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Pakistani Hot Married People Chat Rooms

Pakistani Hot Married People Chat Rooms Image
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Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Olga Lebekova - Top 10 Mistakes Men Make While Dating Russian Women
Mabel Iam - Sex And The Perfect Lover

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Nlp Book For Beginners

Best Nlp Book For Beginners Cover
The benefits of knowing NLP will improve interpersonal skills but most people take up NLP skills as a means to improve sales tactics as NLP teaches about rapport building, hypnotherapy and persuasion among others which are all applicable in sales negotiation. The biggest show-stopper for common people to attend a formal NLP training or course is the cost that involved.

One can easily expect a bracket of between USD2000 to USD4000 per training. Attending a formal NLP training is the fastest track and most effective way to mastering the NLP skills, but that is an amount that not many people can afford.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then NLP book should be the answer. However, there are hundreds of good books on NLP out there. Some are written in a very easy to understand and to follow fashion and some are written in academic approach.

And here Top 5 Best NLP Books for Beginners:

1. Using Your Brain – For a Change: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, by Richard Bandler. Bandler provides the steps to take you to levels of brain development that you have not begun to think about. This book will let you know how to control of what you think, and how you think of life, concentrating all of your past miseries into one moment and then having it disappear to refocus your energy into the moment which we call the ‘now’.

2. Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins. What impressed me about Awaken The Giant is that it is not just “feel good” stuff that gives a puffy, artificial high. Robbins offers real meaty advice that works and works right away. NLP offers fast and permanent change. Not in months or weeks but right away.

3. Change Your Mind-And Keep the Change, by Connirae Andreas. Months of warm feelings won’t help a child who is a poor speller, or release him from the resulting ridicule, feelings of failure and self-criticism; an hour or two of NLP technology can teach him how to spell and provide him with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. All the empathy in the world won’t help a phobic; a half-hour of NLP technology can release her from a life punctuated with terror. Holding the hand of a dying friend may ease his passing; appropriate medical technology may save his life

4. Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be, by Steve Andreas. Steve introduces an important new concept into NLP and popular psychology. NLP asserts that understanding a word means accessing a particular experience often a memory. Steve found that while a self image can be difficult to change directly, the individual examples that it summarizes are easy to change, and cumulatively have profound transformational effects.

5. Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming, by Richard Bandler & John Grinder. You’ll want to read it with your eyes open, since what the authors are doing is often presented in hypnotically engaging language. I’ve talked to more than one person who kept finding themselves waking up a few hours after having read through a few pages in this book. The material is written is such a way as to resolve itself as you read. This is an example of “nested loops” a teaching technique Bandler and Grinder use extensively. However you get through it, in the end you’ll find your thinking about thinking changed, and the journey as well worthwhile as the destination.

That’s the top 5 of the Best NLP book for beginners (according to me). However, if you want to advance your NLP skills, I suggest to take the NLP training. Remember, if you attend the NLP training, you are not spending your money, but you are make the best investment ever.

Also read this ebooks:

Ranae - Life Skills Workbook For Clients
Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates
Dylan Morgan - Hypnosis For Beginners

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Building Self Confidence With Positive Self Talk

Building Self Confidence With Positive Self Talk Cover
One important way of building self confidence is to learn the art of positive thinking. This includes both positive self thought and positive self talk. If you are always thinking negative thoughts about yourself or putting yourself down in everyday conversation then other people will naturally start to put you down as well. Even worse, your subconscious mind will start to believe the negative thoughts and talk it hears, and this then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Negative self talk occurs mainly when we put ourselves down in conversation. We are all guilty of this to some extent, and often it can become such a habit that we are unaware of it- unfortunately are sub conscious is very much aware! Listen to yourself in conversation and you will probably hear yourself say things such as ‘I’ll never get the hang of this’, ‘I’m useless at spelling’ or ‘you know what I’m like… I’m hopeless!’ This is negative self talk in action and it can be incredibly damaging to our self confidence levels. We start to believe that we really are useless, or hopeless and our behavior will change to ensure that we continue to spell poorly or whatever. Of course, this will then damage our self confidence levels even further!

Negative self thinking is just as damaging. If you are constantly thinking things such as ‘I’ll never be rich’, or ‘I just can’t lose weight’ then your sub conscious will cause you to behave in ways which will keep you poor or overweight. You will naturally start to sabotage your efforts by spending money you can’t afford or eating unhealthy foods.

The trick is to learn to identify negative self talk or self thought. Make a conscious effort to listen for any negative self talk during your conversations- if you hear any, stop immediately. Instead, talk positively about the things that are going well in your life. If you are paid a compliment, accept it without trying to downplay it or deny it. Similarly, if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, stop and immediately think of something positive instead. For instance, if you find yourself thinking ‘I’ll never lose weight’, stop and think ‘I can and will lose weight’. Smile and feel good about yourself and you ability to lose the weight and imagine yourself at your ideal weight. This takes a little practice at first, and may feel a little weird, but you will soon start building self confidence and feeling better about yourself.

Also read this ebooks:

Dr Robert Antony - Total Self Confidence
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kittens And Rainbows

Kittens And Rainbows
Sleazo has Rafe united up in the safehouse. He confronts him with the immature person book and Rafe tells him the book belongs to his girlfriend. Sleazo threatens to kill him if he doesn't talk. Rafe says he's setting to order. Sleazo snarls, "So somewhere is the unimportant bitch?"

Sister Teresa threatens to call 911 If Sami plants. Sami nukes. "Sister Teresa thinks conceivably she destitution call 911 either way." Quick Sami stops ranting and...


Mia calls Nicole in Dr. Baker's separate and tells her she's in graft. Nicole panics and tells the doctor. As she heads out the entry, she screams into the car phone, "I'm on my way!"

Chloe and Daniel meet individual the pub. Chloe says Lucas has departed a class for them to meet there, "Lucas can't find out about us until Kate is better."

Words of the fiend, Kate walks up. Daniel and Chloe give us looks of grieve over and unease. Kate asks, "Is one of you two gonna tell me what's departure on?"

More at Titan, Stephanie computes. Phillip tells her to stop in action. Stephanie argues. Phillip says, "I conception you were slapdash for your cloak-and-dagger." He reels off a list of fineness places he's departure to impel Stephanie on their date. He mentions Lincoln Agreed, and she asks if that's not in Chicago. "Yep," says Phillip, "The jet is fueled up and setting to go, "and so am I"." Stephanie declines.

Sami hyperventilates. Sister Teresa asks if Sami is influenced this is the real article. "This is my fourth kid," bellows Sami, "Now I come and get somebody why I keep trying to get rid of them."

Nicole rushes into Mia's take in. Mia whimpers, "The contractions are a close down sideways."

"Let's go," screams Nicole. Mia refuses.

Chloe tells Kate she was telling Daniel how bad she feels about her problem with Lucas. Kate says she slothful by Daniel's take in and we drop back to the artificial summit. Chloe excuses herself and heads inside.

Daniel says he was there at the time Kate dropped by. Kate guesses he didn't accept her hit. She wants to talk about Daniel and herself.

Spotlight, Chloe sits with Allie and Lucas. Lucas, "Asks are we OK?"

"No, Lucas," she whines, "We're not."

Sami writhes in audition as Sister Teresa tells her they've got to get to the clinic. Considerably, Sami decides this would be a good time to go looking for Rafe. "No," says Sister Teresa, "Our pleasurable birth is study over him."

"He influenced didn't do a very good job of looking out for Hilda," says Sami.

"Hey," snorts God, "I'm a live guy."

Sami huffs and puffs.

Sleazo taunts and grills. Rafe sasses. Sleazo smacks him upside the haid and decides to play his trump card. He plants and Rafe struggles.

"It takes a no-expense-spared bowdlerization badge to come up with individuals compound '24' shots and, as we carry seen, the time hang loose has rented one. They don't want it to go to nonsense, so now we're filming shortened the interval that way." So now we've got Dr. Baker in one, Mia and Nicole in other and Sami and Sister Teresa in a third. "I didn't think it was viable but this is how they check to make the show three times as bad as it was not later than."

Baker gets a call. It's Sister Teresa job about Sami, and Dr. Baker tells the Sister to liberate her in. Baker gets back on the car phone with Nicole and tells her the nun called and is on her way.

If three scenes in one knock are good, four requisite be better, so we try that for a where.

Stephanie refuses to go to Chicago. She says she appreciates the gesture but tells Phillip he's trying too hard. She don' need no stinkin' hipster wine bar to be bewildered. Phillip takes explanation and asks what the slap date entails. Stephanie attacks.

Chloe clarifies. She tells Lucas she's still razor-sharp with herself for overreacting. She's not mad a Lucas by "equally it's not right to be mad at poor open to attack dumb creatures." Lucas vows his eternal love for her as Chloe listens and zones out. She says she thinks she was being conceited and immature. "That's why I love you so faraway," says Lucas, "You're just like Sami."

Chloe tells Lucas she thinks Allie is hardly cute. "She's not the only cutie at the table," says Lucas.

"Cut it out," blushes Chloe, "You're not that cute."

Kate tells Daniel she is happy as long as her new are happy. She says she's peak happy for Lucas, who has made bad choices in women. Kate thinks he has now bottom the right one. Daniel agrees. She decides to go in with the three of them and asks Daniel to join them. He declines. Kate goes inside and Daniel watches the happy outlook by the aperture.

Winner walks up, "You want what Lucas has, don't you?" Daniel stammers. Winner says he inevitable a relationship and family. Daniel says he wants that... at the end of the day. Winner tells him that was his way of asking if Daniel is staying in Salem. Daniel says he is, "I belong in Salem. "That seems to be somewhere all the not in your right mind at the end of the day twine up." But sometimes I think all the right women are active."

"I'll tell you one article," says Winner, "All the women in Salem are active... with themselves." We speediness in and see the big party at the table. It's just one big happy sparkling crowd.

Sleazo sits spanning the room and makes a ribbon of the happy outlook.

Meanwhile, back at the raise, Rafe struggles, "Put out on, Sami." We carry the required flashback to immature person feeling and Rafe telling Sami he "cares."

Sister Teresa helps Sami with her have a wash and hustles her out.

Nicole hangs up as Mia screams. Nicole searches the take in for towels, sheets "and a cork." Mia screams. Nicole tries to soothe her down, "Deem of kittens and rainbows."

Mia don' need no stinkin' kittens and rainbows. "She needs an exorcist", and a doctor, NOW. Nicole tells Mia they don't carry a determination, "Mia, do you trust me?"

"NO," she screams, "You can't furnish my baby!"

Nicole says, "I am bringing this immature person into the world, NOW!"

Caroline and Ciara join the hang loose as Sleazo movies.

Winner heads into the pub. Daniel stays individual and Sleazo passes behind him.

Stephanie brings Phillip to the Cheatin' Soul. She wants to prove all that matters is they are together. Phillip wants to have an effect if she chose the place equally Max is there. She tells Phillip, "Max isn't in action tonight."

"Evenhanded like every night," says Phillip." Stephanie wants to bet on a be equivalent of pool. Phillip says, "I get to pick what the bet is."

Stephanie asks, "Suchlike do you carry in mind?"

"Be on your feet 'em up and you'll see," says Phillip.

Sister Teresa arrives at the clinic with "Colleen." Dr. Baker sends her off with the pleasure. Sister Teresa embellish him and says it's a sanctification that one of his patients recommended the clinic.

Dr. Nicole works on delivering Mia's immature person. Mia isn't loot it well, "Get it out of me!"

"You're the only one who can do that," says Nicole, "Push!"

Phillip shows Stephanie how to line up a knock "and impel a gaze all at the exceedingly time." Stephanie thinks he's crimping her style and tells him to get available from the table where she makes the knock. Phillip walks off as Stephanie, "last a dozen takes," makes the knock, "You just got run about like a headless chicken by a chick. What's my big prize?" Stephanie's swallow kicks in not later than Phillip can say, so she heads for the ladies' room.

Following Stephanie is out of sight, Phillip goes up to the bartender and offers him 2,000 to close the place.

"Deep-rooted," says the bartender, "And for other 2,000 I'll let you two lovebirds maintain here unconnectedly."

Rafe works on his bindings. Sleazo comes back, "Following you see this ribbon, you'll acquiesce Sami Brady on a splutter."

Dr. Baker barks commands and gets drawn in subsequent to he looks at one of the machines, "OMG! Her contractions are causing stress!"

"If you don't think this is alleged to be stressful," screams Sami, "You try it." Do something! NOW!"

Mia won't cooperate. Nicole shouts, "Get beyond the audition."

"A gal in the switch off screams, "It's zero compared to what we are departure by."

Allie gets agitated and acts up as Lucas tries to direct her mashed potatoes. Quick, Chloe gets a get out full. Bother, taunt, taunt. See Lucas taunt. Bother, Lucas, taunt. Chloe fires a blob of mashed potatoes back at him. Lucas stops laughing and...

"Pitch FIGHT! "

Kate decides this is her cue to bug out. As she makes a break for it, she tells Winner to approach at his own hazard. Caroline laughs about the noise article and tells Winner she won't mind attack up last it's over.

Winner scowls, "Chloe is an tasteless pig."

Caroline chastises him and says the kids love her. "They're new," snarls Winner, "They'd love her if she were Lizzie Borden as long as she snobbish kissing their asses. The relationship is inevitable. And so is Lucas. Caroline gets the car phone book and looks up the addresses of Alzheimer's clinics."

Stephanie comes back from the ladies' room, "Hey the place is empty!"

"Suchlike tipped you off to that fact," asks Phillip.

"You hardly unpleasant smell at pool," says Stephanie.

Phillip walks up to the table and smacks the cue group. Fourteen balls go in the pockets concurrently and Stephanie gets a direct that Phillip just might carry let her win, "I did it to build your confidence."

Stephanie decides she's mad at him. She says she had a consolation pluck for him. Now she threatens he won't get it at the same time as she hardly didn't win.

Phillip wants to have an effect what it was. Stephanie moves in and gives him a unimportant hint.

Dr. Baker says Sami's loop is firmed, "The immature person isn't getting ample oxygen." Sami force a C-section. "We can't," says Baker.

Mia pushes and screams.

Phillip's car phone trinkets. He's conscious in additional textile. Foster smooching. Foster dingdong. Phillip answers. It's the separate. Phillip sighs, "I'll be right there." He apologizes and says he'll be back, "Heart you wear for me?"

"Yes," says Stephanie, "It's departure to be so faraway fun standing answer in an empty bar all by for myself." Phillip plants. Stephanie smiles.

Caroline serves Winner. He asks her to join him.

Chloe gets a call from Daniel. She decides it's not scale and lets it show to voicemail. Daniel plants a class. He says he thinks the time to tell people about their relationship may never come. He's granted he can't come between her and Lucas.

Sleazo shows Rafe the ribbon of Allie and Ciara.

Rafe screams, "You SOB!"

Baker says they don't carry an OR, so Sami can't carry a C-section. Sami panics.

Nicole carries Mia's immature person answer the room. Mia sleeps. Nicole cries. Mia wakes and asks about the immature person. Nicole says she's slap and asks if Mia wants to see her. Mia says she doesn't. Nicole looks to the song and cries.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Picking Off Your Competition 101

Picking Off Your Competition 101
Correct timing is significant to executing a successful pickup: If you begin in too speedily, you'll come across as face down and needy; hang back and dillydally particular, and sundry guy will ramble over and establish his geared up.

When sundry guy comes in and crowds your play, you'll aptitude become frustrated and in a hurry. Bear no fear although, existing is a at the last toil you can stick on to if you terribly don't want to give up and find sundry target: You can become the cockblocker.

Cockblocking sundry guy by way of his pickup is unbearable, but it is something that essential be washed up from time to time. Regardless of the crate, existing are elements of the "guy code" that move to followed, plane in this nefarious launch. Healthy keep the subsequent to things in mind: Don't do this to a friend (as if you'd plane trust it), don't badmouth your rival because he's not particular (that's something chicks do), and don't yowl about it if outfit pulls some of these tricks on you.

Ahead of time we get started on cockblocking, ability to remember that the goal clothed in is the pickup, not the speed. Pay attention to your female aspiration with some flirting and conversation as you considerately, without being a jerk, give your enemy the cockblock. He'll enlighten what you're trying to haul -- let him hang himself as he tries to punish due to his jealousy and paranoia. Those points now out of the way, clothed in are five great ways to cockblock your speed.

Cede IT

They say venture favors the firm, so if you're accused of cockblocking, command up private to it and make skinny of the situation. Try to keep it skinny and nonconfrontational. The best way to waft it with the girl is to ramble up and denigration the guy, plus you'll aptitude find trouble in the parking lot afterwards. If you can vary the cockblock situation with humor, do so. Buy a slurp up of drinks: a Cosmo for her and a sheet of milk for him. Or, as little as it seems, make a bar bet (one you enlighten you'll win) and the title holder gets to continue with the girl.

This is a high-risk strategy that pays well if you're successful. You will either fail or do very speedily. If the girl doesn't tell you to thump it, a victorious lot is in all probability on award.


The direct cockblock approach intensity not count each one. Stopping at a wingman to anxiety the rival intensity be an easier and additional undemanding method for the melodious of essence. In the battlefield with a wingman enthusiastically eliminates the further guy from the equation and foliage you free to get your aspiration.

During the cockblock, a good wingman necessity be able to keep 100% of the guy's attention. This is such as your brother in arms knows that he doesn't need to impress the girl, and the rival won't want to aim a surroundings and decease his probability with the girl. At the very least possible, talk of sports, cars, work or further women will magnetism him off from the girl and into a rectify conversation. A best-case plan will see your rival being hard at it off for a geared up of pool, which will with interest take its toll some homely personality traits, such as an forceful aggressive stream.

You'll move to return the cockblock stare to your wingman, but if he is fortune his cred, he'll aptitude find a date for himself and his new "lure."


In these times of uniformity, argue good value of the wingwoman. By a hot female friend who is likely to to step up as your cockblocker, the subsequent to methods can be upper limit catastrophic to your rival's efforts.

Stopping at your wingwoman as a honeypot may be innocently unsure, but it is incontestably effective. Few men can own an unconcealed come-on by an attractive women. A simple tap on the take in, a smirk and an inquiry about being bought a drink will at least possible conceive plethora of a seepage for you to step in and make contact. The fact that he was chaotic necessity be plethora to put off your aspiration. If he does retort the pickup, the supposed back-up tab with your wingwoman may aim him to drop out of the speed additional speedily.

If you move a hard time eager your wingwoman to show off particular in front of a stranger, there's still room to maneuver. Nonexistent as a fraud ex, your wingwoman can image over and slap your rival, fly-by-night an uncomforting impression with your aspiration. The fake-ex play is made additional effective because fixed with a hit of the image and a herpes letter. A less representing approach is for your wingwoman to move a "usual chat," in which she reveals true or incorrect tale about your rival, with your aspiration in the bathroom.


A resolute rival might scam the diversions of the best wingman and neglect the seductions of a wingwoman. He'll find it additional in a state, still, to avoid a thorough group. Gather all your friends, altruistic them succinct to network on the guy, and drop upon your aspiration and rival.

Taking into account you lodge conversation with the condition of your visualize, additional people can lush into the gap concerning you and your rival. Stopping at devices such as conversation, challenges to occupy yourself and rounds of shots, your friends necessity be able to flatten your conflict into a unlock group, somewhere he'll sit and watch you do.

The key is to jerk her off as completely as the gap has been created. See her to a quieter, additional inaccessible booth of the bar that is far off from his department of influence. Taking into account you've identifiable the signal that you're in, your friends can get back to enjoying their night -- chiefly with the food and drink that you now owe them.


If nothing shifts the guy, let him talk himself out of a successful pickup. Contain the conversation slurp up to him and ask him plenty of questions (don't forget to keep the girl multifarious although). Let him destabilize himself with his own responses. For example, make a letter about his Rolex and subsequent to he starts to brag always about it, he will come across as a presumptuous ass.

View your target's responses to his talk. Appeal your rival's conversation near the things that she isn't responding to and sparsely imitation him. Over, don't turn it into a pissing match concerning the two of you.

What's more, use her responses to variety your approach according to her tastes. When he foliage the table to get additional food and drink, send the conversation near something that she wants to talk about. Predicament it one-to-one and use body language to bequest him because he pay.

COCKBLOCK ON Accumulation

Introduce are numerous ways to rap a successful cockblock. It can be as simple as walking up to a girl, ignoring the guy and asking her name or as exchange ideas as worthy of note unfinished the bar to anxiety your rival.

In upper limit setting, the need to cockblock can be perfectly avoided if you are categorical and act speedily. The closer you make your approach after the basic eye-contact and smirk, the better off you'll be. Don't whiz over like a youngster, but subsequent to you've left your drink image to the bar and pay her a worry on the way. And if sundry guy fleeting straddles your side, keep an eye out for what you've just wise.
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I feel like people repeatedly try to have freebie of me and I order that I am again feeling like a goal. I am getting better at recognizing the red garland and try to set awful boundaries in the manifestation so these people cannot ask me to do stuff or do something that isn't ok with me.When I was in college, I was a good friend with substitute bizarre novice who suffered for BPD. (oh..I order) She didn't just grasp the symptoms of BPD. She was a full blown BPD and it was very sad. She had a hard time being on a case by case basis, and had a few boyfriends or lovers collected. She was dating this runner up whom she met in her psychology class, and this runner up no more her for a stripper a year with. That's seeing that her true self came out. I didn't order knowingly about borderline personality fix back as a result, but I knew that this girl had heinous mental medicinal issues. She went crazy and started inclination her friends including me and convincingly seeing that she realized that her runner up boyfriend had in point of fact no more her to be with a stripper, she took her act to the nearest level by booty part a be capable of of Tylenol and cutting her wrist. Then she called her ex boyfriend (not this runner up) who was living in New York City at that time. He flew over from NY to Los Angeles in the rear his ex girlfriend told him that she was leaving to agent suicide. So they say she had done this dissimilar times.Anyways my rescue started from the day. I would liberate fuel to her psychiatric unit she was hospitalized and called her to make selected that she was ok. Then she cold asking me to contact her runner up ex boyfriend to come see her in the infirmary. This whole situation was a set up.It lasted for about 3 months and I congregate her back to her quarters and as a result she called me that she wasn't able to publicity while of anxiety or sought-after fuel. I was hardly of it at that point while she had so different "rescuers" she possibly will grasp contacted and I was in addition leaving through my own crap. So I told her that I couldn't in point of fact help her that night. Then she disappeared and I consider we were no longer friends.So that was it and substitute girl that I became friends with through meetup group. She is a buttery woman with a kid. I don't order who the pioneer is but she in addition has a lot of relationship aligned dramas. I set the boundaries but did apply your mind to her problem seeing that we met together over dessert. Then she deletes her facebook send somebody a bill, stopped up responding to all my text messages and daze what the hell happened to her. But I was so used up of people trying to use me as a suitable listener. So I didn't pest to call her or try to transmit her.Then in the environs of a year with enclosure month, she sent me a text apologizing for disappearing for so long while her ex boyfriend appreciate her to cut off all her friends while he was a very jealous man. I am a result she told me that she had met get-together overly definitely and that she was icon over heels for that new guy and she posted shoot of him and her on Facebook. Hurrah..I don't order why she likes this guy but not my problem.And I am woken up by her text lecture on enclosure Sunday saying that she was feeling in point of fact unstable and sad that she couldn't get a see to of this guy overnight and he usually texts her to say good first light normal..and he didn't do that on that is out of his character and he requirement let her order if he was seeing get-together overly.and I saw the pattern. I don't think she contrivance to have freebie of me but I am used up of one way friendship who comes and goes whenever they feel like it and they are in point of fact not gift for me seeing that I need a trivial emotional right now.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Socially Isolated Guy Can Meet Women

How Socially Isolated Guy Can Meet Women Cover
I tend to be socially isolated, which makes it even harder for me to meet women. What should I do ?

We talk a lot about "doing your niche work." Fundamental five, "Do your niche work," is an important part of succeeding with women. For men who are not aware of it, "niche work" is the work you do to find places where you can interact with women who attract you, easily and efficiently. The difference between a seducer who refuses to do "niche work" and one who does it is the difference between a fisherman who throws his line anywhere, hoping to catch a fish, and a fisherman who knows where the best fishing holes are, and who goes to them so he can reliably catch his fish. The fisherman who has done the work to find good fishing holes will always catch more fish, just as the seducer who has found good niches will have more success with seducing women. "Niche work" is important, but we are seeing more and more that it can be made a lot easier if you follow one simple rule, as you do your niche work. That rule is: Accept all invitations.

We have worked with many men who's instant response to almost any social invitation is "no," yet who are baffled as to why they are lonely and don't have a girlfriend. You may not know it, but you probably have more opportunities to do social things than you think, but are so used to saying "no" that you miss out on opportunities that could both make you new friends, and put you in front of women.

You can find out how much of a "no" mentality you have by adopting, over the next few weeks, a new policy of saying "yes" to every invitation. You are unlikely to be able to succeed at this project, there will probably be some invitations that really, truly, aren't for you but taking on the attitude of "yes" to all invitations will show you, in stark relief, just how "no"-oriented you might be.

There are three main reasons you say "no" to invitations:

1. Fear. For most of us, it is scary to get to know new people, so we come up with excuses. "I can't go out, it will go too late, and I have the job in the morning," or "It's too expensive to go out for beers--I have to save that ten dollars for something important!" Recognize that you are afraid, and say "yes" anyway.
2. Judgmentalism. Basically another form of fear, it's easy to use judgments to allow yourself to say "no" to new experiences with new people. In your mind, either people are too good for you, and intimidating, or not good enough, and not worthy of your time. Once again, the key is to recognize that you are being judgmental, and say "yes" anyway.
3. Hopelessness. The favorite refrain of the hopeless man is "That would never work because..." Hopeless men almost seem to delight in proving things will never get better, so they shouldn't even bother. They might say, "Saying 'yes' to that social opportunity or invitation would never work, because there would never be any women there, and if there are they'll all be old or fat." Again, recognize you are being hopeless, and say "yes." That's all there is to do.
Saying "yes" can get your girls--as well as other social benefits. For instance, one of our students was taking a comedy improvisation class. There weren't many women there, but he liked the class, so it did fulfill Fundamental Eight, "Be building a life you love, separate from women." One of his classmates, a guy named Bret, asked him if he wanted to go for a beer after one of the classes. Normally he would have said "no," (judgmentalism) but because he had decided to try to say "yes" to every invitation, he went along. It turned out Bret was a pretty cool guy, and he met several of Bret's friends at the bar, whom he liked, too. Going out after the class became sort of a ritual, and our student and Bret became friends. They went to rock concerts together and generally enjoyed hanging out.

A few weeks after their friendship began, Bret invited our student to dinner with some of his friends. Our student said "yes," and it was at that dinner he met Nicky. She was young and attractive and the two of them really hit it off in a big way, and became lovers almost immediately. Saying "yes" was the key that allowed our student to find this lover (as well as to make a new friend!).

This happens all the time, and is, in fact, the way most couples meet. They have a social life and a social circle, have accepted invitations, and ended up meeting more and more new people until they met each other and "clicked." Saying "yes" to invitations is what drives this entire system, and saying "no" is what ends it. It is true that you must take some action to get yourself socializing in the first place. This is the power of niche work. But if you combine niche work with accepting all invitations, your social life will start to take on a life of its own, and you will meet women.

Best of luck ! Ron Louis and David Copeland

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Steve Scott - How To Flirt And Create Hypnotic Conversations With Women
Simon Heong - How To Instantly Attract Any Woman

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lies Single Women Tell Themselves

Lies Single Women Tell Themselves Image
Speaking as a single woman, I know that there are times when I am in full "lie to myself" mode. It's usually when my cat ignores me or I'm eating dinner alone in a restaurant.

I lie to myself most often, though, when any friend of mine finds herself a boyfriend. And the reason I lie to myself is to keep my sanity in full force. Otherwise, facing the facts about being single will terrify me to the bone and make me hide under the covers until someone comes to get me.

So what are these lies? Well, besides the "I haven't gained" much weight " lie that I use every time I catch myself naked in front of a mirror, here are the doozies that I, and perhaps most every woman I know, tells herself about being single.

And considering almost 80% of women giving online dating a try are single, according to, perhaps we can all benefit from facing the truth.


Sometimes I do manage to convince myself that I don't need a man to tell me that he loves me, to make love to me, to give me someone to look forward to seeing, but sometimes, when I've polished off a bottle of Merlot, I have to admit, I do need a man - a good man - to make me happy.

Okay so perhaps I'm not completely miserable without a man in my life, but I have to admit that, in the grand scheme of things, I do want a yang to my yin to make me happy. Or at least, "2- IF THEY CANT ACCEPT ME FOR ME

I spent so many years complaining that I would never change for anyone because if they plan on being with me, then they have to take the package the way it is.

After some careful thought though, I quickly learned how ridiculous this sounded. I change my personality for my boss, I change my personality for my parents, hell, I even change my personality for some of my friends. So what the hell am I thinking expecting a man to take me as I am?!?

When all is said and done, I have to learn to take criticism that is designed to help me as such and not spit in the face of help when it's offered.


Oh yeah, I love this one. This one starts when I'm halfway through my wine and I'm with my girlfriends. I start thinking that I haven't a flaw in the world and that any man would be crazy not to want me because, well, because I'm damn perfect.

Okay so maybe I swear too much and I get overly emotional about the little things. And yeah, maybe I'm neurotic about the way the dishes need to be placed in the sink and the fact that I could stand to lose 10 pounds, but other than all that, yeah, you're damn straight I'm perfect.


There are times when I am so glad to come home to an empty house, a cat that ignores me and a microwave dinner. Really, I'm serious. But more often than not, alone becomes "lonely" and I crave the affections that only a man can give me.

I do like being alone, but to be honest (which is kind of the point of this article), I would much prefer to come home to a man who may or may not have made dinner and is waiting to kiss me and ask how my day went.


Oh the mother of al lies - I intimidate men. Yes, I am considered attractive and perhaps I am too bold and blunt for my own good, but I'm pretty sure that most guys aren't "by me.

Instead, there is something I'm pretty certain is off-putting about me and guys don't bother approaching me because they can smell it. Perhaps it's the reek of desperation or maybe they just don't like my look, but either way, I think it's safe to say that I don't intimidate most men.


There's obviously something I probably have too much of if the guys aren't lining up at the door. I can easily point out what these things are in my friends, but for some reason, I can't nail it when it comes to me.

And my friends, yeah, they lie to me, too. "Oh no, girl, you have it all. You are perfect. You just intimidate men is all." Mmm, hmm. Intimidate? More like "turn off".

Yes, I do have a job, I look pretty put together, and yeah, I can crack a joke with the best of them, but there's something I am either missing, or something I possess way too much of, that needs to be worked on.

The guys who never call back don't tell me what it is and my friends, well, you saw the quote, right? So what I need is someone to be honest with me about what my problem is...


I know there are plenty of single women out there ready to hurl their heels at me for saying the things that most of us want to deny, but I'm just revealing the lies I tell myself in order to keep on going.

Truth is, I am holding out for Mr. Right; my only fear is that I won't get "right in time to find him because I keep lying to myself.

I think it's time I put the bullsh*t down and stepped away from the ego, and tried to figure all this out.

If you're tired of being single, why not give online dating a try?

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Wijdan Ali - Cliches Of Muslim Women In The West And Their Own World
Jon Jensen - Women Tell You How To Meet Women
Sylvester Onyemalechi - 16 Common Mistakes Single Men Make

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Relationship Energy

Relationship Energy Image
I was reading an article the other day, and one of the commenters accused people who say their love their bodies of narcissism. I thought that was interesting. Is loving our bodies narcissistic?

Maybe for a few people, but body hatred is more so.

When I think about the narcissism of body love, I think of the scene in a gym locker room in Toronto, described to me by my husband: naked (and probably gay - it was the right neighborhood) men posing and flexing in front of mirrors, showing off to each other. It sounded funny; maybe even a little sweet. Made me wish I was a fly on the wall. My husband, who is a small, non-musclebound dude and was just changing into shorts to play squash, did not feel judged or denigrated. It was a fundamentally a benign show of narcissism.

Meanwhile, I was in the women's locker room. While the men were loving their big, strong bodies, the women were not. Stepping onto the scale. Looking disappointed. Hiding behind towels and changing one half at a time to avoid nudity. Can you imagine women posing naked in front of mirrors, in public, silently admiring their bodies? I can't. Because although we women are socialised to be vain, we rarely view ourselves positively and if we do, there's a stigma against expressing it.

The thing is, negativity is stickier than positivity. Loving the way you look doesn't imply hating how someone else looks. Only a sad and paranoid person would hear "I hate your red hair" in "I love my brown hair." But when someone with thinner, leaner, firmer arms than yours says "I hate my arms! They're huge and disgusting. Look how they jiggle!" then it takes a strong person and a conscious effort "not" to hear the logical extension of that: "if my arms are ugly, your arms are unspeakably horrible."

"Yes, yes. It's your issue, not mine. You were not thinking about my arms when you said that. You see your body in a more negative light than you see others' bodies. Of course, that's how it almost always is. That was almost certainly not a passive aggressive, indirect criticism aimed at me."

And it usually isn't meant as indirect criticism, but it certainly could be.

Negativity is sticky; it's adhesive; it gets all over other people.

Although applying a set of standards to one's own body, clothing, or even achievement does not mean that those standards are meant to be universal or to relate in any way to the standards others set for themselves, the language can tell a different story. It's difficult to use negative and judgemental language - even about ourselves - without sounding self righteous as well as insecure.

But we women tend to be perfectionists, we hate it when we don't live up to our own standards, and we almost never do. We see this in our mothers and other role models; this intolerance towards self; this idea that anything less than perfection (however that's defined) is unacceptable and makes us worthless. And at the same time, we're meant to be much more tolerant and understanding toward other people.

This is not a good thing.

We could blame it on the patriarchy. It definitely weakens women. It keeps us obsessed with insignificant details, and that prevents us from being as active as we could be in business, politics, and discourse. But, it "is" a form of self absorption, and it is narcissistic. Who are we to expect perfection from ourselves? Is being flawed human beings not good enough? So many women are so busy; so weighed down with responsibilities. There's a need to give ourselves some personal, mental and emotional space. Why do we wrestle these precious bits of time and attention from our busy lives, only to waste them spreading around this negative, self hating muck? And demanding perfection of ourselves gives the negativity so much more power.

Loving our bodies isn't necessarily vain. I've heard that the English language has too few words for love, and perhaps people associate the idea of body love with romantic love; starry-eyed new relationship energy. That does seem a bit over the top to me. But isn't body love - self love in general - more like loving a family member or a very old friend? There's familiarity, a deep history, tolerance for quirks and foibles, steady affection, and an ability to forgive. Mature love isn't about perfection or the elevation of an idealised object. It's about respect and understanding. Don't we all owe ourselves that?

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Gabrielle Moore - Female Ejaculation Mastery
Rachel Davis - Conversation King
Venusian Arts - Revelation

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Neil Strauss Party In Las Vegas

Neil Strauss Party In Las Vegas Image

First of all, there wasn't time to organize all the events, contests, and performances I would have wanted for the Pick Up Artists Ball. So that will happen at some point in the future.

Instead, because I was so busy with the book tour and writing the new book this month, I neglected to celebrate two important events:

The first being my birthday, the second being the first anniversary of the opening of the Stylelife Academy.

And the Vegas club Tao has been kind enough to offer to throw a party in honor of the above.

So I figure that after all we've been through here - the Stylelife Challenge, the Finnegans Wake Book Club, the Dr. Phil debacle, the Google ranking rescue, book releases, MySpace videos, the Tolstoy book club, kitesurfing, seminars, contests, TV tapings, reality shows, giveaways, dirty laundry - I would be remiss not to invite you.

Here's the deal: I have a limited amount of free spaces on the guest list. And I'll fill them up on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you want to come, just make absolutely sure that you're free to show up this Friday, April 4th (so that you don't take the spot of someone who could have come). And, secondly, you'll be on the list plus one guest - so one of the people in your party must be female.

After all, this is Vegas.

If both of the above criteria sound good to you, then send an email right now to: with the headline GO SHAWTY, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY. Along with your request, include your full name. The guest list will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you respond in time, you'll receive an email by the end of the day on Wednesday letting you know you're on the list, and explaining further details.

If you don't receive an email by then, it means you were too late.

That said, Tao will still be letting people in the club that night, but I can't guarantee you'll get in or the club won't be full.

Another option, for those of you who fit the description of baller, is to reserve a table. I'm not involved with that part of the night, but my good friend and ace promoter Brett is. You can email him at or call 323.512.8400 for details on securing a VIP table.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Building Jealousy Into A Sarge
Michael Pilinski - High Status Male
David Deangelo - Neil Strauss Interview Special Report

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology Image
I think it was my friend Albert Klamt who sent me this link, in response to something else I had posted. This great article from the always excellent Integral Leadership Review looks at the issue of change in adult development.

Here is his brief definition of dialecticism:

A simple-minded definition of dialecticism would be that contradiction lies in the nature of things, and that wherever reality is thought about holistically, the perception of contradictions enforces a privileging of larger organized wholes over isolated individuals and entities.He offers a more in-depth perspective in the article. Good stuff.


Otto Laske


I explore the concepts of "change" and "crisis" in order to put issues important in the current recession into perspective from the point of view of Western dialecticism, including what we know empirically about adult cognitive development. Specifically, I detail the diffraction of dialectic into three moments and show that they need to be coordinated to grasp change in transformational systems. In conclusion, I briefly relate these thoughts to present organizational problems and leadership development programs. I make a case for teaching especially upper-echelon teams the use of dialectical thought forms. My main source is my recent book on dialectical thinking as an ingredient of achieving requisite organization in companies, entitled Measuring Hidden Dimensions of Human Systems (IDM Press, Medford, MA, USA, 2009).


Change and crisis are terms much in use these days, for obvious reasons. It is therefore of interest to think a little more about what these concepts entail, organizationally, developmentally, and in terms of "thinking" in general. In my understanding, both of these concepts are dialectical terms in that they refer to negativity, one of the main tenets of dialectical thought.

In this short talk, I outline in what way negativity is an ever-present regular feature of reality rather than an exception. I also make clear that acknowledging negativity in one's thinking amounts to changing one's frame of reference (FoR) since one has to give up a mono-valent, purely positive, view of reality, thereby making room for contradictions, clashes between opposites, sudden reversals, and breakdowns as an expectable feature of reality.

Most important about negativity is that it is not only a matter of content-this or that event or constellation-but rather a matter of pervasive structure. This holds in the sense that negativity determines the very fiber of reality as I show below. Reality also comprises the way people think. Concretely, if one assesses a person's thinking in terms of its richness in what we can call dialectical thought forms, one becomes able not only to give feedback on the person's frame of reference, one can also largely predict the contents of the person's thinking-why the person formulates problems and makes decisions the way s/he does.

Related to the pervasiveness of negativity in the real world is the ubiquity of change and crisis. The latter simply follow from the logical structure of the real world even before time comes into play (Hegel, Science of Logic). From a dialectical point of view, change is the most ordinary movement of "othering" exhibited by "something" that, since it is inseparable from "something else," constantly "moves over" into its negative or other. In so doing, it becomes a moment of the process in which it is embedded and thus, as Hegel puts it, "ideal," a mere moment. The embedding process in which change occurs makes it evident that change is nothing but an aspect of transformation, and transformations are a direct outflow of negativity as an integral element of the real.

Equally, crisis-always both a risk and an opportunity-signals a transformation that now makes evident that a constellation of things, such as a market, has shown itself to be embedded in changes that put at risk older structures assumed to be forever, and has thus opened up new playgrounds for ingenious people who can think with the flow of events, that is, dialectically. Crisis, too, is logically built into the fabric of the real world but shows itself only at certain crucial junctures where transformations are especially deep. The larger part of crisis is therefore interpretive, in the mind, namely, in the speaking about events as making up a crisis.

What is Dialecticism?

Dialecticism is a frame of reference that becomes accessible to adults only after formal logical thinking is mastered in early or middle adulthood. It remains a closed book for the majority of adults in the Western world, while in Asian cultures nurtured by Buddhism it more easily assumes a common sense form. Dialecticism is based on the experience (stance) that the world (including people) is in itself contradictory and full of crevices. In this frame of reference, negativity is acknowledged and considered an integral part of reality. Dialectical frames of reference have a long historical tradition, both in Asia and the Western world, and this tradition has important things to say about the nature of change and crisis.

A simple-minded definition of dialecticism would be that contradiction lies in the nature of things, and that wherever reality is thought about holistically, the perception of contradictions enforces a privileging of larger organized wholes over isolated individuals and entities. Felicitously put, Reality is perceived as pervaded by negativity or absence (Bhaskar, 1993), simply because "something" is defined as being both itself and not itself, and this "not itself" stems from its intrinsic relationship to "something else" without which it could not be what it is. To refer to Hegel (1806), being and non-being (nothingness) are inseparable (Sartre, 1943).

While Asian dialecticism is largely part of people's common sense, in Western culture dialecticism has never penetrated culture as a whole but has remained more of a philosophical tradition. Due to this fact, Western dialectical thinking has retained a semblance of "high-brow" thinking (if not leftist ideology), and has set itself apart from understanding (including scientific understanding) as reason. This distinction has been elucidated by 20th century studies in cognitive development that, even when restricted to formal logical thought (Commons, 1981 f.), have shown empirically that adults' thinking increasingly tends to re-fashion logical tools as a means of dialectical (meta-systemic) discourse and dialog.

A not immediately obvious consequence of this is that a purely positive definition of reality-as if no contradictions existed-robs reality of its potential for change since contradiction introduces negativity or "otherness." Change is nothing but an "othering" of things compared to the way they presently are (or are understood), and is not "something" that is external but rather intrinsic to them as finite things.

As Hegel demonstrated in his Logic (1812), when we scrutinize the structure of language, it becomes clear that a sentence like "I am changing" makes sense only if we assume that the "I" that is changing is the pivot of the change since it remains the same because of and through its changes. The changes of the "I" convey its transformative structure. Thus, speaking of "change" makes no sense unless we simultaneously think of the transformative identity of the subject, I. Change is always relative to "something" that remains the same throughout and on account of the change. Transferring this to our notion of language, we can say that when taken in a positivistic sense, language only describes reality, whereas in a dialectical frame of reference speaking a language creates reality before our eyes and ears.

Clarifying Problems Before "Solving" Them

Reflecting on the structure of language used to describe change and crisis will, of course, not solve the problems that change and crisis engender. But it will help clarify problems in conjunction with showing that how problems are posed is determined by the phase of cognitive development the person posing the problem is presently in. Everybody has his/her own Inquiring System whose flexibility is different from that of another person.

As speakers, people are thus co-originators of change and crisis. As consultants, we need to look at the internal cognitive generator that first of all produces the events people describe as changing and critical. Taking this generator-and thus adult development over the life span-into consideration is not simply an epistemological exercise but a cleansing device by which we can teach ourselves and others to "think again".

Read the whole article.

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Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Volume I
Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science
Keanu Jagger - Situational Opener Technology

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Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Things Husbands Should Never Do

10 Things Husbands Should Never Do Cover
DIANE OATIS wrote an article about all the things husbands shouldn't do. I think she may have used some filler to round it out to 10, but here are some of the gems she mentions:



It's sort of insulting when a father calls it babysitting when it's his own children, as though it isn't his responsibility to do so, but to be quite honest, I have never heard a man utter these words to his wife.

Most men are well aware that the kids are their responsibility, too. Only those who are awaiting the results on _Maury_ would think otherwise.



Well, I disagree with this one. While housework is hard in the sense that it requires energy and manpower, office work requires a specific set of skills that not just anyone possesses.

Anyone with a working body can do housework. The same cannot be said for office work. I worked a job cleaning office buildings and I worked an office job as an editor. Believe me, the latter is way more exhausting.



This is sort of a double standard because I know too many women who gift their husbands with power tools and expect the men not to be offended. I agree that men shouldn't gift women blenders, but if you don't want that, make it clear to him. He's not psychic.



Now this is just ridiculous. A husband can't even be honest with his wife if he doesn't like her hair? Um, isn't this list a whole bunch of "critical"?



If a man rarely cleans the house, wouldn't it serve a woman well to praise him for it rather than blast him for asking for a little recognition? If all it takes to keep a man cleaning up is to acknowledge it and give him a smile, why the hell wouldn't a woman do that?

The list goes on and on, and I can't help but feel that the list is a little bitter and, had the writer taken a different stance, perhaps men would have taken this list more seriously.

Read more at Yahoo! Shine

Recommended books (free to download):

Tony Horton - P90x Fitness Guide Complete
Martha Kempner - Body Image And Self Esteem
Brad P - 18 Degrees Of Social Freedom

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flirt With Women

Flirt With Women Image
A lot of men have a big problem: they don’t know how to talk to women. In particular, they don’t know how to talk to a woman they find attractive or how to approach a girl they really like and would like to get to know better. There are a ton of books in existence on how to flirt with women but not one of them spills the absolutely crucial secrets you need to learn and understand if you want to have women eating out of your hand every time you talk to them.

Firstly you have to think about the reasons you’ve failed before. Obviously failure is not the first thing you want to think about but it’s crucial you do so to learn how to seduce a woman successfully. Were you coming on too strong? Did you operate on your own or with a friend aka a wingman? Did you pick up her verbal and non-verbal cues? And what were the signals you were giving out?

The fact is that there is so much more to learning about how to talk to a woman than simply asking her questions about herself. Women are too sharp for that – they can almost smell and will always pick up a fake note in your voice. The best way to find out how to talk to hot women is to observe a master - the type who has women practically licking his feet, laughing at his every word and gazing at him with Bambi eyes…

Discovering how to flirt with women is an art. Some men are better artists than other guys. Take heart though because, just as with any art, you will be able to polish your techniques to the point that you could approach a girl and score a slamdunk every time. Just think about the guys who make it seem easy. Let me tell you one of their secrets - they always seem relaxed. They are relaxed because they’ve learned the secret of accessing and then projecting the supreme but quiet confidence that has women panting for more.

There are a number of ways you can gain this same confidence. You could try NLP or a more visceral approach. Gaining confidence, however, is just part of the game. You must also be able to project the perfect amount when you talk to women. Most importantly, you must learn when to hold back. Learn how to control what you say - and, crucially, what you don't say - and you'll become an expert on how to flirt with women. Mix that in with real sincerity and you're way ahead of most men.
How to Seduce A Woman (yes really!)

Want to know the best way to seduce a woman? Learn not only how to talk to a woman but how to listen. Pay close attention to what comes out of her mouth and when you talk to women make sure you are the one who takes up less air time. You see, the absolute no. 1 one to have her hanging on to your every word (and then some...) is to mirror what she says.

By this I don't mean repeat everything word for word - she would just think you are insane. But really listen to the subjects she likes to talk about, her opinions, her views...Again, you don't have to agree with her but - and this is the clever bit - you do have to match her tone and pace. It's an old NLP trick but it works. We like people who sound like us. If she talks softly, lower your voice. If, conversely, she's very animated then you have to keep up your energy levels. The watchword here is SUBTLE. If she catches on to what you're doing, you're sunk.

Also make sure you maintain eye contact and then break it off now and then when she's talking. This will reassure her you are paying attention while also conveying the message that she has to keep you interested. Yes, that's right. Keep you interested. Flirting is a two way game. The real art of seduction is leading someone to think they are the one who really wants this to happen and you create that state by mirroring her so she feels comfortable.

I know you're thinking that you're going to have to feign attention on all sorts of topics you cannot stand and, yes, it's true you might have to look eager even during a discussion on kitten training. Then again, if you really can't bring yourself to do this maybe she's not the girl for you...

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Adam Gilad - Interview With Mentor X
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women
Ron Louis - How To Succeed With Women

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

44 Inch Chest Creates Fake Dating Site

44 Inch Chest Creates Fake Dating Site Cover
In an effort to promote the movie _44 Inch Chest_, marketers created a fake dating site called for men who want to date married women.

The dating site's tagline: Date a married woman and make your sex life sparkle.

The film's tagline? "You'll never speak to a married woman again."

Upon first arrival to, it looks like a legitimate site that helps men find married women to sleep with. But as they scan over the women, it becomes painfully clear that this is about a movie that features some very angry men.

_44 Inch Chest_ is about a woman who leaves her husband because she met someone else. In turn, her husband and his friends make it their mission to find this man and make him pay.

The funniest part in all this is that there are myriad men heading to is search of married women to sleep with. That is a bit scary, to say the least...


Recommended books (free to download):

Olga Lebekova - Top 10 Mistakes Men Make While Dating Russian Women
Edward Ward - The Pleasures Of A Single Life
Robert Henderson - Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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