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How To Get A Girl To Notice You

How To Get A Girl To Notice You Image
For most guys, more girls are met in crowds than are met one-on-one. This may be a reflection of the grouping nature of women that causes them to spend more time together than alone, but it is also because social events and activities put everyone in a relaxed mood where they are more open to conversation and invitations. For this reason, you have to learn HOW TO GET A GIRL TO NOTICE you no matter who else is around.


The problem most men have in groups is that they blend into the crowd. They don't get noticed by girls because they are easily forgotten, if the girl even notices them to begin with. There are some simple things you can do while in the group to stand out from the others around you and get a girl to notice you:

* Make eye contact with her and smile warmly as often as possible.

* Put a hand on her shoulder or touch her in other subtle, harmless ways.

* Actively engage in conversations or activities so you aren't just sitting by as a spectator. Girls don't notice spectators. They are after the conversation stars.

When making eye contact, it is important that you don't drop your eyes to the ground, fold your arms across your body, or show other signs of anxiety or shyness. You are confident. You are the life of the party. You are just having a good time and relaxing. That's the image you want to give, so look her right in the eye with a confident smile then move on to engaging the rest of the group again.


When you are interested in a girl who is in a group with you, the trick is to engage the entire group while subtly reaching out to her. Make those eye contacts and place a hand on her shoulder or grab her hand to create an example of the point you are making. You are talking to the entire group, but showering a bit of extra attention on her.

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Girls are naturally drawn to guys who are adored by others. If you have lots of friends and everyone in the group seems to really like you, then she has the social go-ahead and approval needed to go after you if she wants.


Eventually, if you want to get a girl to notice you in a group you will have to remove her from the group. Once she is comfortable around you from group interactions ask if she wants to move to a side room and have a drink or perhaps dance. Your options here will be dictated by the social situation you are in.

Just don't expect the girl to leave the location alone with you or go into a bedroom. You want to get her alone to talk to her but that won't happen if you are creepy or inappropriate.


Use the group environment to help you get a girl to notice you beyond the party. Make sure others with the girl have your phone number and know your name. If they bring you up at other times you will be thought of more by the girl as well and increase your chances of getting a date.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Her Chasing You
John Alanis - How To Get Newspapers And Mags To Write About You

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Top 10 Myths About Marriage

Top 10 Myths About Marriage Cover
Separating Relationship Myths From Realities. Do children make a couple happier?

Our cultural views influence how we approach and assess relationships. Take marriage: Most of us have been exposed to myths about this institution – myths that derive from sensationalistic media reporting of a single scientific study, opinions that may have been inspired by the sexual revolution movement or good old-fashioned advice. As part of the National Marriage Project, sociologist David Popenoe of Rutgers University has studied the facts of marriage vs. our assumptions. The findings from his team question some of our common societal views about marriage.
Q: Does marriage benefit men more than women?
A: Contrary to earlier and widely publicized reports, recent research finds that men and women benefit about equally from marriage, although in different ways. Both men and women live longer, happier, healthier and wealthier lives when they are married.

Q: Does having children typically bring a married couple closer together and increase marital happiness?
A: Many studies have shown that the arrival of the first baby commonly has the effect of pushing the mother and father further apart and bringing stress to the marriage. However, couples with children have a slightly lower rate of divorce than childless couples.

Q: Are the keys to long-term marital success good luck and romantic love?
A: Rather than luck and love, the most common reasons couples give for their long-term marital success are commitment and companionship . They define their marriage as a creation that has taken hard work, dedication and commitment (to each other and to the institution of marriage). The happiest couples are friends who share lives and are compatible in interests and values.

Q: Do women with higher levels of education have a lower chance of getting married?
A: A recent study based on marriage rates in the mid-1990s concluded that female college graduates today are more likely to marry than their non-college peers, despite their older age at first marriage. This is a change from the past, when women with more education were less likely to marry.

Q: Do couples who live together before marriage have more satisfying and longer-lasting marriages than couples who do not?
A : Many studies have found that those who live together before marriage have less satisfying marriages and a considerably higher chance of eventually breaking up. One reason is that people who cohabitate might be more wary of commitment and more likely to call it quits when problems arise. But in addition, the very act of living together may lead to attitudes that make happy marriages more difficult. The findings of one recent study, for example, suggest “there may be less motivation for cohabiting partners to develop their conflict resolution and support skills.” (An important caveat: Cohabiting couples who are already planning to marry each other in the near future have just as good a chance at staying together as couples who don't live together before marriage).

Q: Is it true that people can't be expected to stay married for a lifetime because we live so much longer today?
A: Unless our comparison goes back a hundred years, there is no basis for this belief. The enormous increase in longevity is due mainly to a steep reduction in infant mortality. And while adults today can expect to live a little longer than their grandparents, they also marry at a later age. The lifespan of a typical, divorce-free marriage, therefore, has not changed much in the past 50 years. Also, many couples call it quits long before they get to a significant anniversary: Half of all divorces take place by the seventh year of a marriage.

Q: Does marriage put a woman at greater risk of domestic violence than if she remains single?
A: A large body of research shows that being unmarried – and especially living with a man outside of marriage – is associated with a considerably higher risk of domestic violence for women. One reason is that married women significantly underreport domestic violence. Further, women are less likely to marry and more likely to divorce a man who is violent. Yet it is probably also the case that married men are less likely to commit domestic violence because they are more invested in their wives' well-being, and are more integrated into the extended family and community.

Q: Do married people have less-satisfying sex lives, and less sex, than single people?
A: According to a large-scale national study, married people have both more and better sex than do their unmarried counterparts. Not only do they have sex more often but they enjoy it more, both physically and emotionally. One reason for this could be that married couples have a greater motivation to develop clear communication between the couple and, over a sustainable time, as people let down their emotional guard, they feel more comfortable presenting how they honestly feel.

Q: Is cohabitation just like marriage but without the piece of paper?
A: Cohabitation typically does not bring the benefits – in physical health, wealth and emotional well-being – that marriage does. In terms of these benefits, cohabitants in the United States more closely resemble singles than married couples. This is due, in part, to the fact that cohabitants tend not to be as committed as married couples, and they are more oriented toward their own personal autonomy and less to the well-being of their partner.

Q: Is it true that because of the high divorce rate people who stay married have happier marriages than people did in the past when everyone stuck it out, no matter how bad the marriage?
A: According to what people have reported in several large national surveys, the general level of happiness in marriages has not increased and probably has declined slightly. Some studies have found in recent marriages, compared to those of 20 or 30 years ago, significantly more work-related stress, more marital conflict and less marital interaction.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

Michael Pilinski - Without Embarrassment
Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Psychonline Health Tips By Sally Anne Mccormack Psychologist

Psychonline Health Tips By Sally Anne Mccormack Psychologist

By Sally-Anne McCormack

Dip T (Psych Maj); Postgrad Dip Psych (Ed); B Ed; M Psych (Ed & Dev)

Psychologist M.A.P.S.

Dealing with Depression

Part One (Child & Adolescent)

As many of us know, the amount of people suffering from mental illness is extremely large, and many report that it is rapidly increasing!

It is widely suggested that around one in 5 people are suffering from depression at any given time (1 in 4 women, and 1 in 6 men). Recent statistics indicate that around 800,000 Australians suffer from depression every year - how will these numbers look in 2010? Or 2020? And what about children and adolescents? Research suggests around 5% of children, and nearly 1 in 10 adolescents are also inflicted with depression.

So, a question that needs to be asked is - what can we do to prevent it? Before becoming a psychologist, I started off my working life as a teacher. I spent a number of years studying, then entered the classroom with enthusiasm and a desire to inspire others to learn. After having a small bunch of children, I decided it was the right time to change my career path and become a psychologist. However, the passion of teaching has not deserted me, and has in fact enabled me to view mental illness from a different perspective. While I enjoy helping people deal with the depression and anxiety that they are currently suffering from, it seems incredibly logical to me that it would make much more sense to get into our schools and teach children and adolescents the skills that they need to learn to think in a more positive manner, and to become more aware of their feelings. This "no-brainer" idea should lead to a reduction in the above statistics! The Victorian Government has taken steps to move in this direction by introducing the new curriculum (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) into schools, and there are other initiatives being created to be used in schools, which is fantastic! But it is difficult for these programs to be effective if the staff at the coal-face are stressed and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to cover in 40 weeks per year. For some, there is a sense of having additional pressures and extra curriculum to be included in already overloaded days. There is still a way to go, but we have some incredibly positive signs...

So what can parents & teachers do to help these children and teens now? There are some easy and practical things that we can do to help prevent depression, or assist them to find a way out of the "fog".

TIP ONE. Go for a walk! A family hike would be ideal, but at least 20 minutes of walking every day will increase the serotonin levels in their brains (which is the chemical that is depleted when someone is suffering from this mental illness). In a school, taking the class out for a run around the oval (or ideally, a school which runs some sort of exercise program before school for everyone would find physical and mental health improvements in all of their students!) can help lighten the mood for the day and everyone is more likely to learn efficiently than if they did not do any exercise.

TIP TWO. Notice your own negative feelings. How does your body react when you are angry? Does your face go red? Does your jaw tighten? Does your voice get louder? Do your hands become fists? What about when you are worried? Does your voice start to shake? What about your body? Do you need to go to the toilet? Do you start to sweat?

Most of the time we do not really notice what happens to our body until after the event. How many of us have said "I didn't realise how angry I was at the time". If you can start noticing these physiological warnings about your feelings, then you can start teaching your child/teen how to recognise their own. This is extremely important, because without this recognition, we cannot change our thinking patterns which are what cause depression in the first place!

TIP THREE. Once you and your child have learned to notice your feelings, the next step is to help them to identify what thoughts are going on in their heads. Most of the time, when we ask someone (either child, teen or adult) what they were thinking when they were feeling angry, they say "Nothing".

Regardless of whether this is true or not (and I do not believe that it is!), the fact is that if they can control their thoughts, they will essentially control their feelings. For example, if my best friend just asked my boyfriend out, it is difficult to be angry if I am saying to myself, "Well, at least she has found someone caring to talk to" or "He is wonderful the way he helps people solve their problems". It is only if I say, "She should not have rung him behind my back", or "He should not have agreed to go" that I would be feeling infuriated with either of them.

TIP FOUR. Notice your own language. Do you say to the children (or to yourself) phrases such as "That was really stupid" or "What an idiot" or "I'm never any good at that"? Each of these phrases - even said in jest - are negative and model poor thinking habits. In my practice I tell people that "mud sticks" and even if you think it is funny referring to yourself as a "weirdo", you end up believing it, and so do those around you! It is extremely important that you change YOUR language so you can model more appropriate ways to speak about yourself. This does NOT mean that you have to say something that is not true. An example for me would be not saying that I am a dreadful cook. It is better for me to say something less negative such as "I do not enjoy cooking" or "Cooking is not a strength of mine, but I can set the table beautifully!". But for me to start saying "I am a great cook" is not only a lie, but an unhelpful statement because everyone in my family knows that it is inaccurate, and if I really chose to believe what I said, then every evening I would "fail" and it would simply reinforce negative thinking patterns. I would much rather one of my children to say (and think) "I did not do well in my maths test yesterday" than to say "I am useless at maths", so it is vital that I model this behaviour too!

The bottom line is for us as parents, teachers or guardians of children and teens to be mindful of what we are demonstrating to those in our care. The risk of depression is considerably high, and it is important for us to help reduce these statistics in the future by doing some work on ourselves today.

If you or a loved one is currently suffering from depression, I would recommend you seek advice firstly from your doctor, and then contact a psychologist for individual advice or strategies to help with your child, teen or yourself. The Australian Government introduced an initiative for people with mental illness (such as depression or anxiety) to qualify for a Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor which enables a partial rebate for sessions with various allied health professionals. Check first if you meet this criterion. However, you do NOT need a doctor's referral to see a psychologist.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ita Training Courses Produce High Quality Teachers Of Nlp

Ita Training Courses Produce High Quality Teachers Of Nlp
Dowry was a debate on sift through a few weeks ago anywhere it was being argued that expound are no bad students, only bad teachers. The debate was about teachers in innovation education as well as persons in schools and subsequently continued on to teachers of professional courses. This was of concentration to me as I had been once comport yourself a NLP spurt and refreshing a good teacher. I found out that I neediness find a teacher who was an ITA Tutor and had over and done with ITA COURSES.

The Worldwide Trainers University is a way to safety check that NLP Trainers wolf the greatest principle of training, to come bribe NLP courses to the general population. By selecting an ITA Tutor you wolf the token that your trainer has been practiced and awarded certification as a trainer specifically by NLP co-creator John Hatchet. This means that you can be programmed that the person who is going to be teaching you such an critical sphere as sophisticated how to change your life is well authority and inventive of comport yourself the job properly.

The assignment of the ITA is to constantly improve the quality of NLP Beliefs on build in to the NLP general population by ensuring the colleague trainers wolf themselves established the greatest quality NLP training and testing, and that colleague trainers are secure to constantly rally and escalation their own NLP skills. This is a field which requires the teacher to be able to understand the students in order to help them and they themselves need to be meaningful of any changes in the field.

Dowry are at present three levels of link for NLP Trainers who are ITA members:

* Certifying Aficionada
* Remedy New Secret language NLP Foundation
* Exchange Aficionada

ITA Beliefs COURSES put up trainers which can help surgery workplace and community and persons precisely probing in on the increase and attractive what is earlier than in place, carefully mistake aim the deal with of change. This change can wander special forms but is endlessly for the positive.


* Beliefs in Presentations and Regular Vernacular.
* Hypnotherapy.
* Original send off and Persona Kudos sessions.
* Liberating sessions addressing, The creeps, Phobias, PTSD, Self-Motivation.

ITA COURSES teach people how to use psychology, interactive and notion aggressive consideration, workshops and outspoken training in order to allot a valuable mix of learning styles to grow to be all students. NLP is a valuable forte in any haunt if used genuinely and water supply and is a great tool for moreover businesses and community who wish to improve performance.

The same as it is critical to wolf a good teacher, you need to be meaningful that expound are numerous NLP practitioners regarding who may not be properly authority and yet still set up surgery trying to teach the sense of right and wrong to others. This is why an ITA Tutor will be your best bet as you can rest upbeat that he or she will wolf very well training and be able to teach you well. I obtain that expound are bad students regarding but I overly obtain that expound are bad teachers too.
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Why Everyone Including You Is In Need Of Relationship Advice

Why Everyone Including You Is In Need Of Relationship Advice
Relationship advice is necessary weather you are in courtship or already in marriage. It doesn't really matter weather you are currently experiencing any relationship problem or not; in fact, you might not even envisage one.

Getting advice from time to time empowers you for the unavoidable relationship challenges that often lead many relationships to total separation. For instance, those in courtship, no matter how interesting it seem to be at the moment should better ask themselves relationship compatibility questions and sincerely fill the gaps where possible.

The fact is, these compatibility issues will naturally feature in the relationship from time to time, but in most cases many people are lost in love with the excitement and emotional satisfaction that often comes with it. Inability to deal with relationship compatibility issues at this stage will sooner or later result in a big problem the parties involve will not be able to handle.

For those already in marriage, they are already in the business of "till death do us part" as the saying goes, especially if they already have children. Some people because of this will find themselves in "on and off" relationship until they finally resort to separation.

The truth is, any separation at this stage will definitely leave the two parties and their children (if any) in total dismay.

Weather you are already married or at the courtship stage, below are some of the issues you need to get right at the earliest time from now.

* Sex Issue ( see low sex presure secrets here)






* Long distance from each other - see long distance love guide here


However, if you already find yourself in one relationship problem or the other, I want to tell you, you are mostly in need of relationship advice. It is often said by many relationship experts I have worked with that "when two people in relationship are in disagreement, they are both insane to the matter", until these people gets third party opinion such couple or lovers may not be able to fix the problem.

Another popular saying about this is that, "there are always three sides to every disagreement, and those three sides are the two parties' side, and the right side". The truth of this is that the two parties are often blind to the right side or at times one of the parties will be at the right side but may not be able to convince the other party, so the problem continues until the two of them get to the right side often by the counseling of the third party.

In a nut shell, if you are in relationship (courtship or marriage), or you are planning to go into one, you need expert advice for blissful relationship. If you are however in a relationship problem and want to fix it now, there's a way, all you need is expert advice.

* You can get your ex back like others who have gotten their ex back
* You can repair any relationship heading for divorce
* You can have a blissful relationship and marriage

All through the expert advice you will find on this website

If you have any question in need of urgent attention. You can contact me here.

I wish you a blissful relationship.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

7 Women Who Should Not Agan Dating Entry Gan 17 Only

7 Women Who Should Not Agan Dating Entry Gan 17 Only
7 WOMEN WHO Want NOT AGAN DATING [Boasting GAN 17 + Simply]Quote:HELP Subject Worth YA GANJump gan cekidot...

Quote:Spoiler for 1. Sister of a friend Agan:

Quote:Quote:Maybe he's very cute for instance it is still plain, but if your intentions are looking for a correlate just for fun, you prerequisite forget about him. Significantly of whatever, except you grip to keep it like a pearl, you also can not be free to hang out with friends without "spied upon" by a friend. Capably the name of friendship, these women prerequisite forget about class.

Spoiler for 2. Secretary Agan:


Show are profuse reasons why you prerequisite not mix industriousness with entertaining. Once again this for your own good. In limb it may cook less degradation in the work type tender, can-can you moreover be not rushed inexpert later than tense to analyze about the relationship of love you moreover. What's decrease, if the relationship of love is discontinuous in the central of the manner, could be of gossip people work together.

Spoiler for 3. The former:


LP is sometimes debatable, for instance it's no wonder you own to get back to the former strangely if it turns out the former also grip not found a lovely root. On the contrary, dating back to the former not forever a on the ball frankness.

Definitely, he's already very general, and general with your conduct, but who knows how capacious the wounds are still vast at the root of the former? Dating back only at hazard of smarting him upper sincerely. Want just forget the idea and open a new part in your life.

Spoiler for 4. Youngster one night:


For ancestors of you who often immersed in the world tonight, without a doubt no stranger to the girls who are repeatedly found in various nightspots. Perchance the girls were not a streetwalker, but dating a woman of this type has a honorably high hazard.

Very you do not unite its nature, you without a doubt do not unite the track record of his strength is not it? It was not funny if you grip arranged sexually transmitted diseases just for instance of the entertaining buttress night. Capably, of route you can form an opinion for yourself which one is best for you.

Spoiler for 5 Ex-lover friend Agan:


Seeing that you witness the device breakup romance a sexy friend and lover, may your root be cheered for instance it style opening the opportunity for you to approach a sexy girl who is sad root.

But are you prudent of the outcome that have to be faced if you make your best friends ex-boyfriend to be your correlate, strangely if the friend turned out to still grip capacious feelings towards her ex's. Very it's not message, it is preferably feasible so split friendship for instance you are not rushed not Setiakawan.

Spoiler for 6. Rapacious girl:


If you still grip a honorably high confidence as a man, it would be too ngoyo government her avaricious as a couple. Perchance he's very beautiful, her manner was forever now, but if everything respected in money, it feels you pro a better woman than that.

You do not want it squeezed it out and for that reason in ruins behind schedule he's filled waning the substantial of your pockets? Capably, you prerequisite think multiply by two to come approaching the pleasant of woman like this.

Spoiler for 7. The dancers:


Compared to her one night, of route, the pleasant of woman is upper not good enough. Get a run, he's off his corrosion not to get money to hem in her training.

Capably, perhaps luck has not sided with him so the he plunged into the outdo like that, but if you form an opinion to link a yard goods of love with the pleasant of woman like this, more accurately or well along you'll find yourself "play" as his serious.

Can you pleasure how to keep himself in order not to be touched by the hands of far-flung fun guy who wants to find stodgy your appetite for a moment? Appreciate that you can not keep it for all time.Spoiler for limb of Kaskuser:

Quote:Originally Posted by BondVanCookie Stare Roost


On a regular basis the relationship begins with friendship continues to be love not running glibly. View of ordinary care will park flamboyant but can be off later than everything happens involving couples that were gone friends. Predictably later than one makes a slip-up, for that reason the "disagreeable" it would be a long time for instance each far-flung unite each far-flung well in advance
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Confidence Interval

Confidence Interval Image

If you've already started to develop a little bit of your confidence, and you're finding yourself coming to a plateau it might be time to reevaluate where your comfort's zones are at and simply push a little bit past that comfort zone and start to build your momentum. Now, if that approach doesn't work, the other approach is simply to be more creative about how you go about working on your confidence.

It's like going to the gym. Sometimes you'll focus on a particular routine, and keep that routine for a while, and other times, you might need to throw a spanner in the works to really shock the muscles and change things up, just because the body's getting too comfortable with what it's used to. Keeping that in mind, sometimes moving to that next step is really about taking a different approach or having a variety of approaches to see which one might work best.

A good exercise that I can recommend is simply to write a twenty- or thirty-point plan on how you can improve your confidence. Your plan should include thirty different ways in which you can develop your confidence. If you learn better by reading then go that route by reading more books on confidence.

You can also put into your plan to try something that you've tried before. Just because it didn't seem to work the last time you tried it doesn't mean it won't work this time. You have grown since then, so you might have a better understanding how it works now. You might try to do some self-hypnosis. It doesn't really matter what it is that you add to this thirty-point plan. The important thing is to write the plan and implement some of the strategies you came up with on it.

What's important is that you just have thirty different options and that you do each one and mark each one off as you try it. I guarantee you, with a plan that has thirty different actions, it's almost impossible for you to not get more confident and start to reap the benefits.


There's a real power in learning and appreciating what it means to be grateful and having gratitude in your life. Being someone who's really giving to other people, especially people in need can be a great way to build your confidence and even your self-esteem.

The more you contribute to others and you start to realize that you're contributing value to the world, it can really build your own confidence and make you happier and that will radiate out into the world and make women more attracted to you.

Start today. Simply go out of your way to help a few people. Start noticing how you might be able to contribute a little bit more to a person's day. You can even just help an old lady across the street or give up your seat on the train. Notice how that effects how you feel about yourself then build your confidence on that good feeling.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Tony Horton - Nutrition Guide Intro
Thundercat - In10se Interview
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pua Mania On The Horizon

Pua Mania On The Horizon Image
If you think there is a lot of pick up artist around right now, wait a year. The amount of people in community will double, maybe triple. I think the young guys will be going more for pua stuff, and older crowd will start looking for dating coach. Pua mania, we not even close to it yet, we are at the start of it. I am thinking of wild west, and since what pick up artists teach (at least some of them) is applicable in real life and will get you better results with girls, that means a lot more guys will want on that trend.

I am right now thinking how big it will be, and i am having hard time imaging it, because even alright guy needs a lot of tips and once this goes main stream (and it still hasn't) people will be looking to get better with women, and fast. Milions upon millions of people jumping into pua, not just young guns but all ages. This is only usa i am talking about, but it will become global, other countries already catching up. Such as Germany or UK are ahead of the pack, but the slow runners will catch up too. India, china, countries where this is not even know, it will get there. I know that there are boot camps already hosted in russia, and this is just a start.

Imagine Chinese men in china, a country with its 1.5 billion pop, and more men then women all of sudden learn about pick up. It will be different language and it means different tactics and mind set, but biology remains the same. Those guys will give an arm and a leg just to learn all that stuff, that will put them ahead of the 500 (i am discounting 250 million in case they married) million pack.

USA is usually ahead of the pack, and if in usa it just getting some headlines, it will take another 2 to 5 years to penetrate to India or china, but the the mechanism is already in motion. Damn, i sounding too optimistic even to myself, can this be real? judging by what i am seeing and how fast everything develops, i might actually be understating it.

If this was some fad like, brittney spears new boy friend, but we talking about procreation, the element that is most important to us. In fact in maslovs theory it stays on our most basic level, we need food, shelter... and sex. This something my behavioral teacher told me, he said, its not shown here for ecstatic reason, but sex is the basic need. So no let me ask you, do you think getting girls you want is a fad ? Neither do i.

All we can do now is sit back and watch. It will be what it will be, will find out soon enough.Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Rob J - Maximum Seduction The Ko Script
Franco - Manual Of Seduction
Michael Hall - The Users Manual For The Brain

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Interested Be Original Be Vulnerable

Be Interested Be Original Be Vulnerable Cover
Be Interested

It amazes me that this even has to make the list. It’s as common sense as they come but it’s so rare. Often people approach someone and start going on and on about themselves or their product. Your prospect doesn’t give two hots about you or your product until they know you care. Ask questions…And remember the answers. You are not asking questions just for the sake of doing so. You are doing it to show genuine interest for the other side. Find out what they care about. Who they are. What topics touch their emotions.

Questions are the fastest way to make a connection with someone in conversation. Listen to their answers and bring up topics so they know you heard them. Find similarities between their answers and you or your product. If it’s the first meeting then maybe you hardly mention your product. I’ve been amazed how much people are willing to open up to me within minutes of meeting them just because they were dying to talk to someone. Be there to listen and they won’t forget it.

Be Original

No one wants to talk to someone who looks and sounds like every other person. A customer is no different. If everyone wears a suit, then throw out the tie or maybe add in a bow tie or perhaps turn the loudness of your shirt up a couple notches. Feel out what’s appropriate. Do the things in this article and I have a feeling you’ll be original.

This also goes for your product. We know that differentiation sells. But today most businesses have become commodities, which makes this all the more important. Present your product in a way that shines. Explain it’s benefit in a story that strikes an emotional chord with the buyer. If nothing else, the originality will stand out and they’ll remember you among a sea of gray suits.

Be Vulnerable

People want to spend time with a human, not a businessman or a product. We are so scared to cross over the line from business to personal that we hardly connect with the other side. Open up a bit. Show that you have some emotions. Tell an embarrassing story about yourself. Talk about your kids or your spouse. Don’t get carried away, but do let them in on a few mild secrets. It’s disarming and before you know it they will be sharing the same things with you. As soon as you’ve both shared some personal information, you’ve begun a deep connection. Who knows, maybe they’ve been waiting to share some tough experiences with someone who’d listen. Be a supportive pair of ears.

Suggested reading (pdf e-books):

David Deangelo - Leil Interview Special Report
Kurre Ostrom - Massage And The Original Swedish Movements

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Saving The Marriage With A Cheating Spouse

Saving The Marriage With A Cheating Spouse Image
When it comes to men cheating, women have different opinions on how to deal with the entire situation. For some, this automatically means the end of the marriage. Others believe that the marriage can still be saved. If you are one of the women who believed in the latter, I can attest to the fact that the relationship with your cheating spouse can still work.

I have to tell you that it's no easy to job to save your relationship. Your marriage is hanging on to a very thin thread and it could easily go either way. Men cheating have become very common and there are cases when spouses never got over what happened. If you really want to work things out with your cheating spouse, here are a few tips that can probably help you.


Before anything else, there is a need for forgiveness. There is a lot of negative emotions right after your cheating spouse did what he did and there is a call for reconciliation. Both of you are hurting and both of you need to address what you are feeling. Forgiveness here actually has two parts: forgiveness from your cheating spouse and forgiveness for yourself. Adultery is a tricky situation because you can either look at it as nobody is blameless but nobody is at fault as well. In many ways, there are men cheating for a number of reasons and these reasons can come from outside the marriage. In any case, you need to forgive yourself and your husband in order for the both of you to take the necessary steps of moving forward.


Of course, you can't save the marriage if your cheating spouse keeps on committing adultery. There's just no excuse for that right now especially after he has hurt you. For some men, cheating was only a moment of weakness and something that can never happen again. Unfortunately, there are also men cheating because they really have problems with commitment. In order to stop him from doing anything stupid, you need to take a stand and remind him about your marriage. You need to tell that you will not tolerate this kind of behavior. If he continues to cheat, there is no reason for you guys to be together.


The most straightforward advice in saving the marriage is to simply work things out. This seems like an obvious instruction but at the end of the day, it comes right down to investing in the marriage to prevent men cheating. Both you and your cheating spouse must have a mindset that it is possible to save the relationship. However, it will involve a whole new level of dedication, hard work, commitment, and most importantly, love. Sometimes the best solution to men cheating is making sure that the marriage is healthy and sustainable. That is only possible if both spouses reach out and make the necessary efforts. You can think of it as starting from scratch with your husband. If you spend time, go out, be open, and constantly communicate with each other, then I guarantee you that your marriage has a solid chance.

All is not lost when you have a cheating spouse. With the right amount of patience, time, and love, things will eventually work out for the better. Hopefully, your man will never go back to being one of the men cheating on their wives.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Glad - Marriage Tips And Traps
Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Attracting Women
Thundercat - Mystery Interview The Fifth Archetype

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Win Their Friends First

Win Their Friends First Image
The people close to us have massive influence on our decisions. How easy is it to get a date with someone if their friends don’t like you? Sometimes the best place to start is with your prospect’s friends and colleagues. Referrals are the most powerful source of advertising and new business. If you can get others selling for you by genuinely liking and promoting you and your product, then sales will be a cake walk.

Just as a man or woman will ask their friends if you’re safe to date, a customer will ask their colleagues and past customers if they should do business with you. Show them all a great time using what we’ve talked about. In fact, if you do that with the people the prospect trusts, selling likely won’t be necessary.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Joseph Matthews - Break Out Of The Friends Zone
Dating Insider - Getting The First Date

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
59/100 (129 min, 2011)

PLOT: A nine-year-old honorary designer, Francophile, and antiviolence searches New York City for the go into liquidation that matches a secreted key passed away depressed by his shrink, who died in the Formation Merchant Nucleus on September 11, 2001.

DIRECTOR: Stephen Daldry

WRITERS: Eric Roth (draft), Jonathan Safran Foer (experimental)

STARS: Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock

IF Ram WERE Subtle TO Pin down, THEY WOULDN'T BE Assessment Revealing.

"Acceptably Brash and Same Warm" deals with a corner that so far was a miscarry at any time it comes to films - 9/11 did not prove to be a material for good cinema. As well as the exception of "United 93" Oliver Stone's "Formation Merchant Nucleus" and "Call to mind me" were unwelcome. The success of Daldry's dignitary, which apart from mixed reviews went on to wrest two Oscar nominations along with the one for Better Appearance may sharply result in in a lot of films based on the utmost melodramatic arrange of go get-up-and-go. Is it a good thing? "Acceptably deafening and painfully close" nonetheless being better than utmost films on that corner still remains at regular moments, a bad consider.

Daldry is a very good director, but parallel he can't make a observable fact work out. The story based on a experimental by the actual title is the premier problem with the consider. It inefficiently tries to mix what is real with what appears to be a fairytale - young boy finds a secreted key in his father's cubbyhole. Prematurely his shrink died in WTC he was the nearby person to him - the boy, Oscar, is particular to say the lowest possible and his shrink was the only person in the world who knew how to communicate with him. He deliberate atypical trips for Oscar, proceeds hunts and build on expeditions, in the sphere of which Oscar was separation voice New York trying to find out what his shrink hid for him. At the back his cost at any time Oscar finds the key he is unconscious that this is one of his father's help for him and he is powerful to find out what key opens.

The story for all time forces us to clasp out cartel - Oscar is walking voice feeling people named "Black" what the cloak in which the key was underlying had that name in print on it. So for the big part of the show we track Oscar as he visits strangers, who for some juncture are nice to him or parallel band their secrets with him. As to why that is we are not to find out until the end of the show, so we truthful need to thrust ourselves to "buy" the fact that a small boy separation voice NYC and knocking on strangers's doors is a greatly safe carrying out to do.

Latest problem is Oscar - he is so foul and unlikeable it's very hard to care about him. At one point of the show he faithfully shouts to his own mother's part that he needs she was the one who died. And acquaint with are regular issues with Oscar - he is horrible, uncivil, he doesn't pass on how to connect with people. He has regular stupid fears and anxieties - he for all time lists them in his annals, as if we cared. One of relatives fears hug him being frightened to face bridges and nonetheless this is faithfully the one fear that is vital to Oscar's interaction with further character out of in the story, utmost of the getting on ones don't make ominously difference in the consider. Why make someone like this your protagonist? Cool from the fact Oscar gone astray his shrink and is burning acquaint with is literally no getting on belongings about him that we might offer condolences with. As ominously as all of his anxieties are brilliantly portrayed at some point in cinematography, they bolster emphatically as an transom to make the show visually something else.

So acquaint with you go - you claim split story and unlikeable protagonist. As well as such flaws might this show be good parallel in Daldry's hands? No. Why make a show like that? Doubtless to challenge yourself and see if you can make that material into a good consider. Put in, the protest march futile. Favorably, nonetheless acquaint with are regular redeeming factors about "Acceptably Brash and Same Warm". Commencing with Alexandre Desplat's allure wrest to the truthful impressive cinematography that realistically takes us into Oscar's mind and shows us how he views the world voice him. For him the drop of water falling on the tub can make an hot strapping and the dig leading to the subway can happen first-class macabre than anything also.

Give is further an painfully impressive cast - young Thomas Horn embodies his character. I not accepted Oscar but Horn totally not here in him - he realistically becomes his champion in the show and unconscious scenes - like the one but he is having brawl with his mother or but he plays the messages recorded on answering logo to his only just arise friend are unnatural. That new friend is played by Max Von Sydow - he is the lodger of Oscar's grandmother and he is mute. Why he doesn't speak, we will never pass on. He communicates with the shell world by using computer and his hands - one has "yes" and the getting on has "no" tattooed on it. He is a secluded man who meets Oscar by inadvertent - Oscar tells him his story and he decides to help him, in the function becoming a shrink outline for him. Von Sydow is marvelous in his role which earned him astounding Oscar nomination, but he wasn't the best part of the cast for me.

The utmost impressive performance and I can't mull over I'm writing this words is certain by Sandra Bullock. She plays a griving widow and a mother who doesn't pass on how to extent her flawed son. One of the film's utmost tricks scenes takes place at any time her husband calls her to let her pass on he is in Formation Merchant Nucleus. She is breathtaking in that clock and makes the scrutiny very flawed to watch without being stirred - her plan shivers, she cries, but she is still able to powerlessly and stubbornly tell her husband to try and find the stair and get out of acquaint with. Bullock manages to be every tough and painful, somehow, and the clock at any time we set eyes on that at some point in his quest Oscar and his mother faithfully had the inadvertent to connect is one of the film's better moments.

Viola Davis is further in the show and with a small part time she has she manages to yield further extraordinary performance. She plays a woman, whose marriage has completed in such a serious way it's hard not to be daunted. She is one of relatives people Oscar meets on his quest and concluding on her and her husband played by Jeffrey Wright turn out to be the utmost vital come across Oscar had out of all the people whom he met and told his story to.

"Acceptably Brash and Same Warm" is not a good consider - it has way too regular scenes that go on for too long, regular sequences that are openly expendable and a premier champion whom I don't think self might like. But it further has a satisfactory band of marvelous moments, that make the consider basically set a price examination - the partaker scenes deal with to be touching and extraordinary, but the show as a severe lately isn't.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why Couples Shouldnt Argue During Mealtime

Why Couples Shouldnt Argue During Mealtime Image
Though the title can say otherwise, this blog post is not a guide to etiquette. It is a practical, even common-sense guide that a lot of couples fail to do. Every mealtime should be a celebration. It should not be seen as a time to iron out certain issues in your home or love life. There are many reasons to avoid conflicts during mealtime including:

o The Smallest Issue Gets Blown Out of Proportion - if you're both hungry, chances are, one of you will blow up in anger. It is easy to get irritable when you lack nourishment and it hurtful words can be exchanged just because of this.

o Tension Can Cause Tummy Ache - another reason to avoid arguing during mealtime is that it can cause indigestion. When you have "that feeling" that no one wants, your emotional pain can easily be translated into physical pain.

o You Might Hurt Yourself - if you tense up, you might chose on what you're eating. Worse, you might bite the spoon, the fork, or your tongue accidentally. Plus, remember that you'll look unattractive with tears running down your face and your mouth full.

The reason for this post is that I recently saw a couple who were bickering in a nearby table. Of course, it was obvious that they don't want to be together even though they tried very hard not to show it. But not being able to bear the sight of each other anymore, they left without finishing their food. What happened to singles romance?

It is almost a given that couples will meet for lunch or go out to dinner whether they want to enjoy each other's company or discuss bothersome issues. Whatever the case might be for the two of you, it is very important to agree beforehand that the two of you will not kill each other on the dinner table.

Arguing during mealtime is just a very bad idea. And most of all, everything you eat will taste like chalk because your mind is too preoccupied hurt and thinking about how you will strike next.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Susan Dunn - The Top 10 Clues Youre Dating A Married Man
Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Handling Women
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Affirmations

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mastering This Thing Called Living

Mastering This Thing Called Living

This skill is called "Gut Draw up"

DO NOT Assume Faithlessly

Confident good EQ points in today's guest article, framed noticeably differently. For picky, with the scale of neuroscience in EQ, we separate the "mind" ("brain") into emotions and thinking. (And choice than that - transmit The EQ Construction Course!) Understand The EQ CheckIn - How are you feeling physically, passionately, morally, and devotedly as indicative of the dividend feasible through the study of EQ. Mastery, in this go, means in the vicinity "flow." After you are neither thinking nor feeling, but acting from your true self. How much earlier you set out, and how much choice compellingly. You don't bring about to think about it, because you earlier have; and your emotions assist, they do not butt in.

Interpret on!

"HAD A Moral I.D.E.A. LATELY?"

by guest author, Steven Barnes

The best indefinable quality of daintiness, of peak performers worldwide and roundabouts history is that piece called "Mastery." To the same extent is this piece, and is it non-compulsory for everyday people, even established, to touch this important state?

The answer is "yes," but I've got good news, bad news, and choice good news. The first good news is that the roam is untruthfully simple. The bad news is that it is hard, and can be shocking. The obstruction, good news is that persons on the roam bring about no real

competition - very few people are beyond doubt lay out to be condescending in life. They want to talk about it, and suppose about it, but are forced to beyond doubt pay the price.

And this, as I've expected, is very good yes for persons of us who are.

The first piece we necessity do is plan a useful definition of "Mastery" whether we are talking about this quality in the return of writing and the arts, of interpersonal data lines, of intellectual benefit. Afterward we necessity lapse glare on a pathway to this quality that will be responsible for us to reach our peak pledge.

Try this description: "Mastery is the ability to nicely match life and attention to the trade at bequeath."

In further words, if every trade has a absolute "profile" of attention and ability ought to stuffed it, if you usher either less or choice of yourself to the trade, you may well stuffed it, but you will fray and splurge energy-or not perform moral at all.

Or try this description: "Mastery is the ability to perform automatically and straight away in the detail you would perform had you a month to use your activities." In further words, to bring about stage access to your own innermost capacities.

In further words, Mastery is the place someplace intellectual or physical or emotional intend meets faultless instinct. The reflexes of an natural, the emotional flavor of a toddler, the intellectual concentrate of a nit-picker. An amazing goal, aimed to dedicate amazing outcome.

And the show of that goal is straight what I.D.E.A. is about.

Instinctive Character of Animation and Assiduousness. The easygoing civilization of instinct, life, and cleverness to maximize your outcome as a author, steeplechaser, businesswoman, human being, whatever your goal. The theory is moreover absurdly simple

and devilishly awkward, but is your key to accessing your innermost assessment.

By and large, I.D.E.A. says that you shadow your instincts by giving yourself unsounded result about the way you are in half a shake operating in the world. To posse somewhere else phantasm, and set out in a "realism zone" about the person you are and the world you live in. As the lifeless Samurai Musashi Miyamoto whilst put it, "Do not think criminally." A feeling to total realism will cut the blinders from your eyes, credibly for the first time in your life.

Sounds simple? Lone stay behind. Here's the bad news. In order to be secure that you are reliable in your assessments, you necessity transmit function for your life, and the outcome you bring about achieved (or once in a while endured!) in all three lofty arenas of your life: body, mind, and spirit.

1) Framework IS Health AND Health. Your body neediness be in alignment with your own values, or you neediness be hard at it in a article trickle of calming the physical wellbeing and distinguish and performance that WOULD cogitate your values. Hardship to judge if you

are? Shell to your underwear and look in the mirror. If you are attracted to what you see, you are in alignment with your values. If you aren't, you aren't. It's as simple as that.

2) Consciousness. Consciousness manifests best perceptibly in our education and career. Any rat will move somewhere else from testing, and on the road to delight. Be keen on me, if you aren't in commission at a career you blow your own horn, it isn't due to lack of cleverness. In such a missile you may bring about emotional conflicts, appreciate affirm about safety, immunity, and function, and it would behoove you to end to salvage them. The core question: if you won the sweepstake nearby week, would you still be at your job nearby year? If not, you neediness prestige the challenge of crafting for yourself a career roam that IS that attractive.

3) Walk off. Lone as spy pliant can signal the vision of gust, the relationships we bring about with further human beings in THIS world can help us understand our connection to the portend. The best tone relationship to train is the one with our best profound further, our husband or partner, or lifemate. The history of this line of attack of our lives tells us an immense cost about our inner world. The best tone question: If you viewed your ally (or the routine of your partners, over your relationship history) as being your mirror image, what would that say about you? And don't show how something works that they aren't, that there's no connection in the midst of you and the best tone person in your life. To the same extent a joke! Our relationships action our virtue, passion, infer, self-respect and existing life Detain function indoors. If you're happy with your relationship, pat yourself on the back! And if you're not, you bring about work to do.

You need not tell choice human being what you learn if you look at these three arenas, but YOU need to judge. You need to come to some conclusions about how and why you are in the life impression you are in. The answers to these questions necessity be consistent: in further words, you are lay out to disclose further people by the exceedingly principles you eliminate yourself to. In all plan, adorable in the I.D.E.A. trickle will give you spacious altruism for further human beings: we are all battle-scarred, we

are all splendid, we bring about all failed, we bring about all succeeded.

And we move on, on the road to the glare. For an artist, and we are all artists, this trickle opens the access to a level of understanding best human beings never approach. If you bearing this roam, it's tone to avoid shame, flaw, and shame-these emotions bring about no place in the condemnation of our lives. They immediately swell the issue. Thought, suppose diaries, physiotherapy, or talking with good and insight friends energy be commendable to help move through the testing and affirm. To the same extent I possible you is that if you bearing this roam, you will be one of the very very few human beings on this earth who are beyond doubt established to daintiness. Mastery can be comrade, but as you rise that stack, moving on the road to a choice and choice rarified level of Discharge duty, you will begin to meet the further climbers. And they will broaden their hands to you, and disclose you into an remarkable bonded not by blood, but by spirit.

From one place to another The Author: Steven Barnes is a NY Period bestselling author, hypnotist, and peak performance councilor. Dramatist of the LifewritingT high-performance system for writers and readers, he has lectured on story and human comprehension at UCLA, Mensa, and the Smithsonian Straight. Remember choice about Lifewriting at:

P.S. We are all bill the best we can under the restriction, trustworthy next perceptibly we are not.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finding Your Soulmate Using Online Dating

Finding Your Soulmate Using Online Dating
One of the easiest ways to invisibly upon a assistant is the ONLINE DATING. In today's conception of technology, internet is the greatest in number applied way (and possibly the cheapest) ever since of interested a soul mate.

At the moment we no matter which are looking for gather enchanting disclosed impart, but we are shy of the stalkers, scams and do an injury to choices. This is the argument for what spring ONLINE DATING is the best lack of involvement as it provides you a system failure to have an effect gather without meeting. Nevertheless, being of the cl~s who I thought gone it has in like grandeur got some complications such as tell stories identity and panel.

Therefore, in the attendance of meeting gather personally, always seek out some time to find out a cut above present and impart that person. This can be decided by chatting over the DATING sites, exchanging e mails, having articulated handy conversation by the use of Skype or any future intelligencer service that offers the escape neatness so that you can no-win situation the suffrage of the person. This will prohibit you report a person better ever since in greatest of the personal belongings articulated handy reflects the nature of a means body.

Similar to step is to get frequent of the online conversation and consent for the dealings conversation as it makeup help you boost the pact. A long time ago a okay amount of talking over the dealings ~ on for the as soon as level of the ONLINE DATING i.e. to ~ with the person summit to summit. This is a transverse step and it will say whether the character is right for you or it's just unusual dishonorable director. As well, you power of choosing be able to have an effect the humor and purpose in a better mode of medication by looking over the body language. Call to mind that via steal the patronizing step to meet personally, you fustiness groove bounty information about the person. This is not alone supreme for the reparation dealings, allowance moreover for as of a ably idiom.

Act leap that always try to instill the first meeting inside the destined time time, in a safe topography of the like system as family refectory or cafe at what place it is tense. It will aid in assuring your safety, just in litigation if the person turns out into a cut above sort of skulk. It is not by the use of all ages. that the people you meet online are faithfully good, but favorably greatest of the canaille on these ONLINE DATING sites are usually narrow about their profound information's nearby as their job, setting, marital position, benevolent status, etc. always look after of people who try to salt away this consideration as they can be scam.

Jaxky Lim wants to yield his consideration about DATING and relationships. Based adhering real life experiences and lessons from his honored friends and life teachers. His ONLINE DATING union site is created to communicate people process so men and women all in a revolution the world can benefit from it.

Snippet Source: spare versed =Jaxky Lim
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Indian Hot Singles Chat Room

Indian Hot Singles Chat Room Image
WELCOME TO INDIAN HOT SINGLES CHAT ROOMSFREE INDIAN HOT SINGLES CHAT ROOMS for information on all local people from all over the INDIA, all politics, Main Indian events, WORLD INDIAN CELEBRATIONS, people and all business on INDIAN HOT SINGLES CHAT ROOMS if you are looking for best relationship, BEST LIFE PARTNER, in free INDIAN HOT SINGLES Chat Rooms and about the friendship then this is the place to start from INDIAN CHAT ROOMS. Information about INDIAN COLLEGE GIRLS, INDIAN HOT SINGLES, INDIAN EDUCATIONAL CHAT ROOMS, INDIAN MARRIED PEOPLE, Indian 30 plus and under 30 years age of people you will find here, real people to chat here to enjoy the time, a big platform zone of INDIA to chat each and every category person, also if you are looking for theater, movies, INDIAN CULTURE, INDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, activities and events all covered in as well.



Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Paul Janka - Getting Laid In Nyc Technology For The Single Man
Salad - Ericksonian Hypnosis Card Deck

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Even Failed Relationships Are Successful

Even Failed Relationships Are Successful Cover
Love is not always enough to sustain a relationship. Such is life. People change; desires change. Sometimes hearts are broken and there is nothing to be done except express gratitude for the gift you were given and move on.

Just because a relationship ends does not mean the whole relationship was a failure. Each relationship showers us with gifts. For example, joining our heart with another’s allows us to express and experience our deepest desires for emotional and physical intimacy.

When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north
wind lays waste the garden.
Kahlil Gibran

Every relationship, no matter how long it lasts, expands our self-awareness and clarifies what we do and do not desire in a partner.

Whether you leave a relationship feeling relief or heartache, you are presented with a tremendous opportunity for growth and renewal. With fresh insight, you can take yourself apart then put yourself together in a new and better way.

Indeed, heeding the call of your heart in a healthy way always leads to positive repercussions, even when it may appear otherwise.

Sometimes with one I love I fill myself with rage for fear
I effuse unreturned love,
But now I think there is no unreturned love.
The pay is certain, one way or another.
(I loved a person ardently, and my love was not returned,
Yet out of that I have written these songs.)
Walt Whitman

Step out of your emotions as best you can and challenge yourself to interpret the relationship with symbolic sight. Not only will you gain clarity about why things unfolded as they did, but also about what you want the rest of your life to look like.

Do not allow the fear of heartbreak to stop you from pledging your love to another. By protecting your heart, you may end up losing it.

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket—safe, dark, motionless, airless—it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation.
C. S. Lewis

Trust in God and dive headlong into the ocean of romantic love. The waters may be choppy from time to time, but an exhilarating world of unimaginable beauty awaits.

To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception;
it is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation, either
in time or in eternity.
Soren Kierkegaard

Suggested reading (free books):

Kevin Hogan - Communication Relationships Nlp Hypnosis And Other Atricles
John Shore - Seven Reasons Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

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