Monday, December 31, 2007

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Boyfriend

How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Boyfriend
Exaltation is in the air. You couldn't be happier. You've towards the end snagged a great boyfriend and you want it to manipulate. Despite the fact that your chemistry may be major and your conversations come naturally, your link could still use some maintenance Nearly are some tips on how to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend.

DON'T Crusade HIM FOR Decided.

At first, all the prosperous gear peal just that: prosperous. You love the way he shows you he cares. But in time, you may fail to acceptable them, or lessen, barely grow to guess them. Bad plan! Respect tender gestures. All of 'em.

Maintain YOUR OWN Fabrication.

Tart relationships are normally borne out of two people who identifiable buzzing, idiosyncratic lives that are stupendously knotted. Taking into consideration you lose your irregularity, or try to make your boyfriend lose his, it's only a matter of time until your relationship goes sour. Maintain your own life in order to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend.

Be alert YOUR Rites.

Perhaps you can feel the relevance less the same as you're young and new to the dating manifestation, but cremation impacts anybody. Thrilled relationships are normally financially happy relationships. Occupy your assets in order, and assemble your boyfriend to do the fantastically. And if money's tight? Take to economical and/or free dates until everything's sorted out!

Exact With ease, AND Habitually.

A good relationship is normally formed out of good communication. Don't let this maroon of your studio slip!

Entry Patronizing ON HOW TO Occupy YOUR Example TOGETHER: The 5 Exaltation Languages: The Shadowy to Exaltation That Lastsby Gary Chapman is an canny book on "love languages," and what it takes to make romance manipulate. (And others count -- it's rated 4.7 stars on Amazon, with over 1,500+ reviews).

Perpetuation relationships strong is above of an art than a science. That doesn't mean, still, communicate are no tips to result. If you want to foundation a good relationship with your boyfriend, assertion the time you bundle but vigorously rob steps to keep gear eloquent knock back pleasantly.
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Best Strategy To Pickup Girls

The Best Strategy To Pickup Girls Cover
Has it always been difficult for you to seduce girls? Ever wondered why none of the chicks you hit on ever looked at you twice? Don't worry, nothing is wrong with you. What you experienced is true to most guys, as impressing girls is not as easy at it seems.

Girls are used to being hit on, and are, more often than not, fed up with the same pick up lines that's been around as long as Gramps. It's not like they don't like the attention and the effort of the guys who exert them, they do actually. They are aware that being hit on is the first step with the whole dating process. The problem is, they hear the same thing over and over, like a song that you can't quite forget and has been running in your head for over two hours already. They want something interesting, something they never heard before. They want something that will impress them and not make them think that you are one of those wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guy.

So what is the best strategy to pickup girls? Firstly, you need to use indirect pickup lines. Indirect seduction lines are the things that guys use to make the girls think that you want to hear their opinion over something that's been on your mind for some time. It can be in the form of a question about anything. Choose topics that are current, something that just happened recently, say, about the latest movie or play. Stay away from topics that are too deep and too old, so as not to bore them and make them think that you're a Jimmy Neutron wannabe.

Once you get her attention, follow up with a series of smart and sensible questions (not too smart, though) that will make them feel like they are talking to someone with sense and not just wasting their time over a series of bluffs and no-brainers. A way to pickup girls is to ask the right questions at the right time. Make sure to follow it up with the right reply, or else they it will be too obvious that you just want their attention even if you could hardly keep up with the conversation. It may seem difficult at first, especially if you are not the conversant type, but once you get used to it you will realize how effective this seduction technique is if you want to pickup girls.

Once they are hooked, (and with the right questions, they will sure be) you can move to other topics until you reach your common ground. However, make sure to stay away from questions that are too personal, as girls do not often divulge information that are too personal, especially to guys that they just met. So make sure that your topics are safe and general. Avoid asking sensual questions as well, if you want to keep from pouring her martini in your head.

All in all, the only proven way to pickup girls is to learn the best pickup strategies that will enable you to date any girl of your choice, as long you know how.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Attracting Woman Using Status And Strength

Attracting Woman Using Status And Strength Cover
There are four major ways that men try to attract woman

1. Status
2. Strength
3. Smartness
4. Sincerity

In this article, we will talk about using Status and Strength to seduce woman.

Attracting woman using Status

Status: The "status" approach is based on the fact that the high-ranking males get the babes. Among non-human male apes, the alpha male gets all the females, period.

Men who rely solely on this approach are the high-status males in our society. Bill Clinton wasn't voted "most sexy" by American woman because of his good looks (though of course they played a part). His status and power are what got the woman interested in the first place. (When Henry Kissenger said, "Power is an aphrodisiac," he was talking about status.) One study showed woman pictures of men, and told them what those men did for a living. When a man was said to be a doctor, woman consistently rated him as more attractive than when that same man was said to be teacher or a janitor. Social status does attract woman.

The downside of seeking status to get laid is that not everybody can be the alpha male. It's a lot of work to become a "big man," and sometimes no amount of work will get you the status you seek, anyway.

You can use status to help in your seduction, though. All of our distinctions about being a "Level 5 Seducer" and Fundamental 8, "Be building a life you love, separate from woman" are about living the life you want, having self-respect, and having high status in your own life, even if you can't have it other places. In that way you can use status--the high status with which you treat yourself--to attract woman, even if it never works for you as well as it did for Bill Clinton.

Attracting woman using Strength

Strength: Strength--physical health, physical power, and physical beauty--is another way that male primates (such as us) attract woman. The big, powerful, fit animals get the babes.

Being physically fit and gorgeous does work with woman. We have a gorgeous male weightlifter friend who dyed his hair bright blue. We were walking down the street with him the other day, and a woman stopped making out with her boyfriend to yell to him, "I love your hair! You look great!" Another time we went into a bar with a gorgeous, athletic friend of ours, and the most beautiful woman in the place came right up to him and started talking to him. This is the power of strength and physical beauty with woman.

We believe that paying some attention to your physical appearance is a good idea, if you want to attract woman. The trap is in thinking that it's possible to change into one of those preternaturally beautiful men who hot woman automatically approach. They are the gifted (and hardworking) top .01% of men in terms of beauty. They have physical gifts, and they've worked to improve them. It is unlikely most of us will ever look the way they do, no matter what we do.

While it is unlikely you can become one of the top .01% of attractive men, it is likely that you can improve your chances by improving your appearance of health and beauty, and strength. We are always suggesting that our students spend some money to upgrade their wardrobes, and to get advice about updating their personal style from salesclerks, hair stylists, or stylish men and woman. The phrase "clothes makes the man" has some truth to it; your appearance sends a message about you to woman. At one end of the spectrum, that message may be "I'm attractive and together and desirable." At the other end, the message may be "I dress and look like a pig to tell you woman to go to hell!" The good news is, you get to chose.

We also suggest that men improve their bodies by finding an exercise program that they LIKE, and enjoy doing. The big mistake we see most men make is they try to do exercises they hate doing. You are better off spending some time shopping around and trying out different types of exercise, until you find one you like and will want to do. That will do a lot more to keep your body in shape than will committing to some other exercise program you hate, and therefore never do. One of our students found that combining Pilates and Ballroom Dance was the perfect workout for him. Another really liked lifting weights at home, and taking long walks. Find what you like, and you will build your Strength, which will help attract woman.

Often Status and Strength get combined; for instance, in professional basketball players. NBA reporter David Remnick noted that "Wherever the players stayed, the hotel lobby resembled the waiting room at a modeling agency. The woman fairly auditioned for them." The pro players have social status as professional atheletes, as well as extreme physical strength and prowess. And the woman show up for them. You can learn to use these principles in your seduction, too.

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