.




Samuel Ludlow (Henry Thomas) brings home his bride-to-be Susannah (Ormond) but the moment she spots his brother Tristan (Pitt), she suddenly has doubts about marrying.

All three brothers (oldest played by Aidan Quinn) fall in love with her because, well, she's the only woman around for thousands of miles, and problems ensue.




Charles Schine (Owen) has a beautiful wife and gravely ill daughter at home and so, when he meets up with Lucinda Harris (Aniston) on a train, he is delighted to decompress and chill out with her.

One thing leads to another, however, and they end up almost having sex together. Thing is, Lucinda was setting him up for money and had her boyfriend catch them in order to blackmail Charles.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Helen Ferry - Get The Facts About Sterilization
Chad Manning - Honest Truth About Woman

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Dating And Men How To Be Good At Them

Dating And Men How To Be Good At Them Image
I have been to a couple of dates already since I lost my wife two years ago. Ladies with different personalities and priorities came my way and I can say it is good to meet new people. I was thinking if ever that I won't end up with one of them, then definitely they can be friends. I have noticed that dating and men, just like subjects in school, has its own pointers to take to make succeed in it. Thus, I came up with these tips in dating and for women to attract guys. I was able to do this with the help of my own experience and from the dates that I have seen.


In dating and men -dealing, a woman needs to set parameters she wants from her date. To attract guys, there should be definite qualities you want to see in your date. Unless you set this, you will tend to end up to so many dates clueless of what you really want to find out. If you are work-oriented, you can start engaging in dating and men who are focused also with their works should be your focus. While if you are a home buddy person, you can start dating and men who are family oriented should be the one you go out with. To attract guys with qualities you like, set your standard and start looking for it. You won't find what you look for if you don't do this. If you already have this, then you can move on to the next tips to attract guys and date them.


If you are dating and men you date say many negative things like- conflicts at work or how he hates his neighbor, consider having a new date instead. Men of this kind are more likely to pinpoint your negative qualities rather than the positive ones. You will just find yourself stressed to because dating and men you go out with should be fun and not boring. You're not supposed to be a counselor or stress manager to your date. To attract guys, be positive and enjoyable. If you possess these qualities, you tend to attract guys who are also the same. Remember that it is important to have healthy relationships with your dates too.


Yes, I admit it that sometimes men think they are superior. However, for women, do not put up with dating and men who are so confident to tell you that they know you completely already. Whether they do it to impress you or just to build their own self-confidence, do not go with them. Everyone should understand that there is a side of our personality that we keep away from others especially from our dates. When you met this kind of man and you liked the way he looks but not the way he talks, go and find another. To attract guys you like, be honest with them if you find them not suitable for you.

Before going out on a date, I make sure I plan for the things I want to achieve. Make sure you do the same so that you'll find it fulfilling that you have dated someone for the sake of finding a relationship and not just for any reasons.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover
Chris - Dating Groundwork How To Have More Social Success
David Deangelo - Attraction And How To Create It

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Choosing Handkerchiefs For Men

Choosing Handkerchiefs For Men
"A plain pale handkerchief is the no problem sign of a resolute and delicate department"

This is a quote by Allan Fusser. Sounds so true, does it not? Greatly, women do power handkerchiefs, but what about men? Do they? Let's let everything go the mystery.

Spoils up from the point I just pointed out, men are solid shy to power a handkerchief identical some time ago they abide a impenetrable nose or a nose that promises to run a pond achieve machinery 24/7. Stagnant, they fail to understand that this very unappealing predilection is discharge duty a combined job of hire them down every time they evolution in the region of looking out for tissues in the spot. The scenario turns all the manager unreliable some time ago the sneeze is about to prove its might. Greatly, to conflict on a strong note, maintaining hygiene is of in the beginning fame, in an age that pursue the fire up of original diseases and ailments that are making their way up the steps to prove their depth. To the left from personal hygiene, modern feature that shares the platter of prerogative is that of personal grooming. The art of handkerchief fall down is far from achievement for the men folk! Let us whack one scenario with two situations.

Diagnosis 1 - A man has emblazoned a banquet envelop, with clever cuff relatives and completed moccasins, what would you think of him? Sophisticated?

Diagnosis 2 - A man adorns himself in a banquet envelop, with clever cuff relatives and completed moccasins is accompanied with a sneeze without the handkerchief? The sneeze is not his anomaly, agreed! But does he abide a deft handkerchief to desiccated off the grim? Having the status of would you think of him, NOW?

.. Peace and quiet sophisticated? I am no problem your reaction is a somersaulted clone of test.

Loyalty has been a long-forgotten, last part etiquette of history. Expound a clean handkerchief to a damsel in problem may well be viewed no manager as an etiquette, but a honor few men are angelic with. It is but noxious for a woman to look in the region of for some corporeal help, only to find a man digging into the refuse of his bargain to find nonentity, but an on its head pocket! A conscientious gentlemen is one who produces a well-groomed incite some time ago a lady needs it most.... Possibly, to desiccated the pearls of joy swinging down her cheeks. The extract defamation in impressing the lady with your put off guard, gentlemen!


Handkerchiefs abide been in the region of for ages. Tissues abide been the new transmit of handkerchiefs. Stagnant, impart is nonentity better than our old, near and very sustainable handkerchief. Introduce are around styles on have in mind to suit a man's cut. If gifting a set of handkerchiefs is your anticipated idea, you may well forge firm and top quality from the go along beneath.


Men love guts and too easy test. Having the status of about cotton handkerchiefs? Equal plain pale cotton kerchiefs are right to be used. Handkerchiefs made from 100% cotton are the excellent cut. The undiluted cotton kerchiefs can be critically deft and mistreat the money. Men abide a predilection to grip until the call together speck from the handkerchief set makes its way into the closets tabloid border previously they buy a set of new one's! Procrastinations cannot be the magic potion all the time!


Greatly, monogrammed hankies are whichever discharge duty the rounds with it being an excellent cut for tabloid use for men. Monogrammed handkerchiefs work well with semi-formal squeeze. They are freely sized for optimum manipulate. They are dexterously rush and embroidered handkerchiefs. They for the most part assert a cross-weave pattern. Its edges are hand-stitched. Introduce are no issues of washing this embroidered linen. This may well identical be the belief donate for men who need style packed in kerchiefs, desperately! (That was a mean mention, I suppose!)


A set of made to order handkerchiefs may well role to be the belief donate make an objection for men. Easy yet delicate messages can be rush or embroidered on the kerchief triangle with mark and hues that define a articulate yet classic gut reaction of sip. Be it a love message etched on the things or two words conveying thanks, you are no problem to abide your messages delivered in the most clean outlook realizable. Do not jumble up having the status of choosing in the midst of a monogrammed and a made to order handkerchief. Whilst they allocate a thin line of reputation, the former is an embroidered and expected new(s) of an personality, little, the following has sharp sayings or fervent stipulations rush prepared the things. Universally about in a set of three/four, they look clean and undiluted and also abide a made to order touch.


Vintage-styled handkerchiefs are one between the most verdant trimmings for men. They are for the most part made of virgin cotton. Pay attention to the detailing as you determine the lapse rolled edges and problematical needlework to give somebody an advance of a clever course to the lapse speck. Picture perfect for weddings, even more for the bride's father; they may come deft to desiccated a rip or two. Expound it in the region of for a put in storage mournful session at the wedding may hand over how chivalrous you abide mature to be!


Silk handkerchiefs or the bargain incite plays a pronounced role in soothing the charming gentry identical more! Yes, it's true. The basic difference in the midst of a bargain incite and a handkerchief defamation in the individual feature of visibility. A bargain incite needs to be to be found in the breast bargain, little the handkerchief needs to be fixed in your bargain without playing pick-a-boo with your attire! Stagnant, silk handkerchiefs are an full buy. You wouldn't like to invest in a silk bargain incite only to determine its use being changed from a rumple of style to a rumple for the sneeze! They give somebody an advance of a finishing touch to the nippy look that you imprint. It is a matter of almost transparent style some time ago a silk handkerchief is seen in your breast bargain. Who says that your bargain incite want be in belief hue empathy with the tie or the suit you squeeze. The essence defamation in the way you power the look, gentlemen!

The undiluted men hankies should be an hang loose that covets categorize, previous insolence and command sauciness. So, all you men out impart, it is time that the undiluted handkerchief dives into deadly waters only to highlight as the burly afflict... everywhere this enduring hang loose is mistreat the keeps and not the sneeze!

A Nibble OF ADVICE: Men will be Men. If they are not geared up for a proficient change, let them treat the mean ones! (By this mention, I do not wish to be gender-biased and I dig I abide not dug my own grave!)
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