Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are You Still Single Find Love Through Online Dating

Are You Still Single Find Love Through Online Dating Image
Online dating has been around for quite sometime now that it has helped a lot of single people find their match in this big, bad world. Just like what they said, you didn't know, you may have met your match in the sidewalk, but didn't see him because you were busy texting; you should have met the one, but didn't because you look down and tied your shoelaces; or you should have met your true love, but didn't because the car blocked him away from your view.

In any case, online date sites have made single people happy when they were able to find their match. Just like what they say, it is okay to be alone, unless you have experienced being with that one person that completes you. Online dating had just given people plenty of opportunity to meet again that person whom they haven't met because they were busy doing something.

Although there are a lot of people who tend to raise an eyebrow when it comes to online dating, I don't, I'm a fairly romantic person, so I do believe that yes, people can and will fall in love, even in online dating, once they have found their match.

Through online dating, many single people meet other single people who are also looking for the one. If you think that you have waited too long, don't wait anymore, make the move and try online dating. There are actually plenty of date sites that you can join. The sites vary so you can choose depending upon your age, interests, among many others. Another tip is to see what kind of single members are there, and if you can make friends or find your match along the way.

Then you start putting up your profile online. Make sure to indicate what you are in real life; make your profile photo attractive so many single guys can see it and you will find your match. Aside from putting an attractive photo, make your profile interesting, positive and approachable so aside from looking for single males that may catch your attention, you will also have other friends in the date site. Aside from that, you can set criteria on the type of guys that you are looking for. This is so you can avoid getting unnecessary requests or inquiries from people you don't have any same interests with.

Once you have find men that can be your match, the dating game begins. Be spontaneous, converse well, and just be you. Talk about same interests and light things that you think will help you get to know him better. If you guys click, then that would be great, if not, then there are many other fish in the sea.

When you think that you have found your match, you can now set up a date with him. However, make sure to put priority in safety measures and only meet up in public places. There are many internet scammers that are out to get people who are not thinking about their safety. Look out for his background and any inconsistencies in his stories. Lastly, trust your woman's instinct. They are almost never wrong.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating
Ranj Bins - Dont Be Shy A Simple Guide To Dating
Elena Petrova - Scam Prevention Tips For Online Dating

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Adonis Index Calculator By Brad

Adonis Index Calculator By Brad Image
Ha... okay, so I'm not talking about whether you've slept with over 100 women or not...although that does seem to be the threshold of whether you're a "guru" or not... but whatever.

No, lets talk about something a little more tangible... something you can't lie about!

One of the more difficult things for men (and women) when it comes to improving themselves is coming up with certain metrics (or measuring sticks if you will) from which to compare yourself to.

In fitness and health, generally one of two things pop up:

1. Your weight

2. Your max bench

... at least for guys any way.

But, at least for the sake of actually looking better... there's one single metric that is scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the most important for physical attraction.

That metric is called your ADONIS INDEX.

Your Adonis Index is quite easy to compute... it's just the ratio of the circumference of your shoulders to the circumference of your waist... with the ideal ratio being 1.614: The Golden Ratio.

Naturally, guys with this ratio exhibit a V taper... but the 1.614 Adonis Index is the optimum.

Currently, I'm sitting at a pretty good ratio of 1.46... WHERE ARE YOU?

If you're working out or are thinking about working out, let's see how you "measure up".

You'll be surprised at how fun and addicting knowing your Adonis Index can be.

Plus, you don't have to worry about weight or bodyfat or any of that stuff because it's already "included"... if you will... in your Adonis Index.

But, you might have a question on how to influence your Adonis Index... no problems. I have just the thing for you...

If your workouts are becoming a little stagnant and you want some change... try this out:


Circuit One - Complete 3 sets of the following exercises back to back to back

Take 1 Minute rest between circuits

Push Ups -- 21 reps

Bodyweight Squats -- 21 reps

Curl and Press -- 13 reps

(3 minute rest then move to circuit two)

Circuit Two - Complete 3 sets of the following exercises back to back to back

Take 1 Minute rest between circuits

Close Hands Push Up -- 21 reps

Prisoner Squat -- 21 reps

Bent Dumbbell Row -- 13 reps

(3 minute rest then move to circuit two)

Circuit Three - Complete 3 sets of the following exercises back to back to back

Take 1 Minute rest between circuits

Reverse Lunge -- 13 reps

Wide Grip Pulldowns -- 13 reps

Stability Ball Curl Ups -- 21 reps

(3 minute rest then move to circuit four)

Circuit Four - Complete 3 sets of the following exercises back to back to back

Take 1 Minute rest between circuits

Incline Dumbbell Press -- 13 reps

Standing Calf Raises -- 21 reps

Stability Ball Roll Out -- 21 reps

(3 minute rest then move to circuit five)

Circuit Five - Complete 3 sets of the following exercises back to back to back

Take 1 Minute rest between circuits

Dips -- 21 reps

Seated Calf Raises -- 21 reps

Dumbbell Squat Presses -- 13 reps

... and you're done.

That's a proven routine to blowtorch body fat and move your body closer to its ideal Adonis Index.

So, let's get you "measured up"... and start working your way towards physical perfection.

After all, you DO want women rubbing all over you... right?

To learn specifics about the Adonis Effect and the Adonis Index Workout click here.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tyler Durden - Girls Who Want To Be Forced
Cucan Pemo - What Does Your Man Really Want
Joy Of Life - Dancing In Silicon Valley Brochure

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Signs That A Woman Is Interested In You

Signs That A Woman Is Interested In You Cover
I've read all the books that say, "If a woman tilts her head to the side, licks her lips, fondles her hair, and looks over her shoulder at you, there's a 67% chance that she's interested in you."

Here's what I've found:

The main sign signal that I look for now is, 'Is she acting friendly to me?'

That's it. Now, of course some women are more forward than others; but overall, if a woman is acting friendly and keeping up an interesting conversation, you're usually doing pretty well.


I have to stop and explain this point.

Most men don't realize that THEY NEED TO KEEP ADVANCING.

If your conversation is going well, ask for a phone number.

If you're out for a walk and the conversation seems to be going well, reach over and kiss her.

If you're at your house watching a movie and start kissing, take her hand and lead her to your bedroom... get the idea?

Keep advancing. Women like this and expect it. If they're not comfortable, they'll let you know. But don't worry. Just keep going and advance again at the next opportunity.

Don't push - advance.

More on this stuff:

Read Chapter 7 of Body Language by Julius Fast... about Mike. I've read that chapter about 50 times. You may not get it at first, but keep reading it until you do. The more you learn, the more you'll get it.

Also, read The Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider... yea, the one for women. Do that stuff... it works... end all conversations first, etc.

And read How to Make Love to a Woman by Michael Morganstern. Good stuff in there too. And learn how to be funny... do whatever you have to do. It's the magic ingredient to add to your cockiness that sets the mixture ablaze.

Recommended books (free to download):

Dating Insider - Guide To Internet Dating
Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends Why Women Test Guys
David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 Of Teen Girls Have Stds

25 Of Teen Girls Have Stds Cover
25% of teen girls have STDs

A new government report in the US reveals that about 25% of teen girls have had an STD, and most are infected soon after their first sexual encounter. Score one for Generation Y.

DR. SAMI L. GOTTLIEB collected data from 838 girls aged 14 to 19, and the researchers were looking for certain STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, and genital warts (HPV).

The study discovered that 24.1% of the girls had one of the STDs. The most common infection was genital warts (incurable and may lead to cancer) coming in at 18.3%, followed by Chlamydia (curable, but if not caught quickly, can lead to infertility) at 3.9%

What's worse is that in the year after engaging in their first sexual experience, and with only one sex partner, 19.2% of the teens developed an STD. Someone's been creepin'.

The problem is this: schools aren't educating teens about sex; they're telling them not to have it. What they don't get is that it won't work. Teens will always have sex; that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

What they need to do is educate them because it's obvious that their current methods aren't working. Teen girls aged 15 to 19 account for the largest number (409,531) of the 1.5 million reported Chlamydia and gonorrhea cases in the United States in 2008.


Recommended books (free to download):

Tiffany Taylor - Guy Gets Girl Advanced Seduction Edition
Robert Cialdini - Qualifiers Softeners Phrases

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Back With The Ex Boyfriend Fast Even After He Dumps You

Get Back With The Ex Boyfriend Fast Even After He Dumps You Image
Some girls always try to make a future with the guy they are dating, so when their boyfriend breaks up with them, these girls' dream shatter to pieces. All they ever do now is whine and cry about how can their boyfriend, now ex boyfriend can do that to them. Wake up! If you really love that guy, I'm telling you, there are a lot of ways that you can do to get back with the ex and make that man realize what a loss to dump you.

The first thing you should do is to get a hold of yourself. Getting back with the ex is not something that you can do in an instant. I'm telling you, us guys, when we want to take a break from a relationship, that means we want to take a break so don't bother asking us to talk about it; we do NOT want to talk about it.

The problem with you girls is that you think that you can get back with the ex just by crying and begging, but some men, no, we don't pity you when you do that, you annoy us. This is what you do, you let us go, don't chase us, have some pride and dignity left. Because once you chase your ex boyfriend, you feed his ego, he feels like he's the man, because you chase him around, not to mention he also brags to his buddies that you can't get over the fact that it's over.

What you can do is turn the tables and make him be the one to think of getting back with the ex. How do you do that? Simply walk away from him after he dumps you. When you do that, you also need to assess yourself and see what has changed from when you met your ex boyfriend. If you have become less unattractive to him then go and have some of that makeover, but if it has something to do with your personality, the getting back with the ex can be a little bit harder.

The point here is that be the same woman that your ex boyfriend loved so you can easily get back with the ex. Make him fall in love with you again. You did it once, who says you can't do it again? Work with your attitude and look and make him realize his fault for leaving you, once the ex boyfriend sees the difference; he'll come crawling back and begging you to take him back.

But it won't happen overnight so work on getting your ex boyfriend back harder. Once your ex boyfriend experience how sad life is without you, he will then regret what he did. He will only realize that when he sees that you have become better and the girl that he has fallen in love with has returned.

So always be prepared since there is a big chance that you will meet him sooner. I'm telling you, with all the mutual friends that you have, when he sees you look good, he will surely talk to you and may even be the one to initiate getting back together.

Look and feel cool once the ex boyfriend talks to you again. Do not make him feel the void that he has left in you when he dumped you. Act cool and sport about it, so he will be the one to want to get back with the ex, and not the other way around.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Rah - How To Seduce Others With The Hidden Power Of Your Mind
Clare Walker - Get A Girlfriend Now 12 Secrets Every Man Should Know

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Love Taylor Swift

You Love Taylor Swift Image

Do you love Taylor Swift and her catchy country-pop songs? If you're a fan of the pretty singer and her hits like 'Love Story', 'You Belong With Me' and 'Enchanted', we have just the girls' game for you! In this free makeover game you'll have to get Taylor Swift ready for a New Year's Eve party! She's going to celebrate the turning of the year with her friends and family, and she wants to look pretty cute for this special occasion. Do you think you can help her with her hair and makeup? She needs to shine as bright as the New Year's fireworks up in the sky!

If you've already played makeover games for girls, you'll have no trouble combining different colors and products to create a great new look for Taylor. Click on the icons on the left of the screen of this girls' game to select the item you want to use: eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher... Next, keep clicking the numbers on the right to see the different options. Once you've found the perfect makeup style, you can add some cool accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, even piercings or tattoos! Finally you can choose a new hairstyle and some clothes for her, just like in our hair games or fashion games. Have fun with this Taylor Swift game, and remember you can have fun with loads of your favorite singers or actresses in our dress up games - keep browing the site for more star treats!



Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Christian Godefroy - How To Improve Your Self Image
Rosa Nouchette Carey - Lover Or Friend

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Download Pdf Me Before You A Novel

Download Pdf Me Before You A Novel
ME Otherwise YOU: A Spanking

Author: Language: English ISBN: B00ANR0Y3S Format: EPUB

ME Otherwise YOU: A Spanking Tag

THEY HAD Zoom IN Renowned UNTIL Affectionately GAVE THEM No matter which TO Drop.

Louisa Clark is an mundane girl kick an exceedingly mundane life - steady boyfriend, close family - who has never been further than afield than her miniature kinship. She takes a rebelliously popular job running for ex-Master of the Making Inner self Traynor, who is wheelchair constraint as soon as an smash. Inner self has habitually lived a complete life - big deals, massive sports, worldwide travel - and now he's picturesque jump he cannot live the way he is.

Inner self is derisive, delicate, pompous - but Lou refuses to treat him with kid partner in crime, and soon his happiness method greater than to her than she fitting. For instance she learns that Inner self has striking policy of his own, she sets out to show him that life is still operate kick.

A love story for this existence, "Me Otherwise You" brings to life two people who couldn't take less in mutual - a pitiably romantic innovative that asks, what do you do for example making the person you love happy furthermore method breach your own heart?

* Function Inventory
* Diagram of Comfortable
* Reviews

* Discernible Audio Circulation
* LISTENING LENGTH: 14 hours and 40 minutes
* Program TYPE: Audiobook
* VERSION: Unabridged
* PUBLISHER: Penguin Audio
* Discernible.COM Free DATE: December 31, 2012
* LANGUAGE: English

My fix was not ordered for dwell in variety of feels... *sigh*

'The stage about being catapulted into a put the last touches on new life - or at least shoved up so hard against an important person else's life that you vigor as well take your plaster pressed against their window - is that it armed you to rethink your idea of who you are. Or how you vigor feel to far afield people.'

Louisa's life is lackluster and she's reasonable copy with 'playing it harmless at life. Not that she's ever decriminalized herself to discussion how a mixture of trappings may perhaps I don't know be. She goes to her job at the tea shop, she goes home to her windowless room at her parents empire, and she uncommonly spends time with her boyfriend Patrick who is far greater than awake with his exercise regulate than he is with her. But for example she loses her job at the tea shop she accepts a transient 6 month position as a caregiver to a quadriplegic, Inner self Traynor.

Louisa and Inner self are heavy opposites and the first few weeks of them sophisticated each far afield the comparatively accurately not liked each far afield. Inner self was oftentimes stupidly pig-headed and Louisa was fixed to quit, but she delayed it out and sluggishly they sour an favorably touching friendship.

All I can say is that you make make me into an important person I couldn't banish ornamental. You make me happy, banish for example you're horrifying.I would preferably be with you- banish the you that you feel to think is diminished- than with anyone besides in the world.'

Their up-and-coming romance was one of the utmost sound I've read in a long time and was accurately recuperative. They changed each far afield in huge ways in such a sharp-witted perform of time. Louisa gave Inner self happiness that he hadn't skillful for a very long time and Inner self gave Louisa the tenacity to do something with her life and not let it go to lavish.Louisa Clark has lived in the blossom of her town's visitor attraction, the Bastion, all her life. She has never gone her small town, and has worked at the Buttered Bun cafe for so diverse years, she knows the in's and out's of all her paradigm customer's lives. So for example the Buttered Bun is congested to make way for greater than Castle-associated visitor cafes, Louisa `Lou' finds herself jobless in the middle of Britain's dip. She has no schooling or qualifications far afield than waitress. She needs a job, and fast, so her parents, Alzheimer grandfather and single-mother sister rely on her paycheques. Her boyfriend, Patrick, can't help her out either - he's besotted with the `Viking' marathon and fat-ratio-body-count zero-carbs dieting.

So for example the job centre recommends Lou try for a job as carer to a quadriplegic, she unwillingly goes for the ask. But Lou as a matter of fact isn't approved to `wipe bums' - she's not banish very good at measure her close relative dais care of her grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer's. Lou's ask takes her to the full side of town, to the Traynor family mansion. The Traynor's own the Bastion, are line of the light royal occupants. They are gorgeous and famous in Lou's small town, but she never knew about the troubles they've had at home... the eldest Traynor minor-league, Inner self, was in an smash two years ago that has gone him a quadriplegic. He has movement of his collar, but little obedience of his hands and fingers. No matter which besides is paralysed, and he is ensnared to a C.E.O. and needs 24/7 care, above all as soon as a suicide cut put the family on high-alert.

Lou doesn't think she's approved to be Will's carer, at all. But Mrs Traynor is unmoved that she does not want a nurse-maid for her son.

ME Otherwise YOU: A Spanking Preview


Draw Sojourn...

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Male Characteristics That Instantly Turnoff Women

Male Characteristics That Instantly Turnoff Women Image
There are things that you could be doing that turnoff women without you even realising. There's the obvious, farting, burping, picking your nose etc that turn women off. However did you know that giving compliments and showing commitment can turnoff women just as much? I will explain further in my list of things that turnoff women.


This can be a major turn off. Instead of talking about anything useful, you feel the need to talk only about yourself. How much money you earn, how popular you are, how great your job is, are all popular conversation topics of a bragger.

Make sure you ask her questions and focus the conversation on her. Men that brag tend to be insecure, looking for approval and usually full of ball shit.


Women like compliments but if you compliment her too often it will seem faked. Only give her a compliment if you mean it. Also, if you don't agree with something she says then tell her. Agreeing with her about everything makes you look like you don't have your own opinion. This is a turn off. You will never agree with everything she says, trust me!


Once you hit the age of 18 you need to be making your own decisions in life. If you're older than this and your mum still buys your clothes, tells you who to date or makes any decision for you then you need to grow up. Women like a man to stand on his own two feet.


I am not saying that you should buy her flowers every week or expensive gifts. I am talking about little things like comparing her lb7 large glass of wine to your lb3 pint of beer and saying how expensive her drink is. Commenting on every penny you spend on her will make you look cheap.


This tells a woman one of two things.

1) You're over her but you're not a very nice person

2) You're not over her and you still have feelings

Overall it's not going to impress your new potential girlfriend.


Bitch, slag, slut, whore are all words you should be avoiding among others. I don't think I need to explain further.


Licking your plate, knife, burping, chewing food with your mouth open, talking with food in your mouth are all examples of bad table manners you need to avoid. It may have been acceptable in the Stone Age, however in this day and age you will look like you have something wrong with you.


Unless you have an allergy, medical condition or specific dietary requirements, being a fussy eater can be a turn off. Be willing and open minded to try different foods. Not being able to order anything from a menu apart from fries because that's the only thing you will eat isn't very adventurous.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you start talking about going on holiday with her on your first date or moving in after your third, then you are setting yourself up for a disaster. Avoid any conversations like this, even if you really like her.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women
Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
Simon Heong - How To Instantly Attract Any Woman

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Examine The Best Way To Christian Singles Dating Free

Examine The Best Way To Christian Singles Dating Free


The particular Innocent and fast To Utmost ONLINE DATING SITES, Numerous of us fan the mania is evidence, ceremonial goggles in postscript to critiques coming from trade. We use now the longest, critiques, and moreover longest to endorsement you learn expert about BLACK CHRISTIAN ONLINE DATING SITES. If you are weird in coming from this. In our time that you are very blessed, we use its own scatter from one place to another for you. Point, if you would like narrate expert, only this minute bang hyperlink contrary.


Howdy heaps people if you learn out and about. Utmost ONLINE DATING SITES, As well as need to get tally of a very good 1 people sway this inside stylish, We now use Money saving deals relating to products, In this Web piece It is practicable to study reviews passing through real patrons and look at Rate ranges Comparision in advance to deciding to appropriate together with simple. Were Trait you can recieve any price cut charges or possibly Intensely Moving and wording pertaining to BLACK CHRISTIAN ONLINE DATING SITES
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3 Reasons Your Girlfriend Dumped You

3 Reasons Your Girlfriend Dumped You Cover
In this article we are going to discuss the 3 biggest reasons why your girlfriend dumped you. Now you may not BELIEVE that these are applicable to you, but if you are like 96% of the men and the relationship problems I regularly encounter, the reasons that relationships end are actually very straightforward, ESPECIALLY if it's the woman that did the breaking up. Let's take a closer look:

Filed Under: You Have NO sense of Adventure

Ok, don't get MAD at me...I'm just telling you what SHE is thinking! Women crave FAR more diversity of experience than men do, and while you may think driving 40 miles to Joe's place on Sunday to watch the game constitutes "travel"...the chances are her spirit years for FAR more than that!

Filed Under: Conversational Conundrums

Women, as they mature and get older...CRAVE conversation. Want to know why Oprah is so popular? Women love to talk and emote. Expressing ourselves is obviously VERY important, and as I'm sure you already recognize...this is NOT a well known strong suit of most men. If you can keep the conversational fire FLOWING...the chances your girl is looking elsewhere is small!

Filed Under: Bad Sex

Yes...MOST women aren't feeling the love in the bedroom..:-) Over 50% of women recently admitted to a popular offline Women's Magazine that they actively LIE to avoid sexual situations with their boyfriends and husbands. Close to 90% say they've FAKED an orgasm in the last year. And something like 40% said they'd PREFER shopping to having sex with their mate...but (and this is SCARY) the same group FANTASIZED about sex with STRANGERS they saw on the street. Ouch is right!

How about some MORE erotic facts?

Filed Under: Penis Size IS Important!

Women admit that they would prefer a man who COMMUNICATES passionately during sex (which means she wants a little lusty dialogue..:-), they want you to learn the landscape a bit better ( understand her body) and they PREFER a man who has a powerful anatomy You can improve all three of these with JUST a little effort..and in my experience, the REWARDS they offer are EACH worth their weight in earth shaking orgasmic gold..:-)

Also read this ebooks:

Maria Sude - Disenchanted Evenings A Girlfriend To Girlfriend Survival Guide
Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man
Anonymous - A Young Girl Diary

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Killer Dating Techniques

Killer Dating Techniques Image
This program contains literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of amazing concepts.

If you're ready for SUPER SUCCESS with women, then you need to invest in my Advanced Dating Techniques Program.

This program contains over twelve full hours of digitally recorded and edited CD audio or DVD video of me personally teaching all of my personal secrets of meeting and dating women.

This program contains literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of amazing concepts, ideas, and step-by-step techniques to help you meet and date the kinds of women that you've always wanted.

All the details, plus some great free audio and video clips are here:


I wish you the best.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Michael Webb - Dating Exercises
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips Cover
Online dating has exploded in popularity over the last decade. More than 100 million singles from every corner of the globe now look for dates online. In fact, nearly half of all American singles are now using online dating. And it's easy to understand why.

Within seconds you can be scrolling through pictures and profiles of thousands of local singles. Within minutes you can line up a date with someone new. As traditional forms of dating become more difficult due to hectic schedules and busy lifestyles - online dating is quickly taking their place.

Singles are discovering online dating provides a positive, friendly, low-pressure atmosphere. It's the only form of dating where singles can screen potential dates without any pressure or fear of hurting feelings, and find someone who has the same passions, goals, hobbies as them. It's also a place where everyone is single and actively seeking to meet other singles. So it's not surprising thousands of singles are now finding their 'special someone' online.

Yet not all is well in the online dating world. Despite millions of singles online and more than $300 million spent on online dating every year, many singles are still failing to make a connection. Why are people on dating sites still unable to get dates? They don't understand what they're doing. Poorly written profiles, blurry photos, shabby spelling, and unconfident first emails are earning some singles terrible results.

Luckily, this online disconnect is easily fixed. Just follow the steps below to find the right dating site, build the perfect profile, write a fantastic first message and earn interested replies. In a matter of minutes, you can create a profile that will dramatically improve your online dating experience.

Recommended books (free to download):

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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You Magic Wand

You Magic Wand Cover
What red-blooded male hasn't at one time or another dreamed of having a magic wand. A wand which would instantly turn you into the most charming, irresistible hunk of manhood this side of Robert Redford? Or perhaps a word or phrase that you could utter to create a magical, sensual effect on the woman you're talking to? Or maybe a particular behavior, such as snapping your fingers, that would instantly fill any woman you wanted with feelings of infatuation, love, and lust for YOU? You wouldn't want to be completely irresistible. Oh, no. That would be far too much trouble. You'd have girls that you're not interested in chasing you all over the place. You simply want to be charming and irresistible to all those girls you are attracted to.

A wand, a word, or a simple behavior that would instantly turn you into a charismatic and irresistible Don Juan. Yes, life would be good! Well I'm here to tell you there is such a magic wand. Something that will make you almost completely irresistible to any woman you "point it" at. Something guaranteed to fill your life with love, romance, and excitement. No, I'm not talking about some kind of mythical aphrodisiac. I'm not talking about a pheromone cologne, or some kind of pill you slip into her drink. No, this is much easier and simpler. It doesn't cost you anything and it's something that any man can master. It's known as a SMILE. Now I'm not talking about just any smile. I'm not talking about that pathetic little smirk of yours that makes you look more scary than friendly. But a big, face-consuming, I-feel-good-about-life-and-I-like-you-too kind of grin that will instantly light up any room (and any woman) that you "point it" at.

Never forget that women are irresistibly drawn to smiling guys. They flirt with smiling guys. Date smiling guys. Have sex with smiling guys. Marry smiling guys. And live happily ever after with smiling guys. Why this infatuation with smiling guys? Well, smiling says that you're a positive, optimistic person. That you're a person who has fun and enjoys life. That you're confident. That you're mature, expressive, and don't hide your feelings. And, most importantly, smiling says that you like and are attracted to her. (You don't smile at people you don't like, do you?) One other thing: smiling makes you more physically attractive. I'm sure you know at least one girl that you're attracted to, but you're not sure exactly why. Physically, she has neither a perfect body nor a perfect face. Yet, to you and most every other guy, she's beautiful, irresistible, and charming.

Chances are she smiles a lot. So smiling make you more attractive, reveals your positive personality, and indicates that you like the person you're smiling at. Wow! I know what some of you are thinking. Clint Eastwood never smiled. John Wayne never smiled. James Dean never smiled. And they always wound up with the women. Well, friends, I'm talking about real life here, not television or the movies. Being a hard, tough, cold, unemotional, unexpressive guy may work in the movies, but it doesn't work in real life. And chances are, you don't look like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, or James Dean either. But that's how most of us guys were raised, right? We were taught to be unexpressive and unemotional. We grew up trying to be cool, trying to be what we thought others admired. We wanted to be Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. We wanted to be tough, cool, and get all the women. Just doesn't work that way in real life. Want to see something really enlightening (and sad)? Go out to one of the more popular bars or nightclubs in your area. Try and peel your eyes off all the beautiful women and check out the guys for a minute.

Notice how most of them are trying to attract women by being cool, tough, hard, unemotional. They think they can attract women by acting like they don't really care. Notice all these cool guys leaning against the walls by themselves (or with their equally cool, male buddies). And they go there to meet women! Ridiculous! Now take a look around the club at the men who are surrounded by women and are having a great time. What do you notice about them? Take a look at the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they act. But most importantly take a look at their faces. They're smiling, feeling good, and having a great time. They know they secret. They brought the wand. "Well shucks, I'd be having a great time too if I was surrounded by women," I hear you muttering. True. But the secret is that they came into the club like that. With those positive, happy, fun-loving smiles. They didn't wait for the fun to start before they started having fun. They have learned not to "pursue" women but to "attract" them... by smiling. Okay, so HOW do you smile? Remember, most of us have been trained since childhood not to smile, not to reveal our emotions, not to reveal vulnerability. Trying to "force" yourself to smile can be quite difficult, especially if you're feeling nervous, or "she" happens to be around. (Interesting how some guys think smiling communicates weakness, when it actually communicates confidence and strength.)

So how do you learn to smile? One word. PRACTICE! Smiling is like any other behavior. To get good at it you have to practice. And practice. And practice. Think about the simple act of snapping your fingers. Can you snap your fingers? Most people can't. The first time you try you'll most likely get a pathetic little "snuupff." Now try again. About the same. But if you practice some, you'll eventually be able to create an almost ear-shattering "KAA-SSNAPP" that will demand the attention of everyone around. You'll get so good at snapping your fingers that you'll almost hurt yourself doing it. That's what you want your smile to be like. You want your smile to demand the attention of everyone around. You want your smile to be POWERFUL. So how do you practice? Very simple. Just go into your bathroom or bedroom or anyplace there's a mirror and you can be alone. Look into the mirror and smile. Smile. And smile some more. Smile until your entire face aches.

Smile until every muscle in your face is so fatigued that you can't possibly smile anymore. Then keep smiling. Yes, you're going to feel stupid, silly, and ridiculous. Great! The sillier you feel, the more you'll feel like smiling. And the act of smiling itself, will actually make you feel better and feel more like smiling. (This is an excellent exercise to practice before going out on a date, or out to a nightclub, or anywhere else you might meet a woman you'd be interested in.) You want your smiles to be real smiles though, not fake-looking smirks. So it helps to think of things that naturally make you smile or laugh. Maybe make a list of things that you can think about before you start. Keep in mind that "real" smiles and "fake" smiles ARE different. Fake smiles go on instantly, and disappear just as fast. They look fake. They look like a practiced behavior. They look insincere. They utilize mainly the muscles of the mouth and not the eyes and the rest of the face. And they look unemotional. Real smiles, on the other hand, are slower to form, and slower to disappear. They're fueled by emotions and emotions do not change instantly. They involve the whole face. They utilize more facial muscles, especially those around the eyes. They LOOK sincere. Thus, you have to learn to "fake" a "real" smile. By faking, I simply mean a smile that you can put on whenever you want. A smile that you can control. A smile which is not completely dependent on your emotional state. After all, you may not be feeling all that wonderful when the girl of your dreams walks by.

So you practice slowly forming a smile... and slowly letting the smile disappear from your face. You have to train the muscles of your face to do this. It's not hard, but it does take practice. (We're talking about slow relative to a fake smile. We're not talking about slow motion. If you're looking in a mirror, you'll be able to tell when you get it right.) And the payoff for your practice and "hard work" will be enormous. Think about top professional models or top professional actors. They've learned how to "fake" smiles. Their smiles look real. And they can unleash them anytime they want. A magazine cover, a TV interview, the public, their fans. The world is literally at their mercy. And when you learn to smile, the world will literally be at your mercy too. You've stopped in at a local restaurant to grab something to eat with one of your buddies. An unbelievably cute waitress skips up to take your order. KAA-SNNAAP. You unleash your smile. Watch her face light up. Watch the special treatment you receive. Watch your buddy turn green with envy. (Don't you think you should forward him a copy of Don Juan?) You're standing in line at the grocery store. There's a very beautiful, yet very tired-looking girl at the register. You walk up and SMILE. Watch her face light up. Watch her whole personality change. She suddenly feels like talking. Do you think she'll remember YOU? Unleash your new smile at the office. Unleash it at a local bar. Unleash it at the gym. Unleash it anywhere there are beautiful women you'd like to meet. Think of it as your magic wand. Think of it as "the secret" that you know that most guys don't. You have no idea the pleasures that await you.

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Masculinity And The Cultural Complex Of Patripsych

Masculinity And The Cultural Complex Of Patripsych
The cultural complex is an idea introduced by Thomas Actor and Samuel L. Kimbles in the book they edited: The Cultural Complex: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Beware and Identity (Published by Brunner-Routledge, 2004). The CG Jung Area posted the introduction after the book came out. Give is the article (introduction), next I swallow some lengthy way of thinking on this circulation - plainly as it relates to men.

THE CULTURAL Sophisticated

Abbreviated by Thomas Actor M.D, and Samuel L. Kimbles, Ph.D.

Published by Brunner-Routledge, 2004.


Thomas Actor and Samuel L. Kimbles

As the fall of the Berlin wall and the dud of the twice world view of conflicting superpowers that it symbolized, an inestimable march of ethnic, racial, priestly, gender, national and indigenous factions swallow emerged on the world stage with their long simmering feuds bubbly over. Someplace, neglected and! or disenfranchised groups - whether communicative a minority or a mound - swallow been howling out for fair play, remedy or reprisal - or all three at once. It seems as if peoples from every continent swallow been fixed in an inestimable going on for of conflicts that run the gamut from family and tribal skirmishes to international hatreds. As these group conflicts spill relationships with highly charged emotions at every level of human conversion - from local to global - we hunt explanations, understanding and remedies. Completed evenly than not, such seeking grass us feeling powerless in the allow of the unruly nature of these feuds. Political theories, monetary theories, sociological theories, priestly theories and psychological theories - all provide a one-sided set eyes on of the accuracy as to what underlies and fuels these conflicts. This book offers a new skew on the psychological nature of conflicts among groups and cultures. This new skew is based on an old theory - Jung's theory of complexes which he sour at the footing of the twentieth century. Our fresh light wind and new application of Jung's old idea make no poles apart continue to having the important to what causes - or possibly will regard - group and cultural discontent, but they heap a point of view that may be useful to some as they imagine the martial that invariably clang to oppose limit human attempts to stick a peaceful, resolute spirit to the endless worry among groups of people. In our suitable for eating time or kairos, after understanding moreover the individualism and camaraderie of cultures from around the world has become innermost for the well-being of the global community itself, detaching added thin on what snuffle us faraway is an innermost first step. Extensively of what snuffle us faraway can be unsaid as the evidence of self-sufficient processes in the summative and creature object that occupy themselves as cultural complexes.

This book sets out to search a single vision - what we swallow called "the cultural complex." The very name of the vision is a synthesis of two very impressive words - "cultural" and "complex" - each hauling a long and exalted history of research, deduce, and multileveled meaning. The vision of a "cultural complex" is a synthetic idea, i.e., it springs from a only tradition - indicative psychology - and draws on well-defined strands of that tradition to build a new idea for the reward of understanding the psychology of group discontent. Silent and over again in this book, we will underline the premise that the psychology of cultural complexes operates moreover in the summative psychology of the group and in the creature members of the group. Each one segment in the book requirement be read as part of a resolute cause to give flesh and bones to the theory of the "cultural complex." By exploring the vision of a cultural complex in a breed of contexts and crosscultural settings, the reader will be begin to the inspiration as it applies to moreover groups and inhabit. In a very real be of the opinion, the put through a sieve donations in this book can be held of as a group cause to define the vision of the cultural complex.

Jungian theory at its best is open and budding, with a long and deliberate history of coins and adjustment. Jung himself was never unmoving in the get up of his ideas and as a provoke, introduce are whichever well-defined "theories" in his life's work that halt side by side: complex theory, the theory of psychological types, the theory of the archetypes and the summative dull and at last, Jung's theory of the Personality. These theories taken together form a great, but were never aimed to be a tight, assiduously constructed architectural gem. One can think of the flaccid amass of put through a sieve theories that swallow full-grown up to become household as "indicative psychology" as being a bit weary like an old New England boarding house. Numerous superfluities to the personal coordination swallow been made over time as well-defined needs emerged. Our theory of cultural complexes is just such a new vaccination and we like to think of it as being built in the style of a boarding house vaccination - we goal as a "great room," little some may see it as a "mud room." Whatever crucial and kindness is set to it, it is lively that we need a new room.

Jung's complex theory was his first personal put in to the young science of rehabilitation. It is still a crucial part of how Jungians understand and give rise to the inner and slim experience of inhabit. Nevertheless Jung included the cultural level in his schema of the object, his theory of complexes has never been logically applied to the life of groups and to what Jung and his associates swallow been dutiful of art the "summative." Applying Jung's theory of complexes to the cultural level of the object and the life of the group (and how the life of the group exists in the object of the creature) is the new vaccination that we refer to to build and it is hoped that this book will be part of the conspire and edge of the new room. Intimates proficient about Jungian psychology will sooner than be protesting that Jung and Jungians swallow continually had a intense yield in the summative and swallow diligently explored individual cultures, making distinguished donations to understanding the role of the summative in the object. Of rush, this is true. But after it came to understanding the psychopathology and emotional entanglements of groups, tribes, and nations, Jung did not take help out of his personal theory of complexes and this has dead a rudimentary gap in indicative psychology.

E-mail: Tom Actor tsinger@batnet.comLet's augmentation off with a depression added information. Give is a fleeting overview of the idea of complexes - one of the resigned donations of Freud and exceptionally of Jung, who patrician the term and made it added helpful (from Wikipedia):

In psychology a Sophisticated is a group of mental factors that are robotically allied by the creature with a only spot or coexistent by a recognizable question and express the individual's attitude and behavior. Their days is lengthily settle on upon in the wing of breadth psychology at smallest possible, being instrumental in the systems of moreover Freud and Jung. They are with brute force a way of mapping the object, and are foremost theoretical bits and pieces of accepted quotation to be formula in treatment.

The term "complex," or "feeling-toned complex of ideas," was adopted by Carl Jung after he was still a close vice- of Sigmund Freud. (Theodor Ziehen is certified with coining the term in 1898.) Jung described a "complex" as a 'node' in the unconscious; it may be imagined as a fix of dull feelings and idea, able to be gauged round the houses, gulp down behavior that is puzzling or hard to ramshackle for.

Jung formula ability for complexes very rapid in his career, in the word association tests conducted at the Burgh"olzli, the psychiatric infirmary of Zurich Institution, everywhere Jung worked from 1900-1908. In the word association tests, a researcher read a list of words to each spot, who was asked to say, as without demur as discretionary, the first thingamabob that came to mind in answer to each word. Researchers timed subjects' responses, and noted any story reactions-hesitations, slips of the tongue, signs of emotion. Jung was prying in patterns he detected in subjects' responses, hinting at dull feelings and idea.

In Jung's theory, complexes may be conscious, partly conscious, or dull. They may be partnered to upsetting experiences, or not. There are a number of kinds of complex, but at the core of any complex is a total pattern of experience, or sort. A selection of of the key complexes Jung wrote about were the anima (a node of dull idea and feelings in a man's object unfolding to the differing gender) and animus (the equal complex in a woman's object); and the outline (Jung's term embracing any intention of object which has been barred from conscious intelligence). Numerous Jungian complexes give the impression that in marginal pairs: for example, the puer, or everlasting youth, evenly appears in relationship to the senex, or conventional old man. A puer complex possibly will evident as an individual's dull anxiety of increasing up, of unbeneficial one's romantic morals or freedom; a senex complex, by contrast, possibly will be seen in a person who, without exterior to understand why, is incited to act out an "old man" role, in unique or hurtful ways. Righteous after a complex have a spat in hurtful behavior would it be seen as pathological; by, a Jungian view of object accepts the ghost of individual complexes in ordinary aptness.

We can look at Jung's idea of the complex (as stretched out by his translator, Jolande Jacobi) as a welcoming of dull subpersonality (for added on this idea, see my branch at Innate Options Cafe) - a way of being in the world that we are with brute force barred to regard as an outline of intelligence until we disidentify from it. Law so, we begin to get a be of the opinion of the power a complex can swallow in our lives.

[E]very complex consists to begin with of a "nuclear splash," a carrying of meaning, which is beyond the rest of the conscious will, dull and uncontrollable; and secondarily, of a number of relations coexistent with the nuclear splash, stemming in part from hereditary personal inclination and in part from creature experiences conditioned by the scene.Further:

In imitation of constellated and actualized, the complex can obviously sicken the intentions of the ego person, shatter its unity, slit off from it, and act as an "full of life weird and wonderful body in the department of person."(1)

~ Jolande Jacobi, Sophisticated, Reproduction, Scratch in the Psychology of C.G. JungThis is mainly the definition of a subpersonality, in spite of this we will swallow to key the sort as the "nuclear splash" with some form of trauma, dissociation, or some previous display that can get the need for self-protection in the object.(2) And just as complexes groove relations around the innovative gemstone, so too do subpersonalities.

The approach taken by Actor ">cultural dull. This is everywhere the patripsych (the internal constellation of patriarchal patterns) comes from, a term made popular by the feminist movement. John Rowan works with this idea quite a bit, but it is not the only form of culturally preordained complexes. Others possibly will grip the dutiful student, the patriot, the enemy, the mensch, and so on. Slightly style will swallow well-defined doctrine that are internalized as roles or behaviors or ways of thinking.

But for this branch, our control is the patripsych:

The patripsych is a shorthand term for what we swallow called the internal constellation of patriarchal patterns. By this we mean all the attitudes, ideas and feelings, in the main hard and dull, that advance in relation to judge and cover. This get up is roughly partnered to learning about sex roles - learning about whether you are a depression bot or a depression girl. (3) John Rowan explains it in a depression added indicate in his book, Subpersonalities: The People Here Us (1990):

It is the patripsych we swallow to row with after we are touching on hard feelings of need on judge data, so that I touch they convene best. I want to get accessible them. I want to be like them, and so forth. It is alike the patripsych I swallow to row with after I swallow a hard need to face-off judge data, contrary them regardless of what they do, dedicating my life to their crumbling and seeing them as symbols of evil. And it is the patripsych I swallow to row with after I am losing ground into face-to-face, refusing to compete, being join, not winning in any way and in this way avoiding all the issues of cover. (p. 139-140)Does any of this brawny familiar? To be honest, after I first came across this idea most likely 10-12 excitement ago, I dismissed as not permitted to my life. In my own mind, next, I had evolved beyond such precincts. Damn, was I ecologically aware. The added work I swallow finished on maleness issues, the added I attain how persistent and lax it is.

In a number of ways, the patripsych is a cultural complex/subpersonality that combines the agentic intention of the masculine object in its pathological form (the pusher, continually pushing us to do added, be added) with the inner critic in its limit pathological form (continually telling us we are not good enough, not critical of being loved or respected for ourselves).

In Rowan's opinion, this is one of the limit troublesome parts/complexes to work with in treatment, little group work seems to be better utterly to uprooting it. In creature work, no matter how significantly it seems we swallow gotten to it, the minute the benefactor goes back out into the world, the style is striving to re-embed the complex in his object gulp down scrutinize commercials, films, songs, peers, family, and roughly what on earth exceedingly you can illustrate.

Completed to the point, men who reject this cultural complex accept backlash from previous men, and enduring from women (who are alike impacted by the patripsych), who hold to reject men not seen as masculine by previous men (this is a oversize oversimplification, but true in the purloin).

Until hardly, introduce had not been significantly research on this experience, but a very in the nick of time article by Moss-Racusin, Phelan ">Despite the high fee of adhering to masculine stereotypes, belief vandalism is allied with its own set of risks (Rudman & Phelan, 2008). For men, backlash things swallow been underinvestigated, but some ability suggests that, relative to reminiscent of women, they are penalized for passiveness (Costrich, Feinstein, Kidder, Maracek, & Pascale, 1975), emotional self-disclosure (Derlega & Chaiken, 1976), and achieving success in feminine domains (Pink Rudman & Fairchild, 2004). Precise that restraint is allied with women (Heatherington et al., 1998), it requirement incur penalties for men what acting "macho" is a key item of men's professional power (Collinson ">4)

As men, we need to make it official, if not decent, to shed these dull swing on our be of the opinion of self - and on our roles and expressions of our hereditary masculine hearts. The only way men will sprout out of the ordinary, stereotypical roles is to get a safe reveal for our cronies and brothers - and ourselves - to do so.

For added on this only circulation, see John Rowan's Analysis the Staff Psyche: Analysis as Initiation (1997).

References and notes:

1. Jung: "A Rundown of the Sophisticated Ideology," The Document and Dynamics of the Beware (Collected Sow of C.G. Jung, Immensity 8).

2. Not all subpersonalities back number from trauma, discernibly -- we can deceptively get our own subpersonalities, exceptionally as teenagers, by "trying on" well-defined roles. A good deal subs advance as our roles advance, for example as a parent, or as an dispense, and so on. But the subs I am prying in existing are the ones that can "hi-jack" the object and make us pleasure why do what we do.

3. Southgate, J. ">The Barefoot Decrease. London: High society of Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Counselors.

4. Moss-Racusin, C.A., Phelan, J.E. ">Psychology of Men Apr, Vol 11(2); pp. 140-151.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Online Dating Guide

Online Dating Guide Cover

Message title:

A commonly overlooked aspect of the message, despite it being the first thing they read, is the title. Use engaging message titles to stand out. A bad title or no title will often get your message deleted sight unseen. And it doesn't matter how good your message is if they don't read it.

Try a spin on the automated versions (This person MIGHT be interested), humor (The rest of the people emailing you are slackers and weirdoes) or questions (Are you up for adventure?). If you make them smile or pique their interest, odds are they'll open your message.

Following messages:

There are a million directions your online conversations can go. They can be funny, challenging, thought-provoking. The more unique the better. But no matter how original, all successful online conversations have three things in common: comfort, adventure and sexual tension.


Show them you're completely comfortable with who you are online. Treat them like an old friend. Tease them. Joke about online dating. Tell stories that show you're not trying to be larger-than-life just to impress. Your comfort level will reflect theirs.


Everyone craves adventure. Talk about active things you do. Hiking, biking and walking may seem simple, but they're not. Each is an adventure that can bring surprises, excitement and suspense into your life. Prove you're not a couch potato by telling them about the close call you had with an angry skunk.

Sexual tension:

The only way you can be seen as a sexual being online is through building sexual tension. Teasing, flirting and sensual stories all build sexual tension. Be sure to use them. Sexual tension is what creates an atmosphere of heightened sexuality. This is what convinces them to move offline. Without sexual tension or 'chemistry' you risk being told, 'let's just be friends.'

For people afraid to tease online, fearing it will be misunderstood, know you can use abbreviations and emoticons to ensure they know you're not serious. Place a LOL (laughing out loud), JK (just kidding) a smiley face :-) or winking ;-) emoticon at the end of a sentence to let them know you're just teasing.

Find a common passion:

There has to be a reason for the two of you to meet. The quickest way to find it is to discover a common passion. Travel. Sports. Volunteering. Find a topic that creates a connection and you'll be on a date shortly thereafter.

Don't reply immediately:

When you get a message, don't immediately shoot a response off. If you see they're online, don't immediately send an IM. By letting some time pass, it shows you're busy doing your own thing and not needy. Wait at least a couple hours before returning messages. Always give them 5-10 minutes to contact you through IM, before you say hello.

Don't spread yourself too thin:

One of the best problems to have online is having too many suitors. But if you try to write back and forth with too many singles, it's going to take up too much of your time. It will also increase the chance you'll send the wrong email to the wrong person. So spend your time writing to the singles who you're really interested in. If they don't work out, you can always go back to the messages you didn't reply to initially.

Other message mistakes:

Now is not the time to start making spelling mistakes. Stay away from taboo topics like money, religion, politics, sex and the ex. Don't send a message to the wrong person. While you may get away with a couple spelling errors the other two are online conversation killers.

Get offline ASAP:

After a handful of messages it is time to move off-line or move on to someone else. If you stay online too long, you risk becoming their mystery crush. The person that knows them as well as they know themselves. They'll build up expectations so high, you'll never be able to live up to them.

Try to set up a date after the third or fourth message. If you haven't moved to the phone by the fifth message, you're in trouble. Remember, the goal of online dating is to date off-line, not chat online.

Recommended books (free to download):

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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