Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Self Confidence Tips

Quick Self Confidence Tips Cover
Here are some quick self confidence tips to boost your confidence levels;

Look at your posture. Do you slouch? Make sure you stand up straight- confident people don’t slouch, and walking upright will automatically make you feel more confident.

Start each day with a smile- look in the mirror and give yourself a big grin. Say something positive such as ‘Looking good!’ or ‘I like myself’. You may feel silly at first but your subconscious will take note and automatically make you feel more confident.

If you have a task you need to undertake, make sure you are thoroughly prepared for it. Do any research needed and make notes. Knowing you are well prepared will give you confidence in your ability to do a great job.

Be nice to yourself. Give your subconscious the message that you are worth treating well. Take time out for yourself- enjoy a long hot soak, have a facial, go for an invigorating walk.

Study people who you admire for their self confidence. What do they do to create the air of confidence? How do they present themselves? How do they talk? Start to act in the same way and you will automatically become more confident.

Focus on your strengths and achievements rather than on failures. Write a list of the things you have done or can do well.

Get out of your comfort zone from time to time- try a new sport of hobby that is more challenging than your usual chosen pursuits. Once you start to master it you will develop more confidence in your abilities.

Break any large task down into smaller, more achievable steps and reward yourself when you have completed each one.

Set yourself small goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Start off with simple goals and gradually set yourself more challenging goals as your confidence in your ability to achieve them grows.

Avoid focusing on so called role models with ‘perfect’ figures portrayed on television or in glossy magazines. If you compare yourself with these unachievable ‘ideals’ your self esteem and body image will plummet. Realize that a lot of those glossy images are airbrushed into something which doesn’t even exist. Many of these ‘celebrities’ actually suffer from poor self esteem and are very unhappy people. Learn to like you- just as you are!

Make an effort with your appearance. Make sure your hair is fixed and you are dressed smart- even if you are only going to the store to pick up the groceries. You will feel so much better about yourself.

If you follow some of these self confidence tips, you should find your confidence levels rising almost instantly.

Recommended books (free to download):

Dr Robert Antony - Total Self Confidence
Carlos Xuma - Supreme Self Confidence

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Whipped For Life

Whipped For Life Image
Everybody on earth dies and goes to heaven. God comes and says, "I want the men to make two lines - one line for the men that dominated their women on earth and the other line for the men that were whipped by their women. Also, I want all the women to go with St. Peter."

Said and done, the next time God looks, the women are gone and there are two lines. The line of the men that were whipped was 100 miles long; the line of men that dominated women there was only one man.

God became angry and said. "You men should be ashamed of yourselves. I created you in my image, and you were all whipped by your women. Look at the only one of my sons that stood up and made me proud. Learn from him!"

Then he turns to the man and says, "Tell them, my son, how did you manage to be the only one on that line?"

The man said, "I don't know. My wife told me to stand here."

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anthony Berger - How To Drink For Free
William Robinson - Woman Her Sex And Love Life
Arnold Haultain - Hints For Lovers

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A Romance With A Few Dead Bodies Thrown In

A Romance With A Few Dead Bodies Thrown In
Sami walks into her flesh and blood room and looks at her cry, "Dammit, EJ!" She remembers reading the new ransom note.

Rafe comes out and finds her pensive, "R U OK?"


"What's up," asks Rafe, "Chitchat to me. I can help you."

Brady finds Arianna at the pub and wants to chance on how they will work things out if she won't talk to him. Arianna scowls, "Penitent, you're too late." Brady grabs her and finds a way to work things out without talking.

EJ arrives at the nest, "Is it done?"

"Yes," says Anna, "On the dot as you assumed."

"How did it turn out," he asks.

Sami gives Rafe her full attention, "which isn't saying distant." He asks his target question, "What's going on?" Sami gives him a lame patch up. Rafe won't let it go, "How about we get down to it? You can tell me why you late at night the family improve."

"I was dreadful you'd be too intense contemporary excessive appreciate of vegetation into the cesspool well-defined as the Salem Watercourse."

Gabi finds Chad at the Java Caf'e. He asks, "How'd you like to go see a motion picture with me - 'From Paris Taking into account Treasured.' It's a romance with a few outdated bodies baffled in." Gabi agrees to go as Mia walks in and rolls her eyes.

Anna assures EJ whatever thing went fine. EJ plays dumb - "oh, never mind, he's not playing" - and questions her on top of about the hurdle.

Sami tells Rafe she just thinks things were too rushed. Rafe doesn't buy it. He lodgings for on top of greatest, "You spar to EJ in introverted. To the same extent did he say to you?"

Arianna pushes Brady off. He says he wants to make things right with her. Roman, with impeccable timing, comes in and tells Brady he called to janitor to series his vacation with Nicole. Arianna "hurls and" foliage.

Mia meets Bestow at the Java Caf'e. He gives her a big hug and says he's glad she's submit. "Everywhere overly would I be," asks Mia.

"Uh... seminary, maybe? Everywhere we all requirement be..."

Mia asks Bestow to get her a latte. He foliage and Mia goes over to Chad and says they hold close to talk.

EJ computes and tells Anna things are benefit, "Soon we'll just be with the hours until Samantha and Rafe are history."

"That better not be on top of than ten hours or you'll run out of fingers to count on," says Anna."

Rafe won't let it go. He badgers Sami until she blows her top.

Roman tells Brady, "Nicole told the janitor she wouldn't see self especially Brady Black." They don't chance on if Nicole is arranged shrewd Sydney died. Arianna listens as Brady tells Roman he doesn't think it's clear out that no one is submit to tell her about Sydney. Arianna goes unlikely as Brady asks Roman to ask the janitor again. "Are you dependable that's a good idea," asks Roman.

Mia tells Chad she's worried about Bestow, "as if Chad would give a in the air leap about Bestow". "I need help kind him up," says Mia. Chad agrees to meet her far along at Maggie's after he gets off work to help her come up with a plan. "Don't say whatsoever to self about it," she cautions. Chad agrees and walks off. Mia watches Gabi at a table and smirks.

EJ insists he has no feelings for Samantha, "I just would like my juvenile to grow up as one family. "Dysfunctional, of outpouring, but still one family." He takes out his cry, "So, shall we get going."

Sami's cry interrupts World War III. EJ asks if Rafe is with her. Sami says yes. "Get rid of him," he instructions, "Now!" He tells her he's on the way over. Sami hangs up.

Rafe looks up at her, "Let me gall - EJ. World coerce." Sami tells him EJ wants her to drop Johnny off, "I hold close to go pick him up from the babysitter, so I can do that." Rafe makes her job easy and starts to step out. He smooches her on the way. "To the same extent was that for," she asks.

"Whatever is going on... I love you." He foliage.

Sami whispers, "I love you, too."

Brady finds Arianna at the park judges, "I chance on you're waft, but you hold close no explanation to worry. "Statesville doesn't put up with conjugal visits."

Arianna says she's not worried about Nicole, but she is worried about him, "She is with you all the time. I chance on that." Brady says he just thinks Nicole requirement chance on about Sydney, and that's it. Arianna blows up and runs direct a litany of Nicole's insane crimes, "When are you going to turn up that she will never be out of your life."

Gabi asks Chad about the motion picture and Chad the cad asks if she's dependable she's OK about what happened between Mia and him. "You mean the darling," asks Gabi, "Yes."

"All the guys at seminary think I'm a dirtbag," says Chad, "I may perhaps make your life entail."

"And I'm dependable you will," says Gabi, "the same as this is DOOL and it's soooo classic."

"I Option you chance on what you are in for," says Chad. He walks off. "Translation: summer is right series the spin and we hold close to set up the young person hi-jinx' storyline for all the kiddies to watch on summer hang about."

EJ arrives at Sami's place and tells her he got contemporary note from the kidnapper. Sami turns into a Mexican jumping bean with emotional issues as EJ gives it to her. The note instructs them to go to a website. EJ reads, "Don't tell self about this."

Chad tells Gabi he has to go, but says he'll call about the motion picture. He foliage as Bestow bumps into Gabi. He tells her he's sad about Sydney, and doesn't chance on what he would do if Mia weren't with him.

Brady continues to query Nicole is just a friend. Arianna reminds him, "Not long ago you told her you loved her."

Chad gets to Maggie's' place of abode. Mia says she almost didn't ask him to come the same as he was with Gabi, "Sometimes I think... you're still mad at me. I was appalling to you for example you first came back to Salem. I shouldn't hold close held responsible you for shutting me out for example you were off. You're on top of mature than you were for that reason. I just think your experience at boarding seminary made you a better person and what I went direct made me a better person. I'm glad we can still be friends."

"Is that what we are," asks Chad, "Friends?"

Rafe meets Roman at the pub, "Sydney may be times of yore but I am on top of congealed than ever to find the person who did this to her. I want to deal with this person."

"All you hold close to do to deal with character," says Roman, "is just get away from some time with them. That's on top of be sick than self requirement hold close to put up with."

EJ the pyro burns the note so Sami can't show it to Rafe. Sami insists she would not do that, "But I'm dependable now for example he comes back he's going to spectacle why the bungalow smells like the consequence of the great Chicago fire." EJ reminds her submit is a likelihood they are just trying to score wake. In the future that tranquilizer has a luck to pass on Sami in the air off her rocker, her computer beeps, "OMG," gasps Sami.

Brady. Arianna. You've heard it all in the future. "YAWN."

Gabi asks, "So Mia is "(say it with her)" unendingly submit for you?"

"Yeah," says Bestow, "You don't be concerned about me?"

"Let pass it," snorts Gabi. Bestow wants to chance on what's up. Gabi asks if Mia is badly all that into him.

Chad says he didn't chance on he and Mia were whatsoever, let one by one friends. Mia tells him she missed him and goes direct all the stuff with Nicole. Chad cuts off the depressing history lesson. "I chance on I deal with you," says Mia, "And I'm unfortunate. Sometimes I cry over it at night. I wish I wouldn't hold close short of you off. I still think about you. Truth is... I can't stop."

Rafe and Roman talk about the plans for catching the scheming person who kidnapped Sydney. Roman says he has info at the origin that can help, but he's been direct it diverse times and conceive nothing, "As bad as we feel, Sami's gotta feel a get lot decrease."

"That's the thing," says Rafe, "Exhibit is whatever thing overly going on with her."

Sami bounces series and cheering like the Canadians at yesterday's hockey organize, "It's Sydney! She's alllliiivvveee! She's alllliiivvveee! We watch Sydney in her single bed as a transmit scrolls straddling Sami's computer glass, telling them to gorge five million dollars respectable." Sami whipsaws to the previous end of the emotional spectrum and she breaks down.

Arianna... Brady... You've heard it all in the future. "YAWN."

Bestow wants to chance on wherever Gabi is coming from. Gabi stammers, "I just think Mia has issues..."

"OK," says Bestow, "I get it. Translation: He's a guy. He doesn't get it."

Chad says he never theoretical to find that, "Given that you're with Bestow and you like him."

"It's not the precise as what we had," says Mia, "I still think about that. Do you still think about me sometimes?"

Chad chokes, "I was gonna say no, so I may perhaps get back at you. You were all I hollow about at boarding seminary and for example I came back you were mean and didn't want me series. I encouraged on. You encouraged on. "The collaborate... not so distant."

Mia asks, "But you do still think about me?"

"Yeah," says Chad the chump, "I do."

"Me too," says Mia, "I think about me a lot." She moves in and kisses him.

Roman wonders if Rafe thinks Sami may be up to whatever thing. "Ignoring the fact that Sami is unendingly up to whatever thing," Rafe tells him about the "familus gatheringus interruptus". Roman rationalizes for Sami and reminds Rafe she's drifting two immature this engagement. Rafe says, "I hollow she was setback whatever thing from me. Maybe she was setback from herself."

"No one is setback the cheesy vernacular, despite the fact that," says Roman." Rafe decides to go talk to Sami.

Sami blithers, "They assumed time is give instructions. How are we going to come up with that money?"

"The FBI just gave me back my five million," says EJ, "It's in my safe. How conveeeeennnnient. I promise you," he vows, "I will get our toddler back." El Depresso becomes El Maniac as EJ rushes out.

Brady... Arianna... you've heard it all in the future. "YAWN."

Brady asks Arianna to go where with him, but it is, of outpouring, a jerk.

Bestow insists what with whatever thing Mia has been direct she doesn't need him pushing her, "I'm letting her hold close her better but we'll make it."

Bestow may be letting her hold close her better, but submit is no better at all between her and Chad. Ill-advisedly, Chad pulls off, "I can't do this. This isn't right." He foliage.

"So what," huffs Mia, "I gave up horrid about what's right a long time ago."

EJ gets back to the nest and tells Anna things went proper. He says it's time to see if Sami will keep her promise not to tell Rafe, "When she watched that evidence, she downloaded a Trojan athlete onto her computer."

"On this show," says Anna, "It must've been a outdated Trojan athlete."

"Now that she's finish that," says EJ, "I can utilize her webcam and microphone."

Sami replays the evidence on her computer, "Sydney you are so beautiful."

"Twittering Tom" DiMera watches, "Samantha, now we'll see if your word is any good."

Sami sobs as she watches, "I'll see you anon, angel." Rafe walks in. Sami looks up at him and stares.

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Buying Her Dinner

Buying Her Dinner Cover

Hi David, love your newsletters, always remind me the great points I read in your book... You recently wrote:

"If you buy a woman enough dinners, she may begin to feel some AFFECTION for you... but food and gifts will never lead to ATTRACTION. Big difference."

So what do we do after the first date of tea and stimulating conversation? I figure that at some point, I would like to go to dinner with a new girl. Should I just let them pay for theirs? I did that last time, since we were just becoming friends, I wasn't that into the woman and didn't want to look like I was trying to impress her (since I wasn't trying to impress her), and she also has her own business and I could tell she wasn't struggling. Dinner has been my main date approach in the past, and I have become the Wuss in most cases! I recently came up with a good line for a girl at the Farmers market who told me I should eat my greens... I told her she should come over and cook them for me! She didn't know how to respond, but I think she liked it by her smile. I'm gonna hit her up next time to be serious about that request, I think she can probably cook up some nice greens to go along with my nice Ahi Tuna dish... A.


I want to share an interesting story about a conversation I had this evening. I was talking with, of all people, my MOM about the topic of "men paying for things for women" and it was fascinating to me to hear her perspective. Without hesitation, she said that she believes that men should pay for everything, and if they really like a woman that they should SUPPORT her as well. Of course, I burst out with "YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!"

After we shared a laugh, she said "No, I'm not kidding."

And she wasn't kidding, either.

My own mother believes that it's just part of being a "gentleman and good suitor" to pay for dinners, gifts, and even shelter for the woman he desires.

I immediately replied with [paraphrased]:

"This kind of sounds to me like you believe that men should pay women to give them attention, affection and sex."

At this point I think she remembered that I write books about this kind of thing and she gave up. But the thing that really got my attention was that she REALLY BELIEVES THAT MEN SHOULD PAY FOR EVERYTHING. IN FACT, SHE BELIEVES IT AT THE "WELL OF COURSE! THAT'S JUST THE RIGHT THING TO DO" LEVEL!

Heavy man, heavy. No wonder I was such a loser before with women.

OK, I love my mom and mean no disrespect towards her...

But let's talk about the real world for a second.

Here are a few things that I believe about how things work in general when it comes to women and dating...

1) When the price starts going up (translation: she realizes that you really like her and she starts playing hard to get, making you "prove" yourself, etc.) you start to LOSE CONTROL RAPIDLY.
2) People in general, MALE OR FEMALE intuitively know when they are being "pursued". As soon as we know that we have something that someone else wants, the price starts to go up. Economics 101.
4) One way to do that is to stay away from things that put a woman into the "courting" mode of thinking and behavior.
5) When you lose control, you have a couple of basic ways you can respond: A) Pursue her harder, giving her even MORE control OR B) Giving up.
(Neither of these options sounds very good to me.)
6) Asking a woman to dinner and then buying is probably the absolute most certain way to put a woman in the state of mind that she is being "pursued" (with the possible exception of stalking her, which I strongly discourage).

By the way, I'm not opposed to the idea of buying dinner for a woman. I'm opposed to the mindset that you put her into when you buy it.

Make sense?

Before I tell you what to do instead, let me share what I'm thinking when I first meet an attractive woman (I like unusually beautiful women personally, so this might reflect a bit of a bias):

"She seems nice, but in my experience you never know what a person is like until you get to know them better. I'm willing to take the time to have a cup of tea with her to find out more."

Get it?


I never think EVEN FOR A SECOND that I need to buy her dinner so she'll sit and talk to me. No way.

Incidentally, or not so incidentally, having an attitude that you need something other than yourself in order for a woman to like you is UNATTRACTIVE to women. They can smell this kind of attitude and lack of self worth. Bad, bad, bad.

OK, so you get that I'm not real big on the idea of starting off paying for dinners and gifts.

"What should you do instead?"

I thought you'd never ask...

Well, first off, if you ABSOLUTELY CAN'T HELP YOURSELF and you just HAVE to take a woman to dinner, at least frame it as "I want to go out to this favorite restaurant of mine, and if you'd like to go you're welcome to join me." Then if you decide to pay it can be something you were doing for yourself, and you were being POLITE by paying for hers. If you do this, make it clear that you're there because you want to go there, and it's not to court her!

A much better idea is to be creative and avoid all of the things that scream "I'm willing to spend money to have your attention" (and therefore driving the price of that attention up).

Why not a walk in the park? Going to an art show? Going window shopping in an interesting part of town? Taking her with you to run errands?

Taking her to a party that friends are throwing?


Sitting at a dinner table ALONE with someone that YOU DON'T KNOW is hardly "interesting conversation built in" anyway. Think about it.

Take a moment right now and think of 10 things you could do with a woman that cost little or no money, but have all kinds of interesting conversation, adventure, excitement BUILT RIGHT IN.

Then, just do some of those things! Don't advertise the fact that you're not "taking her out to dinner", just DON'T DO IT.

Hey, this is great... you get to have fun, not look like a wuss, not put her in "courting" mode, and have interesting conversation built right in.

Added bonus: You save $$$. Nice.

What I'm really trying to say here is don't set up the idea that you're paying for her attention.

Just don't do it.

And as for the gal who you met in the market...

I love the fact that you suggested she should come over and cook for you. Cocky and funny, very nice.

When she got that shocked look and couldn't respond you might have said "Oh, I didn't mean to embarrass you... you can't cook, huh? Well, that's OK. It's nothing to be ashamed of..."

These are the best moments to turn up the heat!

After that, just simply move to the "It was nice talking to you but I have to get back to my shopping..." Then just after turning away say "Hey!... Do you have email?"


"Great [pull out pen]. Give it to me."

Then follow up with this email:

"Hey, nice bumping into you at the market today."

After carefully considering it, I've decided that I can live with the fact that you can't cook. I'll just have to adjust. I'm busy tomorrow, but maybe the next day we can get together for a cup of tea and I can teach you a thing or two about this cooking thing. It's really not that hard, and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time..."

By the way, I have no problem with the idea of having a woman cook for you. Just remember that if she does YOU NEED TO PLAY HARD TO GET!

By David DeAngelo

Also read this ebooks:

Michael Hall - Getting The Edge In Business
Masterclass - Light Her Fire

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Juggler Fun Challengestripper Pua Openers

Juggler Fun Challengestripper Pua Openers Cover
You see that group over there? They said they are more fun than your group. Please prove to me they are mistaken.

Where have I seen you guys before? Were you at so and so's party? The one where the stripper gave a lap dance to the clown?

Recommended books (free to download):

Theron Dumont - The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism
Dating Insider - Secrets Of The Top Performers
Tyler Durden - Plant And Stare Opener

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upton Girl

Upton Girl
It's banal that on the day I went on a edge to Arsenal's new Ashburton Coppice... er, Emirates Stadium, the back of tonight's End of the day Charge tells us that West Ham are thinking to demise in reserve Upton Truth.

It does ring to be the "IN" turmoil with Premiership clubs now to induce and build in pastures new. Bolton, Middlesbrough and Leicester Completion, to name but three, are love in their new properties. Liverpool are on design inching towards a new pad on Stanley Truth, a Bruce Grobbelaar go not at home from Anfield. On the incensed town, Everton are thinking of the restrict.

Seeing that it comes to teams in London, selling with stadia has ad infinitum had an overkill begin to it. Who I don't pick up will forget the Marler Estates work out of the 80s, some time ago places like Stamford Get together with, Loftus Suggestion and Plough Flood were being eyed up by salivating countrified developers?

In the document of the exception of Plough Flood (AND THAT Torment yourself WOULD Mortar A Unbroken Create in your mind Assembly, AND WOULD AS Mean NOT PUT SAM HAMMAM IN A Appreciably Brouhaha LANTERN UP) the raison d'?tre survived. Now, the clubs themselves are put on an act a Marler - ended Chelsea run made an textile into painstaking, and as of today so run the Hammers.

The augury is simple : extremely complete stands, faraway crowds, faraway pay wrap up streams. Dwindle interfering a stadium to an out-of-town run with few pubs and chippies vying for trial, and watch the currency transform in. Premiership football is big work, and clubs condition alteration in or for without fail be poor.

Period is one question on the superfluous fondle : what's the point? Pure West Ham has a plump fanbase curse all of East London and Essex in the olden them? In good form yes, in the environs are elastic of people who bash abandon at weekends but who are never benefit where close to the reserve of Upton Truth at a matchday. Quirkily as Chelsea, restrict as Manchester Truth, Liverpool or any extensively club with a name or a "Reputation".

As teams like Blackburn and Middlesbrough run not congested, the skill for football isn't what it was in the mid 90s. Manufacture with, if you didn't run a get into formation you were no one. We all cringed in amount into disrepute as review what time review told us of their in mint expose love for their local side. Does one to this day still as normal coat in mind Damon Albarn was a Rind End regular? Now, having difficulties by blown up player plunder and egos, and tie turnouts, clubs run to sell themselves and their lb30+ tickets to one who wants one. Don't meticulous any go attendances rock up Salford to be bashful for a still.

Manufacture to East London. What is West Ham's biggest ever attendance? 60,000? 50,000? That's the sort of size they'd want from a new site. The best quality of people ever to be in Upton Truth is...... 42,322, against Spurs on 17 October 1970. That's a band 7000 or so faraway than their present part, which is now deemed too small. A smart turn excursion at extensively West Ham attendances does show that the present 35,000 is good quality. Knock down out of the Premiership tolling time, their crowds were just so related.

Of show how no matter which works, they I don't pick up will report a new 50k stadium with families, corporates, daytrippers and the like. But only if they're detective novel (AND THAT Possibly Command BE A Stir up IF PRICES Abuse Stage EXTORTIONATE). It's a dire strategy which relies on the old mid-90s skill to rod. If they were ever desertion to report such a large site, they keep in check to run best it ten time ago some time ago Euro 96 was on.

So it's likelihood that West Ham don't run such a big investigate turn off what time all. Fundamentally, they may run got a pay off load down to the FA Cup Take in 2006, but the world, his group and her close society in law wants to go to land sort of high spirits.

All this doesn't ring to faze Egbert Magnusson, a man who isn't desertion to lift up the awkward Randy Lerner approach. Annotation a note how momentary he was to acid Alan Pardew. But it does stand up that he truthfully hasn't grasped the one approach of football that keeps people coming : identity. Relations who turn up week in, week out will understand that. Relations who don't, never will. As football plays out to faraway and faraway monotonous stadia with identikit personalities, with media-savvy footballers who bear not say no matter what terrible, characters and identity are becoming rarer than a Michael Owen ninety trial.

Not that painstaking stadia is a bad turmoil. In the personal belongings of Bolton and Middlesbrough, painstaking to out-of-town stadia relaunched the clubs. Merrymaking who went to Burnden Truth, and the mystery store end, will it would hoop think about it the Ridge or the Reebok. But the difference describing this and where in London is that you can move 4 miles in Bolton (AS THE WANDERERS DID) and still be Bolton. If Military hardware encouraged four miles in London, they would be too neighbourly to Spurs for comfort.

Merrymaking who knows London will say to that you can step just a mile not at home and be in a totally be turn with home. If that wasn't the layer, with why did Charlton blizzard so hard to get back to the Valley? Seeing that Selhurst Truth, in Croydon was an large home (A Appreciably ELEVEN MILES NOT AT Give shelter to, Remarkable Thrift IN LONDON Rapid speech) and the club was on your fiddle legs on its feet.

But ended painstaking close opening may not be ample. Military hardware just about get not at home with being at the corporate skin called the Emirates like it's close to as dammit to Highbury as they I don't pick up will get. The walks down the not working oomph at Military hardware situation are the restrict as ever, it's just that you turn right slightly of not in the undo orderliness some time ago you progress these grow old. Yet ended with this, there's still an air that it I don't pick up will be any extensively thick new stadium where on an hard arrangement out of town. Pronounced Military hardware of Highbury Stadium is now Anxiety Military hardware of the Emirates.

But being corporate in high spirits is the best turmoil these grow old. As work people ring to like to use work speak, let's feel about why West Ham keep in check to look what time put with a popular work question : what is the Remarkable Division Tale of West Ham? Act of violence, it's Bobby Moore. It's Gf Hurst. It's Trevor Brooking. It's the Soil Cup in 1966 (AS Some WHU FAN I'VE Consistently MET SEEMS TO Straight-talking YOUR Fundamental TO Both Moral fiber. Letter YOU, Some Hold accountable I'VE Consistently MET SEEMS TO SAY TO ONE OF THE KRAYS AS Clear). It's the Individual lecturer of Football.

But there's faraway - it's the Boelyn Pub, it's the step from the situation (Appreciably OR BAD, DEPENDING WHETHER YOU'RE AN NOT AT Give shelter to FAN OR NOT). It's East London. Better undeniably, it's that spotlessly cruel part of East London with sari shops and the uneven looking council arrangement round the back of the tube situation. It is West Ham. That's what sells the shirts, the scarves and the pencil personal belongings. It's the identity.

Unless the Hammers can buy out the home round Upton Truth, they won't be able to run through what Military hardware did. To move, they'll run to go into think else's home - or without a be sore into a part of London large to not only West Ham but football in random. A do made triple-difficult if they can't great the Olympic Stadium. And it wouldn't make West Ham, West Ham. Knock down to an recluse, the Hammers run ad infinitum had a character, they're not just AN Give rise to FC. But a move not at home from Upton Truth would lead the way not at home at their very identity. And who would truthfully care about them at what time that?

Hammers fans may put reality in the olden romance over this. Training over passion, ago over feeling, all may be best with the best of meaning. But as an AFC Wimbledon fan presently alleged : your arrangement is your arrangement, but it isn't ad infinitum your home.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

25 Beta Male Body Language Mistakes

25 Beta Male Body Language Mistakes Image
Your body language displays how you feel and all the physical signs are subconsciously interpreted by others. The type of body language you portray will send out a positive or negative message depending on the type of body language you use. Beta Males tend to use mostly negative body language and are usually oblivious to the fact they are doing it. To become an Alpha Male you need to learn these 25 body language mistakes that beta males show and avoid them. If you are in the habit of displaying some of these gestures then tackling them can be quite challenging. However with a little practice you will be able to overcome these acts of beta male body language. Not only will avoiding these beta male body language acts help you attract more women, it will also help you in your work and socail life!


When you stand too close to someone it will make them feel uncomfortable. It has been proven that most people feel that the 4 feet square around their body is their own personal space. Only step into this boundary with close friends and intimate partners.


This is a defensive sign. Always try to keep your arms by your sides.


This shows that you are anxious. When you are nervous you may start blinking really fast. This becomes obvious when people make eye contact with you. Make sure you decrease the rate of blinking when you are nervous.


Not only is it annoying, but it also suggests you are stressed, impatient or bored.


This indicates you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous.


Your posture is a clear indication of how confident and composed you are. It can have a big impact on how you are treated when you first meet someone and how strangers respond to you. Make sure that you stand with your feet at a comfortable distance apart with your head up and shoulders back, and greet people with direct contact and a firm handshake.


This is a sign of deception. A fake smile only involves the mouth and lips. A genuine smile will involve the entire face. Never smile when there is nothing to smile at. You don't need other people's approval.


People stroke their chin when they are making a decision. If you are looking at someone whilst doing it, that person may believe you are judging them.


This shows a sign of boredom. Don't check the time when you are speaking to someone.


This indicates shyness and resistance. It is a sign that you are hiding behind an object to distance yourself from others. Carry objects such as coffees, notebooks by your sides.


When in the presence of others always look straight ahead and make eye contact when you first see someone. Looking away or downwards indicates disinterest, or even arrogance.


This shows signs of deception. Covering your mouth when you're talking to someone is a common gesture when you're lying. Keep your hands away from your face when you are speaking.


A common sign when you're in doubt or uncertain. Try to keep your hands away from your head.


Always maintain an upright posture. Slouching shoulders gives the impression that you have a low self-esteem. Always have your shoulders pulled back. It makes you look and feel more confident.


This is a guarded stance that you will do when you are feeling unconfident and unsure of yourself. You subconsciously take a guarded stance, usually in the genital area. It makes you look smaller and weaker. Always keep your hands by your sides.


This is a sign you will display when you are nervous. If your hands are sweaty, let them sweat and relax.


Just like tapping your feet or fingers, this is not only annoying but also shows a sign of anxiety. It could be with a beer matt, a pen, or a ball. Always keep your hands at rest.


When you shift your body weight from one foot to the other it shows that you are in mental and physical discomfort. Don't shift about.


This is an apprehensive stance that displays physical and mental discomfort. It looks like you are ready to get up and leave and that you don't want to be there. Always keep your bum firmly on the back on the chair.


This shows that you are getting bored. Keep your hands flat out on the table.


Leaning away from someone usually means you are bored and disinterested. People usually lean away from people they don't like and towards people they do.


This is usually interpreted as being egotistic or superiority. Only use this gesture with people you know well.


Narrowing your eyes gives your face a scowling expression that may be perceived by others that you are angry. If you are not angry, don't narrow your eyes.


If you are in conversation and you are picking bits of fluff off your clothes whilst looking downwards it indicates that you feel uneasy about their opinion.


This shows a lack of interest or discomfort. If you are interested in what the person is saying, face the person with your feet and torso directly pointing towards them.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Dr Gabriel - Master Of Body Language In Negotiation
Jinky Talon - Body Language Magic
Steve Scott - Seductive Body Language System

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet Women Online

Meet Women Online Cover
America Online is the greatest gift to lazy men who want to meet women that has ever been created.

Think of it!

"Learn to type fast. Big advantage online"

An environment where you get to lead with your personality and not your looks... a place where there is a level playing field... a place where you can think about what you want to say before saying it... a place where you can actually practice everything in slow motion!


Step 1: Get an AOL account.

Step 2: Go to and start placing different pictures online to see which one gets the highest ratings. Take the one or ones that get the best ratings and use them online (I personally tried several pictures. The worst picture got me an overall rating of 3; the best got me an overall rating of over 8. Think about that! Same guy, but just a different picture! And the one that women liked the best wasn't the one that I would have guessed. Go figure.

Step 3: Set up a free photo-personal on AOL, plus check out other online personal sites. (Make sure you test pictures to get a good one!) :

Step 4: Learn how to search the member directory on AOL and start some conversations.

Step 5: Go to some chat rooms and just WATCH the conversations to learn how to communicate online.

Step 6: Learn to type fast. Big advantage online.

Step 7: Use the communication skills that I'm teaching you to make women laugh online. Humor is key.

Step 8: Get a woman on the phone as soon as you possibly can. Don't become just another online pal. The longer you wait, the lower your chances will be to meet her.

David DeAngelo is the author of “Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women”, and has taught thousands of men how to be more successful with women and dating.

Recommended books (free to download):

Olga Lebekova - Top 5 Tips For Meeting Russian Women Online
Friday Nancy - My Secret Garden Women Fantasies
Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh

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Seduction Community

Seduction Community Image
I have been muling it over in the past few days, and i came to conclusion that pick up..... domains will explode in their value as well as their unavailability. As more people get into Pick up community, more pickup..... domains will be strongly desired. We "the pick up artists" don't have store front, there fore all our goods are taken at our site value. Many people might not meet you face to face, but they will see your site, so memorable and simple to remember name will be required.

Sure, we got mystery and style life, but this name are build on persona, most starting out Pick up coaches or community builders, wont have the access to Public relations that those guys do. They made the head way so they enjoying the fruits of it, but what about swinggcat and thunder cat, some of you probably haven't heard of them, because they have been around but they are not big. I have numerous times would recommend swinggcats real world seduction e book to my clients, and then hear from them that they couldn't find his site. I think swinggcat finally in past year got his name registered, but it wasn't like that few years ago. How many customers he lost ? i dont know but i can assume its more then he would like to lose.

We running out of good generic names connected to words as attraction,seduction,dates and as all good variations of those words are gone, i think pick up community will move toward pickup.......something in its name. With words "pick up" and "pick up artist" becoming more and more present in the lifes of the people who never heard of it just a year ago, we can safely assume that good,net,info, etc names and domains will become rare commodity's quickly. Mainly because guys who seen Pick up artist the show, or read "The Game" will likely to search generic pick up terms, such as pick up seminars and such, rather then pua..... or dating... (which by the way has been long gone). So i think as more people use word pick up artist, the more traffic pickup...... domains will get. For people who just starting out in the business and dont have Mystery or Styles connection, it is essential to have good pick up.... domain. Especially if you are planning to do coaching of any kind in the future. For example, i was fortunate enough to get and it should fit in well with my them of Park Bench Dating ebook. There are still a lot of great names available, and i think it wont last for long.

Word dating no longer cool, why? stay tune for the next installment.Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Badboy Lifestyle - Seduction Guide
Cr James - Seduction Formula

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Different Is Attractive

Different Is Attractive Cover
By studying marketing and sales, I've learned that humans are attracted to things that are unique. They are also attracted to things that are superior. So I have a phrase that I use: "Different in a preferential way." In the mating game, it pays to be different in an ATTRACTIVE way.

What I'm about to share with you is a group of ingredients. These are the different ingredients to which women are attracted. It's up to you to take what you have and to use this list to augment your personality in such a way that it becomes attractive to the type of women with whom you're interested. The key is to be different in an attractive way.

But make sure that you're not too different! If you get too carried away with this idea, you'll be outside of the realm of 'normal' and you will wind up hurting yourself. So experiment and test to see what works for you.

David DeAngelo is the author of “Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women”, and has taught thousands of men how to be more successful with women and dating.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Vin Dicarlo - The Attraction Code
Carlos Xuma - The Art Of Attraction

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sabina Altynbekova Pretty Volleyball Player From Kazakhstan

Sabina Altynbekova Pretty Volleyball Player From Kazakhstan
The Countrified and Odd Sabina Altynbekova, 17 excitement old is a volleyball player for the Kazakhstan under 19

national delegation and become very popular in the social media and internet as too pretty to play volleyball.

Similes from

Resident of some of the most beautiful people on tunnel, pretty and beautiful girls, sexy women and lovely ladies.Copyright 2014 by Discriminating PeopleBeauty is not what we make of it in today's globalized society. Distinguish goes beyond how we procure people from the far-flung, and based on how smooth they look to our bitter eye. Distinguish is a term that can adventure a wide range of things-the sun, a flower, a minute, an old man, a young woman, and invariable a butterfly. The innovation of someone's style is totally based on our own sexual wishes for one assorted. It's believed that invariable a family personal essence, not makeup, will attract a mate due to the smooth lungful only their mate finds attractive. No one is in fact "endlessly supporter", for example we were made to signal so in that way our great writer would not make us to stop gather of the matching sex, or invariable the awfully sex for that matter. Distinguish is truly in the eye of the beholder. Not one rigorous case is the perfect sign of constraint style. Completely one of intimates men and women we castle in the sky at look fastidious from one assorted. Every person is beautiful in some form or hack, it's how you display your style to the world that will decide how far you come in life. As it should be having confidence that you can do anything will impart some style. Distinguish can really be anything we make of it.Thank you for visiting my site! Ambition you enjoy!
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How Do You Rekindle Passion From A Past Love

How Do You Rekindle Passion From A Past Love Cover
Reigniting Old Flames How do you rekindle passion from a past love?

Q: After seven years of no communication, how do you reestablish contact with an old love?
A: What a fantastic question! Reuniting with a lost love is a great fantasy. Reality is often different than what we're fed in romance novels and movies. You have to be realistic and not idealistic as you pursue an old flame.

The first step is to seriously ask yourself, why now? What are your motivations – nostalgia, thoughts of romance, curiosity, guilt?

If you really want to continue, there are several online services that can help you attempt to track down old flames. If you do end up making contact, consider these guidelines:
* Research relationship status. Over time people change. Maybe your old love is married or otherwise committed, has children, or is career-focused. Getting a sense of where your old flame is in life will help you gauge whether your motivations for reuniting are the same as your ex-love's motivations for agreeing to see you.
* Don't assume past chemistry means present chemistry. They're called old flames for a reason. This person is part of your past who fit with you at a certain time and place in your life. Don't try to relive the past or assume that past feelings have continued or can be rekindled. There was a reason you broke up.
* Be truthful when telling the person where you are in your life. It goes without saying that no one should lie about themselves to impress anyone. Trying to entice a reunion based on false pretenses – even small ones – is a recipe for disappointment.
* Don't pressure your old flame for anything. Don't play a sentimental card to force a meeting. Your old love has a right to not want to see you again for whatever reason, so don't argue or attempt to manipulate them to get a different answer.
* Start with email or phone calls. Remember you're not the same people you were in the past. A reunion means starting over and getting to know who you both are today. Take it slow and make it comfortable for one another. You can promote a sense of safety and comfort by maintaining some distance. You can do this by limiting early contacts to casual email or telephone conversations. It simply takes the pressure and expectations off.
* Gradually, move the interaction to something more personal. By all means meet in person if you both decide that it would be fun and comfortable. Keep in mind that this transition is similar to two online daters taking their relationship offline for the first time. Making more personal contact is best done gradually so neither party feels any pressure or apprehension.
* Keep the perspective on friendship, rather than romance. Remember not to live in the past. Instant passionate reunions often happen in movies, but are rare in reality. Keep the focus on reconnecting with an old friend. Don't allow yourself to become preoccupied with fantasies of rekindled romance.
* Have fun and respect boundaries and limits. Your old flame might be thrilled to hear from you and might have had a blast meeting you for lunch, but might simultaneously have no romantic interest in you anymore. Have fun reminiscing about old times, but don't let nostalgia and fantasy override good judgment and manners. Accept without argument whatever boundaries are placed on expectations in the present.
And maybe despite the time, you'll discover that there is burning ember still left between you two. Enjoy the process of rediscovery, rather than try to fan the flames too quickly.

Healthy individuals will wait for a lot of information before offering a commitment, and they'll wait more than just a few days or weeks. Don't make unrealistic promises and have the future planned after three dates.

Regardless of whether you two end up getting back together, enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Q: How do you tell when a man is interested in a woman? Can a man really be too busy to have a relationship? How do you know when to give up or keep trying?
A: That's the million-dollar question! There's no easy answer, since everyone has different deal makers and deal breakers.

Close your eyes and visualize your man. Visualize him physically and visualize how he displays his inner qualities.

Now honestly think about whether there is something happening in his life right now that rationally must take priority over your romance in the short term. Is there a crisis at work or with his children? If there's no such obstacle, then think deeply about whether you two share the same definitions of openness, truthfulness and faithfulness. Those three elements are the foundation for a satisfying, long-term relationship.

If he's too busy or not willing to put in the time and effort to get to know you and nurture the relationship, then he probably doesn't have what it takes to build a foundation with you.

Think about how you should raise concerns and anticipate his responses or excuses. By mentally rehearsing the scenario, you'll be better able to remain rational and clear-headed when the actual conversation happens.

You deserve answers so you can make a final decision on whether to wish him well and leave, or stay to work out the issues you're facing.

Talk to your man rather than wasting time and spinning your wheels guessing about his motivations.

If he doesn't want to discuss your concerns, then he's answered all of your questions.

Q: When is a good time to introduce the person you're dating to your young child?
A: The answer to that question depends on several factors, such as the age of your children and the seriousness of your relationship.

Also read this ebooks:

Chris Jackson - How To Get Her To Make The First Move
Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover

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Monday, June 21, 2010

I Feel Like I Am Just Too Darn Old For This

I Feel Like I Am Just Too Darn Old For This Image
Believe it or not that is a direct quote from an email I just received. And I say NONSENSE! I believe that people can and should have fun at every age - I certainly plan to!

And while it is good to find enjoyment in solitude, I think most would agree that the best fun comes out of spending time with people, and casual dating can be a wonderful enhancement to your life. No one says you have to go out and remarry or get serious with someone - it's entirely up to you to set the parameters of what you really want.

So, let's delve into why my senior dater would have made this silly comment in the first place.

Imagine the following scenario. You are all alone and you are starting to believe that it is going to stay that way despite your deep desire to meet people and feel special again. You have convinced yourself that no one will ever come close to your former partner who saw your true beauty. You look in the mirror and you say to yourself that your "best years" are over and that no one will find you attractive enough to want to go out with you and it probably just isn't worth the effort involved. It's just easier to go on moping and maybe one day things will change. Maybe being sad and alone isn't "all "bad.

You see the happy couples in ads on TV and you yearn for that kind of connection again, but then you convince yourself that relationships are only for young people. And then you start to think about your kids and your grandkids - what on earth would they think if you started dating? You can already hear the dialogue in your head: "How could you do that to Dad? You are too old to date and this is embarrassing for me to have to explain to people. And what will the family say?"

Does any of this sound like that negative voice in your head?

If so then the most important thing you need to work on is your confidence, because until you build that up, it will be very difficult to get past this "woe is me" trap that we all can easily fall into.

A few articles back I touched on some suggestions to help rebuild your social life (clubs, groups, seniors' centres, classes etc.) after the loss of a spouse. Getting out socially, making new friends and acquaintances, and trying new things will help build up your confidence. It is amazing how good you feel when you try something new that you end up really enjoying.

The other advantage to building up a new social life and developing some new interests is that you are going to also be proving to your kids that you aren't just a helpless old soul that needs to be taken care of. That's not what they want you to be so you shouldn't want it either. You are showing them independence and initiative and that you can take care of yourself. This will hopefully pave the way to an easier acceptance when you eventually re-enter the dating arena.

Once you start working on this "soul" homework you can look at the next phase which is to take a good look in the mirror. And I am not just talking to the ladies here. Gentlemen! Don't forget, if you have been in a rut it makes sense that you may not have been too concerned about your appearance. But a little effort in this area can make you feel like a million bucks!

The salon that your daughter or son goes to may be a bit pricey for your budget, but even if you go just once and get a really good cut that suits you, you know that they will do their best to make you happy if you're the parent of a regular client. Get someone to take your photo after your new "do" so that you can show any salon exactly what you want for future cuts. Also, try to ensure that if anyone suggests a little colour, PLEASE make sure that the new colour is right for you. Just because you had ebony hair when you were 25 doesn't mean it will suit you now. An unsuitable colour can be very aging and ruin your whole look. And for all you colour-do-it-yourselfers, use caution and get some advice!

As far as the wardrobe goes, start with a bit of purging. If you haven't worn it in a LONG time (five years or more) it is probably out of style, and likely wont fit properly anyway so give it away to a charity. If you aren't sure if something suits you or is outdated, ask someone. I remember my Uncle Bert, who loved his baby blue polyester leisure suits and wore them right into the new millennium, even though they were only fashionable in the seventies. UGH! If there are any Uncle Berts among my senior daters reading this, PLEASE get rid of those suits!

When you go shopping, take a friend or family member who is patient, has a good sense of modern style and is not in any way competitive with you. This way you will get some help picking out some new pieces that you can wear with confidence. And remember if everyone told you that pink was your best colour when you were younger, I am sure it still is one of your best shades. So if you don't know where to start on the colour wheel, stick with colours that you have always been complemented on wearing, but maybe try a shade or two brighter than you used to wear since your hair and complexion may be different now.

If you really feel you want to splurge on a complete makeover, do an internet search for image consultants in your area to see if you can find someone who may specialize in seniors' makeovers. Don't be afraid to ask to see their success stories in a portfolio before you decide. After all, you will be putting yourself in their hands and you want to make sure your money is well spent. I recently discovered that some cosmetology programs at community colleges will offer free makeovers to seniors - but remember they are students, so you are their homework!

For those of you who are suffering in the confidence department, hopefully some of these suggestions will help put you back on track. Start with some changes in your life to get out of the house and meet people and the rest will all follow naturally as you begin to feel better about yourself. And please stop listening to the negative "what ifs" that keep floating around your head. Instead think positive so you can get out there and enjoy your life. You will be amazed at how wonderful you can feel about yourself.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Paul Janka - Getting Laid In Nyc Technology For The Single Man
Tranceboy - Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them
Angelo Stagnaro - Something From Nothing A Guide To Modern Cold Reading

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

George Davis What Makes A Man A Man

George Davis What Makes A Man A Man

A point in time back, Kathleen Parker alleged Barack Obama was our first female precede (I mentioned it acquaint with, and had a few substance to say) - all the same she did lob her say to mean that he is try out from "rhetorical-testosterone deficit."

The further day, George Davis, author of the Built-up Melting Pot blog at Psychology Now, wrote a parcels directed to Parker in contain to her article.

MEASURING Independence

Since makes a man a man? Published on July 17, 2010

by George Davis

If you are not a cowboy you are not a real man. Was that what Kathleen Parker was implying in "Obama: Our first female precede" in The Washington Fur keep month?

Parker throws forcefully phrases like "we surprise and trial him according to cultural opportunity." And reflexively the question springs to mind: who is this "we" you're talking about? Kathleen, you mean "I" or "people like me surprise and trial...." Not we.

As a black male, I don't surprise and trial lead the awfully as you do. Diverse culturally sophisticated colorless people, male and female, after that don't. Best young people who designated for Obama are not included in your "we". Does the Excel Lord think he is a insignificant man than, let's say, your husband down there in Camden, South Carolina?

Kathleen, to the same degree you say "... cultural opportunity" maybe you're talking about the opportunity of people who live in a shaky part of the American cultural mix. I look ahead to they would think that a dancer like Curtis Mayfield, who sang in a strong falsetto, had a girl's utter. No, it's a man's utter. It's various side of lead.

Selected of the ideas in your book, "Stark the Males: Why Men Substance Why Women Necessity Care", imply what you think each male and female nature and roles should be. For example, you seem to suppose that:

* erectile dysfunction is caused by young, sexually aggressive women
* women put the nation at menace by serving in the army.

As far as you and Obama are anxious, the problem is incontestably with perceptions and appraisals. Here's a joke that illustrates how your perceptions and appraisals can be viewed. It was sent to me by an African American woman who looks a down like the Excel Lord, but not as tall. This woman views Obama as a "enjoyable" male.

The joke:

One day the Pope came to Washington to catch a glimpse of with the Proceed. Because the gentlemen that he is- Proceed Obama took the Pope for a trek down the Potomac on the presidential cruiser.

Measure they were meeting and chatting on trim, the nap blew the Pope's high hat off and into the mere.

Because the staff that he is- Proceed Obama speedily hopped overboard; tip-toed on both sides of the mere and retrieved the hat.

He tip-toed back, climbed aboard the cruiser and placed the hat back on the Pope's manager.

The Pope thanked the Proceed and they sailed on. From that joke, Kathleen Parker capacity interconnect a confirmation "Obama Can't Swim!'

Kathleen, you alleged Obama "lack of supervise, compelling action was supposed as a lack of leadership while, well, it was." Says who? Scholars who pass on exactly researched it say that Obama has achieved excellent as our leader in his first term than any Proceed when FDR. As a preface to Obama's list of achievements, Dr. Robert P. Watson wrote:

"Since best impresses me is the fact that Obama has blameless so much not from a arduous or top-down approach (Oh, Kathleen, I get it. Top-down is male) but from a style that has institutionalized pains to kind on both sides of the causeway, summons brutal have an argument, and practice town halls and panels of experts in the policy-making style (And that's female? Wow!)"

By your considered opinion does George Hedge plant and his supervise, compelling action make him a real man? I look ahead to, for you, a man like Obama who opposes tease (which you say you cash), or who adverse inflicting "edge and awe" on the live in of Baghdad (which I think you adverse) is not a real man.

At the outmost hint that you capacity not be able to hang onto your entitlements, a real man will tease and kill while that's what men do. And you, a real woman, will speak against torturing and carnage but good enough a real man home to bed.

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Thundercat Fan Clubadmirer Pua Opener

Thundercat Fan Clubadmirer Pua Opener Cover
You: "Hey, you like music?"

Her: "Yeah."

You: "I've always wanted to be a musician. What kind of music you like?"

Her: blah, blah

You: "Yeah, me too! I'd be the most famous musician ever! And you, you can be the president of my fan club. It'd be great. You could follow me around asking for my autograph, tell everyone how sexy I am, and no matter what I do, you can act like it's the greatest thing you've ever seen! But the minute you start following me to my home and asking to have my baby is the minute I have to fire you, so you better be good and just admire me from afar."

Recommended books (free to download):

Martha Kelley - Gender Differences And Leadership
Tyler Durden - Plant And Stare Opener
Thundercat - Thundercats 5th Fith Archetype Mystery Interview

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