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Find Out About Her Values And Give Her What She Wants

Find Out About Her Values And Give Her What She Wants Cover
This part can be put in practice during the whole seduction process from the beginningor later, depending on the situation. It is used as a method for collecting importantinformation about the woman with the purpose of getting to know better how to seduceher.As we have already seen, it can be also used as a way to feed her back her valuesand what is important to her and increase the effectiveness of your seduction.If used well and in the correct way, it helps seduction. If used in the wrong way, itacts against you.The correct way to use this technique is to use it so that the woman does not noticewhat you are doing.Another important thing is: if you use this technique but don’t behave in an Alphaway and don't create attraction, the seduction will not succeed regardless of what you do.In your company she will feel as though she is with a girlfriend. So don’t lean onthis technique as your only mean to seduce.This technique is extremely useful for detecting women in whom it is not worthinvesting your time. By using this technique you can understand in advance who thewomen with psychological problems are.You can in this way also discover which are the women who are likely to give youtrouble in some other way. This will enable you to remove them rapidly from your game.You use this also to collect information about:- Her past.- Her family environment.- Her father and mother.Information about her father is very important for knowing how to seduce her. Thiswill be covered in the upcoming books of the Encyclopedia of Pickup, Seduction andFemale Relationships for the modern man.- Her friends, relatives.- Her past relationships with men: very important information for knowing how toseduce her.Used together with the other techniques - so that the woman does not notice it -this is an extremely effective seduction technique.The technique consists of two phases:

1. Trying to understand the woman's values: Finding out about her values.

2. Making her feel that she is in the company of the man with whom she can realizethose values: Giving her what she wants.

Now let's see how it is done:

Finding out about her values: we will return to this subject in a different chapterbecause it is very important.Here I shall describe this technique only briefly.Practically speaking in both the small talk phase and in the rapport phase you talkwith her in a discrete way also for the purpose of collecting information about her: thepeople and the activities she likes and particularly the type of man she likes. Functional values are the things, the events and the people she likes and Innervalues are the sensations and feelings she feels when she is in the company of the things,the events and the people she likes.Practically speaking by using this technique you obtain information about themental state she likes to be in. It is very important to collect information about thesensations and the mental state she likes to have when she is in the company of a man.Finding out about her values is a technique directed first at knowing about thethings she likes (functional values) and then which are the sensations and the feelingsshe feels when she is in the company of the things, events and people she likes (innervalues.) This will be described in more detail in another chapter.

But now, let's have a lookat the following example:

He: “You have a dog, don’t you?”
She: “Yes, how did you know?”
He: “So you like animals”
She: “Yes I adore animals” (this is a functional value.
She likes animals.)
He: “What’s your dog’s name?”
She: “His name is Rolf.”
He: “Nice name. So you have fun with Rolf.”
She: “Yes. What a sensation of sweetness and warmth when I am with him!”

(Those are inner values: the sensations of sweetness and warmth she feels withRolf.) Attention! As I said, finding out about her values has to be done so that she doesnot understand what you are doing. If she understands that you are collecting information for the purpose of getting her into bed, you will get the opposite effect.If you ask too many direct questions, you come out as being pushy and get a verynegative reaction.

Even worse, if you give her the impression that you are asking abouther feelings and mental states in order to please her, you put yourself in the subservientframe; she classifies you as a beta and non-confident and treats you like a girlfriend.Giving her what she wants: after a while the seducer and the woman go on talkingabout other subjects. The seducer starts to use the information obtained when he foundout about her values for seductive purposes:

He: “Strange. This evening I feel different.”
She: “How do you feel this evening?”
He: “Maybe it is this sense of connection we feel here. There is a strange sense ofsweetness I have not felt for long time.”
She: “Yes. Tell me.”He: “I don't know. The sweetness of this evening in the town makes me feel good.There is so much passion and warmth in the way you live. It is like we are having anincredible connection.”

He just gave her what she wanted: making her experience those feelings with him.Remember that NLP has demonstrated how words feed the brain with feelings andsensations. By describing a pink elephant or a panther we have people "seeing" and "feeling" a pink elephant or a panther.He has her feeling the feelings she considers as pleasurable for her!And has her link those feelings to his presence!Now that is for a woman a much more valuable experience than for a man!At this point the game is done. He lightly touches her hand and if she does notresist he takes her hand in his own. We are ready for the close.Of course, this is only a simple example. In reality it is not that simple, but withpractice you will become an artist and learn to perform all the infinite possible variationsof the above.

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How Asian Singles And Personals Date Online

How Asian Singles And Personals Date Online Cover
Asia is the biggest continent of this planet in terms of population but still it is difficult to find right people to marry here. Men and women face difficulties in finding their life partners in their localities. Online dating sites are providing services to such men and women for many years now and there are free and paid dating sites. Asian singles are dating online through these sites and are getting their life partners. The number of people who join online singles dating services in Asia is increasing every month which indicates the popularity of online dating sites. The singles dating websites have an advantage, users are sure that anyone they will contact will be single and will be looking for a single as they are.

Free online dating sites are much more popular in Asia as these do not charge any fee to join but some functions on the sites are limited and require premium membership to have access to those functionalities. Some sites provide free access for sometime so that users take overview of the site and then these sites place membership for further use. The growing interest of Asian singles and personals in online dating services is amazing and the services are providing results in finding people of their perfect matches.

Life is so busy in 21st century and people do not find time to go out and date. Online dating sites are useful in this way and singles can talk via these sites 24 hours, even they are on job or travelling. Online dating websites have brought ease to people. Users just have to register their profile to have access to these sites. It is advised to users by site to upload pictures and some profiles do not get activated unless a picture is uploaded on them. This helps in attracting more people and in increasing profile views. The more people view your profile; more will be the chances of making a match.

The picture on display of your profile does wonders and it makes sense too. Only people liking your profile picture will contact you and you are rest assured that chances of rejection will be low. A lot of online dating sites in Asia provide access to members who have joined lately and their profile pictures are being displayed on the home page. You do not have to go through all the profiles to look for new ones.

There are so many websites available to date online and selecting one which is appropriate for you will not be easy. You should shortlist the things you want in a site and then try searching for Asian online dating services. You should ask for the latest pictures from the contact you are interested in. Only reveal your personal information to singles that you want to contact and they too should have an interest in you. There will be thousands of Asian single men and women waiting for you when you are in an online dating site and chances of finding your perfect partner are very bright.

For more information Meeting thousands Asian singles online at free Asian dating service Many single Asian personals waiting for you Please visit our dating service to seek single women and men for free Take action today to find your other half online.

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