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Which One Is Better Nlp Training Or Nlp Book

Which One Is Better Nlp Training Or Nlp Book Image
NLP is undoubtedly the next big thing after Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats sent a euphoric wave to the public not too long ago. As more people educated with the concept of NLP, they spring out everywhere like fresh mushrooms sprouting after a heavy shower.

The benefits of knowing NLP are widely proven to improve interpersonal skills. And most people take up NLP skills to improve their sales tactics, rapport building, hypnotherapy and persuasion among others which are all applicable in sales. Business companies realize it and never hesitate to invest the money for their staff to gain more knowledge as long as it brings back profits to the company.

One can easily expect a bracket of between USD 2000 – USD 4000 per training. That is an amount that not many people can afford. Attending a formal training is of course the most effective way to master NLP.

But it can still achieve the same result even without attending such training – Reading Books. There are hundreds of NLP books written from some of the top NLP gurus like Anthony Robbins, Jerry Richardson, John Grinder, etc. Some are written in a very easy to understand and some are written in academic approach. You make the pick whichever writing style that suits you.

NLP training is not the only answer. There is a cheaper alternative that you can consider but will gain you the same result.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Handling Women
Carlos Xuma - The Dating Black Book
Anthony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within Workbook

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Top 8 Reasons Women Cheat On Men

Top 8 Reasons Women Cheat On Men Image
Cheating most of the time is not a justifiable act but still before questioning your partner in hard way its better to understand the possible or logically reason behind her act. Your partner's infidelity can raise a whole bunch of questions, the most common being: 'Why did she do it?'

It's always difficult to come to terms with this form of betrayal, particularly if there had been no warning signals. She could have been as jolly as Santa, calm and, seemingly, pleased with the way things were going between you two.

In contrast, the relationship could have been showing signs of deterioration for some time and although you both may have been unhappy for a while, it doesn't soften the blow or by no means excuse her disloyalty... unless you've cheated before (that, fellas, is called karma!).

There's a myriad of motives that could have prompted her to play away so read on as we reveal 10 reasons why women cheat.


"She might plunge into a 'revenge-fling' as payback if you've had an affair yourself or hurt her badly in some way," says relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr ( "Revenge-flings are almost always impulsive and she'll probably end up regretting it.

"It's the power of those painful feelings you've brought about in her, though, that get in the way of any rational thinking. I never recommend a revenge-fling as a way forward - two wrongs definitely don't make things right in a relationship that's been rocked by your previous affair or hurtful behaviour."

Unlike men, who are more likely to have an affair in order to fulfil their sexual needs, women take a more emotional approach by questioning their partner's low sex drive and often taking it personally, says Susan Quilliam, author of the book The New Joy Of Sex (published by Mitchell Beazley).

"Women put much more thought into emotional gratification," says Quilliam. "Whereas men are more likely to have an affair if they're sexually dissatisfied, women will question their partner's loyalty or assume that their man isn't in love with them anymore because they're no longer having sex." This could possibly lead to her seeking comfort in someone else's arms.

She feels neglected

"Don't underestimate how much feelings of neglect can drive a woman to make a bad choice and seek attention from another man," says Spurr. "Obviously it's always better for her to tell you clearly when she feels neglected but sometimes us women are guilty of believing that men are mind-readers.


If you're fortunate enough to be blessed with good genes and, as a result, receive a lot of attention from other women, it's possible that your partner may have an affair to make the point that you're not the only one who can turn heads.

"It isn't a matter of revenge, but rather her making the point that she is attractive too," says Susan. "She is making that point to herself as well as to you."

Ego boost

"For some women, as with some men, their ego needs constant stroking and boosting," says Spurr. "You can rarely give enough if a woman has such high maintenance needs. This is probably much more about her - and her emotional make-up - than you!

"She'll have an affair because she just loves the thrill of the passion and subterfuge. She relishes the way he makes her feel - and knowing she also has you to come home to. Until she sorts herself out, one man may rarely be enough."

She's bored of the relationship

Quilliam says that she receives a large number of letters from women who want to have an affair because their current relationship has gone sour. She says: "The relationship can be going on for years and, as time goes on, it starts to lose its spark.

Exit strategy

"This is a very interesting one because not only can an affair end a relationship, but it can also be used as a transition into another," says Quilliam.

"She knows that if she has an affair with someone meaningless then you'll just walk away, leaving her single. But she might feel that she needs another relationship to go to before she splits up with you, so she might choose her next prey wisely before she goes in for the kill."

If she's disappointed in you

If your partner feels that you're constantly letting her down or that you're not the man she originally thought you were, she might find someone who she believes is more worthy of her attention, says Quilliam.

"She may have lost all respect for you - maybe because you're not good at your job or that you're a terrible father. If she's doing well and you're not, she won't see you as an equal. She might see you as someone she no longer admires or respects. It's tough, but it's one of the main reasons why women have affairs."

Quilliam says that some women are often driven into another man's arms without their partner doing anything wrong. It's simply a case of, "it's not you, it's me."

"If there has been a dramatic change in her life, she might have an affair," says Quilliam. "Maybe because she feels like her life has come to an end or that she has gone through a highly emotional experience. She might have an affair to compensate the shift in her life to make it mean more."

She wants to change you

It's no secret that some women often attempt to change their man and sometimes they have unusual ways of doing it. One method, says Quilliam, is to have an affair.

"She may feel that you don't take her seriously or that she cannot get through to you. This could possibly lead to her having an affair. She could use it as a way of communicating to you that you need to get your finger out and start doing what she wants."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Responses To Leave Us Alone
Don Diebel - How To Talk To Single Women When On A Date

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Supine Temperament Strengths And Weaknesses

Supine Temperament Strengths And Weaknesses
The important temperaments list was based on the 4 temperaments. Other than, the dash researchers fall on the type of personality, which did not fit fine any of the exiting temperaments.

The fifth sort was engineering and legitimately introduced by Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno in 1983.

SUPINE - THE FIFTH Disposition

The Supine sort is the quintessential model of a servant leader. They consistently place their own needs lesser to the good of the body. It is to be had as a in proportion mix involving Morose and Sanguine temperaments, for example the person may be introvert and utter as well.

Inspired to be useful in a better analyze, Supines are pressed to consign a progressive avoid than their own egotism. This can lead them to band compliant and flat deferent when it comes to their own needs, but in the stripe of their fixed causes, they can be hauntingly dictatorial. At their best, they're kind, engaging, precise and loyal; at their final they can be uncertain, spiritless, and unsure, failings which sometimes lead them to be affluent and to convoy a feud.

SUPINE IN Absorption

The Supine sort is a sort that has bountiful interests and cares, but summarize ability or need to exact their needs. Individual supine is like feeling having tape over the lips. He commonly has a wish or covet, but is unable or automatic to exact himself. Supine people commonly wish that others may perhaps "read their minds.

Others may regard ever observed that you are too red or speedily disturbance. Remiss and hard-working, Supines are not expressionless or pitiless about life. Entirely the reversal, they may regard strong feelings but spartanly be automatic to exact themselves.

Supines regard a view of the world that makes them explore others to be superior to themselves. They over and over again use themselves in positions that avoid them to be servants to others. The will dutifully work to substance others, who they see as better than themselves.

Supine does not exact by a long way need for social contact, but the need for social contact for the Supine is very great! They look like they do not want, but the fact is they want very much! They regard a great need for social relationships. They effective deal with their needs and reason you to read their mind. And if you fail to well read their mind, they will be "hurt!"

Features:* You like being with people, happening justification.* You like people to be real.*You find it tender when productive a accolade.* You are gentle.* You assist to be invited quite than to enticement.* Your feelings are speedily disturbance.


The sphere of Go deals with reimbursement making, kindness to continue on trade, and the need for self-rule. A Supine will consistently be prime to inquiries out others advice when trying to make a reimbursement. Supines feel very insubstantial and explore themselves inexpert of making a good reimbursement on their own. They make inquiries out the opinion of a variety of, and become significantly disconcerted if they retain perverse opinions. They regard such an forceful need to consign others, so they commonly become "natural innate wounded."

Supine ancestors like to be complicated in the reimbursement making route, and will be disturbance if no more out, but they do not want to make the unadulterated decisions or expensive the trade for them. A supine is afterward like to be the type of person who harbors a great settlement of anger and moodiness. They are commonly barred from the management route, which they pimple as rejection. They afterward see that they live in an environment that wants them to be steady for their lives, but they don't feel intrepid copiousness to plainly do so. Former sort types may view the Supine as a dominating assistant. By all superficial appearances they are. But the real proverb is that they are manipulating others into loot care of them, and do no want the trade of due reimbursement making.

Living being is not easy for the Supine. As youth, they're commonly littered and abused by other offspring. They are commonly indolent to disagreement back. To be more precise they fulfill to internalize their anger and shot, plainly believing they pro the treatment they retain.

Features:* You like to be stubborn.* You wish people would read your mind.* Sometimes you find it hard to speak your mind.* You sometimes continue on exceptional than you can do.


The sphere of Repute refers to the need for close, irritating, personal relationships. At the same time as of their hopelessness or unwillingness to exact their needs, greatest Supines fail to get their needs met. To the same degree they band shy and coldness, the fact is they are deeply in need of a lot of close, personal sensitivity, love, and attention. Before they find it jaggedly unrealistic to plainly exact themselves, they spartanly cannot get their needs communicated. The image of a hostage vault and gagged is not far from the proverb of being a Supine in Repute.

Other than, if a Supine plainly feels safe in a close, personal relationship, they can respond and select language of kind. They can become formidably absolutely, producing unconditional, dole out faithfulness. No sort is exceptional predisposed to this compose of forceful exactness.

Features:* You may be emotional, grieve for speedily.* You experience irritating sensitivity but find it hard to initiate.* You want fidelity in close relationships.* You analyze you need attention, but find it complex to talk about.


* A great capacity for service, tendency people, and the covet to consign others. They include an organic engaging spirit.* Preventability, ability to require "the policies" set by others and to consign fill they pursue, their caretakers, with unconditional exactness.* The ability to respond to love and to open up emotionally when they feel emotionally "safe." If treated fine, they are well-behaved of unconditional and total belief to irritating personal relationships.


* Oblique manner that expects others to read their mind, high fear of rejection, and harboring anger viewed as "shot feelings".

* Aggressive disorders, open depend on, defending against loss of life of position, thin out preference, a penchant to feel weak and at the leniency of others.

* The hopelessness to initiate love and sensitivity. They not have decrease word that they are loved, wanted and greet.

"Sources and Give up Information:"" Temperament Traits.pdf"" Temperaments""
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Best Movies For Couples

Best Movies For Couples Cover
Every time couples head to Blockbuster to rent a movie, they know they're in for a 2-hour long back and forth about why she hates the movies he picks and why he can't stand her ideal flick.

And while most couples agree that it's difficult to find a movie that they can both agree on, I've managed to quiz 100 couples and figured it out for you. So the next time you head to Blockbuster, you'll be in and out in 5 minutes flat. That way, you can get on to bigger and better things, if you know what I mean. Like popcorn


Jim Braddock (RUSSELLL CROWE), a light heavyweight boxer, is forced into retirement after many losses in the ring. But as the U.S. enters into the Great Depression and Braddock is fed up of accepting a bunch of dead end jobs, to support his wife Mae (RENEE ZELLWEGER) and their kids, he ends up returning to boxing with a fierce string of wins.

FOR HIM: You get to enjoy the thrill of watching two grown men beat the living crap out of each other in the ring.

FOR HER: At the heart of the matter is a man who loves his wife and children and will do anything for them. A love story of the ages.


Allie Hamilton (RACHEL MCADAMS) comes from a well to do family and ends up meeting and falling in love with Noah Calhoun (RYAN GOSLING), the boy from a blue collar family. Her family does what they can to keep them apart, but fate has other plans for them.

FOR HIM: Although" Notebook" a love story through and through, every guy who has seen it admitted to enjoying it very much. Perhaps Rachel McAdams has that affect on men.

FOR HER: Watching Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams get it on and seeing that long-lasting love is what most women's dreams are made of.


You can never see this movie often enough. TOM CRUISE is Jerry Maguire, a sports agent with a heart of gold but a brain of mush. After he gets fired from his agency, he starts his own with the help of Dorothy Boyd (RENEE ZELLWEGER), a single mother with a weird-looking son. Together, they take care of their one client, Rod Tidwell (CUBA GOODING JR.) until he strikes contract gold.

FOR HIM: KELLY PRESTON shows off her bitch skills and looks pretty hot, and yeah, the football stuff and sports talk will have you hypnotized.

FOR HER: A sweet sex scene and an honest-to-goodness love story that will always bring tears to your eyes, no matter how many times you see it.


Robbie Hart (ADAM SANDLER) is a wedding singer who has it all... until his fianc'e stands him up at the altar. Heartbroken and feeling like a failure, Robbie is comforted by Julia (DREW BARRYMORE), a sweet waitress who works with him. As he begins to fall for her and she for him, Julia must decide whether she wants to spend her life with her fianc'e Glenn Gulia (MATTHEW GLAVE), or follow her heart to be with Robbie.

FOR HIM: There's plenty of guy humor to satisfy your testosterone levels.

FOR HER: A budding romance between a young couple, complete with a serenade.


DENZEL WASHINGTON is Herman Boone, a black football coach in 1971, a time when racial tensions were high despite integration. As an interracial team comes to terms within, they end up winning in more ways than one.

FOR HIM: Football at its finest, as well as a look into football training camp.

FOR HER: KIP PARDUE and Denzel Washington, not to mention parts of the movie that will tug at your heart strings.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Dating Insider - Memoirs Of A Player
Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates

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The Ultimate French Kiss

The Ultimate French Kiss Image
When it comes to kissing, there are many different varieties and styles, but if you want to learn how to master the ultimate French kiss, then you've come to the right place.

Not all kisses are created equal; some are too rough, some are too soft and others are just completely awkward and awful. But if you can get all these tips down pat before you head in for the next lip lock, your mate will want to have your lips all over their body.


Before you even bother opening your mouth to take theirs on, you need to ensure that your lips are soft and moist to the touch. Chapped and cracked lips are unattractive, to say the least.

To keep your lips at their softest, make sure you brush them when you brush your teeth and use a moisturizing lip balm that protects them from wind and sun damage.


Another thing you want to do before you go in for the proverbial kill is make sure your breath smells great. Awful breath that contains hints of garlic or morning will only leave a bad taste in their mouth.

If you can do so discreetly, pop a mint or piece of gum into your mouth (taking the gum out before you kiss them) beforehand, and try to avoid any foods that lead to bad breath.


Whether this is your first time kissing this person or your millionth time, you want to start things off slowly and sensually. You want them to know that you're going to take your time and devour them. You want to imagine what your kiss will feel like from their end.

Open your mouth and close your lips over theirs, then open your mouth once again, letting only the tip of your tongue touch the inside of their lips. Gradually, let your tongue slip further into their mouth, all the while moving your mouth and tongue at a snail's pace.


When you suck on your mate's tongue, you can imagine what they'll be imagining.

When they sticks their tongue into your mouth grab onto it with your lips, gently sucking it and flicking the tip of their tongue with your own. At this point, you can be certain that someone will want to take their clothes off (the guy watching from a distance).


You are not restricted to putting your tongue into their mouth; you can work around their lips, considering they have many nerve endings.

If you've become passionate by this point and your kissing has taken on a more intense feel, slow it down a bit by backing away just slightly. Point your tongue and begin licking around their lips, periodically sucking on their bottom lip.


Don't be afraid to touch them while you kiss them. Of course, you can always feel free to head down south, given that you're in a private (or semi-private) environment (you don't want that guy in the distance to start touching himself), but if you're more timid than that, you can instead place one hand on their face while you work your magic with your mouth.

As well, you can use both hands; places them at the back of their neck and squeeze ever so gently, or better yet, pull slightly on the back of their hair while you seduce them with your tongue.


Kissing someone is a lot like investing in the stock market; if you do it right, you'll get a solid return every time. So the next time you decide that it's time for you to go in for a deep, wet one, keep these tips in mind and your mate will ravish you in no time.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Thundercat - The Ultimate Secret To Getting Good With Women
Love Systems - The Ultimate Guide To Text And Phone Game

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The Inventor

The Inventor Image
A little boy and his grandfather are raking leaves in the yard. The little boy finds an earthworm trying to get back into its hole.

He says, "Grandpa, I bet I can put that worm back in that hole."

The grandfather replies, "I'll bet you five dollars you can't. It's too wiggly and limp to put back in that little hole."

The little boy runs into the house and comes back out with a can of hairspray. He sprays the worm until it is straight and stiff as a board. Then he puts the worm back into the hole.

The grandfather hands the little boy five dollars, grabs the hairspray, and runs into the house. Thirty minutes later the grandfather comes back out and hands the little boy another five dollars.

The little boy says, "Grandpa, you already gave me five dollars."

The grandfather replies, "I know. That's from your grandma."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Michael Hall - Change History
Tyler Durden - The Blueprint
Dating Insider - The Network

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5 Quality First Date Tips For Men

5 Quality First Date Tips For Men Image
Dating is one of the most frequent activities that inspire both men and women. Men have commonly been assigned in asking women out and approaching them whenever possible. If you are on your way to your first date and you don't know what to do, then read on for some things you might be able to use to impress you're date.

If you are a man wanting to get some tips and advice when dating, then here are some wonderful ways for you to increase your machismo for women:

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO RELAX AND SHOW THAT CONFIDENT SMILE. Gorgeous and attractive women make a man nervous and jittery. This is quite a normal dating reaction which happens to most of us so you should be aware of that. Try and stop being nervous because she may pick up on the signals and become uncomfortable with you while dating. When you feel worried then force a smile on your face and relax your body. Don't fidget, breathe deeply and smile.

2. EMOTIONALLY RELATE TO THE WOMAN YOU ARE DATING WITH. Turn your attention to fostering a good emotional relationship with her. Be genuinely interested with the life that she is living and relate with her emotionally. Women greatly use emotion and logic when relating with others so refrain from talking too much about yourself and focus on her life.

Focus on building an emotional connection between the two of you. Find out about her life, and then relate your own to hers on an emotional level. Women relate to people through emotions as well as logic, so don't focus as much on the facts of your life but more on the emotional journeys involved in them.

3. SHOWER YOUR DATE WITH COMPLEMENTS. When dating, you will greatly engender a good feeling from your date when you complement the traits that she has. Be sure to be genuine and truthful about it because the woman will feel if you are lying or just telling her good things to get into her pants. Most women know that men chase because of their gorgeous looks and awesome bodies. When you show that you are sensitive with her personality traits, then you can set yourself apart from those physically stimulated men and score a good amount of points with your date. Complement her intellect, will, poise as well as maturity to show that you have a good standard when choosing women to be with.

4. SLOWLY LEAD THE MOMENT TO AN INTIMATE ONE. After dating, don't be hasty and force a kiss on your date. It will ruin the moment and place pressure on both of you leading you in an uncomfortable situation.

Gradually lead your date to a kiss by slightly touching her on the arm, getting close to her physically and gently touching her hair using your hand. Do these little gestures in a sequence when dating and try to watch out for her reaction. You will know when she will indicate that she wants to be kissed or not, just make sure your read her signals.

5. LASTLY, INVITE HER FOR A DRINK AT YOUR PLACE. You need to toughen up in order to move into a higher relationship when dating. If you are intent on pursuing your date, then try and ask her out for a drink in your house. Don't forget to ask her if she wants to stay and have some drink in your place. If the woman shows that she wants you and you actually had an intimate moment with her, then it's natural that you go further. Just ask politely and respect whatever decision she makes.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
Robert Cialdini - Qualifiers Softeners Phrases

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Natalie Woman Californi

Natalie Woman Californi
natalie shepard, born in 1988 is a nice woman from california US who wants to date single men with age surrounded by 0 and 0

I am very active lady with very positive views on life. Verve is fantastic and I cherish every subsequent of it. I just want to find a real man to join my positiveness with. I work with people and that's why I am very vivid and open-hearted person who shares her good mood with anyone. I am a good friend and that's why people trust me. I am a good listener and psychologist and that's why people join with me other posture. I vision that I can be a good group and blood relation and that's why I am display on this site.

I elect fascinating and exciting way of life. I used to accept something good life offers to me. I am attended in dancing, sport and nomadic. I like to see new places, accept care of in person and my home. I am a good house-keeper, like I like decor, coziness and immaculateness.

addy me on ya-whoo messenger: natalie shepard @ ya-whoo dutt cumm

You can contact shepardylove at this email: natalie shepard ~ AT ~
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Monday, April 25, 2011

5 Awful First Date Conversation Topics

5 Awful First Date Conversation Topics Image
So you have managed to get her out on a date with you. The good news is the hard part is out of the way. The bad news is that if you talk about these 5 awful first date conversation topics, it is more than likely you will ruin your chances of having a second date.

Take note of the below topics and avoid them like the plague. If you feel that the conversation is heading towards any of these topics quickly change the subject. Silence is almost as awkward as a bad conversation so make sure you are prepared with some good topics to talk about. You can find out what topics you should discuss on your first date by clicking on the post below.

=> 5 Great First Date Conversation Topics


Talking about past relationships is a definite no go area for any first date. Whether it's talking about how bad she was, how it took you ages to get over her, the past is the past so leave it there. She won't want to hear about your ex-girlfriends and she will probably find it a major turnoff.


It is way too early to start talking about sex on the first date. It will make her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. She will also think that you have a one track mind and all you are after is a romp at the end of the date. If you talk about sex you wont be getting any.


Talking or complaining about people you don't like is never a good idea. It creates a negative atmosphere and shows the vulnerable and insecure side of your personality. You may even come over as jealous. Instead talk about things that are positive.


Most people find religion and politics a touchy topic to talk about. This is because a lot of people have different views and opinions and can be easily offended. With so much corruption, wars, murders, rapes, racism in this day and age, it is best to avoid this topic all together. It you want to talk about current affairs then keep it light hearted, like celebrities or something funny.


You may love or hate your job. However she won't want to listen to you going on about it. Keep it at work! You may also have a lot of money or very little. If you have money, don't brag about how much you have or how much you earn. The same goes for if you have very little money. Don't complain about how poor you are or how you never have any money. You will come across as being stingy.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Rachel Davis - Conversation King
C Kellogg - Opening Lines For Conversation
Dating Insider - Conversation Dynamics

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Verbal Flirting

Verbal Flirting Image

Playful teasing

Flirts aren't scared to take playful verbal jabs at those they're attracted too. This shows them they are a challenge, confident and probably someone they want to get to know. Just make sure the person can laugh at the teasing too. The goal is to build sexual tension - not anger them. So tease them on unimportant or silly things like their shoes, their laugh or overly dramatic gestures.

Out of context

Another great way of flirting is to take something they said out of context. Twist a simple sentence into something else. Make it embarrassing. Make it overly suggestive. Playfully accuse them of hitting on you. Shake your head in mock disappointment. Tell them, 'they're ruining their chance with you.' If you can be a worthy sparring partner, the two of you can flirt all night.

Dating game

Use reverse psychology while flirting by playing the dating game. Offer to help the person you're interested in find an acceptable date. Then, playfully suggest a handful of the people who walk by and add why they would match up well - a shared lust of studded leather, a passion for elevator music or a love of wearing high-heels. The goal of the game is to make them laugh and build sexual tension.


Too often used incorrectly by the non-flirt. A flirt knows the true value and power of a properly-used compliment. Compliments should be never given unless they are earned though actions or as a response to a complement received. Telling someone they're amazing seconds into the conversation makes you look like a suck-up. Telling someone they're amazing after a story about them going face-to-face with an angry elephant is valued because it's been earned.


Flirts love to challenge. Challenging someone to tell an embarrassing story, show off a unique skill or do a magic trick, shows interest and provides you both with some fun and entertainment. As long as you stay within each person's comfort zone, both of you should enjoy rising to the challenge. So keep your challenges fun and frivolous.

Us against the world

Flirting is more effective if you separate the two of you from everyone else. If you retreat into your own little world. The best way of doing this is though games. Guess what type of underwear other people are wearing. Create a couple of silly code-words that only the two of you understand the meaning of. The goal is to have a good time while creating a stronger connection.

Lots of laughter

Laughter is good for the soul and a great flirting tool. People love others who laugh at their jokes and silly stories. It makes the feel important. It makes them feel like an entertainer. Flirts know this and laugh at every opportunity.


Flirt vs Tease

When displaying sexual interest through flirting, a person is hoping to pique the other person's interest and improve their relationship. A tease uses flirting to attract singles they have no interest in, just to boost their own ego. A way to spot a tease is if they don't try to form a stronger connection and are satisfied with just trivial conversation.

Flirting is Fun

Make no mistake about it, flirting is fun. It lets you meet more people, attract more singles and land more dates. It allows you to show off your personality. It showcases your confidence. Flirting has gotten a bad name for no reason other than the jealousy of people with no flirting skills. So get your flirt on and have some fun.

Practise makes perfect

Don't be afraid to study others and then take action. Sit at the edge of a room and watch people flirt. Spot the signals. Watch how they play out. See what type of flirts are most effective. Least effective. Make mental notes of what works and what doesn't. Then try them out for yourself. Because the more you flirt, the better you'll be.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

David Lieberman - Never Be Lied To Again
Keanu Jagger - Nonverbal Sexual Cuing
Kate Fox - Guide To Flirting

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How To Attract Girls

How To Attract Girls Cover
Attraction is a powerful tool to successful dating. Even a serious relationship would last without attraction. Men get easily attracted to women through physical appearance. While women tend to get attracted with men’s personality than their outward looks.

When you go to a club, there are always those guys whom girls would set their eyes and flirt on. If you happen to be among them, then having a date won’t be too much of a problem. You may just have a hard time choosing whom to go with for the night. But if not, then its time you learn the secret on how to attract the girls’ attention.

1. Smile. As always, the smile is your most important weapon in attraction, even David DeAngelo would agree to this. Don’t put too much effort on it though because you may look really stupid. Smile naturally as if you’re having a great time. You will look approachable, friendly and more attractive by wearing that smile. Girls will find it easier to flirt with you as well.

2. If you want to get noticed, you should be at the best spot of the place and where should it be? At the center of the room, of course. Where you are matters in attracting girls. Be at the center standing, interacting with others, or just let your body go with the beat of the music. The bars at the corner is also a good place to be at where people come for a drink or just stand by.

If you don’t want a time on your own, don’t stay long near the wall or at the table. Even Mystery with his costumes and tall hat will not be given any attention if he’s just staying at his table.

3. Body language is a frequently used tool of communication in dating, especially with flirting. Women are attracted to men who appears to be more dominant. Here’s what you should do: stand with your feet 6-10 inches apart while your toes should be pointing outward. Be more assertive when you talk and do not fold your arms. Drop the habit of chewing a gum or ice and biting your fingernails. Aside that it is sometimes gross, it is also a sign of anxiety which is not very attractive to others.

So we were talking about attracting the girls’ attention not by acting stupid or making a shameful scene but by being the apple of their eyes. Now you don’t need to read some dating e-books from David DeAngelo, just follow the three tips mentioned above and be ready socializing and flirting with girls.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Reef Styles - How To Attract Online Women In Easy Way
Debra Benton - How To Act Like A Ceo
Steve Carter - How To Attract Girls In 3 Important Steps

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Mistakes Women Make In Bed Cover
There are some women who just lie in bed and open their legs, and think that that's all they need to do to keep a man happy. But other women know that men want a whole lot more than just a warm body to get inside.

And if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship, you will need to keep stepping it up and be willing to admit that vanilla isn't the only flavor available in the sexual spectrum.

Is your man starting to get bored with your bedside manner? Are you willing to make some change in order to keep the fires burning? Well, it's time you started facing the truth about your sexual prowess and began making improvements, by avoiding the following.



If he goes down on you and hits the perfect spot, the spot that makes you feel like a rush of liquid is going to flow from your body, and then, suddenly, he changes his route, it may be your fault.

If you don't make a sound when you're having sex, you're not letting him know when he's satisfying you, and you're not helping his ego.

The next time he hits "that" spot, make sure to let out a great big "yes" and moan with delight. It will help you open up (in more ways than one) and it will give him the signal to continue on when he gets it right.



It's funny that everywhere you look, men are being given advice about how women need to be aroused via foreplay before they can go for the main event, but women are never told the same thing.

Well, it's true; men want to be aroused as well. Don't get me wrong; there are appropriate times when you can go straight for the kill, so to speak, but more often than not, a man wants you to titillate him via massages, body kisses and great oral sex.

And when you go down on him, don't be afraid to massage his testicles with your hand and rub his anus with your finger. Explore his body and you'll discover that there's more to him than just a rod.



In life, it's accepted that men do the chasing and women do the rejecting, but once you're actually in a sexual relationship, all of that should end. It's a terrible blow to a man when he always has to make the move and, worse, risk your saying "no" some of the time.

To ensure that he feels desired, you need to come on to him, seduce him and even tease him. If you make him feel like a king in bed, he will make you feel like a queen all the time.



You want the lights off, you have to be under the covers and you never want to take off your shirt. Yeah, that sounds like some really exciting sex.

If he's with you, it's because he likes you, so it's time you got over your insecurities and gave in to your flaws. You can do so with baby steps by lighting candles (they provide incredible lighting). Then, when you're comfortable with that, try doing it without the covers. And finally, get your hot ass on top of him and give him the ride of his life.



Even if you took a shower this morning, by evening time you're not as fresh. Allowing him to go down on you at such a time is bad sexual etiquette.

Any time a man is about to go down on you, your vulva should be freshly cleansed so that all he smells are your natural aromas and all he tastes is peaches. If he has a bad experience going down there, it may spell the end of fantastic cunnilingus.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Carol Mccluer - The Five Biggest Mistakes Women Make About Love
Chris Jackson - Common Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dating Advice From Grandma

Dating Advice From Grandma Cover
There was a young virgin that was going out on a date for the first time and she told her grandmother about it.

Her grandmother says, "Sit here and let me tell you about those young boys. He is going to try to kiss you; you are going to like that, but don't let him do that."

She continued, "He is going to try to feel your breast; you are going to like that, but don't let him do that. He is going to try to put his hand between your legs; you are going to like that, but don't let him do that.

Then the grandmother said, "But, most importantly, he is going to try to get on top of you and have his way with you. You are going to like that, but don't let him do that. It will disgrace the family."

With that bit of advice in mind, the granddaughter went on her date and could not wait to tell her grandmother about it. The next day she told her grandmother that her date went just as the old lady said.

She said, "Grandmother, I didn't let him disgrace the family. When he tried, I turned him over, got on top of him and disgraced his family."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Shawn Nelson - The Dating Resource Report
Tyler Durden - Update From Field
Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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The Mystery Of How To Get A Girl To Like You

The Mystery Of How To Get A Girl To Like You Image
Ah yes - how to get a girl to like you the age old question guys like you have been asking themselves since, like, forever.

The simple answer to the question "how to get a girl to like you" depends on you, the girl, and how well you can figure out the game so that you get what you want.

My only focus on this site is how to get a girl to like you. Period.

And since guys are all different and girls are all different, the methods you use to get a girl to like you depend on you and your personality, and her personality.

So to get a girl to like you, what works for some other guy might not work for you.

And, what works "on some other girl" might not work on the girl you want to get to like you.

All that being said, how to get a girl to like you boils down to 3 simple things:

1. What YOU are comfortable with doing.

2. What you have observed about her and know about her.

3. The best strategies you can come up with to get her to like you.

So that's why this site is filled with different articles and tips - because what you're comfortable with might not be comfortable for another guy, and because girls are all different, so based on you and her you will need to come up with the best strategy and take your shot.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Make The First Move
Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover
John Alanis - How To Get Newspapers And Mags To Write About You

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dee Hock On Leadership

Dee Hock On Leadership
I chomp been rereading a book titled Birth of the Chaordic Age by Dee Rag doll, planner and former CEO of VISA, in which Rag doll describes his experiences in pulling together one of the largest (if not the largest) assign card company in the world in 90 existence. His story of common sense order in position (days in a chaordic world) is all captivating and inspiring.

But it is his philosophy about leadership, people, and planning that draws me back to his work today. In this time of position in our world, our work, and our lives, his considered opinion on leadership speak of character, trust, compassionate, and power - not power over people, but power that takes the individual to a greater level of sanctification to service and sense of right and wrong.

Inside are a few quotes from Birth of the Chaordic Age (1999), published by Berrett-Koehler, Inc.:

Manager presumes whiff. Pupil presumes resolution. One who is coerced to the purposes, objectives, or preferences of spanking is not a whiff in any true approach of the word, but an point toward of take advantage of. Nor is the relationship materially misused if all parties appropriate authorization and intimidation. Real leading and significant dependence ceaseless freedom of all... (p. 67)

A true leader cannot be spring to lead. A true whiff cannot be spring to comply with. (p. 67)

The first and greatest dough of individuality who purports to deal with is to deal with self; one's own morality, character, sense of right and wrong, discipline, shrewdness, atmosphere, words, and acts. (p. 69)

The second dough is to deal with group who chomp regulation over us: bosses, supervisors, directors (p. 69)

The third dough is to deal with one's peers - group over whom we chomp no regulation and who chomp no regulation over us - fill, competitors, suppliers, consumers - the absolute area. (p. 69)

...[I]f one has attended to self, superiors, and peers, at hand is degree very passed on. The fourth dough is to deal with group over whom we chomp regulation. The group result is that all one's time will be spent control self, superiors, and peers. At hand will be no time to deal with subordinates. Exactly! One need only barrier absolute people, enclosure them to the design, motivation them to practice it, and delight the process. If group over whom we chomp regulation exactly deal with themselves, deal with us, deal with their peers, and take off the process with group they wear and tear, what is at hand to do but see they are exactly accepted, rewarded, and wait out of their way? It is not making better people of others that planning is about. It's about making a better person of self. Property, power, and titles chomp nonexistence to do with that. (p. 70)

This does not mean that the leader has nonexistence to do. On the rude, a leader's job is merged and requires the sanctification of mind, body and soul.

Best and originator it requires that a leader barrier absolute people. These people necessary be location to work in an area where on earth they are developed for their own actions - they necessary deal with "self". They necessary cliquey blame, and be location to notice on the challenge of being leaders voguish the individual from anything position they may secure. They necessary chomp the courage to be part of a system, thus far rebellious it may be, where on earth they are as developed as their "leader" is for success.

Taking into consideration these "absolute" people chomp co-conspirator the individual and chomp usual the wrap of leadership as described by Rag doll, the leader's role becomes one of making workspace for the work to begin, (manager on the design of "making workspace" in a proposed blog LP). This involves not only getting out of the way, but above and beyond sending time, resources, information, and removing barriers so that the momentous work of the individual can get completed.

Maybe you chomp noted the connection between Hock's approach to leadership and Koestenbaum's theory of the Run Quad. Rag doll is densely invested in sense of right and wrong - the compassionate for how your actions, or lack of action, affects others, character, and authenticity; and courage - the free will and resolution committed in being a leader, choosing to stand up with control "self", and playing a leadership role regardless of your place in the hierarchy.

At hand is a great negotiation in his writing that any leader potency find absorbed and inspiring in times what position threatens to eat greedily the world.
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Is Romance Attractive To Women

Is Romance Attractive To Women Image
You've probably noticed that I don't talk about the idea of "romance" very often.

There's a good reason for this.

I think that most guys use romance in completely the wrong way, and in the process screw up their chances with the woman that they are interested in. I'm going to take some time here to talk about my personal perspective on romance, how it is misused, and how to use it to really make a woman feel attracted to you. Most guys make one of two main mistakes when trying to be "romantic":

1) They try to use romance to CREATE attraction.

2) They use TOO MUCH romance, thinking that more

must be better.

Let me ask you this What does romance mean to you?

I'm serious. Think about it for a minute.

Does romance mean gifts and flower?

Does it mean fancy dinners?

Does it mean candles and soft music?

To me, romance is about showing a softer side of yourself a more thoughtful side in a way that is meant to INCREASE the woman's attraction for you.

Like I just mentioned, most guys either try to use romance to CREATE attraction, or they do too many things in an attempt to "be romantic", and the effect is lost.

Here's a quiz:

In general, would a woman think you were more romantic if you:

1) Brought her red roses every time you saw her.

2) Brought her one flower the fourth time you saw her, but it was her favorite flower, in her favorite color.


Here's another one

In general, would a woman think you were more romantic if you:

1) Took her to a fancy dinner every time you saw her.

2) Didn't take her to dinner, but one night cooked her a favorite dish that your mom taught you and told her the story of how it came to be a family favorite?

Do you see where I'm going with these examples?

"Romance" is all about the context of the situation. In other words, little things that are thoughtful, used once in awhile will make FAR more of an impact than trying to do everything you possibly can all the time.

Have you ever seen a T. V. show or movie with a girl holding a flower, pulling off each petal one at a time and saying, "He loves me, he loves me not"? This is a famous cliche even Madonna does it in her old "Truth or Dare" movie.

What's going on here? And why is it now such a famous idea that it is almost universally known?

Because it strikes a chord inside of women everywhere! Every woman can relate to the idea of thinking about a man and wondering if he's thinking about her. Pulling petals off of a flower and saying, "Heloves me, he loves me not", is just another way of saying, "I can't stop thinking about this guy and I'm going to keep thinking about him until I know how he feels."

As you know, if you've read past newsletters and/or my ebook, I think that it's important to CREATE this kind of situation as much as humanly possible. Now, here's where romance fits into the puzzle If you're doing things that you considerto be "romantic" all the time, then she has nothing to wonder about nothing to think about there is no challenge or mystery at all.

On the other hand, if you use romance more carefully and keep her on the edge of her seat, so to speak, then a small romantic gesture will cause her to feel GREAT feelings of attraction inside and cause her to work even harder to get and keep your attention - BECAUSE SHE'LL TRY HARDER TO GET MORE OUT OF THIS ROMANTIC SIDE OF YOU! So what are some things you can do, that women see as romantic, without going overboard?

Well, if you want to do the typical things like flowers, gifts, music, poetry, etc. then do as I said earlier: Use them VERY infrequently. Tease her, bust on her, treat her like a bratty little sister most of the time, then out of nowhere do something thoughtful. But make sure to stay cool when the emotional reaction comes!

She's probably going to be very happy and want to know "where that came from." Just tell her that you were thinking about her and move on to the

next topic. Don't get all mushy, dude. By the way, if you've gone out with a woman 47 times, and you don't know if she likes you, and you're now thinking, "Oh, hey great idea! I'll buy her a flower and she'll feel attracted to me" then get a new idea.

Romance isn't a way to make a woman feel attracted to you.

Romance is a way to AMPLIFY attraction that is already happening.


Attraction is created by factors other than gifts, dinners, flowers, etc. If she's not feeling attracted to you, then showing her that you're attracted to her probably isn't going to change it in fact, it may just push her away.

I know, I know you once heard about a guy who pursued a woman for 9 years until she finally gave in and married him. Well, that might work, but I don't have 9 years (unless it's Cindy Crawford yeah, I know she's like 50, but she's STILL hot).

Earlier I mentioned a couple of great ideas. You can cook her a special meal that has meaning and tell the story behind it. Stories are romantic, especially if the story contains a love story.

And small gifts can be romantic as well (I don't like big gifts because they change the dynamic of the relationship and can create all kinds of feelings that it's a trade of affection for money, etc.).

If you pay attention, a woman will mention something that she really likes. It could be a kind of flower, a kind of music, an author, etc. If you want to be romantic (after you know that she's attracted to you) you can get something thoughtful then write a card that says, "I was thinking about you, and I found this thought you would like it. Kiss Kiss." Use romance as the spice, and not the main dish. Use it to amplify, not as your main strategy. Romance combined with the techniques that I teach is a VERY powerful combination.


We just talked about how most guys either have no clue about romance, or they use it too much which screws up everything for them.

There is one aspect of romance that I have found very useful to know more about and use. It's the concept of how to create a SETTING that will create more of a feeling of attraction inside of the woman that you are with.

WARNING: What I'm about to share with you is not a magic bullet. It's no substitute for a cocky, funny personality and great skills. Using this alone will not make you successful with women. With that said I've found that there are a few things you can do in your immediate environment to "accelerate the mood", so to speak, when you are with a woman.

Women have very active senses usually much more so than men.

If you have already sparked the attraction between you and her, introducing certain sensory stimulus will usually increase the attraction, and can lead to a more, shall we say "physical" demonstration of that attraction.

OK, let's say that you've had a fun night out with your girl (and of course, because you read Double Your Dating (review) you knew where to take her that was fun and inexpensive) and you're back at your place. (Of course, she came inside because you learned how to get her to come in from the book too right?) And then you use the Kiss Test, which you learned when you visited my web site and you've just kissed for the first time. Now what?

Well, most guys make the HUGE mistake of trying to grope the poor girl which, of course leads to the inevitable "I think that we're moving a

little fast. Let's take things slower.
" (Translation: "None for you tonight, and if you try that again, none for you anytime in the next 10 dates.")

" Instead, try this:"

After that first kiss, pull back and look into her eyes and say, "Yum." Then stand up and say, "Let me see if I can do something about this setting" in a fun, smooth, kind-of suspenseful tone of voice.


1) A few candles

2) Some incense

3) A glass of wine (if you both drink and are of legal age)

4) Sade's - Greatest Hits on low

I know it sounds simple, but let me explain the recipe now that you know the ingredients. Remember the formula "Two steps forward, one step back" that I often talk about? Mix up these ingredients with that concept and VIOLA! More and MORE AND MORE attraction.

You probably don't need to learn how to light candles, open wine, and play music. If you do, refer to the instructions that come with the products.

I personally like to introduce these as great ways to interrupt the kissing (and whatever else is going on).


1) Kiss Kiss

2) "Let me see if I can do something about this setting"

3) Light candles and incense, lower lighting

4) Kiss Kiss

5) Open wine and put on 'Sade'

6) Kiss Kiss

7) Watch out because something good is about to happen.

Here's what's going on in her mind:

"Oh, we're kissing. I'd better not let this go too far."

"What? Why did he stop kissing me? Oh, candles. I love candles"

"Wow, this is turning into a make-out session, maybe I'd better put on the brakes."

"What? Why did he stop again?"

"Ohhh, I LOVE 'Sade'. Her voice is so sexy. And this wine is nice. Hmm, I wonder why he isn't trying to jump my bones. Maybe he doesn't think I'm a good kisser. Maybe he changed his mind. Well I'm not going to let that happen. I'll show him"

Do you get it? By simultaneously creating tension while making the setting more and more 'romantic', you will stir up her ATTRACTION towards you and make her be the one who ultimately gets so worked up that she can't help but have you.


Of course there are many other things you can do that are romantic. Like sprinkling rose petals on the bed, pulling out some Godiva chocolate, or lighting up the fire and grabbing a blankie (make sure you don't bring out your teddy-bear from when you were a kid that might not go over too well). It's really up to you. The key is to use these things sparingly, and use them with the concepts that you've already learned to AMPLIFY THE ATTRACTION that you've already created with your COMMUNICATION.

So remember, use these things with women who are ALREADY feeling the attraction, not to create it!

Learn more from David DeAngelo with his book Double Your Dating.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Simon Heong - How To Instantly Attract Any Woman
Wayne Ross - Secrets To Attracting Beautiful Women
Joseph Plazo - Magnetic Attraction

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