Monday, February 28, 2011

Healing Yourself From Cheating Men

Healing Yourself From Cheating Men Cover
Trust is an important thing for relationships to work. Once broken, most people find it hard to really look at the other person the same way, especially when cheating and the feeling of being led on is involved. Cheating happens for a variety of reasons and no two people would have the exact same reason for cheating. Fortunately, there are a number of ways by which you can lessen the pain, if not heal it, of being with a cheating boyfriend. Keep in mind, however, that your culture, beliefs, and the exact situation that you are in can have an effect on how soon you can get yourself back together and get over being with cheating men.

* ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU HAD A CHEATING BOYFRIEND. Most people think that by denying the fact that they got their heart broken by a cheating boyfriend or husband, the pain would go away. In truth, acceptance that cheating has happened is the first key to healing your broken heart. By admitting that you got hurt by cheating men, you can start to let go of the negative emotions.
* CRY. By crying your eyes out, you are releasing the burden of discovering that you were cheated on. Allow yourself to go through the process of pain - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, the same stages that one goes through when dealing with the death of a loved one. Why is this so? Because, when we fall prey to cheating men, we feel we lose part of ourselves. You have to, however, realize when enough is enough. Make sure that you reach a point where you take charge of the situation and not look at all as cheating men. Do not force yourself to forgive and forget your partner's cheating before you are actually ready to. However, do give yourself some time to think about what has happened. Although it may be hard to think logically after you found out your boyfriend has been cheating on you, it would pay to distance yourself from the situation and think how other people would react if they were in your shoes. Keep in mind also that your boyfriend might be going through the same path as you are and may also not know what to do.
* GET YOURSELF BUSY. By channeling your energies and diverting your focus to other things, your mind would start forgetting about the pain associated with your cheating boyfriend. Remember, your mind has a special mechanism for protecting you from pain.
* TRY VARIOUS RELAXATION TECHNIQUES. Thinking about the painful memories that come with having a cheating boyfriend can agitate you more. In order to avoid this, you can indulge in a number of relaxation techniques such as yoga. Aside from allowing you to stay calm, some relaxation techniques can even help you maintain a positive attitude despite being with cheating men.
* GET AWAY FROM YOUR CHEATING BOYFRIEND AND SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HAPPY PEOPLE. They say that misery loves company and, by surrounding yourself with such people, you would only fee more depressed and hurt. Go out and be with people who were able to successfully make it through a relationship with a cheating boyfriend. Engage in fun activities that can help uplift your spirits and would allow you to let your hair down and forget about cheating men.
* FIND CLOSURE BY TALKING WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND ABOUT HOW YOU FELT WHEN HE WENT CHEATING ON YOU. Do not hold back. However, make sure that when you do this, you are also aware of what the consequences would be - cheating men can either come crawling on their knees asking for your forgiveness or they can disappear from your life forever.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Greatlover - Sexual Survey Results From Over 100 Women
Michael Hall - Mind Lines Lines For Changing Minds
Brian Caniglia - Getting The Most From Online Dating

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Solutions And Treatment For Mens Hair Loss

Solutions And Treatment For Mens Hair Loss Cover
If you have started to notice that you are losing your hair you don't have to sit back and let it all fall out. There are many treatments available that will help stop your hair from falling out. Losing you hair can have a big impact on your confidence and sex appeal; however there are ways to treat it which I am going to discuss. If you want to find out about the causes of hair loss, read my post below.

=> 10 Causes Of Hair Loss


If you suffer from male pattern baldness you have several options. You could get an artificial wig or weave (I don't recommend), chemically treat it or invest in a permanent solution.


If a man has medical conditions or allergic to certain hair treatment drugs, then wearing a wig or weave is an option. You can buy realistic looking wigs these days that are made from human hair. However, wearing a wig can be risky, especially if it looks unnatural or the wind catches it. I personally think that if you're losing your hair and its really noticeable, you should shave your head instead of opting for a wig.


There are two medically FDA approved drugs available to treat hair loss.

* Propecia (Finasteride)
* Rogaine (Minoxidil)

Both products increase the coverage of the scalp and slow down further thinning of the hair. Propecia prevents the change of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which shrinks hair follicles, and Rogaine stimulates hair follicles.

Unfortunately, neither medication will construct a full head of hair. The effectiveness of each medication will depend on the cause of hair loss, and the individual's response to the drug. Both medications work best if your hair loss is recent and if it occurs at the top of the head instead of near the forehead.

In most cases the drugs take a few months to produce a noticeable effect. However you need to keep taking the medication otherwise, any hair that grew back will be lost overtime and within a year your scalp will return to how it was before.


Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment. It involves moving some hair from hair-bearing portions of the head to the bald or thinning areas of the head. However, because surgery can take a lot of time and skill and needs a few procedures, it is very expensive. If you have the money and considering hair transplantation, make sure you check that the surgeon is qualified, board-certified and experienced.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Silly Routines For Silly Chicks
Arnold Bennett - Mental Efficiency And Other Hints To Men And Women
Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends Dealing With Womens Jack Ass Tests

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Sending Women Drinks 101

Sending Women Drinks 101
We went over the dos and don'ts of business women munchies in a previous article, and now we're able on to the issue of conveyance women munchies from kitty-cornered the bar. This isn't as easy as it sounds. You'd be wise to shadow AM's instructions for conveyance a drink over to a lady who has immovable your attention to avoid coming off as a limit significantly of the be in charge of that you are. You're aiming for chivalrous, not objectionable. If you play your cards right, you'll make a big impression on her as a be in charge of with style and confidence.


To scratch this off in good health, it's chief to get the bartender on your side. Be sold for certain to treat him with respect and not like a flunky. When all, his topic will go a long way to determining how the woman is departure to withdrawal. If his body language says you're a jerk, it doesn't matter what words he uses such as he brings the drink over to her. To the same degree conveyance women munchies, the bartender is your wingman and in order to make him a assured and enjoyable one, you necessity be nice and tip big.

ASK Because SHE'S Spending

You can't just order any old drink and declare it over to her. You necessity ask the bartender what she's drinking and declare unorthodox of the exceedingly to her such as it looks like her drink is getting a detailed low (but to come she guidelines a pure one). If you end up choosing everything she doesn't like, you'll acknowledge wasted a drink and won't get the idea you swanky. Arena it safe and declare her everything you judge will application her fad buds. Numerous way of put-on this is to ask the bartender to exact you for whatever drink she guidelines nearby. To the same degree he hands it to her he can wave in your manipulation, indicative of that it's on you.

THE Occasion NOD

As the bartender takes the drink over, keep your eyes on the woman. To the same degree he points you out to her, put on a true smirk and give a desertion nod. You may perhaps afterward perfectly rise your chance near her. Don't spring up and down or action at her like a uncultivated. You don't acknowledge to act overly glaring. Properly keep it remarkable and absolute.

Observation HER Itchiness

The nearby step is to watch her idea to see whether or not you necessity make your way over to raise yourself. If she take-home pay your smirk and crash, you've got a untrained light. If she turns to her friends and giggles, give it some time to badge out whether she's smiling at you or expressing her indulge to the girls. Doesn't matter what lay down the lines of eye-rolling, nose-upturning or refusing the drink is unsurprisingly a bad sign. In that march, shrug it off.

Officially accept YOURSELF

Give her a random to taste her drink. For that reason, if her idea is contented, approach her and start up a conversation. You shouldn't act cocky or create anything just to the same extent she usual your drink. You acknowledge fashioned yourself an in to start possessions off with her, but don't abide it for contracted. You still acknowledge to use your wit and fascinate to make a good impression. A proper transcript is key such as it comes to conveyance women munchies.

THE ICE IS Discontinuous

Relief a woman a drink is a classic move that many women will revere. It's an old-school heroic move (you judge Clooney would go along with) that doesn't get used too extensively these existence, and therefore has some bloom friendliness. If you feel like rob a best quality direct approach, you may perhaps just go up and talk to her, but conveyance over a imbibe first will make her feel for one person and show her that you're a selfless guy. Relief a drink over will absolutely confer you with an easy introduction. From here, it's up to you to form a connection and get her inquiring in you.
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The Dating Double Standard

The Dating Double Standard Cover
Okay, so if a guy and girl go out on a date, and she calls him three times before he ever calls her, she will be put into the psycho category. But if the tables turn and the guys does this, why is it that her friends get giddy that he is soooooooo interested?!?

It really is a dating double standard, and it's true that men and women tend to view certain actions differently. But speaking as a woman, if a guy called me three times before I ever called him, I would lose interest not because I would think he was borderline psychotics, but because he's too available and that presents no challenge.

And hey, we all love a good challenge, right?

The dating double standard exists because women are too easily needy and men are too easily aloof about dating. So we have to create categories. And when a guy calls too often, he's hella interested.

When a girl calls too often, she's clingy and has stalker issues.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Holiday Proposals

Holiday Proposals Image


If you're planning to propose this holiday season, you MUST get one of these! These 'wishes do come true' ornaments give you one of the most romantic and creative proposal opportunities our there. The ornaments come in silver or brass and each hangs from a red-and-ivory grosgrain ribbon. The outside of the ornament is engraved with the word 'Wishes' and when the recipient opens it up, they find the words 'do come true' engraved inside. Your ornament also comes with strips of paper so that you can write the words 'Will you marry me?' and include it in the ornament with the ring. Propose by putting the ring inside the ornament and handing it to her to hang on the tree. If you'd rather wait until Christmas Day, wrap it up and place it under the tree. Either way, you'll have the ornament to hang on your tree year and year to remind you of the day she said yes.

This ornament Plan ahead and have the ring inside the ornament. When she opens it up, she'll find the ring and the worlds 'do come true' engraved in the ornament.


I've written about the customized mm's before, but their holiday selection is too cool to pass up! Create your own customized holiday mm's in shades of red and green and hide them in your sweetie's stocking. You can customize the mm's with your own choice of words (up to 8 characters per line and 2 lines per mm). It's a truly sweet way to propose this holiday season.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Christopher Williamson - How To Improve Yourself
John Burton - Hypnosis

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How Attract Men Seduce And Keep Them 5 Tips To Make A Guy Like You

How Attract Men Seduce And Keep Them 5 Tips To Make A Guy Like You Image
Every woman gives out signals to men, men on the other hand have their girl radar and are able to read and interpret women's signals in a matter of seconds. With that being said, a woman is liable for how he can get men to see her: a smart one, a pretty one, an easy to get one, an aloof one, or any other signal that a woman emits.

Since it's easy for every woman to get attention from men, the only problem that they have to deal with is how attract men the way they want to, to get men. Here are five easy breezy tips for every woman how attract men, seduce and get men.

* GET HIS HEART RACING. Just like how the song goes: "Imma get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans"How attract men? Skin-tight jeans, clothes that shows your femininity and hair and makeup that will make men take a second look are the first things that men notice. Let's face it, men sees what's outside before they see what's underneath. So play dress up once in a while, wear nice clothes, not only to get men to notice you, but for you to feel good about yourself. Otherwise, just put on that nice, pleasant smile that all men love.
* FIRST IMPRESSIONS NEVER LAST. Sure, you have the best dress on and the right makeup, but do you have the right attitude? Men like girls who look beautiful, but they love girls who are more beautiful inside. How attract men? Check your attitude; be confident, be smart and patient, and you will truly get men chasing you.

* FLIRT. Learn the art of seduction. How attract men? Give him a reason to always think about you. Flirting is an age-old act to let a person know that you like him. For instance, wear a sexy perfume that will linger, give him soft touches and let him casually touch you in the arms as well. Just don't come off too strong, or he will think that you are one of those easy, one-night stand girls that he can play with.

* PAY ATTENTION TO HIS ACTIONS. Seduction in order to get men is not just about trying to get him to have sex with you. It means seducing him to get into his mind and be the one in control. By being in control, you can make him stay with you in the relationship and create a deeper connection. How attract men and do this? Pay attention to his needs, be the girl that he likes, but always hold on to something that will make him beg for more.

* SHOW HIM THE REAL YOU. There is no better way to say this, showing the real you is one of the best ways how attract men. You have read this over and over, and there's a reason for it, it's the truth. Men, however liars they can be when they wanted to, they all want honesty in girls. The truth of the matter is they are just waiting for the woman who will make them want to make a better version of themselves. Be the girl that will transform any man, once you do, you can easily get men.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Alanis - How To Get Newspapers And Mags To Write About You
Saira Mohan - How To Seduce And Marry The Woman Of Your Dreams

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Fantasizing Is Cheating

Fantasizing Is Cheating Cover
A DATE.COM survey reveals that 85% of women would dump their boyfriend if they found out that he was fantasizing about someone else during sex.

If that's not bad enough, 98% of women thought that even the thought of another person during sex is considered cheating. 89% of men disagreed, and claimed that only the physical act constitutes cheating.

And of course, if asked, 100% of men would lie to their partners if asked if they were fantasizing about someone else during sex. Hmm, I wonder why?

As for women, 98% would lie and 2% would admit it.

To be honest, expecting that your partner thinks of no one else but you during sex is a pretty stupid thing to expect. We are constantly bombarded with sex everywhere we look and it's natural that we have sexual fantasies about other people. That's the nature of the beast.

Fantasies are healthy and should not be treated like disgusting little secrets. They're fantasies; chances are they'll never be realized. That's why they're called fantasies.

Another interesting find in the survey is that Angelina Jolie has still got it - 30% of men fantasize about her during sex. Almost 28% of women fantasize about Robert Pattinson.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Asf - Fast Seduction Mailing List Energy And Attraction
Lovedrop - Kissing And Touching
C Kellogg - Opening Lines For Conversation

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David D Friend Pua Opener

David D Friend Pua Opener Cover
Hey, you seem nicelike you might make a nice FRIEND. Give me your number and I'll call you next week and maybe we can be FRIENDS.

Recommended books (free to download):

C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
David Deangelo - David Shade Interview Special Report
Tyler Durden - Plant And Stare Opener

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Top Leadership Tips Straight From The Experts

Top Leadership Tips Straight From The Experts
TIP! Live the vision of your cane. Use your company's foresee as a guide and hold company values into humdrum life.

You gain respect as a leader formerly you truthful care for others and work to help them become successful. Ability to teach others to become leaders. Exclusive fanatical is important; you're goodbye to find that this article will teach you how to become a great leader.

TIP! Conducting yourself in an just bearing is harsh, regardless of whom you are contract with. A truthful successful setup is an just one.

Straightforwardness is key to being a great leader. A leader essential habitually lead group members in a positive manipulation. If you are open with them, they will respect you senior. Eternally be honest formerly contract with your contemporaries being you can have an effect on them to be honest.

TIP! To the same degree you're a leader, you essential habitually make guaranteed that they feel loved. It takes only seconds or report to email or write a thank you, or to support qualities very, and it goes a long way in the eyes of others.

Care things simple essential be your goal all the same leading others. Replica guaranteed you aim on what is indeed input. Past this has been skilled, priorities can be set. Replica the work as simple as not obligatory. Leave yourself time to fantasy and feature your options, too.

TIP! Be as friendly as not obligatory. A lot of people think that trying to force others is what you can do to help them figure out that you're the one who is the condescending.

Your club are not psychics. Connect your prospect remedy formerly it comes to methods, time interface and strategy. Ability to remember that communication goes every ways. This way, club members will be used to coming to you for any clarifications they may need.

TIP! To the same degree qualities does good work, come up with the money for them with rewards. Still a person is paid for their work, it is still great to near incentives as ways to show great leadership.

Straightforwardness is input for a leader. A leader that's effective will need to be moral as well. As you build your leadership skills, try involved on uprightness and validity. To the same degree others identify you are able to be trusted, they will give you their respect.

TIP! Own up to your failures. Flat great leaders err from time to time.

You necessity be able to fleck talents in new people. It essential be easy to Christian name who can benefit you and in what way. That applies every to contracting people and hiring them.

TIP! Do senior listening than talking. Good leaders focus reverently, feature ideas thoughtfully and have the ability to read the messages that lie together with the lines.

A good way to better your leadership skills is to be chilly in your administrative. In the role of you're the leader, patronize decisions may come down to you. If the people on your cane near unconventional opinions on a matter, it is your job to make the right finding.

TIP! Synergy is an input term for a leader. You have to understand what your own personal goals are.

Ability to remember, no matter how good of a leader you are, you still have room for growth. Focus to others' suggestions and see if they may have a better idea than you do. You can get suggestions from them to better, butcher, or find issues with your aspire.

TIP! Dais by what you say. Supremacy useful that you have to be available mature for what you say and do.

Set cane goals high but make guaranteed they are not impossible to trickle. Job impossible goals just frustrates your cane. This strategy will moreover indication your lack of leadership skills.

TIP! Avoiding becoming obsessed with winning. In today's nominal world, highest things can be broken down into statistics on paper.

Try listening senior than talking. Good leaders identify that listening to their industry and to make somewhere your home disclose them is necessarily input. Focus to what people have to say. Focus to their praise, but focus to their complaints as well. Accelerate from each of your industry by ordeal their upshot about buyers and products. The superior of information you revitalization notwithstanding will excite you.

TIP! Athletic communication with the cane is key in order to be a great leader. Try to make guaranteed that you give your cane the right information they need to do their odd jobs, predominantly deadlines.

Never take yourself to be trounced with the have a desire for to win. In today's world it can be indeed easy to break down unconventional things into goals, stats, and spreadsheets. These things help to set up goals and hook success. By prize a single step forward and prize espy of success on a less important level, a person can become a achievement.

TIP! Leaders need to learn to reveal itself what is in their mind and what is getting total. Portray is a mood to neglect this recurrently.

It is major for a leader to communicate sound with make somewhere your home they consume. Be guaranteed that your cane knows all the highest achievement of any project they necessity shut down. Stretch to suffocate with them to buttress the project is square smoothly.

TIP! Mistakes essential be made out to be learning experiences more willingly of time for ruthless criticism. Discussing what went unsuitable and boundary this information with the rest of the cane can lead to ideas on how break off the lapse from taking place again in the far along.

Don't be a poor leader. It is input to identify how to be a good leader and what not to do. Direct out the right aspect, not the one that is habitually the easiest to pursue. All you need to do is make the right decisions.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pua Openers A Simple Way To Get Started

Pua Openers A Simple Way To Get Started Cover

Since the beginning of the seduction community one debate has raged on. Which is the easiest way to open a girl? Which opening line should be used? Which one should I use to get me the most success with women? How do I win at the PUA Game?

The debates started out simply with discussions over whether individual pick up lines were better for PUA training than any other. It wasn't long however, before the methods became more structured and different schools of thoughts developed. People started arguing over which was better RSD or Mystery Method.

Tyler from RSD began promoting the fact that it doesn't matter what you say only how you say it, we saw lines develop such as the by now infamous Salad Opener.

PUA Opener Example 1) "I like Salad, but I don't like crutons, see my problem?"

Then the PUA would simply wait for the girls response. If delivered correctly the girls would often jump into the conversation giving it a pretty high success rate.

Mystery PUA however had a different approach. The strongly believed in the power of the opinion opener, and not without reason. In "The Game" a Book by Neil Strauss the man opinion opener taught and still widely used today is the who lie's more opener.

PUA Opener Example 2) "Who Lies more? Men or Women?

Although it appears that Mystery PUA stumbled upon it himself by accident, a few years later the university of Chicago did confirm that the opening line that had the best result is one that does create an open ended question. Though they also did find that starting the conversation with a simple introduction did benefit this rather than just jumping in with the opinion opener as Mystery would teach. The line they suggested is below.

PUA Opener Example 3) " Hi, I'm (name), what's your favourite Pizza topping?

As times have changed, people have moved away from the old RSD vs Mystery Method argument. and moved towards a slightly less faction based argument to a more general discussion between the schools of direct game or indirect game.

A direct game opener for a pickup artist is one that lays all their cards out on the table when they first approach. One particular one which was can be seen on youtube under AFC Adam's channel is detailed below.

PUA Opener Example 4) "Hi, Excuse me, you seem really interesting, I've only got a few minutes as I've got to get back to my friends but I was wondering what's the best way of staying in touch?"

Variants of the Direct Opener involve giving extreme compliments or sexually suggestive statements and then not pushing for a close straight away though long term results of these approaches don't appear to be reliable as they often are met with the "I have a Boyfriend response"

The indirect approach is much more about getting to know the girl before you attempt to trigger attraction in her. This way you can come under the radar and don't have to worry about her judging you on first impressions. Every pick up line or opener which is not classified as direct is often referred to as indirect.

The recent history lesson in pick up aside, all openers can be classified into a few simple easy to remember titles. These are.

Functional - A line designed to represent a normal everyday situation that the asker needs help with.

Compliment - A pua opener designed to make the recipient feel good about themselves and notice that you find them attractive

Observational/ Situational - An opening line based on a current situation or event which is significant in some way

Opinion - A line where the pickup artist attempts to gain the other persons opinion on a particular topic. Traditionally the pick up artist asks for a "female opinion"

Routine - A pre written line designed to be memorised and used, although any line can be a routine, typically we use this to cover random lines which are designed to work on their delivery rather than the words. Such as the RSD one above.

Direct - A PUA line designed to illustrate a direct approach, pure truth of intention, where the confidence of the delivery plus natural attraction factors are enough to trigger attraction in the girl.

Introduction - Arguably the best of the bunch, where another person who typically knows the girl introduces and vouches for you being a great guy.

Learning how to use each and every different category of opener is the easiest way to ensure you're equipped to pick up any girl whenever you see her.

Recommended books (free to download):

Sean Nalewanyj - 7 Simple Steps To A Better Body
Michael Webb - A Better Way To Date

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Girls And Contraception Marius

Girls And Contraception Marius Image
"I asked some girlfriends "what's the first thing that pops to mind when they hear the word contraception?". To be more exact I asked 57 girls this question.

* 22 said "condom"
* 25 said "sexual protection"
* 7 said "the pill"
* 3 said "no babies"

Those 7 girls that said "the pill", they're all in a relationship. They trust their boyfriend so they consider this being the best contraceptive method for their sexual relationship.

From the 22 girls who said "condom", 13 of them have a boyfriend, but they prefer this method of contraception. When I asked why, 4 of them told me because "taking the pill can get you fat" and they don't want that. The others said they haven't discussed the subject with their boyfriend, they just started with the condom and kept on going with it.

Myths exists, and they influence peoples decision. Taking the pill doesn't get you fat. It's true some of them can increase your appetite for food, but that can be controlled.

I asked the girls who said "sexual protection", what do they mean by this? The majority said protection against STI's and unwanted babies, but there were 6 that focused only on the unwanted babies, on the STI's part, they weren't very concerned. They had the idea that "it won't happen to me. I don't know anyone who had/has an STI."

The thing is that you can't tell if a person has an STI just looking at him/her, and sadly people lie. Ignorance it's not the way.

The 3 girls that said "no babies" are concerned in both ways, unwanted pregnancies and STI's, but they said no babies, because getting pregnant would complicate their life a lot more. As what contraceptive they use, they all said the condom.

Contraceptive methods are there, and if you're informed enough you can decide which method you want to use, which one is best. They don't necessary take the pleasure away, they can even change the mood sometimes. From different condoms to pills, you can decide which one you want to use, but always take in account the risks that you are putting yourself to if you don't use one."


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Helen Ferry - Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Iucd
Helen Ferry - Emergency Contraceptive Pills

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Decoding Mixed Signals From Women In Singles Romance

Decoding Mixed Signals From Women In Singles Romance Cover
Are you confused about the signals you're receiving from a woman? Is she or is she not into you? Well, you're not alone. Millions of guys around the world are in the same boat especially when it's their first time to delve into singles romance. Women can be flirty one minute and detached the next. They might open up to their vulnerabilities but backs away when you try to help them out.

Guys end up puzzled about what they should do next in a singles dating. On one hand, they don't want to pursue a woman who clearly does not want them. But on the other hand, they are not really sure if they were rejected already. Fortunately, there are some singles dating tips that can help you out of this rut:

Should You Disclose Too Much?

Just like you cannot compare yourself to some other guys, don't assume that all women are the same. Certain types of women prefer macho guys while some love sensitive ones. Find out which category your date falls under to know your next move. If she loves macho guys, then don't disclose too much of yourself or show too much emotion.

But if she seems like the friendly girl-next-door type who is attracted to sensitive guys, then it might be safe to tell her more about yourself and your vulnerabilities. Just be careful about saying too much especially at the start of the singles romance.

Act Confident Even if You Don't Feel Like It

There are some girls who like guys who put them on a pedestal. They will entertain singles romance with these guys. However, if they continue to be her "subordinate", they will eventually lose interest. The flirtation stops and they look for other fishes elsewhere.

Bottom line: act confident even if you are intimidated by her attractiveness and popularity. Chances are, she will find it more attractive than if you follow her every wish.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Brian Caniglia - Getting The Most From Online Dating
C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 Toughest Questions For Men

5 Toughest Questions For Men Cover

Dating news - Toughest questions for men

It's true, men have it harder than women when it comes to relationships because women want to talk more often than men and that usually leads to trouble. Men have to answer the toughest questions. Women, of course, ask the toughest question.

According to James Huggins, here are the 5 toughest question men are faced with all over the world, all thanks to the women they are dating. And yes, "Do I look fat?" is one of them.






Is there any way that a man can answer these questions without sparking a massive argument? Not really, because even if a guy answers it with a loving voice and says something that is designed to make her feel better, she will find a way to start a fight.

And to be quite honest, I think that when a woman asks any of the above questions, she's actually looking for a fight.

If men were honest all the time, do you have any idea the kinds of fights that would be going on in homes and apartments all over the world right now?

Luckily there are ideal responses to these questions, although I'm not certain any would really work.


"I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you." (This, by the way, will never work.)




"Of course not!"


"Of course not!"


This is the all-time, no-win question.


Recommended books (free to download):

Michael Hall - The Uniqueness Of Ns Coaching
Carlos Xuma - The Seduction Method
Tyler Durden - Ev Questions

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Dating Tips For Men How To Read Her Body Signals Ii

Dating Tips For Men How To Read Her Body Signals Ii Image
Dating is an act that everyone engages in when they reached puberty or adolescence. There is a feeling that one needs to have a partner in life to be able to share the challenges and experiences with. For this reason, men and women have the same level of needs and interests and both want to find the right persons for each other. Women send subtle signals to men they are interested with and it will be easy for you if you are aware of these. Women are also generally attracted to some features that you can adopt for yourself. Check this article out for the second part of how women might display their interest on you.

This time, the focus in on the lips when dating. That part of the body responsible for communicating thoughts, feelings, ideas and interests. Lips can actually depict many things without even saying anything. Second to the eyes, the lips are considered as a strong visual signal when dating. Lips are made attractive by women through application of lipstick; they draw a person's eyes towards that area to get their interest. When you notice that a woman is constantly looking at your lips, it is a sign that she wants to be kissed.

The next signal that a woman may give while on the way to dating is parting her lips. When you see a woman's lips slightly part and she is looking at you, this means she wants to have a conversation with you.

Another dating signal sent is when a woman licks her lips, this would indicate that she has got the hots for you. This gesture is sexually enticing and used in fast speedy tease or foreplay. You respond by narrowing your eyes and looking towards her and then subtly touch your lips with your tongue as if to wet them. If the woman replies with a smile, it indicates she wants to talk with you so you hop on to the dating part already.

Smiling is a sign that indicates interest and pleasure. A full smile involves the whole facial muscles as well as the quality of the luster in the eyes. When dating, watch out if the woman smiles but the eyes do not shine, for she may be forced by the situation and not really agreeing with you on something. However, try your best to give your most genuine smile so that the same quality may be returned.

Laughing. When you are dating and you send the woman into fits of laughter, then you are on your way to a good time with her. Good humor, being happy with yourself and your current situation injects liveliness to your new relationship so bear this in mind. However, if women like you, no matter how lame your joke becomes they will laugh at it to show support. Be sure to catch on that. Being funny and happy breaks down barriers. This is a helpful dating tip you must never forget.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles

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Monday, February 21, 2011

41 Of Men Are Unfaithful

41 Of Men Are Unfaithful Cover
41% of men are unfaithful

Looks like men haven't changed much over the years when it comes to cheating, and the hotter and more successful a man is, the more likely he is to cheat.

What it all boils down to is that men are 33% more likely to cheat than women. Over 7,000 members of the free online dating site SMOOCH.COM were asked if they had ever cheated, and the results were:


The funniest part is that it was men between 18 and 24 were the _least_ likely to cheat. It could also be because they're not confident enough to take that step, but hey, I digress.

Another funny thing is that men over 60 were most likely to cheat. Damn that Viagra!

Other interesting stats from the survey include:

* 85% OF MEN WITH BEARDS ADMIT TO CHEATING. That's quite a number. I knew those bastards had something to hide.

You have to hand it to the guys though; they didn't lie to the survey, but there's a good chance there is someone they're lying to.

Read the rest at

Recommended books (free to download):

Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover
Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh
Peter Latourette - How To Meet Beautiful Woman

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Out Of Control

Out Of Control
Daniel opens his abode entrance to find Chloe standing gift. Flashback to heat. Chloe says, "Daniel... about final night... it didn't come about."

"The hell it didn't."

Brady finds John assembly out on a park counter in the glacial. John tells him he got void from the hypnosis.

Charlotte watches the coat of John under hypnosis talking about Marlena. She walks over and gets a couple of books the size of a small room. As she walks back to her escritoire, Marlena opens her hideaway entrance and Charlotte drops the books onto her table and knocks over a oil lamp. Charlotte lashes out at Marlena for barging in.

Maggie is at the pub and is all flustered. She tells Max Pilfer is being sentenced today. Max offers to go to court with her, but Maggie says Pilfer just wants her and Melanie to go, "But don't worry. Whatever happens, I'll supply it all over town by noon."

Melanie asks Phillip for the start off. Phillip reminds her the big Selection Generate Outline meeting is today. Melanie shrugs that off and plants.

EJ meets Pilfer in the courtroom, "Mickey couldn't make it, so I'm in the opposite direction to stand in for him."

"Thank God," says Pilfer, "I price the short-lived perceptive is off the table." Mickey says you're the best public prosecutor gift is."

"I receive the praise," says EJ, "but I'm appalling Mickey couldn't find the a good public prosecutor with a GPS and a flashlight."

"Now that I'm clean," says Pilfer, "I just can't dubious how this happened."

"You fell in with a bad shut down," says EJ, "People DOOL writers are a arrant band."

Nicole comes to see Mia. Mia wants to inform why she is gone. Nicole evades Mia's questions about her fianc'ee. Mia says no fianc'ee, no bargain.

John tells Brady they were in the hypnotherapy session for an hour and void happened, "It was unnatural how extensively it resembled being on an time of DOOL." Brady wonders if John really wants to get his memoirs back.

Marlena tells Charlotte she puzzles her. Charlotte closes her workstation to weed out the coat.

Stefano and Kate sit on the divan in the rumpus room. Stefano thinks Kate looks gleaming. "I'm still effectively from the radiation treatments," says Kate." He asks if she has considered his proposal.

"To the same degree proposal," asks Kate.

"The marriage proposal," says Stefano, "We sat right in the opposite direction on this divan and I asked you to join me. And as well as we partied like it was 1999."

"It was 1999," says Kate.

Kate says she notion Stefano wasn't substandard about that. Stefano assures her he was. Kate zones.

Stephanie is at the pub. The gal Phillip just told Titan can't bear without is performing her gopher duties and is gift to pick up sunburned for the company. Max tells her, "Nick's getting sentenced today."

Stephanie says, "All of his friends have to be with him."

"Stephanie finds out Melanie will be gift and begs Max to photograph her with him. Max goes for the car and Stephanie calls Phillip to tell him why Melanie wants to photograph the start off. Phillip acknowledgment her, "Lone make several you get us that sunburned or else gallivanting off to court."

Melanie and Maggie metamorphose into the courtroom. EJ asks them not to speak to Pilfer. Melanie tells Pilfer to hang in gift. Max and Stephanie jumble in. Maggie says she is glad he came. Stephanie tells Melanie she have to bring forth told Phillip why she was booty the start off.

"Where's my sunburned," asks Melanie."

"Have a go YE! Have a go HE! Blind date IS NOW IN Indicate. Regard as being KATHERINE FITZPATRICK PRESIDING!"

Nicole tells Mia, "My fianc'ee isn't coming at all."

Kate toys with Stefano. She says if she married him her life would change, "and that's not ugly." But she says she isn't established to make a consecration yet.

Stefano asks, "So you're going to position me suspended here?"

"I think you can get through it."

"Don't photograph as long as you did or else to get back with me," says Stefano, "DOOL may be off the air." Stefano says he knows gift is anyone very. Kate wonders how he knows about Daniel. "A man without information," says Stefano, "is a man without power."

"Kate asks, "If a man without information is a man without power, what's a man without a clue?"


Kate tells Stefano she and Daniel are just distinct friends, and that's all.

Chloe says she is gift to make several Daniel hasn't blabbed about their sharp tonsil-fest. "I haven't," says Daniel, "But marrying Lucas is a relentless puzzle."

"Are you thinking of marrying him, too," asks Chloe."

"To the same degree we feel for each afar is additional than an attraction," says Daniel, "That's why you came in the opposite direction. You may possibly bring forth called. You came to see me. To be with me. To feel... my touch." Quicker... closer... in for the kill. Garments fly and body parts feel shame.

Brady thinks he alleged the wrong gizmo. John says, "I want my memoirs back since Blondie is in my mind everywhere."

"If she's in gift," says Brady, "You don't need a back away. You need an exorcist."

Marlena says she is awed by Charlotte's circumstances but she is horrible by the fact that Charlotte not here her final job at Lehman College so abruptly.

Maggie sits on the stand and bawls and begs for beauty for Pilfer.

Regard as being Fitzpatrick declares the notes over, but Melanie jumps up and says she wants to talk. "Who are you," asks Regard as being Fitz.

"My name is Melanie Layton," she says, "It was my leave who was killed."

"In that case you may photograph the stand."

Daniel... Chloe... Luminosity.

Nicole tells Mia, "Acquaint with is no afar way to say it. You can never meet my fianc'ee."

Kate knocks on Daniel's entrance and breaks the mood. Chloe and Daniel outfit as Daniel stammers and tells Kate he'll be gift just as presently as he jumps into some wear. "Don't visit to put on a top," says Kate, "We haven't had a dissolute shirtless vision in being." Chloe hustles to the back and Daniel lets Kate in. Kate says she is gift to jump back his pager, which she find out after the party. Chloe eavesdrops. "Am I interrupting whatever thing," asks Kate.

"To the same degree gives you that idea," asks Daniel.

"The trail of underwear leading to the back room."

Melanie sobs and says she forgives Pilfer. "Trent's apparition appears and says, "Relaxed for you to say." Melanie begs Fitz to be unautocratic. She finishes her rapid speech and the judge calls a hiatus. Phillip watches.

Nicole gives Mia her sob story forced loss-making her sharp girl. She says she can't ever get having a baby again. She furthermore tells her about the "rubber cosset buggy bulwark". Mia says this is crazy and it's scaring her. Nicole assures her matter will be OK. Mia doesn't buy it. She tells Nicole to get out.

John says, "The same as I see Blondie I inform gift is whatever thing good gift. I will keep enthusiastic at this for her... and... by chance for some afar people too."

As Brady plants he tells John, "You continually went all out and you continually got what you pleasant."

"John asks, "Next how did I end up with Marlena?"

Charlotte says she not here her job to go home and care for her on its last legs leave. She criticizes Marlena for not staying in touch with him.

Fitz yield to the stand and says she was going to locking up Pilfer to life but has now reevaluated matter, in positive of the exaggerated pick up she has just heard, "So I'm going to locking up you to two to five living. Like good protocol you can get out in eighteen months."

Gasps and hugs all expression.

Phillip joins in tears Melanie, "Pilfer really owes you one. To the same degree you did was intolerably open."

Melanie asks, "So I've redeemed myself?"

"Don't be ludicrous."

Phillip tells Melanie he something else the meeting time and as well as he plants. Stephanie comes up and acknowledgment Melanie.

Pilfer acknowledgment EJ and as well as Melanie walks up. Pilfer asks, "Did you do that for Phillip?"

Kate and Daniel talk about their relationship and why it crashed and burned. She says she thinks Daniel seems discomfited, and as well as plants.

Chloe comes out, "Do you see what you are pretend to that woman?"

"I never pleasant this to come about," says Daniel, "But it has and... it's so out of own."

Charlotte says her leave never forgot Marlena and airplane mentioned her on the day he died, "He alleged, 'I'll be in paradise presently, which plot I never bring forth to see Marlena again.'" Marlena says she would bring forth more or alleged whatever thing if she knew he was ill. She apologizes for soreness Charlotte's feelings and gets up to position, "I would like us to be friends. We both want John to recover. We divide up that goal."

Just the once Marlena goes, Charlotte says, "At smallest one of us does."

Chloe says, "This is not never-endingly ever again. Translation: Daniel's back in the saddle."

"Divide up of me says to metamorphose prohibited from you," says Daniel, "A be bounded by afar part thinks that won't work." We can't bury our feelings. We bring forth to be honest. We can't just metamorphose prohibited from what we feel." Chloe hustles off.

Charlotte continues to watch the coat as John comes in. She subtly closes her workstation. John says he's established to go back to work. He asks to see the coat. Charlotte says it's not that easy and she doesn't think hypnosis will work.

John wrinkles his brow. "Premeditated of it as a crest squint, You can tell that after just one session?"

Charlotte reminds him, "I'm a competent professional."

"So was Benji," says John."

Charlotte says, "I don't think you will get your memoirs back."

Melanie says she notion if she got Nick's locking up feeble Phillip would be nicer to her, "But I imaginary what I alleged. You plus point a second grotesque. You are a really good person. Be good to yourself." hugs. Blubber.

Exterior, Phillip and Stephanie suck superficial.

Stefano toasts EJ as he yield to the mansion, "Starting place done!" EJ says it was Melanie's pick up that did the trick.

"Starting place I naturally assumed anyone from the Horton firm couldn't actually bring forth a successful case," says Stefano, "But your far afield is not bright, it's brilliant."

Nicole drops to her circuit and begs Mia to revisit, "All I'm asking is you give me the happiness I gone. Put away me your cosset. Put away me back my happiness."

"As they metamorphose off Phillip tells Stephanie, "I'm going back to the hideaway. Get that sunburned to us without delay or Titan will go down the tubes."


You can watch the previews second today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II have to be up no second than noon, Eastern Little.

If you enjoyed today's recap and haven't not here a permit in a what, fit cautious pretend that. If you aren't in a position to existing, support our advertisers. And you may possibly furthermore cautious transitory a observation. We enjoy those. Firm at it this way... I've otherwise read Prevuze. YOU are MY delight.
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Whats Considered Cheating

Whats Considered Cheating Image

Is it still cheating if my wife and I are separated? I hadn't had sex in over 3 months and then Cheryl showed up and before I knew it, bam. Does my wife need to know if we get back together?


That all depends on you, my friend. Cheating is not black and white - there are plenty of shades of grey and it seems you're knee deep in grey. If you think you can live with yourself and be content with your wife, then don't tell her. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

But if the guilt starts eating away at you, then there's no sense in being miserable with her. There's a good chance she'll leave you, but it's better than getting acid reflux and having a heart attack from the stress.

But before you decide what to do, imagine you were in her shoes. Imagine she slept with someone else while the two of you were separated. Would you want to know?


I am beautiful, single, smart and successful, so why can't I find a man? I'm pushing 40 and have yet to meet a man I think is worth spending my life with. Help me. What am I doing wrong?


You don't know how often I hear this song, Tess. There are plenty of single women out there who feel the same way you do. It's never easy to admit that you might actually be doing something wrong, though.

That's not to say that you are... on purpose, that is. When a man meets a woman who claims that she has it all and has done it all on her own, he wonders where the hell he could possibly fit in to your already perfect little world. As you go on and on about how you have it all, he wonders what else he could possibly provide you with.

I'm not saying you need to be a timid damsel in distress, but it's okay to be a bit vulnerable and let men see that you do want to share yourself with someone. Show men that you need them in some capacity. No one is expecting you to be a superwomen, except you.


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women
Denis Dutton - On Cold Reading
David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating

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Signs He A Man On The Rebound

Signs He A Man On The Rebound Image
There are quite a few labels that women are given that aren't very flattering; besides the usual "s" and "w" words, there are other less vulgar terms like home-wrecker and, the focal point of this article, the "rebound girl."

And being the rebound girl can be fun, but definitely not once the party's over.

Here then, are some signs that he's a man on the rebound and what you can do to avoid being the transition girl when it comes to a man on the rebound.


If he tells you the sob story about his past relationship and makes it clear that he was the one who got dumped, you can probably bet that he's rebounding. Especially if he got dumped yesterday (or some time close to that).

If you want to be more to him than an ear and a vagina, get him to stop wallowing in the past and show him that there's more to life than just one woman who ripped his heart out.

Don't be afraid to talk about the touchy things: Let him reveal what he wants to reveal and ask the tough questions about why she dumped him, whether he thinks he did anything wrong, and what he wants for the future. It's better you find out where he stands now rather than be led on for months before he leaves you.


If you get the feeling he's overplaying the relationship and always pointing out how awesome everything is, you're probably right. Chances are he's overcompensating for that emptiness he's feeling from his last relationship.

It's great that he appreciates that you're different from his last girl and maybe even that you helped him to get out of that slump he was in, but being over enthusiastic will not resolve his issues.

Step up to the plate and call him on his behavior. Let him know that it's okay if he doesn't feel fantastic every minute he's with you and that you understand that some days are better than others.


The first comparison he made between you and her was okay. You were even able to let the second one slide because, well, you came out on top once again. But after the third or fourth time, it's time you said something about it.

When it begins to feel like he's trying to convince himself that you're better than she is, then there's obviously an issue. You can either ride it out or make it clear that you're not happy about being compared to her constantly.

It's not abnormal to make "ex" and "current" comparisons by any means, but when it becomes a habit, you should mention that you're in the room and she's not.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

David Deida - The Way Of The Superior Man
Michael Hall - The Users Manual For The Brain

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